Top 10 Dreamiest B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious Characters

Tsubasa Sumisora is the new hire at Gandala Music and is assigned to oversee ‘B-PROJECT’, an idol unit that’s made of up three idol groups known as Kitakore, THRIVE, and MooNs. Never having managed an idol group, let alone three; it’s up to Tsubasa to prove she has the willpower to do it and make their debuts successful! Encountering many problems due to the different personalities of each idol affecting their music, Tsubasa is on a journey that will not only teach her how to understand her fellow band mates but create relationships that will help push the success of B-Project.

With so many characters to go around, B-Project has an abundance of charming idols that we can’t stop daydreaming about. They may all have one thing in common, and that’s being a vibrant idol, their unique personalities set them apart from the rest. Below is a compiled list of the top 10 dreamiest characters that are impossible to forget about!

10. Ryuji Korekuni

The mysterious Ryuji Korekuni. What a very quiet character whose distant demeanor may portray him as very unfriendly person and not at all caring of others feelings. He’s just a very timid person who can’t confess his emotions as easily as others. Having a hard time conveying what he really feels, Ryuji confesses his emotions only to his best friends, Tomohisa Kitakado and Yuuta Ashuu. Due to his size and appearance, Ryuji prefers to work alone as it’s easy for others to mock and/or underestimate him, which he finds quite distasteful.

Being a lover of sweets, Ryuji can often be seen carrying around Chupa Chups and other treats to satisfy his sweet tooth. Even enjoying the occasional shopping spree. Once Ryuji opens up, it’s like unlocking a treasure chest full of surprises! His personality becomes very outgoing but is yet, very peculiar. He’s one heck of a person to stay in our minds as we try to solve the puzzle to his heart.

9. Hikaru Osari

This green haired happy-go-lucky bundle of joy! Hikaru Osari is an energetic guy whose job is to bring smiles to the people. Happen to be in a bad mood? Frowning on a sunny day? Hikaru will be there to cheer you the hell up! Having a mother who struggled to raise him and his siblings, Hikaru always saw himself as being the pillar of the household. Wanting to make his mother’s life easier due to the hard work of raising him and his siblings, it’s easy to see why he’s always shining like a star above others.

It’s impossible to wipe away that bright smile off our heads! Constantly showing he cares for not only his bandmates but anyone working around him, Hikaru knows how to illuminate the mood. It’s impossible to keep a frown whenever he runs around our minds.

8. Tatsuhiro Nome

Being described as a “musclebound idiot” because of his toned body, Tatsuhiro is a very quiet individual who doesn’t like being mocked by others. Somewhat like Ryuji Korekuni but different when it comes to caring about others. It’s also a different story when it comes to being alone with women! Becoming awkward and stumbling over his words, Tatsuhiro quickly becomes silent as his mouth runs dry.

Tatsuhiro Nome will go out of his way to help others, shown by the fact that he carries an elderly lady on his back while on set. Often being quite over protective of his childhood friend, Hikaru Osari, many may think he’s mothering him. But nothing gets through him when it comes to protecting those he holds close to his heart. This toned idiot has a heart as big as his muscles and the personality of a white knight with protective armor, ready to rescue anyone at a moment’s notice!

7. Momotarou Onzai

The stoic child with heterochromia iridium. His right eye shares the same bright red tinge as his hair while his left eye carries a distinct shining blue. Momotarou Onzai is a very blunt character whose demeanor may sound like Ryuji Korekuni’s but Momotarou carries a special ability that no other band member has, he’s able to see spirits. With this ability at hand, it may explain why Momotarou is very cool tempered. Having recognized the fact that he’s able to witness the dead, it leaves us thinking about what other special abilities Momotarou is hiding behind those lustrous eyes.

Even more mysterious than Ryuji Korekuni, Momotarou is one character that even we have a hard time figuring out. That’s what makes him even more scandalously dreamy! With so much hidden in this young man, it leaves us scratching our heads at Honey’s Anime. Momotarou may not be very talkative but his actions do all the talking.

6. Yuuta Ashuu

The adorable scatterbrain of the bunch! Yuuta Ashuu is an optimistic puppy who loves having fun with his bandmates. Some may say that he could be Hikaru Osari’s twin! With such a vibrant go-lucky spirit, Yuuta is very sociable and is the most approachable one in the THRIVE group. He’s often misinterpreted as being very naïve and laid back due to his personality but is more than capable at being a professional when it calls for it. This still doesn’t stop the fact that him having a lousy sense of direction which is shown when the THRIVE, MooNs, and Kitakore groups get lost on an island.

Yuuta is a rainbow pudding and strawberry milk lover that’s overflowing with charisma. Known to be the “sticky bubblegum” of the THRIVE group whenever the members get into heated fights, Yuuta constantly comes to the rescue to reconcile Kento Aizome and Goushi Kaneshiro. His style happens to be quite different from the other band members. Sporting bright pink hair and fangs that poke out whenever he smiles, Yuuta is one to fall for at first sight.

5. Kento Aizome

It’s a bit hard to resist not showing off as an idol. Considered as the playboy of the group, but most notably a “sex addict” by Goushi Kaneshiro, Kento is often caught flirting with any girl that crosses his path, especially with Tsubasa Sumisora. Kento believes that his charm will attract any woman but is a surprise when he gets rejected for the first time. Kento constantly uses his charm as a curtain to hide away from his emotions, but he sometimes lets his curtain fall for a few moments in front of Tsubasa.

Often disagreeing with Goushi Kaneshiro, Kento will risk his life to protect Goushi Kaneshiro and Yuuta Ashuu, as shown during an episode where a malfunction on set led to it exploding. Throughout his debut, he learns how others portray him, causing Kento to open up about his feelings of insecurity he’s had throughout his childhood to his bandmates. Still being the charming man he is, Kento will keep on flirting with the ladies.

4. Kazuna Masunaga

Considered a perfectionist, Kazuna Masunaga doesn’t say much but he cares a lot about his friends. Growing up together with his childhood friend, Tomohisa Kitakado, he shares the same prince-like personality. Frequently considered as the leader by the other members, Kazuna is very vocal at not being the leader but accepts it, nonetheless. Why would Kazuna be called a leader? Well, it’s shown that Kazuna always puts the member in check. Whenever they’re goofing off or not paying attention to what may be important, he’s there to call them out. He sometimes ends up losing sight of himself as he regularly places others above him. This causes the rest of the bandmates to be the ones to put him in check!

Kazuna Masunaga is a man full of class and character whose personality helps him climb to greater heights. Quite an elegant member that’s part of an idol group who share many similar qualities and values. Kazuna can teach us how to be very charming and charismatic, despite his flaws. Even though he may also be a man of few words, his hard work is shown throughout the bands struggles as they debut.

3. Goushi Kaneshiro

The proper definition of a tsundere! Goushi is the hothead of the group, THRIVE. Even declaring that he doesn’t’ enjoy being an idol but doing it as it’s his job, lashing out at times regardless of who the person may be, Goushi is plagued with temper issues. Whenever he gets riled up, he plays his guitar in the studio to calm down. With his favorite genre being rock, Goushi uses this to influence the sound of some of THRIVE’s songs throughout their debut. He also focuses on upholding a certain image of himself and isn’t afraid to be vocal when it comes to something not fitting his tastes.

Even though Goushi may not conform well with his group, he stands up for his teammates whenever a situation arises. Under that flaming heart of his, lies a sweet childlike persona whose passion is dedicated to music and spreading joy through it. It may take some time for Goushi to warm up as a friend but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t stop dreaming about him!

2. Mikado Sekimura

Mikado Sekimura may appear to be a regular brown-haired man who’s quite dazzling in glasses, as he dresses more formally than the other members of MooNs and is always brandishing a bowtie. He’s remarkably friendly with Tsubasa Sumisora, constantly teasing her with the phrase “Ba-dump.” As friendly as he may be, he’s very distant with his parents. Not having much of a relationship due to growing up in a very strict home, he tries to avoid talking about his family life whenever it’s brought up.

A hidden otaku in the shadows! Mikado Sekimura may not seem like it, but his addiction for ‘Majokko Mamirin’ is like no other. Having grown up in a strict environment as a kid, Mamirin movies became an escape from reality. Not afraid to portray his Mamirin charm on his backpack, Mikado is one idol that leaves us wondering of what else he may idolize.

1. Tomohisa Kitakado

A kind, gentle person with good manners and perfect qualities, Tomohisa is continuously called a “prince” by his bandmates. Tomohisa Kitakado is a man of high values who deeply cares for his fans and is very friendly. Working with a smile, no matter how tough a situation may be, he’s shown to not let it get in the way of what matters the most to him. Coming from a prestigious lifestyle, he’s the son of a doctor. His parents both own a hospital and research facility but Tomohisa is very humble when it comes to discussing his parent’s lifestyle. Tomohisa often gets carried away when showing his kindness, as one of his favorite things to do is to buy gifts for others but often goes a bit overboard.

His main outfit consists of a black and white color palette that makes him shine like a white knight in the glimmering sun. His love and care for Ryuji Korekuni is unquestionable as we have seen him protect Ryuji from bullies throughout their training. Tomohisa is empathetic and always taking a step further to look out for others, but he’s also a handsome prince that places him on top of this list.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, music anime has been on the rise. With many shows making their debut in the spotlight such as Uta no Prince-Sama, The IDOLM@STER, Macross Delta, Yuri!! on Ice, and BanG Dream!, B-Project stands out like a microphone in a pile of instruments. B-Project has many marvelous characters with distinct personalities that it leaves us wondering what may happen next to these magnificent idols. It was tough choosing who would make it to this list as each character shines in their own special way.

We here at Honey’s Anime want you to tell us if you agree with the list above. Are there any characters that you think deserve to be on this list? If so, why are they so dreamy? Let us know in the comments below!

by Chris Clear

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