Top 10 Electrifying Guilty Gear Xrd Characters

Video games have helped shape our world for decades and fighting games played a major role in that growth. Esports is growing at a rapid pace with games like League of Legend leading the way, and there is no telling where gaming could venture to next. Fighting games as of late have seen an incredible resurgence ever since the late 90's when they were on the verge of extinction due to a lack in popularity and sales. Tournaments are being shown all across the globe which invite new players into the community, and EVO being the major that nobody could ever miss. We have decided to discuss a game that has grown to become its own power source and that is Guilty Gear Xrd. Ever since its initial release back on the playstation in 1998, the Guilty Gear franchise has skyrocketed to stardom with anime fans and fighting game enthusiasts across the globe showing their support. Honey's Anime would like to bring these two worlds together even more by providing you with our top ten electrifying Guilty Gear Xrd Characters, so we hope that you enjoy!

10. Elphelt Valentine

Guilty-Gear-Xrd-wallpaper-20160707232008-597x500 Top 10 Electrifying Guilty Gear Xrd Characters

  • Birthday: December 25th
  • Hobbies: Smiling faces, her bush dog piggy bank.

We are going to start off strong with one of the more recently added characters to the franchise and that's Elphelt. She was a newly announced character via DLC and from the minute she came out the gates, everybody loved her. So what makes her so electrifying? Majority of the Guilty Gear cast have some unique form of attack which revolve around melee styled weapons, while Elphelt specializes in the use of rifles and shotguns to inflict severe damage. That is truly what we call bad-ass since she clearly stands out from the rest of the cast in her own way, making her a truly extraordinary personality for the series.

Guilty Gear is all about taking references from classic hard rock bands and as such, Elephelt takes her reference from Guns n Roses. Adding more to her repertoire is that she also makes use of other cool weapons such as a pistol, fruit-shaped grenades, and champagne, all of which are concealed within her bouquet. The bouquet acts as a melee weapon as well which basically makes her the supreme femme fatale when it comes to dissecting her enemies. Generally outside of battle, Elphelt is a kind-hearted lover towards nature and animals, and always tend to those who are lonely. Not only is she a bad-ass, she takes great care of you while doing it.

9. I-NO

Guilty-Gear-Xrd-wallpaper-20160707232008-597x500 Top 10 Electrifying Guilty Gear Xrd Characters

  • Birthday: November 25th
  • Hobbies: Anything fun, being eager

I-NO is an extremely popular character in not only the Guilty Gear universe, but also within the cosplay community as well. Year after year I-NO shows up at least once at anime conventions in Tokyo, and that's what makes her such an exceptional character. She is a rock 'n roll queen who uses her stylish guitar to deliver hard hitting blows to her opponent, leaving them bewildered and dizzied. Not much information is given on her back story, but we can assume that she wields some form of witch craft which is noted by her hat. She finds pleasure in tormenting other characters, using manipulation to get her way at all times. She has no qualms about hurting other people whether it be physically or mentally and her crude way of speaking tends not to sit well with everyone.

What makes her truly different is her masochistic attitude in battle, whenever someone attacks her. It's quite unusual to see such behavior when fighting, but she uses it very well to her advantage to undermine her opponents leading to deadly damage.

8. Venom

Guilty-Gear-Xrd-wallpaper-20160707232008-597x500 Top 10 Electrifying Guilty Gear Xrd Characters

  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Hobbies: Reading, Chess

Falling in at number three is Venom, who first appeared in Guilty Gear X. Venom uses a very peculiar weapon which is a pool cue, to knock his enemies away and inflict damage when necessary. Most of his attacks revolve the use of the cue along with billiard balls to shoot from a distance. Due to Zato-1 saving his life before, he is extremely grateful to him and devotes most of his time to him. Venom, unlike most of the cast has no real intention to kill anyone, but due to his loyalty to anyone he knows, he carries out orders with no hesitation. When in battle he typically avoids misconduct and refrains from speaking ill of anyone.

He truly dislikes anyone in high authority and usually mocks them without care, as he sees them as pompous and heartless. Since he was rescued by the Assassin's Guild as a child, he has sworn to himself that he will not harm or kill anyone even if tortured to do so. We appreciate that type of character because it truly takes a lot of willpower and inner strength to not let darkness consume you, which could lead to even more darker consequences. For this very reason Venom deserves his spot for being electrifying in the positive way.

7. Ramlethal Valentine

Guilty-Gear-Xrd-wallpaper-20160707232008-597x500 Top 10 Electrifying Guilty Gear Xrd Characters

  • Birthday: June 3rd
  • Hobbies: None

Perhaps you've already noticed but just to be sure, Ramlethal is the claimed sister of Elphelt Valentine. So why put two of these awesome sisters on the same list? Despite them being somewhat related, they have a very different approach to battle and aesthetics, and just by looking at Ramlethal you can tell she means business. Wielding two gigantic futuristic greatswords she can cut through just about anyone and anything with very little effort. She is a lifeform called Valentine which are all birthed within the Backyard, an alternate world that contains all of the valuable information that creates the real world.

Having no sense of value for not knowing the concept behind what is right or wrong, these emotionless beings show no fear. The main difference between Ramlethal and the other Valentines is that she can sense all of these things while playing dumb to bluff her way through unwanted situations. Despite not being aware of it herself, Ramlethal has a unique personality of her own, which is what makes her a unique character of the cast. Throughout more of the story, we come to see that Elephelt along with the help of Sin, make sure that Ramlethal develop more mindfulness and to hone her powers in battle.

6. Millia Rage

Guilty-Gear-Xrd-wallpaper-20160707232008-597x500 Top 10 Electrifying Guilty Gear Xrd Characters

  • Birthday: Unknown (She is an orphan)
  • Hobbies: Playing with cats

This blonde-haired bombshell has made her way into the top six spot on our list of electrifying characters. Millia Rage is a cold blooded assassin who stops at nothing to see that her missions are carried out efficiently. Using the magic powers within the strands of her hair, she grapples opponents tossing them in every direction until she's able to unleash an array of long hitting combos to destroy you. Her typical outfit resembles that of a bumble bee color palette, yellow blouse with black hemlines, complete with black leggings and matching pillbox. Her tsundere like exterior prevents her from really establishing close relationships with anyone, but under that facade is a kind-hearted and elegant woman who just seeks love from those around her.

Zato-1 shared a close relationship with her until their falling out which led to Millia betraying him, only finding resentment in her heart towards him. She is of Russian decent and at numerous occasions has tried to kill herself because she did not want to be an assassin at one point. Now with a stronger resolve, she uses her extreme agility and strong melee attacks to take down whoever stands in her way to get back at Zato-1 one last time.

5. Faust

Guilty-Gear-Xrd-wallpaper-20160707232008-597x500 Top 10 Electrifying Guilty Gear Xrd Characters

  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Hobbies: Performing elaborate operations

Anyone who sports a paper bag over their head is either hiding something, or they're just extremely insane. Faust seems to be somewhere in between those as he is a medical genius with no real direction. Faust is the most unorthodox character within the entire Guilty Gear franchise and that's why we find him to be quite electrifying. Any character who can fight with a paper bag over their head while throwing random projectiles at their opponent is a sure way of placing yourself on our list. Initially known as Dr. Baldhead in earlier iterations of the series (Guilty Gear), he changed his name to Faust in the later versions of the game (Guilty Gear X).

When you look at Faust, you're not really sure what to expect from him, considering that much about him is shrouded in mystery. His extreme height and light weight give him a very tall and lanky appearance making him a towering character compared to the rest of the cast (We can't tell however because he's always in a low fighting stance). His weapon of choice is an extremely big scalpel which he uses to maintain range against his foes, poking them back if they try to jump or run towards him. Despite being a doctor (that explains the scalpel) his very wacky and uncharacteristic approach to battle make him a fan favorite of the series. He shows no fear towards anyone and will take them down if it means risking his own life.

4. Zato-1

Guilty-Gear-Xrd-wallpaper-20160707232008-597x500 Top 10 Electrifying Guilty Gear Xrd Characters

  • Birthday: January 28th
  • Hobbies: Attempting to understand the language of flowers

Zato-1 can be classified as two characters, one being Zato-1 while the other being Eddie. Zato sacrificed his vision so that he could fight alongside the forbidden beast, Eddie, and utilize his shadow abilities in combat. The two have now come together to create a strategic powerhouse consisting of mix-up combinations and traps to throw off the opponent. Zato-1 is one of the more dynamic characters of the Guilty Gear series which is why he was chosen as our number four recipient. He is very complex in his behavior and ever since Millia betrayed him, his resentment only manifests into a dark and terrifying power that can't be stopped. He is affiliated with the assassin's guild which is the same one that Millia had joined, which is where all of his problems had erupted.

His mission now is to seek Millia out to find out why she betrayed him and to settle a score with her. A lot of his power comes from his ability to see through his opponent’s patterns very quickly, with the assistance of Eddie. The two of them together are a very supreme force and will stop at nothing to seek the truth behind all that is transpiring. Be sure to find out more about Zato-1 if you really enjoy his archetype!

3. Ky Kiske

Guilty-Gear-Xrd-wallpaper-20160707232008-597x500 Top 10 Electrifying Guilty Gear Xrd Characters

  • Birthday: November 20th
  • Hobbies: Collecting Teacups

Ky is one of the two leading characters in the franchise, as we tend to see him played frequently at most tournaments. Much like Sol, he is a staple character being there from the very beginning of it all. Ky is very charismatic, possesses a strong sense of justice, and is devoted seriously to his religion, both of which help sustain him throughout his journeys. Ky devotes his entire life to justice and will not hesitate to investigate his superiors if he feels they're undermining his conceptions of justice. He was appointed as the captain of the International Police Force (IPF) not long after the end of the crusades.

Ky is a highly skilled fighter who specializes in sword play and magic. He was appointed with the Thunderseal, a weapon that is infused with lighting allowing its user to manipulate the element and use it for good. Ky has been in every single Guilty Gear game since its release up until the more recent Guilty Gear Xrd – Revelator. Ky plays to his strengths very well using his versatility to his advantage. He can rapidly switch between keeping his opponent at bay or tormenting his opponent up close, racking up damage in whatever way he chooses. Ky is most certainly an exceptional character and literally an electrifying one as he wields his Thunderseal to victory.

2. Slayer

Guilty-Gear-Xrd-wallpaper-20160707232008-597x500 Top 10 Electrifying Guilty Gear Xrd Characters

  • Birthday: October 31st
  • Hobbies: Haiku, Observing humans

Speaking of taking care of things, Slayer finds his way onto the list at number nine. This vampire is not only classy and elegant in his choice of attire, he can tear you limb from limb in the very same fashion. He is the only vampire based character in entire series, making him stand out among the rest of the cast quite easily. Slayer possesses a strengthened sense of judgment, and as such, is able to properly observe any situation with a calm and dignified manner. Slayer is a man of refined taste and pursues only the best in life, such as poetry and romance. What really makes him so electrifying is that despite delivering a severe beating to his opponents, he almost always demonstrates grace and congratulates them for a good performance. The man truly exemplifies the art of having brains and brawn in whatever situation he finds himself in.

Due to his vampire based abilities, much of that is used within battle. He acquires power by biting his opponents and taking them down with precision, leaving them helpless when they find themselves low on life. Slayer's name speaks for itself for the fact that once he gets in your face, he makes sure to stay there, doing so with the utmost of dignity and coolness.

1. Sol Badguy

Guilty-Gear-Xrd-wallpaper-20160707232008-597x500 Top 10 Electrifying Guilty Gear Xrd Characters

  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Hobbies: Listening to Queen

Slashing his way into the number one spot is fan favorite Sol Badguy. Sol has been with the franchise since the beginning, showing off his hard hitting combos to the rest of the world for years. He is an overly confident bad-ass who not only talks the talk, but walks up to you and throws out his patented Volcanic Viper into your gut for good measure. Be sure to wear some anti-flammable attire as Sol will burn anyone to a crisp should you get anywhere near his melee attacks. What makes Sol so cool is that he makes himself known to the world by announcing every one of his attacks as he dishes it out, making him a blast to watch on screen.

He is a quick and efficient character who only serves one purpose and that is to get in, and get out as fast as possible. Sol has no time for boring banter, he just wants to make sure his purpose is served so he can go on with his business. Despite his brash behavior Sol is actually extremely intelligent and displays great emotional dexterity as well. He is also the only character in the franchise who is left handed which is awesome since not many characters in any franchise use their left hand as their main tool. The headband which he wears also reference rock band Queen with the phrase 'Rock You' written on the front, while his belt has 'Free' written referencing their song 'I want to break free'.

Final Thoughts

Bridging the gap between video games and anime have been a goal of Honey's Anime for a long time, and so we now embark on new territory to help bring you all together. Guilty Gear is a fantastic franchise which is only going to grow much larger over the course of time, and with the fighting game community taking on a more Esports approach we can only imagine what it will be like in the future. If you have any more electrifying characters that you feel should be on this list or other great fighting titles we should write about, let us know in the comments section!

As always, for your sweet anime fill, keep it locked here at Honey's Anime.

Guilty-Gear-Xrd-wallpaper-20160707232008-597x500 Top 10 Electrifying Guilty Gear Xrd Characters


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