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So… Manhwa. Korean creations have their own peculiarities. In later years, several creators have rise to provide us with interesting options in the entertaining market. And what is better than the wide gender of fantasy? Let’s grab our swords and coats, and let’s journey towards an adventure with some of the best Fantasy Manhwas!

10. Winter Woods

  • Authors: Studio Seup
  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Romance, Psychological
  • Chapters: 5
  • Published: 2014

We all know the fascination human-kind has with creating artificial life. We also have many stories that explore romance with monsters. In the case of Winter Woods, we start in a mysterious Frankenstein-like setting that leads us to our present day. A “monster” and a failed fantasy author are fated to meet…
The good point of Winter Woods is that it has a carefully crafted style. Some might label it as a simple shoujo, but the combination between black and white scenes and full color scenes is breathtaking. The author simulates the old fairy tale spirit well while combining it with a mystery story set in our present days. If you want something more grown-up than the classical happy shoujo, Winter Woods might be the fantasy manhwa for you.

9. Burning Blood Kangho (The Ruler of the Land)

  • Authors: Jae Hyun Yang and Geuk Jin Jeon
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, Martial Arts
  • Volumes: 70
  • Published: 1995

What do we get if we mix Slayers with cross dressing? Well, this early fantasy manhwa might have the answer. In this adventure, we meet a warrior named Bi-Kwang who is not very interested in martial arts. However, he is interested in women.

Bi-Kwang strikes a deal with a sword fighter under the name of Hwa Rin, so that they journey together. If they succeed in their mission, Hwa Rin will introduce our warrior to his sister. The thing is that Hwa Rin is a woman :p Burning Blood Kangho is a traveling adventure with lots of fighting, interesting skills and the hilarious comedy between the two main characters. If you are fan of good, classic anime like Slayers and Ranma ½, you can give the fantasy manhwa Burning Blood Kangho a try.

8. Black Haze

  • Authors: Anonymous
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Magic, School
  • Chapters: 219
  • Published: 2012 to present

Our cool looking demon slayer protagonist (the name is Rood) is sent on a mission. However, he will have to take care of some magic school business. Anti-bullying has never looked so fantastic! And yes, we understand the premise and the first pages of this webtoon may look childish and funny. The drawing is also not as good as others recommendations we have.

So why on Earth are we recommending Black Haze as a fantasy manhwa? Well, after a few pages (and we mean within the first chapter), it catches your attention. Just look at this magical world! If you are into classic epic fantasies but would not mind a twist, Black Haze has what you are looking for. Plus, it is long!

7. Sinryeong (Divine Bells)

  • Authors: Hye Lee
  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Shounen
  • Chapters: 139
  • Published: 2012 to 2013

So maybe you are into historical style fantasy manhwa. Don’t worry, because we have got you covered! The legend says there are several bells that can take human shape, and that will grant their powers to the owners they choose. However, when the King Hong-Ryeong dies leaving behind three of such bells, what havoc will break among the kingdoms?

This webtoon, in full color, captures your attention from the first illustration. It gets the details of oriental countries, masterfully combining them with a heart-warming adventure. In particular, season 2 of Divine Bells brings new heights of political intrigue and war. And well, the drawing also gets better! All in all, this is a well balanced story with charismatic characters and an excellent design.

6. Noblesse

  • Authors: Che Ho Sohn, Kwang Soo Lee
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, School, Supernatural
  • Chapters: 467
  • Published: 2007 to present

Do we have any Twilight fans here? Before you roll your eyes, let me tell you that this could be considered as a long distant cousin of Twilight, only much better. A supernatural and handsome guy called Cadis Etrama Di Raizel wakes up in an abandoned building in Seoul after a two hundred years of sleep. Once he reunites with his faithful servant Frankenstein, Raizel (a.k.a Rai) enrolls in Ye Ran High School, where he will interact with humans while he finds out about his past.

Rai is really who makes the story so interesting. He looks cool and distant, but he is always protecting humans. Rai goes throughout much of the adventures with his friends and also has epic battles with stronger and stronger enemies. Noblesse is a fantasy manhwa that has been a highly successful color webtoon which is still ongoing! Supernatural fans absolutely love it.

5. Blood Bank

Warning: This manhwa might show sensitive content. If you are not into yaoi, you can skip this entry.

  • Authors: Shilbu
  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Shounen Ai
  • Chapters: 61
  • Published: 2015 to 2017

Following the mysterious creatures trend, we have a world where humans and vampires interact with each other in Blood Bank. Humans are not seen as pray, as vampires get their food from the blood bank. However, that does not mean there are not tensions between the groups. That is why they tend to get together with those of their same species.

Enter Shell, a vampire who prefers to interact with humans and even be ruled by them! This guy is rather unusual, especially when he falls for One, the human son of the Blood Bank landlord. So… you can imagine how the story goes on. If you like yaoi plus fantasy, this is the fantasy manhwa for you.

4. Super Secret

  • Authors: On Lee
  • Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
  • Chapters: 115
  • Published: 2015 to present

A girl meets a boy. She is clumsy while he takes care of her as best as he can. Next thing the girl knows is that she is left under the supervision of the boy’s family. There is a little problem though, they have something special to hide, so they have to keep it super secret from the girl...
This is the type of cozy story that one could enjoy with some tea or coffee. The length of each scene is rather short, the character design tends to SD proportions and the drawing is simple. Even the colors are soft and warm! Super Secret is the perfect combination between fantasy, cuteness and daily life.

3. Meister

  • Authors: Narak and TT
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Medieval
  • Chapters: 24
  • Published: 2016 to present

Probably all of us have been in the situation of having a dream but being unable to attain it. So, what to do next? Some try to conquer the dream not matter what. Some others give up. In the case of Reckledam, he has very few abilities to become a great warrior, so he decides to simply be a miner instead . However, when he masters this two abilities to perfection, he decides to try to pursue his dream again…

Meister’s drawing is simple but effectively used in this fantasy manhwa. Not many authors know how to break the layout and even use the space between the images. The result is that the lecture is fluid. Add to this the great coming of age story and that this is a fantasy manhwa, Meister is truly a new classic!

2. Masulcha (Magician)

  • Authors: Serae Kim
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Medieval
  • Chapters: 459
  • Published: 2009 to present

Once more, if you like manga like Slayers, you are in for a treat. Young witch Iremy and warrior in train Enzu are childhood friends who dream with adventure. When they meet the legendary magician Ethermask, they initiate their lives as wanderers! With a style more inclined to European drawing, we get an epic story in Masulcha.

The author pays attention to nature and surroundings, creating a whole high fantasy world with all the geography and details in their place. The style also has evolved (not for nothing the webtoon has been running since 2009). So far, there are three seasons of Masulcha. The most popular is the second, which covers the more mature Iremy, Enzu and their friends adventures, with a dooming war over their heads. If you love epic tales and fantasy manhwa, Masulcha is for you!

1. Tower of God

  • Authors: Jong Hui Lee
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
  • Chapters: 336
  • Published: 2010 to present

What would you do if you get the chance of getting what your heart desires? Power, money, fame… you only have to get into the Tower of God. However, Bam only wants to see his childhood friend Rachel again. Things are not easy for him, though, in this fantasy manhwa.

After finding out some painful truths, Bam only will find out some interesting stuff about his family and how the Tower of God works. If you are into survival games, this fantasy manhwa is the style of fantasy story for you. It captures the essence of level advancing, rivals and teams. A whole universe awaits in the powerful Tower of God.

Final Thoughts

So there you go: Ten different types of fantasy manhwa, all of them highly successful and interesting! Do you know any other interesting fantasy manhwas? Comment away! See you soon in the fantasy realm 🙂

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