Top 10 Fearless Hakuouki Characters

Fans of Reverse Harem anime should already be familiar with today’s handsome samurai. Everyone else can get ready for a journey back in times to Edo Japan!

Hakuouki tells the story of 16-year-old girl Chizuru Yukimura who is determined to find her father after he has vanished on a job in Kyoto. Disguised as a man, Chizuru’s journey ends sooner than expected after she runs into two samurai killing a mysterious human-like monster. Instead of killing her too - to make sure Chizuru will not spill their secrets - the men bring her back to their base and let her live among them as a servant. Where did this monster come from, who are these men and where is Chizuru’s father?

If you care to find the answers to any of these questions, check out Hakuouki. If you just want to know more about the handsome and fearless characters of this story, then keep on reading. It is time for our Top 10 fearless Hakuouki characters. Enjoy!

10. Shinpachi Nagakura

Hakuouki-wallpaper.jpg-20160818030659-471x500 Top 10 Fearless Hakuouki Characters

Let’s start this list off with the charming and cheerful Shinpachi Nagakura.

This tough-looking young man is the leader of the second division of the Shinsengumi. He might be intimidating at first, with his spiky hair and stern face, but he is actually easy-going and loves a good combination of alcohol, food and beautiful women. When it comes to a fight, though, he is completely in his element and becomes a master of swordsmanship.

Shinpachi is the first man on our list since he combines a childish side with the gruesome reality of being a member of the Shinsengumi. He enjoys letting loose and enjoying himself, but at the end of the day, he always leaves this easy lifestyle behind to get back to duty. Being able to choose a tough fate over an easy-going life is truly fearless, at least in our books.

9. Isami Kondou

Hakuouki-wallpaper.jpg-20160818030659-471x500 Top 10 Fearless Hakuouki Characters

We are moving up in ranks and after the second lieutenant of the Shinsengumi, we are heading straight to the commander, Isami Kondou.

The members of the Shinsengumi look up to Kondou, but not only because of his high rank. He is a passionate man whose life is completely dedicated to the Shinsengumi. On his way to the top, he did not rely on anything else other than himself and lots of hard work. Kondou is a truly strong-hearted yet kind man.

Being fearless is definitely a quality you should have as one of the main figures of the Shinsengumi. But Kondou offers way more than that. Despite being physically and mentally strong, he is not afraid to keep a soft side. The samurai believes that everyone deserves a chance and that there is something good in everyone. Being able to see the best in everyone, even his enemies, makes Kondou so special in our eyes.

8. Kazama Chikage

Hakuouki-wallpaper.jpg-20160818030659-471x500 Top 10 Fearless Hakuouki Characters

After two members of the Shinsengumi, why don’t we move to the enemy’s side with Kazama Chikage?

The blond-haired man with the red eyes isn’t actually human, but a pureblood oni who has set an eye on Chizuru. With her, he wants to create a new generation of even more powerful oni that can take control over humans and rasetsu alike. He only cares about his own needs and does not seem to think much about the feelings or well-being of others.

Kazama’s motives might be questionable, but you cannot deny that he at least takes pride in his origins. The monster-like rasetsu don’t even come close to pure oni in his eyes and humans are inferior beings blinded by their wish for money and power. He lives in a world where his own race is greatly outnumbered by humans, yet, he never seems to be scared or questioning his mission. Kazama is the fearless and strong-willed oni on our list.

7. Heisuke Toudou

Hakuouki-wallpaper.jpg-20160818030659-471x500 Top 10 Fearless Hakuouki Characters

Enough of intimidating oni, now it’s time to introduce one of the most charming Shinsengumi members: Heisuke Toudou.

His childish looks might have already given it away, but Heisuke is the youngest member of the Shinsengumi. He is also the shortest member which is material for constant teasing from his friends. The teenager always has a smile on his face and loves having fun in his free time, but as soon as he heads into battle he becomes a fierce fighter.

In case it wasn’t clear enough at this point, let us just repeat that the Shinsengumi were a group of fierce warriors who plunged head-first into gruesome battles. Being part of such a group at the young age of 19 is either completely insane or truly fearless. Heisuke might have a small body, but his courage and bravery are way bigger than the ones of common men, that is why we reserved the seventh spot on this list for him.

6. Sanosuke Harada

Hakuouki-wallpaper.jpg-20160818030659-471x500 Top 10 Fearless Hakuouki Characters

After the smallest member of the Shinsengumi it’s only fitting to talk about the tallest one next, right?

Everything about Sanosuke screams warrior: his height, his strong body and the dedicated look in his eyes. He is the commander of the tenth division of the Shinsengumi and sets himself apart by using a long spear instead of a sword. If you need someone to cheer you up with quick-witted jokes, Sanosuke is the man you should turn to.

Sanosuke always gives his best, no matter what he does. When he fights, he fights with all his will and when he jokes, everyone better be laughing with him. No ulterior motive on his mind, he simply wants to make everyone feel at ease and enjoy life with him. How someone could remain this cheerful after being part of the Shinsengumi for many years is beyond us, but it definitely makes Sanosuke fearless.

5. Souji Okita

Hakuouki-wallpaper.jpg-20160818030659-471x500 Top 10 Fearless Hakuouki Characters

Next up on our list is Souji Okita, the captain of the first division of the Shinsengumi.

Souji definitely isn’t a bad sight with his handsome face, tall build, and green eyes. Once you get to know him, however, you will realize that he is rather secretive and likes to keep to himself. He pushes others away and doesn’t like talking about his feelings. Still, he is one of the most loyal members of the Shinsengumi and idolizes commander Kondou more than anyone else.

Souji proved himself to be fearless when he became ill with a bad case of tuberculosis. Not being able to fight and stand side-by-side with his teammates was already bad enough for him, but being bound to his bed without any purpose truly hurt his pride. Still, Souji never asks for help or complains about his condition no matter how painful his illness becomes. He puts his own suffering aside to support his team - a truly fearless action.

4. Hajime Saitou

Hakuouki-wallpaper.jpg-20160818030659-471x500 Top 10 Fearless Hakuouki Characters

Speaking of secretive and quiet guys, we think it’s just about time to introduce you to the mysterious Hajime Saitou.

The black clothes, long hair, and cold eyes - Saitou’s looks really don’t send an inviting message to others. This might be for the best though since Saitou rarely speaks and doesn’t care about anyone else other than himself and his teammates. His swordsmanship is impeccable and he can easily turn into a killing machine on the front line.

Saitou might seem unfriendly or even cruel at first, but he is actually a loyal teammate who follows orders without second thought. The survival of the Shinsengumi is way more important to him than his own life and when it comes down to it, he would sacrifice himself any day. Once you get past his cold facade you will realize that the fearless Saitou is one of the best men to be part of your team.

3. Sannan Keisuke

Hakuouki-wallpaper.jpg-20160818030659-471x500 Top 10 Fearless Hakuouki Characters

Every group needs a smart guy as its brain, and in the case of the Shinsengumi this man is Sannan Keisuke.

With his big round glasses, Sannan already looks like a scholarly man. Indeed, he seems to be the only teammate who spends his free time surrounded by books and studying the fate of the monster-like rasetsu. He is forced to give up on actively taking part in battles when one of his arms is fatally injured.

Sannan’s fate is as admirable as it is tragic. He is the first member to drink ochimizu, a potion that can heal all injuries but will turn you into a bloodthirsty monster. Despite being aware of the terrible side-effects, Sannan chose this fate over a life where he couldn’t be of any help to the Shinsengumi. Until the very end, he is only trying to help out his teammates even if it means to sacrifice his humanity. If that isn’t fearless, we don’t know what is.

2. Toshizou Hijikata

Hakuouki-wallpaper.jpg-20160818030659-471x500 Top 10 Fearless Hakuouki Characters

Only two characters are left on this list and we have a feeling you already suspect who they are. First up is Toshizou Hijikata!

As second-in-command right after commander Kondou, Hijikata is one of the most influential characters in the Shinsengumi. In fact, he is the one doing the most work at keeping the Shinsengumi together and making sure that not only all of their missions succeed, but that they also don’t take any unnecessary risks that would harm his teammates.

It might be due to his high position, but Hijikata is one of the strictest members of the Shinsengumi who doesn’t leave any room for error or misbehavior. Still, he only acts this way for the sake of his teammates since he dedicated his life to them. He is a true warrior, not only in action but also at heart. What makes him fearless in our opinion is how he manages to keep a composed look even when everything seems to be falling apart, only to keep his friends at ease. Hijikata definitely deserves a spot on our list.

1. Chizuru Yukimura

Hakuouki-wallpaper.jpg-20160818030659-471x500 Top 10 Fearless Hakuouki Characters

You’ve probably already guessed it, but the most fearless character in Hakuouki is, in our eyes, the charming Chizuru Yukimura.

As we’ve said at the beginning, Chizuru sets out on a journey to find her father despite the fact that she is young, a woman and completely alone. Even when she gets close to the Shinsengumi she never lets her shortcomings or weaknesses stand in her way to contribute whatever she can. Strong and determined are just two characteristics that define who Chizuru is.

Most other girls would be terrified of what Chizuru has to go through, but the young woman never seems to complain. Not only does she lose her father, but she also witnesses gruesome fights with her own eyes and even has to see members of the Shinsengumi die right next to her. Her compassion and caring nature keep her going and are able to even inspire the rough men of the Shinsengumi. Chizuru is without a doubt the most fearless character in Hakuouki.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our list for today. Hakuouki might already be a couple years old, but there is a reason why this show has produced several seasons as well as multiple movies. Some of you might think at this point that all Hakuouki has to offer is romance, but you would be wrong. This show combines history with action, drama and - of course - a little bit of romance seemingly at ease. We urge all of you to give Hakuouki a try if you haven’t already.

What do you think of our choices and who is the most fearless Hakuouki character in your eyes? Let us know in the comment section below!

Hakuouki-wallpaper.jpg-20160818030659-471x500 Top 10 Fearless Hakuouki Characters


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