Top 10 Fighting UQ Holder! Manga Characters

With mangaka Ken Akamatsu’s recent manga UQ Holder! becoming an anime series, it’s not a surprise that people are flocking to the manga to see what becomes of our characters. Though for most, the enjoyment of UQ Holder! comes from the great fighters that fill the manga pages. Today here at Honey’s Anime we have taken it upon ourselves to find the best fighters in UQ Holder! and list them. Welcome UQ Holder! fans to our Top 10 Fighting UQ Holder! Manga Characters list. Will your favorite fighting UQ Holder! manga characters make the cut? You’ll have to read and see.

Though before we venture any further in this awesome list, let us warn you ahead of time of a few things folks. The first important thing to mention is that our list will contain spoilers for characters found in the UQ Holder! manga. We won’t spoil everything mind you, but if you’re afraid of learning a plot point that may happen in the future, then we suggest reading UQ Holder!’s available chapters and then coming back to enjoy our list of Top 10 Fighting UQ Holder! Manga Characters. Alright, if you’re ready we’re going to begin this list properly right now!

10. Gengorou Makabe

We begin our list of the Top 10 Fighting UQ Holder! Manga Characters with Gengorou Makabe number 6 in the UQ Holder! organization. While Makabe hasn’t proven himself too much as a strong fighter in the UQ Holder! manga series, the few times we’ve seen him in action make him a definite for our list. Stoic but kind and cool, Makabe has a fierce look and that is backed up by some interesting powers. Let us check some of those abilities out.

Makabe’s immortality is silly but interesting. As we see in the very first meeting of the UQ Holders when Kuroumaru kills him, a number appears above Makabe. Knowns as the Life Remaining System, Makabe has a large number of lives that reset his body back to perfect condition after death. Alongside this odd video game-like power—who ironically one other on our list has a similar style of immortality—Makabe can actually see the world as if it were a game with stats and such being in his field of vision. Though, don’t let these odd powers make you think Makabe is weak. As we see in the first several chapters Makabe is strong and agile and thus why he is ranked 6 in the organization and ten on our fighting UQ Holder! manga characters list.

9. Kirie Sakurame

Most people think to be able to fight means you need power. While many of the UQ Holder! manga characters on our list are indeed powerful in magic and/or with their fists, Kirie Sakurame has her own power in the form of her immortality. Yet you might now wonder how does that make her a stronger fighter than others in UQ Holder? Well sit down—as you most likely are already—and let us tell you of Kirie’s power.

Kirie’s main power is an ability dubbed by her as Reset and Restart. Think of a video game where you save and that point becomes your means of restarting not from the beginning but from where you saved. Kirie has this power which allows her to set only one save point and thus if she does die, she can return to that moment as many times as she needs to. With this power, Kirie and Touta have shared some comedic moments—being trapped in a never-ending loop that ended with her being kissed by Touta—but also has saved his hide during some of their later missions together. Kirie isn’t a physical fighter but with her smart actions and quick thinking, that makes her a fighter in the mental landscape and that can sometimes be enough to overcome almost any foe.

8. Sayoko Minase

In the world of Magic, there are various beings such as demons and immortals obviously. Though Sayoko Minase is neither of these things and is in fact a ghost. While Sayoko isn’t the only ghost in UQ Holder!—the other being Santa Sasaki—her powers were enough to phase into our 8th spot. While some of you might be wondering how a ghost can beat anyone on our list all, we have to do is look at the investigation arc of UQ Holder. That alone should prove Sayoko’s strength.

During the investigation arc, Sayoko runs across several of our UQ Holder! warriors and swiftly defeats all of them. Armed with Dark magic that allows Sayoko to use lances, lighting and even fire she defeats the UQ Holders with relative ease. Sayoko’s loss only comes from Santa because the two are able to reconnect as old friends—and lovers—which causes her to move on finally from this world. Imagine for one moment if Santa wasn’t able to convince her that destroying everyone wasn’t something she should do. That would mean Sayoko would continue on being one of the most powerful fighters and possibly could have taken down even more of the immortals until she was stopped by some powerful means…

7. Mage of the Beginning

Now we could all say the Mage of the Beginning could take the first spot on our fighting UQ Holder! manga characters list. However, equally her power has only been shown so far in one major scene with Evangeline and Touta. As Evangeline has called the Mage of the Beginning “the final boss,” her power has only shown so much that we can’t say she’s the top fighter. Though, we also needed the Mage of the Beginning on our list because of her power.

First as we learn in the later chapters, the Mage of the Beginning is actually the one who gave life to not only Fate Averruncus—who just so happens to be on our list—but also the magical world. Capable of powerful magic that even Evangeline and Negi could struggle against, Mage of the Beginning is a scary arch mage. That’s why the Mage of the Beginnings might be considered a god-like mage but as of right now we’re not convinced she’s all powerful. Though that doesn’t mean any of us here at Honey’s Anime would say that to her face…

6. Fate Averruncus

Once a teammate and friend, Fate Averruncus has broken his ties with the UQ Holders and is now what many consider an enemy. Fate’s character is what we consider an enigma so far in the UQ Holder! manga. We can clearly see Fate has magical powers being on par with Negi and even possibly Yukihime in multiple instances of UQ Holder. Though what makes Fate so powerful and why has he beaten some of the characters on our fight UQ Holder! manga characters list? That we can theorize and prove in equal measure.

First let’s explain what we know about Fate. Not only can Fate teleport as seen in his first encounter with Touta but he can also fly. These two powers alone make him a threat against more ground based warriors like Kuroumaru and Touta. Next during a scene where we see a possible future, Fate is shown to be on equal magical levels—with his Earth based magic—to Negi. For now though, Fate still hasn’t shown all of his powers and while Touta seems bent on fighting him, let’s be honest. We know for a fact that if Fate is even a bit close to mirroring Negi, then Touta stands no chance, but for now Fate still hasn’t proven that he can beat anyone as all of his fights have ended early.

5. Kuroumaru Tokisaka

Some might call Kuroumaru Tokisaka a girl, some might call her a male…well both those answers are wrong. At number 5 on our list, we look at the genderless swordsman Kuroumaru. While Kuroumaru might not be the toughest or strongest of the UQ Holder! manga characters, that doesn’t stop Kuroumaru from being a pure beast when armed with a blade. That’s also because Kuroumaru has under his/her belt the Shinmei-ryu style.

In Negima—and also Love Hina though that’s unrelated here—there were several characters who were well trained in the Shinmei-ryu style such as Setsuna Sakurazaki. That’s why early on when Evangeline sees Kuroumaru she remembers her interactions with this deadly art and aims to kill Kuroumaru before Touta steps in. With the ability to make quick cuts and powerful strikes all by just pulling the blade out of its sheath, Kuroumaru’s power isn’t recognized by the enemy until it’s too late. Regardless of your debates on Kuroumaru’s gender, just remember first and foremost he/she is a swordsman and an ultimate fighter in the world of UQ Holder.

4. Karin Yuuki

Ironically—or maybe on purpose—our 4th spot goes to Karin Yuuki who is also known as rank 4 in the UQ Holder! organization. Karin at first glance just look like a stoic school girl but she’s number 4 in our minds and in UQ Holder! for a reason. Why do we think she stands above the rest so far? Come on with us as we explore why first hand.

Karin has what we consider the ultimate level of immortality. Karin can’t be killed and can’t be destroyed by natural means and that alone makes her a force to be reckoned with in battle. The one weakness Karin does have is that pain is still a very relevant thing but thanks to her own training even pain doesn’t stop Karin in fights with Touta or even Chao Xinzqai. With her Holy First—a charging of purification magic—Karin can hurt and purify in one fell swoop. Plus, did we mention Karin can use tons of weapons including a giant hammer? Seriously, that alone makes her incredibly tough in our eyes.

3. Negi Springfield

While Negi Springfield might have been more relevant in Negima, that doesn’t, by any means, make him a weaker fighter than the rest of the fighting UQ Holder! manga characters on our list. Armed with powerful magic, years of experience and immortality, Negi is possibly the strongest fighter of our list of Top 10 Fighting UQ Holder! Manga Characters. However, Negi will stay at three because as of now he’s only appeared several times in UQ Holder. Though just because Negi isn’t on every chapter, the few times he has shown up it’s clear he’s powerful. Time for us to explain why.

If you have read the Negima series—which you should do so—then you know by the end Negi was considered a grand mage. Able to harness powerful magic such as the Magia Erebea which allows to harness emotions and unleashing that as powerful magic, Negi is basically a walking powerhouse of energy and dark magic. Negi can also move faster than anyone else in UQ Holder! with him disappearing and reappearing as if he’s teleporting. While Negi might also be in a dire situation from his odd way of acting in some of the later chapters of UQ Holder—he one times appears to be suffering in pain—Negi is easily a foe that many couldn’t touch. Time will only tell how much more powerful Negi is and that is a cool thing indeed.

2. Touta Konoe

Did you think we forgot about the main character of UQ Holder!, Touta Konoe? Well don’t worry, we here at Honey’s Anime didn’t forget the 14-year-old vampire. While Touta may be new to the world of immortals, magic and vampires that doesn’t make him any less of an extremely competent warrior. With the bloodline of Negi Springfield inside his body already, Touta has the means of becoming even stronger than all of the characters of UQ Holder! combined. Now we won’t spoil too much of Touta’s powers but we do wish to showcase what makes him take second on our Top 10 Fighting UQ Holder! Manga Characters list.

Now we could say Touta is tough because of his Gravity Blade or martial arts abilities but that would be too easy. Touta’s strength comes from not only his immortality—given by Evangeline—but also the fact that he is magical based warrior. Not only can Touta use the Magia Erebea which can give Touta immense power but at the cost of being temperamental and possibly explosive. Touta has also shown that he can mirror Negi in many ways such as learning various moves quickly—such as the Shundo—meaning Touta constantly becomes stronger the more he sees and trains. Touta is indeed a beast but as we mentioned he’s second our list as one other person outshines the young UQ Holder! member.

1. Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Yukihime)

Taking first place is the ultimate vampire who has live for 700+ years, Evangeline A.K. McDowell. In the world of UQ Holder, Evangeline has changed her name to Yukihime to avoid bringing attention to her wanted name. Armed with speed, magic and of course immortality, Evangeline or Yukihime—whichever you prefer—is indeed a great fighter. Let us examine some of her best moments in UQ Holder! so we can prove she earned the top spot. Trust us, this won’t be hard to do though.

Early on we learn a lot about Evangeline in UQ Holder. Since the end of Negima Evangeline has been busy making a name for herself in the world of the immortals. Forming the UQ Holder! team, her immortal family has grown over an unspecified team. Half of the characters on this list wouldn’t even be on here without Evangeline so that alone is something incredible. Beauty, status and sheer power, Evangeline is indeed the strongest fighter in all of the UQ Holder! manga.

Final Thoughts

It’s safe to say there are a wide assortment of UQ Holder! manga characters in the series so far. Trust us folks, this fighting UQ Holder! manga character list wasn’t an easy one to create and we know not everyone is going to be happy if their favorite character didn’t make the top 10. That’s why though the comments down below will help you share who you think should have been on our list and why! Let us know and if you enjoyed our Top 10 Fighting UQ Holder! Manga Characters list then feel free to scour our site for more articles like it here at Honey’s Anime. Now if you’ll excuse us we have more UQ Holder! anime to watch, this series is amazing so far.

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