Top 10 Magical Fighting UQ Holder! Characters

With the anime adaptation of UQ Holder! wrapping up finally, we here at Honey’s Anime figured we send off this season—or series—with a bang. Obviously to many who love the UQ Holder! manga, they know not everyone showed up in the 12-episode series. Many characters weren’t yet introduced but the ones that were did seriously kick some major butt like their manga counterparts. That’s why we figured to make a list of some of those awesome warriors for all of you to read! Welcome everyone to our Top 10 Magic Fighting UQ Holder! Characters list.

Today, our goal with our top 10 list is to examine the best magic fighters seen in the UQ Holder! anime. Even if a character showed up only once in the series, it doesn’t disqualify them from being here. They must only be a truly awesome magic user who can also equally fight to be qualified for this list. Also, it’s important to note that fighting doesn’t always mean magic needs to be used as an offensive means as some of these characters rely on smarts to help them win battles. We hope you enjoy our Top 10 Magic Fighting UQ Holder! Character list which begins as soon as you scroll down!

10. Kirie Sakurame

Wouldn’t it be cool if life worked like a literal video game? You make a tremendous mistake but luckily, you saved a few hours earlier and you can just go back to redo your mistake? That’s the beauty of Kirie Sakurame, the younger UQ Holder! member. Able to rewind time from a save point upon death, Kirie uses her wits to fight against her enemies. Why don’t we talk about some of those moments in the UQ Holder! anime.

In episode 7 of UQ Holder!, we meet Kirie for the first time and she actually saves Touta from being captured by Fate Averruncus multiple times without him realizing it using her powers. Despite having to die to activate her power, at least Kirie learns from a mistake made once to avoid it again in a later try. In episode 8, Kirie even uses this power to help capture Fate to interrogate him with the other UQ Holder! numbers. That’s the beauty of Kirie’s power. Kirie might not use her magic skills for physical fighting but she uses it for tactical warfare to help her allies out. Here at Honey’s Anime, that’s an impressive way of fighting if we do say so ourselves.

9. Ikkuu Ameya

Ikkuu Ameya is one of those guys that at first glance you wouldn’t think much of him. Sure, Ikkuu has charming looks—that probably make him a supreme ladies’ man—but in the world of UQ Holder!, he wouldn’t seem like much of a magic user. However, Ikkuu does show his fighting chops in the UQ Holder! anime at least a few times. Ikkuu’s shining moment comes in the form of episode 5. Here we see Ikkuu battle using his very interesting powers.

Ikkuu might be not pure magic like others on this list but he does have a form of magic. The magic of science is what makes Ikkuu so awesome. Half man and half machine—not in the literal sense but you get the point—Ikkuu is able to use things like rockets and even jet packs. However, he doesn’t need to equip them as they are literally built into Ikkuu’s body! That’s why Ikkuu might not be a literal magic user but he can still fight any other magic user without an issue thanks to his armaments.

8. Tena Vita

Fans of the UQ Holder! manga probably know quite a bit about Tena Vita. Though in the anime version, Tena doesn’t really get much air time unfortunately. However, we put Tena on our list of the Top 10 Magic Fighting UQ Holder! Characters for a reason. Tena makes her appearance in the tournament—which is the final few episodes of UQ Holder!—and quickly shows her abilities. Needless to say Tena appearance might be minimal but her impact is quite large.

Since we’re going off the anime version of Tena, we won’t spoil much about her powers that are described in the manga. What we do see in the anime of UQ Holder! is her ability to summon weapons and a power called Night-Harpoons which can be used to immobilize opponents. Tena uses these lances to stop Touta who had one point was using his Magia Erebea by impaling him in the heart thus rendering him unable to fight. Unlike most of the characters on our list, Tena is also extremely cruel and is willing to prove her strength by harming others without a second thought. Poor Kirie; she ran into Tena and was subjected to some rather harsh penalties…

7. Kuroumaru Tokisaka

Is Kuroumaru a girl or a guy? The better question is will anyone dare ask? Kuroumaru might be kind to friends and loved ones but if you’re a foe, you’re asking for a tough time. Like the other UQ Holder numbers, Kuroumaru is an immortal but with an interesting ability that fans of Negima! will remember all too well. Kuroumaru uses the style of Shinmei-ryuu and thus, they is a fighter through and through.

Ever since Kuroumaru’s introduction in episode 3 we’ve seen the swordsman—or swordswoman—mince enemies up. One of our favorite episodes to prove how amazing Kuroumaru’s skills are is when the Karin and a few other UQ Numbers change the genderless warrior into a girl. While on a date with Touta, Kuroumaru is attacked by several attackers but luckily is still able to use their sword skills—albeit as they are weaker due to being a girl and not used to the body—to keep Touta safe. Then there are several episodes where Kuroumaru is hurt gravely but thanks to a strong healing factor, can actually recover twice as fast as even Touta. Swords that can be summoned anywhere and healing powers. That sounds like a great magical fighter at least in our minds here at Honey’s Anime.

6. Negi Springfield

Once he was a powerful magic user who was the main character of his own series but in UQ Holder!, this isn’t the case. Taking a backseat to his “grandson”, Negi Springfield only makes a few appearances in the UQ Holder! anime but he still does some fighting nonetheless. Negi has indeed undergone some slight changes from his original self in the previous Negima! series—which is the previous story to UQ Holder!—but he still has his powerful magic and fighting abilities. Presuming you have seen the original anime and or have read Negima!, we won’t go into super detail about Negi skills but we will prove he deserves to be on our list of the Top 10 Magic Fighting UQ Holder!

Negi shines with using a mixture of magic and martial arts. Capable of using the powerful Magia Erebea—which Touta also has—Negi did impress us fans in the final episode of UQ Holder! Touta and Negi shared a heated battle where despite Touta’s strength, he was quickly stopped by Negi’s onslaught of speed and sheer power. Though Negi did ultimately lose when his class from Negima! appeared causing him to stop his attacks and regain his senses. Thankfully, Negi also used a special magic power to blow away all the clothes of the girls when he sneezed mirroring his past self. Might not be a strong magic power but it still puts a smile on our faces here at Honey’s Anime.

5. Asuna Kagurazaka

There are numerous girls that have returned from Negima! to make appearance in UQ Holder! However, one of the best girls returned named Asuna Kagurazaka. Asuna doesn’t steal the show in UQ Holder! like she did in Negima! though that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have enough of a presence. Asuna actually appears several times in UQ Holder! and proves to us once again she’s a strong magic fighter. Let us gush…we mean talk about Asuna via her exploits in UQ Holder!

Asuna isn’t like Negi or Yukihime where she can use super powerful magic. Instead, Asuna can actually nullify magic thanks to her bloodline which is more explained in Negima! Wielding her giant sword—though we do miss the giant fan she first started with—Asuna saved Touta not once but twice when he was up against Negi and his new allies. While Asuna’s appearance in UQ Holder! was brief, it still showed why she was so cool in Negima!

4. Fate Averruncus

Long ago, Fate Averruncus was a teammate to Negi and his allies. Then Fate even joined the strong UQ Holder team. However, now Fate is no longer an ally and is just an enemy for reasons still unknown to his former friends. Though if you think that means Fate won’t launch his skills at past teammates, you’re in for a rude wake up call. Fate is quick to demolish his foes and we have the evidence to prove it.

When Fate was shown in episode 7 making his grand appearance in the UQ Holder! anime, Fate showed just a few of his powers. Besides being a simple magic user, Fate is on par with Negi since he is able to use lightning, earth magic and can even teleport during combat. Fate also has the ability to turn his enemies to stone for a few moments making them completely open to attack. Fate was quick to use these powers on not only Touta but Karin and Ikkuu without feeling regret that he was attacking his former comrades. Manga readers of UQ Holder! know Fate’s powers but even with the little we got in the anime we know he’s a force that could be stronger than all of the UQ Numbers combined.

3. Karin Yuuki

Karin Yuuki might be rocking a school girl uniform but that doesn’t mean she’s just studious. Karin is also a UQ Holder member who is feared thanks to her quick temper—which is very quick might we add—and giant hammer she wields in combat. Though these aren’t her only powers as you probably have realized. We have Karin as our number 3 warrior on our Top 10 Magic Fighting UQ Holder Characters list for a reason folks.

Karin’s immortality isn’t like the rest of the UQ Holder team. Karin actually posses a power called Divine-Curse of Inviolability which makes her the literal strongest immortal alive. Capable of taking damage and seemingly not being affected by it, Karin almost seems like the perfect warrior. However, as we learn in episode 5 of the UQ Holder! anime, Karin’s power comes at the price of her feeling the pain even if it isn’t enough to stop her. Thankfully, Karin won’t ever feel much pain as she tends to user her light based magic and aggressive weapon skills to give pain to others. Karin is a beast in many ways and while she might be cute that fact about her scares us…

2. Yukihime (Evangeline A.K. McDowell)

Once Evangeline A.K. McDowell was a small vampire girl who had lived for 700+ years. However, in UQ Holder!—both the anime and manga—Evangeline has changed her appearance via magic and has become Yukihime. Guardian to Touta, Yukihime is secretly on the run from assassins that want her head. Though it makes sense why Yukihime is such a target. Not only is Yukihime extremely powerful in the magical world, she’s also the leader of the UQ Holder!

From the very first episode onward, any episode Yukihime must fight in you know will be an epic battle. Thanks to 700+ years of training thanks to her vampiric immortality, Yukihime is able to fight with high level magic. Quick speed, ice powers, and even the Magia Erebea in many ways Yukihime can be quite overpowered. Though that just makes her fights in the last episode and several episodes before fun to watch and send shivers down our spines in excitement.

1. Touta Konoe

Stealing the show—which makes sense since he’s the protagonist—is Touta Konoe in UQ Holder! While Touta might not be the strongest warrior at first, by the end of the series he sure does show he’s one of the stronger magic fighters. Capable of wielding the gravity blade and able to harness the Magia Erebea thanks to his shared blood with Negi, Touta is one of the cooler fighters in UQ Holder! hands down. We can also prove this with several episodes that highlight Touta’s prowess as a magic fighter.

In episodes 4 and 5, Touta fights against a friend he met who also happens to be a powerful werewolf assassin. Here, Touta uses his new speed—ironically learned from the werewolf assassin known as Kaito—to stand toe to toe with someone who clearly has more experience in the art of combat. However, Touta shines in this fight by activating Magia Erebea and somehow make a losing battle his victory. Then we could talk about the last few episodes where Touta activated powers that it took his “grandfather” Negi ages to learn in less than a few moments! Let’s just be honest, Touta might at times be ignorant—especially when it comes to the ladies—but he can fight and is quite strong in UQ Holder!

Final Thoughts

If the manga and anime of UQ Holder! shared anything in common, it’s in the form of making cool characters that can truly do some impressive things. We loved witnessing some of the characters above getting into the supernatural battles they did in UQ Holder! Though with so many characters making appearances we might have missed one or two who could have been placed on our Top 10 Magic Fighting UQ Holder! Characters list. Comment down below to let us know if that is the case and why you feel they should have made the cut. Did you love this article? Well guess what, our hive has plenty more for you to enjoy courtesy of us here at Honey’s Anime!

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