Top 10 Hetalia Characters

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One of the most intelligent anime that have been produced in recent years is Hetalia, which features an allegorical tale that pretty much focuses on world history. Utilizing personifications of different countries around the world, the series is able to explore some of the most significant events in history with a twist and flair that only anime could bring.

Indeed, it is one show that is laugh-out-loud and surprisingly historically accurate at the same time. Of course, with a premise such as this, the characters and their development would be the very heart of the anime.

Here then, are the Top 10 Hetalia Characters!

10. Sealand

Sealand Hetalia Axis Powers

What’s particularly awesome about this perky, little character is the fact that he represents an actual micro-nation (Sealand is an abandoned sea fortress that was eventually established as a nation by the man who seized it.). Well, maybe not, since other countries don’t really consider his sovereignty. That doesn’t stop him from making himself known, though. Despite him not being recognized by the bigger states, he always tries to get involved and works hard all the time.

He also has a pretty bad hatred for England, referring to him as “Jerk England” or “British Jerk.” The reason behind this is actually historical since Sealand in real life is a British sea fortress that was abandoned after World War II. After it was claimed as a sovereign state, Britain refused to recognize it. Sealand is basically what we love about Hetalia - poking fun at world events while maintaining an uncanny historical accuracy.

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9. Canada

Hetalia Axis Powers Canada

Canada represents everything stereotypical about the country. Kind, laid back and immensely patient and understanding to those foreigners who continue to patronize time, Canada is arguably one of the most likeable characters in the anime. Though he is a member of the Allied forces, he is rarely noticed, even to the point that the other Allied nations find it a bit disconcerting to do a head-count since they’ll notice six people when there are clearly only five.

If this is not enough, people usually mistake him for America, even if their personalities are worlds apart. Demure, pleasant, and exuding kindness, Canada is arguably one of the most likeable characters in the vast cast of Hetalia.

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8. China

Hetalia Axis Powers China

Being the oldest nation among the Allies, there is some speculation that China is immortal or at least over four or five thousand years old. Regarded as the eldest among the East Asian nations, he is often seen with pandas, and with his trademark wok and ladle, which, amusingly, he uses to fight Germany and Japan with. A great cook with a great personality to boot, this character is regarded as a favorite of many.

What’s particularly awesome about China is the fact that despite his unique quirks, he displays enormous wisdom that was developed in the thousands of years he has been alive. He’s a great martial artist to, especially since formidable arts like Kung Fu originated from him. He also has a soft spot for everything cute, as shown in his extreme like for Hello Kitty merchandise.

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7. Italy

Hetalia Axis Powers Italy

Italy is one country that is the very personification of one who is a wise man in the guide of a fool. Looked upon by many as a coward in the battlefield and too cheerful for his own good, Italy is actually one of the series’ most caring and affectionate characters. he loves making everyone smile, even if his past is pretty painful too.

Though he is usually seen depending on Germany to resolve a number of intense issues, there is some bravery in the heart of this little cowardly character. After all, no one could really forget that in his golden days, Italy was able to defeat Turkey single-handedly combat. Endearing, pleasant, bubbly, and fun, Italy is one character that definitely deserves a spot on this list.

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6. France

Hetalia Axis Powers France

France’s character in the anime is a complete nod to the country’s long history. He believes that he is the eldest brother of the European nations, and considers a nation that he raised, England, as his rival. Though he sincerely believes that the numerous defeats he has suffered in the past were a joke from God, he believes he was gifted by charms and awesome cooking skills just the same.

Being a character that is so romantic, he makes sexual passes at other characters frequently, France commonly shifts to French when he speaks, believing the language to be the “Language of Love.” Though a lot of fans are put off by his tendency to act like a pretty perverted old man, he does carry a certain maturity in him that is absent in other countries. France, after all, is the nation of freedom and love.

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5. Russia

Hetalia Axis Powers Russia

Russia is probably the character with the most well-rounded past among the personifications of Hetalia. He’s a good man inside, though other nations like the Baltic countries fear him, to the point where they even cower at his presence and warm smile. Growing up lonely, he actually just wants to be loved. He actually has a soft spot for the other Allies, even in times when they don’t get along. Kinda like a big teddy bear, in fact.

Russia is one of the characters in Hetalia that have a certain darkness in them. Considered insane by many due to the violent incidents in his past, he is quite a well-rounded character. What’s really great about Russia is the fact that his personality is a direct result of real-life incidents that happened to the country, such as his subtle rivalry with America.

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4. England

Hetalia Axis Powers England

What’s particularly endearing about England is the fact that he has been through a lot. He was known as many things during his long life, going from a Britannia Angel, Raging Pirate, Dashing Knight, Police Commander, a spy and an agent of the secret service, a Punk Rocker, a ruling Prince, and even a pretty badass sorcerer with a pretty good knowledge of Black Magic.

He’s had a ton of experience with as many historical events as you could think of, from wars to famine, to loneliness and his dilemma about doing what is ultimately right for his colonies. Decorated, extraordinary, and ultimately irreplaceable, England is the one country that could never be matched in this witty little anime series. Yes, I don’t believe that Hetalia would be Hetalia without him.

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3. Japan

Hetalia Axis Powers Japan

What’s particularly awesome about Hetalia is the fact that it is able to poke fun at itself. Rather than take the conventional anime path of presenting caricatures of foreigners and depicting Japan as the only sane member of the cast, Hetalia actually opted to depict every stereotype there is of Japanese culture. And it does so beautifully.

With a vague speech pattern that confuses other nations and a tendency to avoid physical contact (Japan loves his personal space), as well as his own admittance that he has a weakness for 2D erotica (he collects erotic woodcuts for his own uses) and geek culture, Japan is one character that is probably the most accurate in the series, stereotype-wise. After all, what other nation is more qualified to parody Japan than Japan itself.

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2. America

Hetalia Axis Powers america

Found and raised by France and England, America eventually grows into his own person, leading him to fight for his own independence. He is quite similar in appearance with his brother, Canada, who usually ends up getting confused with him. Portrayed as pretty loud, egoistic, and obnoxious at times, he is nonetheless depicted as a kind-hearted nation who deeply cares for this friends. Oh, and he’s pretty intelligent too.

True to the American Dream, the character is extremely hard-working, strong, and driven, especially when it comes to him playing the role of a hero. Apart from this, America loves eating but is fully aware of his unhealthy eating habits. One particular joke about him that really gets me is the fact that he tries to do a lot of things in order to stay healthy, such as a number of innovative, unique, yet ultimately ineffective diets.

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1. Germany

Germany Hetalia

I gotta admit, I had some reservations about the humor that Hetalia would utilize to personify Germany. After all, a lot of the anime involves events revolving around the Second World War. Hetalia pulls it off for some reason, though, creating a tsundere character that’s pretty intense and likeable at the same time. Despite his tendency to act aggressive to other nations such as Italy and Japan, he actually has a softer, kinder side to him.

Something that really sold me to Hetalia is the joke about Germany’s “crazy boss,” which basically refers to the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, who was responsible for the mass murder of Jews during the height of the Holocaust. Directly dubbing him as crazy actually shows one of the most dynamic aspects of the war - Germany and the Third Reich are completely different things. Oh, and his drive to stop paying reparations to France is a nod to Germany’s loss in World War II, by the way. As a history buff, I find this extremely awesome. Well, it is, right?

Hetalia Axis Powers Germany wallpaper

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So there you have it! The top ten characters in Hetalia. Yes, there are about 50 more countries in the anime’s lineup, so if there are other characters you would like to see in this list (or the next), then please mention them in the comments below!



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