[Fujoshi Friday] Top 10 Shippable Couples in Hetalia!

If you have ever wondered what different countries would be like if they were humans, then look no further, because Hetalia can certainly show you that! Hetalia was written and drawn by Hidekaz Himaruya back in 2006. There is no story behind Hetalia since it is basically just telling and showing us our world history. But if you’re worried that it’ll just be a boring show/webcomic, then don’t fret, because it only parodies the important historical events by using satire. It’s full of gags, puns, funny stereotypes and more!

With that said, Hetalia is also known for having lots of handsome and cute male characters. It’s no surprise that a lot of fans can ship whoever they want since our history is rich with interactions between different countries. We are here to list top 10 shippable couples in Hetalia and tell you why they look good together and why fans fell in love with them!

10. Russia & China (RoChou)

While Russia (Ivan Braginsky) and China (Wang Yao) seldom interact in Hetalia, they have been together for the longest time. They fought together and supported each other in the past and even made a treaty of friendship to prove their close relationship. Although they have the treaty between them, China is still suspicions and guarded around Russia. After all, Russia is well-known for having a chillingly intimidating nature. China’s gut feeling was right, since the Sino-Soviet split incident happened and put a strain in their relationship. But even this incident cannot stop their close relations as Russia and China continue to help one another during hard times to this day.

As seen in the comic and the anime, Russia will often stalk China. Since China is still a bit scared of Russia, Russia makes sure to put on a Panda suit to make himself approachable. He tries his best to get closer to China and even admitted that he misses China a lot. If China is being bullied by the other countries and is being ignored by his siblings, make no mistake, Russia will stand up for China and defend him. Meanwhile, China is indeed cautious around Russia, but he still acts motherly around him. He does not hesitate to tell some of his problems to Russia when he feels down. All in all, these two understand each other well despite their differences... making them one of the most loved pairings in the fandom.

9. Prussia & Austria (PruAus)

Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt) and Austria (Roderich Edelstein) often fought against each other in the past. In fact, they still do not get along to this day. The reason is simple, Prussia loves to tease and bully Austria to no end. He tries to find different ways to humiliate and bother Austria, to the point of stalking him. He mostly stays at Austria’s place and interacts with him most of the time. Of course, Austria is sick and tired of Prussia’s childish behavior and will lash out immediately at the sight of the guy.

If you are not a fan of PruAus, then you must already be wondering , “why are they so shippable?”. Well, according to some fan speculations, the reason Prussia teases Austria constantly is to show his affection. We all know that there are some people who like to bully the one they like, and Prussia is that kind of a person. He tries to get Austria’s attention in order to be noticed by the person he likes. Meanwhile, Austria is either being a tsundere or he is just too dense to notice Prussia’s feelings. The fandom describes the bond between Prussia and Austria as a Love-Hate relationship, which is kinda true if you are wearing your shipping goggles.

8. Denmark & Norway (DenNor)

One reason why opposites attract is because the two parties can balance each other out. If one is lacking in something, the other compensates for it and vise-versa. That is basically what DenNor are. Denmark and Norway (Lukas Bondevik) share the same history. They were together as part of the Kalmar Union along with their fellow brothers; Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. Denmark ruled all these Nordic nations until each one of them left him all alone. Despite that, Denmark remained close to Norway. He perceives Norway as his best friend without even noticing that Norway teases and insults him a lot.

Many think that Denmark is utterly in love with Norway, thus the reason he is so oblivious to the latter’s dismissals and insults. He likes to be with him and is happy if Norway is beside him. He is very cheerful and bubbly around Norway, to the point of annoying the heck out of him. However, Norway is with Denmark most of the time. It is known within the fandom that Norway is in love with Denmark too but he is just in denial and too stubborn to admit it. While it is seen that Norway is usually cold to Denmark, he has some moments where he shows his soft and gentle side, albeit rarely. Denmark is indeed too much at times because of his wild behavior, but thankfully, we have Norway to put him back where he belongs.

7. Poland & Lithuania (PolLiet)

Back in the past, Poland (Feliks Łukasiewicz) and Lithuania (Toris Laurinaitis) were partners that ruled over Middle and Eastern Europe. They fought countless wars together which they won thanks to their solid partnership. While they do act together as one, it is mostly Lithuania adjusting to what Poland likes. However, their partnership ended when Russia took Lithuania and separated the two of them. Poland didn’t really care when Russia took Lithuania away; in fact, he enjoyed the look on Lithuania’s face. But for Lithuania, it is the start of his rough journey.

Poland is the type of man who will show his real self to the person he trusts and he is comfortable with... And that person is Lithuania. Unlike Poland, who is somewhat selfish, Lithuania has a heart of gold. This is proven numerous times, especially when he went behind Russia’s back to warn his former partner of the eminent danger that Poland might face. Although Lithuania is at a disadvantage, he doesn’t forget to protect Poland in some way. After years of hardships, the two are once again reunited, and this is the part where it gets interesting. Seeing Lithuania’s scars became a wake up call for Poland. Since then, he tries to be less harsh on Lithuania and even protects him immediately if someone threatens to hurt his partner again. Like how he faced Russia head-on despite Russia’s scary image. It’s very sweet that it’s Poland’s turn to do the protecting while he lets Lithuania recuperate by his side!

6. Sweden & Finland (SuFin)

As stated above, Sweden (Berwald Oxenstierna) and Finland (Tino Väinämöinen) are a part of the Kalmar Union. However, Sweden broke away from the union because he was sick of Denmark already. Furthermore, Finland chose to follow Sweden in order to gain his freedom. Both have a rocky beginning since Sweden is quiet and intimidating most of the time, frightening little Finland. But after showing a little of his gentler side, Finland realizes that Sweden is just shy, and is not quite good at using words.

Finland opens up to Sweden as Sweden tries his best to take care of Finland and make him as happy as possible. Sweden calls Finland his wife, though sometimes this confuses Finland. Even though Sweden still appears to be impassive most of the time, Finland is used to it and can sometimes tell what Sweden is thinking about. Currently, they have a dog named Hanatamago and even adopted a child, Sealand. Sweden and Finland are definitely cannon... Well, if Finland can just give in to Sweden and accept to be his wife already~ Let’s just hope for Finland to realize that he is in love with Sweden too!

5. Holy Roman Empire & Chibitalia

Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia, the younger version of Northern Italy, were together for a short time before getting separated by Grandpa Rome. After several years, Chibitalia went back to his birthplace only to be bullied. Believing Chibitalia to be a girl, Holy Roman Empire came to his rescue and promised to make Chibitalia a part of his new nation. But the response that he got from Chibitalia is “no”. Nonetheless, that won’t stop him from persuading his cute little crush.

At first, Holy Roman Empire unintentionally scares Chibitalia since he came on too strong with his persistence trying to convince Chibitalia to join him. Meanwhile, Chibitalia refuses to go with Holy Roman Empire because he is reminded of the effects of war on his Grandpa Rome. Although Holy Roman Empire’s heart broke at Chibitalia’s decision, he respects it wholeheartedly. He leaves, but not before confessing his love. It’s very obvious that Chibitalia doesn’t want Holy Roman Empire to leave. He even gave a token of affection to Holy Roman Empire as they share a sweet kiss together. It’s sad that such a lovely couple have to be separated since the two of them really do like each other. With that said, both are so cute together despite Holy Roman Empire’s obliviousness to Chibitalia’s true gender.

4. France & England (FrUK)

France (Francis Bonnefoy) essentially became England’s (Arthur Kirkland’s) older brother in the past. Although he considers himself to be the older brother, he doesn’t really do anything but tease and insult England. As the two countries continue to grow stronger, France and England ended up becoming rivals of almost anything and everything. In fact, England purposefully joins forces with whomever France is against with, just so he can piss France off and kick his butt.

Many fans of this ship consider France and England as an old married couple. They argue a lot but they understand and respect one another as well. Both admire each other’s strength and capabilities. They are mature enough to comprehend that they have a friendly rivalry going on and they love the challenges that come with it. Despite the fact that they often fight over even the smallest of things, they are quite similar since they do agree on most things. Especially if a third party comes along, they team up unconsciously. They get along pretty well, sharing drinks and stories together whenever they are free. Since they have been together for a long time, they know each other very well.

3. Spain & Romano “South Italy” (SpaMano)

After winning the war against France, Spain (Antonio Fernández Carriedo) took Romano (Lovino Vargas) in as his henchman. It wasn’t long before Spain realized that Romano is too much to deal with since the little nation can’t seem to do anything right. He decided to ask Austria to trade Romano for Veneziano but was rejected regardless of his reasons. After learning Spain’s plan to exchange him for his brother, Romano became harsher towards his caretaker despite the fact that Spain has been quite remorseful of his stupid idea. Since then, Spain has been nothing but affectionate towards Romano while Romano remains cold towards Spain. Presently, the two countries are pretty much the same. However, they are much closer now than the old days.

If we are talking about tsundere characters, then Romano takes the cake. As seen in the anime and the webcomics, Romano has been constantly brutal to Spain. But even though he is like that, Romano cares for Spain so much that he gets jealous when he is with other people, and gets worried when he is sick or in pain. He enjoys the attention that Spain has given him, since a lot of the countries prefer Veneziano to him. Spain, on the other hand, has given up a lot to protect and keep Romano by his side. While he is still sad and confused as to why Romano acts cold towards him, he never forgets to give all the love he has for Romano. He thinks that Romano is still cute, despite the child’s tsundere nature. Overall, they have a lot in common because Romano grew up under Spain. While Romano is certainly cold towards Spain, I don’t think Spain could ask for more since he accepts Romano’s flaws and all~

2. Germany & North Italy (GerTalia)

Germany (Ludwig) took Italy (Italia Veneziano) and made him his prisoner after finding him inside a tomato crate. But Italy, being the annoying guy that he is, irritated Germany often and was set free because of it. Not long after he gained his freedom, Italy went back to his former captor and made himself Germany’s ally. Germany didn’t want to do anything with Italy but he relented and accepted it in the end.

It’s always nice to see someone as big and strong as Germany falling for a klutz like Italy. Although Italy gives nothing but endless headaches and problems to his fellow ally, Germany doesn’t seem to mind and will do anything for Italy. Basically, Italy is the only one who can bring out the softer side of Germany. Germany turns all gooey inside every time he is with Italy. While these two are not officially together yet, fans of Hetalia do know that they have been sharing warm hugs, loving kisses, and a lot more! They are a very cute couple. I’m sure it won’t be long until they are together considering the tension and chemistry between them is too much to handle~

1. America & England (USUK)

After hearing that there was a new child on a certain land, France and England immediately went there to fight for little America (Alfred F. Jones). While it seems that France is about to win over America with his amazing cooking skills, America went with England instead, after seeing him cry in a corner. England is delighted with America’s decision and showers the child with lots of love and affection. As England occasionally visits America, he watches the boy grow, becoming powerful as each day passes. After years of becoming England’s colony, America declared his independence, which England didn’t respond to very well. War broke between them, but in the end, England lost because he cannot hurt someone who is precious to him. Thus, America gained his freedom and England remains bitter about it till this day.

Who doesn’t like USUK? It’s obvious that they are meant to be, with all that sexual tension going on between them! Many speculate that America began to love England since childhood and wanted to gain Independence in order to become England’s equal. Others say that both of them are infatuated with each other but they are either clueless or in denial about it. Whatever the fandom may think of USUK, there is one thing for certain: they still care a lot for each other despite their constant bickering and fighting. They are pretty much always together and anyone can see that the two of them regard each other as someone special. If you want a ship that is bittersweet and has lots of fluff and hilarious moments, make no mistake take this pairing can surely give it to you~

Final Thoughts

As we said earlier, our world history is very rich. Anyone can ship whichever countries they like based on what happened in past. So there you have it! Although we only listed ten, we are sure that there are a lot more shippable characters in Hetalia! Why not tell us your favorite pairing by writing it in the comment section! Is your favorite ship included on this list? You can even share your crack pairings with us and talk about it if you want! Remember to follow Honey’s Anime and we hope to see you in the next article! Bye~ Now signing off~

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