Top 10 Hilarious Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan Characters

Saiki has been a gift from the heavens in 2016. While we may not talk about that year anymore for it is the year that shall not be named, Saiki was a brief moment of bliss. It was a five-minute gag comedy anime about Saiki Kusuo, a young boy with pink hair and green glasses who, along with his strange antenna poking out of his head, has psychic superpowers. How powerful is he? Well, he can read everyone’s minds, he can teleport, he has what seems like an endless wealth of powers, and he can do just about anything. He tries his hardest though to just conceal his powers and live out his daily life. If only things were that simple, though! At every single turn, there is someone either dying for his attention or resenting him for lack of attention. All he wants to do is eat coffee jelly in peace!

Due to his ESP as well as knowledge of everything under the sun, he does not really need to take tests! He forcibly makes himself miss a certain number of questions each test so as to fall in the middle. PE? No thank you. Saiki also uses his psychic power to limit how much he can do. Otherwise, like the time when he could throw a ball into space easily. The humor is always over the top, thanks to a wide variety of characters and today, we will be looking at the Top 10 Hilarious Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan characters!

10. Kineshi Hairo

Kineshi is the jock archetype but spun in a new way. Rather than beating up nerds for lunch money and trying to nail the hottest chick in school, Kineshi is actually very passionate about sports. He loves to compete and tries to get others to get on his level when it comes to motivation. However, it usually does not work.

Since he is the take-charge kind of character, he also is the class representative and is well-liked in the job. Since he wholly does dedicate himself to sports, he loves to talk to Saiki and Shin about it. He always crushes them but his natural enemy is Riki Nendou. While he does not hate him, any time sports or competition is involved, Kineshi overdoses himself going head to head with Nendou to try and beat him.

The best part too is that Nendou is so dense, that he barely recognizes that he is competing with Kineshi! All in all, though, for a passionate, sports-loving class rep, Kineshi does well in the humor department.

9. Aren Kuboyasu

Aren is the mysterious transfer student who seems rather quiet, or so it appears. He is actually holding himself back from beating someone’s head in because Aren used to be a part of a gang. Since he has transferred, he has told himself that he is turning over a new leaf and to do so, he needs to remain calm. However, the second he thinks that someone is looking down on him, he blows a fuse and is two seconds away from making sure the other person drinks everything through a straw for the rest of their life. To Aren’s benefit, though, he does actually remain calm. However, there is a great scene where he witnesses some senpai’s messing with classmates and he threatens to do them in. They take off, but he does as well. Of course, we don’t see what happens, but his reactions, especially when he thinks that someone is looking down on him, are hilarious.

8. Kumagorou Saiki

The great thing about Saiki’s abilities is that he can see into the minds of people which allows us, the viewers, to not only get a look into the psyche of the characters but also usually laugh hysterically. Kumagorou is one of those characters.

When Saiki and his parents go all the way out to the countryside to visit his grandparents, Saiki does not think twice. Kumagorou is Kurumi’s father and the husband of Kumi. The thing is, though, is that he is a tsundere. There is nothing more that Kumagorou would love, other than to spend time with his grandson. However, his hate for Kuniharu is stronger. When they arrive, the grandfather is a complete and total jerk to his son-in-law and Saiki’s father, Kuniharu. Saiki knows what is really going on, though.

While the grandfather is nasty towards Kuniharu, and he does actually hate him, he is in love with Saiki and wishes to only spend time with Saiki talking and laughing. He thinks that he is being so sly by hiding it from Saiki, but we and Saiki can see everything. His mental anguish for every second that he does not spend with Saiki is pure comedy gold. It gets even worse when the grandparents come to Shibuya and Kumagorou cannot find the right words to say to spend time with Saiki.

7. Kurumi Saiki

Kurumi feels a bit like a filler character but she is necessary and she tends to be funny on her own, so that is what has landed her here. Kurumi is the daughter of Kumagorou and is married to Kuniharu. She loves Kuniharu with all of her heart, but she is completely inept are reading the situation leading to hilarious antics much to the chagrin on Saiki.

Referring to him often as “Ku-chan”, she gets bamboozled by shady salarymen who are actually con-artists and it takes Saiki forcibly transmitting the thoughts of others into her, for her to understand the gravity of the situation. She does also provide comedic relief with her husband, Kuniharu, whom she is madly in love with to the point that she will forget everything at the drop of a hat if she feels loved. Saiki, of course, cannot escape easily as she will sometimes ask for help.

6. Makoto Teruhashi

Where would anime be without some older brother who has an extremely creepy obsession with his younger sister that is really just a sister complex in disguise? Ah yes, that is Makoto.

Makoto Teruhashi has built himself up as one of the top idols/actors in Japan. His younger sister Kokomi is not interested, though. Makoto persists that Kokomi should love him and him alone. So, when he finds out that Kokomi has something going on with Saiki (no she does not!), he blows a fuse and threatens Saiki every time he sees him not to get too close to his sister. While he is not a regular character, the creeper levels are off the charts and it is hilarious for Saiki who then tries to avoid seeing Makoto as much as possible. It seems though that a café will be their fated encounter.

5. Kuniharu Saiki

Kuniharu is Saiki’s father. The problem is that he is useless. He cannot do anything for himself and he relies on Saiki all of the time to help him out. Whether it be with say… moving beds around the house, assisting with cleaning up, or more, Kuniharu cannot do anything for himself. He does try to be strong when they go see his in-laws, but Kumagorou puts a stop to that hilariously fast.

Other than that, whenever his wife is mad at him, he quickly puts it out by proclaiming that he loves her. The two of them are pure idiots, and assuming you like that sort of humor, you’re in luck.

4. Kusuo Saiki

For Saiki, we have talked about him nonstop in the explanations of various other characters. His humor and all of the jobs he makes, come in two forms. The first is mostly from outside sources that are uninvited. This can be from Kokomi, Nendou, Aren, Kineshi, and Kaidou primarily. The second form comes from the various idiosyncrasies that he has. Saiki hates cockroaches and nothing will terrify him more than when he meets one in his home.

Saiki is just trying to live his life and enjoy coffee jelly, but it seems that Kokomi-chan of all people, is convinced that Saiki wants her. He does not have any weaknesses per se, but he has to wear his glasses at all times for if he does not, and he makes eye contact with that person, they are immediately turned into stone. He also has a fantastic adventure that involves him “breaking” like a toy when one of his antennae breaks. He has an older brother who resents him because he has no powers like Saiki, but he did make the antenna that rests on Saiki’s head. His “natural enemies” would be Shun Kaidou, a classmate with chuunibyou, and Riki Nendou, a guy who has rocks for brains.

3. Shun Kaidou

Speaking of idiots, here is number three on our list! Shun Kaidou. Kaidou has chuunibyou or second-year syndrome. As such, he is grossly detached from reality. Shun believes that hilariously enough, the world is ruled by an evil organization called “The Black Wings”.

Another effect of chuunibyou is that they always seem to think that they are better than everyone else. This is not true in real life nor in anime. Shun has horrible grades, does terrible in all of his classes including PE where he thinks he is beating Saiki only to fail every time, and even his love life is affected. Shun also has his hand “sealed” which supposedly contains his immense power. Too bad he cannot use it for everyday life yeah?

2. Kokomi-chan

Kokomi is the idol of the school. Every single girl wants to be her, and every boy wants her. She even has a fan club of idiots running around the school to fight for her honor should it be besmirched. However, one fateful day, she meets Saiki. Since he can read her mind and we find out that she is stuck up, she is shocked when he ignores her. Convincing herself that he is just too shy to throw himself at her feet, she makes it her mission to make him like her.

Some of the funniest scenes in this series come from her delusions of how Saiki must be really feeling about her when he does not react. The best scene is when Saiki throws himself out of a window and hangs off the ledge to avoid her…. But she finds him and pulls him in. She is also protected by her super crazy sis-con brother Makoto and at the end of the day, wants to be worshiped. However, as the series progresses, it becomes clear that Kokomi may have started to fall in love with Saiki.

1. Riki Nendou

“Oi Aibou. Aibou Oi. Oi Aibou” Fans of the series will clearly know number one just from hearing that phrase. The funniest character in the series is by far Riki Nendou. Nendou has a chin that looks like a pair of balls, a strange haircut, and a blonde Mohawk on top. Nendou is famous for his “hey. Buddy. Buddy. hey” or any incarnation of the phrase that he says to Saiki as he approaches him. In fact, Nendou is so stupid, that Saiki cannot read his mind. This means too that he cannot avoid Nendou letting him sneak up on him constantly. He is always paling around with Shun Kaidou. He is also the natural enemy to Kineshi beating him in every way possible.

Later on in the series too, we find out that Nendou’s father is actually a ghost and essentially haunts Saiki in order to take contact with someone… he just cannot figure out who. Like father like son, both are stupid. Nendou is the spitting image of his mother as well, who thankfully is alive, but is still incredibly dense like Nendou and his father. Nendou does mean well at the end of the day, but he just cannot read any sort of situation at all. Much to the very evident torture of Kusuo Saiki.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! The best and funniest characters of Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan. Thankfully we received two full seasons of the first run, and now that that is over, it is time to wait patiently for the second season. That is correct. Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan 2 has been announced, so it is just a matter of time until everyone is back up to their old antics.

Are you excited? What is your favorite character from the series? Be sure to let us know down below.

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