Top 10 Hot Anime Doctors We Would Feign Illness to See More Of

Anime offers a lot of different versions of doctors. We have doctors with a caring bedside manner, some more cold and calculating, and some are something else entirely. This top ten list consists of five men and five women who are anime doctors. From cute to “come hither,” here are our top ten hottest doctors that we would definitely fake being sick to see more.

"Our Favorite Hot Doctors!"

10. Shirayuki from Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Snow White with the Red Hair)

First up is Shirayuki from Yona of the Dawn. In the country of Clairiness lives an herbalist with striking red hair. Shirayuki spends her days learning about the growing and harvesting of herbs, their medicine use, and helping run a pharmacy in the nation’s royal castle. She is a spirited individual who looks to achieve her own goals and will not be stopped by any other force. She is a young woman who has won the affections of the second prince of Clarines and winds up being friends with a prince from a neighboring country. Shirayuki is a bright individual whose problem-solving saves lives.

9. Yun from Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn)

Yun is the resident pretty-boy-genius in the popular adventure-romance anime, Yona of the Dawn. Though he grew up poor and scrounging for anything to eat or read, his interest in medicine has saved the lives of his friends and loved ones more than a few times. In addition to medicine, Yun seems to know a little able everything! He can cook, sew, and make himself useful, doing any number of skills he possesses. Though Yun is not a good fighter, he finds it challenging to stay out of the way if something wrong is happening in front of him. Yun has street smarts and a smart mouth.

8. John H. Waston from Yuukoku no Moriarty (Moriarty the Patriot)

Moriarty the Patriot centers around the antagonist of the famous Sherlock Holmes stories, but Sherlock’s partner, Watson, also makes this list! John Watson is an army doctor who has returned from Afghanistan. He has seen his share of war and suffering, but those skills have sharpened him for the deductive work he does with Sherlock. He is intelligent and logical in his approach, which is responsible when compared with Holmes. See him in the photo here, in his bowler hat, with the infamous Sherlock. Though he still knows Mary in this different take on Sherlock Holmes stories, we love Dr. John Watson!

7. Ray Kasugano from Ray The Animation

Ray was born and raised for her organs to be harvested and had lost her eyes to this purpose before meeting surgeon Black Jack, who rescued Ray from that destiny. In Ray the Animation, ten years have passed, and Ray has become a surgeon as well. With her replacement artificial eyes, Ray is known for attempting medical procedures that could not be done without the increased precision from this artificial eyesight. She practices medicine now, but that is to achieve her greater goal: to find the others she was raised with and to find the man who took her eyes.

6. Akari Dezart from Karneval

As stereotypically calculating as a doctor gets, we have the powerful personality of Akari Dezart. He can be insensitive and does an excellent job of making enemies of the nurses nearby, but his knowledge and understanding of medicine are exceptional. Tall, smart-mouthed, and handsome, this pink-haired doctor dresses the part, with his white lab coat and dress shirt with a tie. The prideful and heavy-handed Akari is known to give medical advice that can be callous and appear uncaring, like when he says, “What’s wrong with telling the truth? If you don’t like it, improve things!” He is a serious guy with a strong work ethic and good looks.

5. Ryouko Mikado from To LOVE-Ru

Up next is Ryouko Mikado. She is both an alien and a school doctor, and she spends her time trying to help alien students when they need a little guidance. She has pointed ears, and though she is not in the main character cast, she is an excellent person for this story! This ecchi high school comedy has some nudity and plenty of lewd-ity as well. Ryouko is one perfect example of this, as she had lots of different outfits, but she always is scantily clad! Ryouko is one hundred percent one of the doctors on this list that we would find ourselves faking sickness to hang out with.

4. Hatori Souma from Fruits Basket (2019)

Like his father before him, Hatori Souma is the private doctor for the Souma family. He is a business-like and private person who carries an unusual responsibility and ability as a doctor. If his family curse is discovered, it has always been the job of the Souma family doctor to erase the memories of people who find the secret or want out of the family entirely. This job has caused heartache amongst the people who choose to keep their memories, but Hatori isn’t heartless. He has his own story of love and heartbreak involving his medical gifts that he can’t seem to shake, but he’s a dreamy guy who makes this list!

3. Akiko Yosano from Bungo Stray Dogs

Doctor Yosano has a classic type of beauty, with dark stockings, a black skirt, and a white top with a tie that could have come from one of many decades. She has straight black hair cut into a bob and wears a butterfly ornament in her hair. Don’t let her classy exterior fool you, though. Yosano can be a cutthroat enemy who knows how to kill and how to inflict pain. Her supernatural ability is called “Thou Shalt Not Die.” Though it can heal someone completely, her power only works on someone close to death without scarring. That means for her treatment is that she will often injure her patients much more than what they came to her with to heal them.

Doctor Yosano is a kind person (outside of her medical procedures), but that kindness will fade to an inkling of crazy real quick if you anger her. She is calm and understanding, and she can fight with those chainsaws she would otherwise use to “save” her patients. Other than being a babe, she is one of the coolest doctor-fighters around!

2. Trafalgar Law from One Piece

The Surgeon of Death, Trafalgar Law, is one of the main pirate groups in One Piece. As both the ship doctor and captain, he and his team travel through the uncertain seas of the New World in a yellow submarine. Though he is cool and collected on the outside, this tattoo-laden pirate is passionate when it comes to accomplishing a goal and not ratting out your friends. He is a fighter, a leader, and a clever-minded individual with supernatural abilities that aid his life-saving skills. Law can make a “room” with his abilities that function as an operating table for his non-anesthetized patient.

His powers allow him to remove a head from a person’s body without them receiving actual harm. On the other hand, he can pluck the heart out of your chest and give it a very real squeeze. With the word “DEATH” tattoos across his knuckles, he is a fierce enemy and is not to be toyed with. Towards the top of this list for so many tattoos- *ahem* we mean reasons- here is Trafalgar Law, the captain of the Heart Pirates!

1. Doctor from Akudama Drive

While she is a doctor, she has no bedside manner and would not bat an eye to let you die if it is in her interest. Today’s number one hot doctor on this list is Doctor from Akudama Drive! With pink hair that fades to blue and rose-tinted glasses, Doctor has seen enough blood for one lifetime but has little care in the matter. This total mad-scientist character is a skilled surgeon who stitched up her own throat when cut and survived. She toys with others for fun and is known to stitch up wounds to reopen later on if that is her wish.

Other than her desire to heal someone, there is no way to know if Doctor is deadly or doting in her treatment. Though the crazy is in full swing with this medical master, Doctor takes the top spot! In addition to stitching up her own throat, she reattached legs in one episode and has remarkable medical prowess. She has a lot of intelligence and a lot of wild tendencies at the same time!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our top ten hottest anime doctors! There were so many to pick from that we had trouble narrowing it down, so we want to shout out to a couple who almost made this list. Though they did not make the top ten, if you enjoyed these, check out honorable mentions Glenn Litbleit (Monster Girl Doctor), Kayoko Huang (Fire Force), and Tsunade (Naruto). We hope you liked our list! Who here is YOUR favorite? Is there anyone we left out?

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