[Thirsty Thursday] Top 10 Hottest Queens Blade Characters

Queens-Blade-capture-2-700x394 [Thirsty Thursday] Top 10 Hottest Queens Blade Characters

The Queen's Blade, a battle royale held every four years to decide the next Queen of the continent, filled with powerful female warriors who come from all over to join the tournament in hopes of becoming the next Queen. The women who choose to fight in the Queen's Blade compete in single-elimination martial combat to decide who moves forward. Filled with fantastic combat and fanservice, the Queen's Blade franchise is one in a million.

We at Honey's Anime enjoy great anime, and what anime is complete without beautiful girls, so we dove into the internet looking at forums, comments, and polls, and have compiled a list of the Top 10 Hottest Queen's Blade characters. Just in case you've not seen Queen's Blade before, we've tried to have as little spoilers as possible, but we highly suggest you watch it. Enjoy!

10. Nanael

Nanael, heavens happy-go-lucky angel, loves to help especially, if it benefits her. Nanael's roll in the tournament is an observer who often tricks people into fighting. This caused her to depart from heaven to join the tournament under the order of the Archangel.

Nanael is always seen wearing polka-dot panties, which the audience always gets a peek at. Other key aspects about her are the insecurities about her asymmetrical wings and the holy milk she must keep from spilling or risk being banished to Hades. However, just because Nanael is an angel doesn't mean she can't fight. In fact, she is seen taking on the swamp witches minions with her celestial saber. Nanael’s goofy and carefree nature place her at number ten.

Trivia: Nanael gets her name from a real angel in ancient Hebrew mythology.

9. Melona

Melona, subject to the Swamp Witch, and slime girl with a sexual attitude, enjoys harassing her enemies any way she can, making Melona stay true to her monster girl form. However, calling her a monster makes her go mad, as seen in the first episode of the anime when Leina Vance called her a monster, causing Melona to go crazy and try to kill her.

Melona can shapeshift, which makes her even better because she can be any woman she wants, but her most iconic power is when she sprays her breast milk that has the weird ability to melt anything it hits. She technically fights without a weapon, using her transforming powers to make a sword form around her arm. Melona's sadistic smile and sexy form place her on the list at number nine.

Trivia: Melona is the only one recorded with breast milk in the anime.

8. Shizuka

Shizuka is everyone's favorite Kouma ninja and loyal friend to Tomoe, a girl who left her homeland to protect her while she enters the Queen’s Blade Tournament. Shizuka's weapons of choice are ninja tools and the most iconic part of her armor, a headband with two horns on it. Shizuka was raised to be a ruthless killer; however, she is shown to be more of a realist, going as far to abandon her clan to save Tomoe, who Shizuka believes to be the only savior for their continent.

Shizuka comes in at number eight onto the list for multiple reasons, the first being the fact that she was a beautiful female ninja, and the second is she gave her life for something she believed in. Although it was short-lived, we will miss you Shizuka!

Trivia: Shizuka never participated in an official Queen's Blade match in the first or second season.

7. Risty

Risty, the benevolent Bandit of the Wild—a strong curvy thief with a heart of gold— is Queen's Blade's resident Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, often those orphaned by war. Risty was the first person to save Leina Vance from Melona and show her that the world is corrupt, that the wealthy lords don't care about the less fortunate.

Her personality is strong; however, Risty hates when people boss her around, especially, when they don't realize what is going on. She wields a one-handed mace and shield and is a very skilled warrior when armed with them. She has a signature tattoo that stretches her right thigh. From her powerful ideals to her strong and sexy attitude, Risty made her way onto this list just like our hearts, placing her at rank seven.

6. Leina Vance

Leina Vance, the middle daughter of the noble Vance family, left her life as a noble behind to become an adventurer. She is first seen as a helpless girl who has no clue how the world works. When she met Risty, Leina decided to escape and joined the Queen's Blade tournament.

Leina wears her mother's armor and uses her sword until the rebellion when the sword was destroyed. During the rebellion, Leina changed her name to Maria, to honor her mother. The strongest attributes Leina possesses are her headstrong will and desire to become stronger. Leina came in at number six on this list due to her fan recognition and her can-do attitude.

Trivia: Leina Vance is the mascot character of the Queen's Blade franchise.

5. Tomoe

Tomoe looks like your stereotypical anime shrine maiden, but she is much more, she is the only hope for her country. Tomoe joined the Queen's Blade tournament after the clan of Kouma ninjas destroyed the shrine she lived at in Hinomoto. She is mostly shown with Shizuka, an ex-Kouma ninja, who became her friend after abandoning her clan.

Tomoe is a kind and modest girl with amazing swordsmanship. Her weapons of choice are a sacred katana named the Kushinawa, as well as of buda talismans to ward off demons. Tomoe made her way onto this list at number five because of her Miko charm that appealed to the fans.

Trivia: Tomoe may have been named after a female samurai who later became a shrine maiden.

4. Aldra

Aldra is the half-demon and a warrior who won the Queen's Blade. When we first see Aldra, she is a heartless person who seems to only care about herself and her plans, however, as the story progressed, Aldra is shown as a sweet and kind girl. Along with being a master of combat, Aldra has the power to freeze people in stone and summon creatures, which was bestowed upon her by a devil named Delmore.

Aldra wears a signature cat ear headband throughout the series and an eyepatch up until the Rebellion. She placed at number four on this list because of her stern and powerful personality that made everyone fear her, and her sweet and cheery attitude that captured our hearts!

Trivia: Aldra has won two Queen's Blade tournaments

3. Alleyne

Queens-Blade-capture-2-700x394 [Thirsty Thursday] Top 10 Hottest Queens Blade Characters

Alleyne is the beautiful 1,000-year-old Elf with the title of fighting master, and is the Chief of the Forest Elf warriors. She is seen as a kind teacher while being firm with her students, especially when she rated Nowa's performance in battle. Alleyne is a master staff user and is seen as a fierce competitor in the tournament.

Besides Nowa and the other Forest Elves, Alleyne was shown to have a relationship with Echidna, and when they are shown meeting, it's like oil and water with Alleyne lecturing Echidna. Alleyne's teacher like attitude combined with her gorgeous body, make her a fan favorite, which is why she comes in at rank number three.

Trivia: In Queen's Blade Rebellion, Alleyne was cursed by the Swamp Witch, making her unable to leave the forest.

2. Airi

Queens-Blade-capture-2-700x394 [Thirsty Thursday] Top 10 Hottest Queens Blade Characters

Airi, a female wraith that follows the Swamp Witch and does her bidding by murdering some of the participants in the tournament. Brandishing a scythe and wearing a maid outfit is what makes this twin-tailed beauty a great addition to Queen's Blade. Airi is shown as a calm, somewhat kind person; however, due to the fact she must steal souls from people to survive, it can be difficult for her.

Airi has a fascination for Rana, a young boy whom she saved after his mother was captured. Her strongest ability is summoning ghosts to help subdue her enemies. Airi placed ninth on this list because of her beautiful maid charm making her a fan favorite.

Trivia: Airi is incredibly ticklish.

1. Echidna

Echidna, the beautiful Elven mercenary who prefers her pet snake over panties. She is a favored warrior to win the Queen's Blade, and she was first introduced in the anime when she was hired to bring Leina Vance back to her sister. Echidna was seen kicking a room full of men out so she can fight Leina alone. Echidna's sexuality seems to lean towards women as seen by her sadistic and perverted attitude when she fights. Besides, having a fascination for Leina, Echidna hates being lectured or told what to do and tends to be a little more lenient with instructions, especially, from some of her employers.

Wearing her signature snake panties, she is also seen having a snake-themed weapon and a shield that looks like Medusa from Greek mythology. Echidna found her way to number one on this list because of her personality and service to the fans that just keep bringing us back!

Trivia: Echidna in Greek mythology is the mother of Medusa, a never aging and god-like sexual figure.

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves powerful and beautiful women—some more than others— but what fascinates us about them are the stories they tell. When we have a favorite character, it's not always the physical attributes like breast size or how many panty shots we see—although that doesn't hurt—it's how they interact with the world. Take Risty for example, she goes by the benevolent bandit of the wild she may steal or act as a blade for hire to make money, but it's what she does with the money, like giving it to orphans, that makes us fall in love with them.

While lists like these can be different from person to person, we hope you enjoyed it. What are some of the characters you think should have been added or removed from this list? Please feel free to comment below!

by Ayame Kōhī

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