Top 10 Impressive Devil May Cry Anime Characters

The Devil May Cry video game series is a vastly popular series that made its debut on the PlayStation 2 in 2001. Following the success of several sequels, it felt only right for Capcom to follow through with an anime adaptation of it. In 2007 that process was realized as the fans were reintroduced to series protagonist Dante in a new, but somewhat familiar light.

The anime was able to capture the atmosphere, torrid pace and dark demeanor of the series. Dante, just like in the game, is a total badass. The anime showcased several impressive characters from the likes of Trish, Lady, a plethora of demons and even Patty Lowell. Having said all of that, it’s time for a blood-soaked trip to the darkside, as we provide you with a healthy dose of impressive Devil May Cry anime characters.

10. Moduce

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We’re going to start off the list with one of the cooler looking characters in this anime. Moduce is one of the two apprentices from the legendary knight Sparda. He wields a demon sword just like his older twin brother Barl and Dante. Moduce is dressed all in black, including a trenchcoat with a high collar. He has long black hair and gold eyes. Despite being twin brothers, Moduce has a much softer looking face than Barl. That coincides with his personality which is calm and honorable.

Moduce is a demon who was entrusted with the will of Sparda before his passing. He gave up his swordsmanship to his brother after he felt disgusted that it did nothing for him and it only hurt his brother more because of his aspirations. One of the things that make Moduce an impressive character is his unearthly skill and generally calm demeanor. He possesses lightning quick speed and superb strength, but at the same time isn’t known to exhibit it unless he needs to. Oh, and we mustn’t forget about his telekinetic ability. That makes him impressive in our book.

9. Brad

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Continuing on with our list of impressive characters, we bring you a benevolent demon named Brad. Like a fair portion of the characters on this list, he appears in only one episode. In episode three he meets up with a human girl by the name of Angelina and she quickly falls in love with him after he assists her with her injured ankle. Brad is not known to be a particularly strong demon; in fact, he would consider himself weak. What makes him intriguing is that he has the gift of healing.

Brad was summoned to the human world in order to help Angelina’s butler in order to summon his master, Belphagor. After using his healing powers around Angelina, her father saw it and assumed that he was an evil killing machine. Her father hired Dante to kill Brad but Dante refused after seeing his love for Angelina. The most telling thing about Brad is his good nature towards everyone, even to Angelina’s father despite his initial resentment towards Brad. He went as far as reviving her father even after the way he treated Brad. When it was all said and done Brad was viewed as impressive by Angelina’s father and we couldn’t agree more.

8. Elena Huston

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Moving forward to our number eight selection, we have our first female on the list. Episode six introduced Elena Huston who was a musician for a rock band who rose to fame upon the release of their debut album. The road to the band's initial release wasn’t an easy one, however. Elena worked as a dancer, something she wasn’t too keen on, in order to help fund her band's album. She didn’t think it was going to get anywhere anytime soon until she ended up making a deal with a demon and inheriting a spellbinding voice. In return, the demon, or banshee if you will, was able to possess her body.

Elena is a blonde-haired woman with green eyes and vibrant red lips. Her earrings became something of a trademark for her, regardless of what form she was seen in. Her spellbinding voice captured the hearts and minds of everyone around her turning them into mindless zombies. It became to be too much for Elena who eventually drove herself away from humanity. Her devotion to her fans and her dreams was what truly made her an impressive character.

7. Barl

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The aforementioned older twin brother of Moduce, Barl made his anime debut in the same episode as his brother, episode ten. Much like his younger brother, Barl is a supremely skilled swordsman and a demon that was mentored by Dante’s father Sparda. The difference in his personality and appearance is what makes him stand out from his brother. Barl is almost the exact opposite in many ways. That includes being dressed in all white gear and having short spiked white hair.

In addition to his polar opposite appearance to his brother, he also comes off much differently with his personality. Barl is brash and headstrong. He wants to possess the strength of his former mentor, so in order to do that he comes to the human world to kill Dante and get the blood of Sparda. Barl uses dual-wielding swords and was known for being able to take out other demons in a matter of seconds. His brute strength and cunning speed were a force to be reckoned with. We chose Barl higher on the list because of his tenacity and the huge chip on his shoulder. He wasn’t afraid to stoke the flames and go after his goals, regardless of how tainted they may have been.

6. The Dog Demons

Devil-May-Cry-wallpaper-1-636x500 Top 10 Impressive Devil May Cry Anime Characters

Moving onto number six on the countdown and we have to give props to the various demons in this anime. The ones we want to highlight are the dog demons that appear at the beginning of episode four. Most of the fiends in this series were allotted one episode each and some of them took advantage of their screen time, albeit the little bit they had. Right away we’re introduced to them and you knew what their goal was and that’s what made them even more chilling. They were no talk, all action.

What really makes them interesting is their distinguishable appearance. They seemed to be a mix of a canine and a goblin. In effect, it made them look like a hulking and menacing gremlin of sorts. They swiftly stalked their prey on two elongated legs with a large mouth filled with razor sharp teeth, which could devour a human in seconds. The fiends stood tall with their long pointy ears and they fought vigorously against Trish and Lady. Without question, we felt they had one of the most hauntingly fantastic looks in the entire series.

5. Patty Lowell

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Reaching the midway point of the list and we had to add the young Patty Lowell to this list. Now some people wouldn’t think Patty to be an impressive character in a dark anime ruled by demons and demon hunters. With that being said, that’s one of the reasons why we think she fits so well on this list. She brings that spark of light to an otherwise gloomy show. Patty has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her fashion sense seems to be inspired from the Victorian era, with ruffled dresses and old-fashioned hats and hairstyles.

Patty is very smart for her age and can sometimes display great attitude towards Dante. She brings a feminine influence to Dante and his Devil May Cry establishment. She even had the gall to redecorate his office with flowers, stuffed animals, and pink curtains. She has a sort of brother-sister relationship with Dante and is often seen taking care of his business whether it’s cleaning up or buying groceries. One of our favorite scenes with her is when she buys all these expensive clothes for herself and she brings back the bill for Dante, who is already so far in debt. Ultimately, we feel Patty is the glue of this anime.

4. Trish

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Trish makes her anime debut in episode four when she appears to assist Lady in fighting some demon dogs. Lady took on a mission to kill an electric demon, who just happened to be Trish. When they finally had their showdown between both lovely ladies, they went back and forth; it was eventually interrupted by Dante who officially introduced Trish to Lady. From then on, the two worked together on some cases. Trish is known for her electric attacks and powerful techniques but she still inherits the shopping bug, most notably clothes. In episode four she purchases clothes at Dante’s expense.

Trish is a freelance demon hunter who left the Devil May Cry establishment to work on her own. Dante seemed to have missed Trish’s presence, despite their minimal air time together. Trish plays a lesser role in the anime than in the video game series but she is still an exceptional fighter. She takes on many demons with ease and even goes toe-to-toe with Lady. She is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and is able to effortlessly use the power of electricity to her advantage. She comes off as very independent but has shown she is capable of lending a helping hand when required.

3. Sid

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Our number three pick is a lesser demon who becomes a recurring character in a series that doesn’t have too many of those. Sid makes his debut in the first episode of the anime and continues to appear from time to time. He never once looked like a valid threat to Dante, often being spared by him. Although he isn’t too threatening at first, he does have a menacing aura to him. He’s always creeping in the shadows and often taking advantage of humans for his own agenda.

Sid’s had several abilities including being able to condense his body and change his vocal pattern in order to disguise himself and has an uncanny knack for stealth. His biggest attribute is his ability to manipulate people. He is a conniving individual, who sought after a greater power. Eventually, his dark plan comes to fruition and he breaks the seal that contained the powerful Abigail for many years. He then inherited the power to summon thousands of demons at will, shoot demonic beams from his mouth and regenerate from his own blood. Abigail was a true threat to Dante and with that we feel Sid is one of the most impressive characters in this show.

Devil-May-Cry-wallpaper-1-636x500 Top 10 Impressive Devil May Cry Anime Characters

2. Lady

Devil-May-Cry-wallpaper-1-636x500 Top 10 Impressive Devil May Cry Anime Characters

We’re getting ever-closer to the completion of this list. Lady is one impressive character and it all starts with her looks. She’s got short black hair and has the genetic condition heterochromia which gives each eye a different color. Her left eye is red and her right is a bluish-green. She has scars all over her body, showcasing some of her tougher battles and proving to be a strong woman. Lady appears to have a small crush on Dante as she becomes a bit jealous when finding out that Trish and Dante were partners.

Lady continues to impress us with not only her looks but her personality, which is fierce and rugged. She is a firearms expert and extremely agile for a human. Her signature weapon is a Kalina Ann, a customized rocket launcher. When she needs help on a mission she will drop by the Devil May Cry office to seek help from Dante, who seems to always be in debt to her. In the anime, she mostly wore her outfit from the Devil May Cry 3 video game. Although slender, she does have a large bust and a certain sex appeal to her. Make no mistake, Lady is not one to mess around with.

Devil-May-Cry-wallpaper-1-636x500 Top 10 Impressive Devil May Cry Anime Characters

1. Dante

Devil-May-Cry-wallpaper-1-636x500 Top 10 Impressive Devil May Cry Anime Characters

Now that we have made it to our number one selection, it shouldn’t shock too many people that we picked Dante to be our most impressive character from the Devil May Cry anime. After all, he is the main protagonist and everything he seems to do is cool. Dante’s portrayal in the anime is shown as being hospitable, foul-mouthed and generous. All he ever seems to eat is pizza, strawberry sundaes, and drinks beer. He is dedicated to his job and usually goes above and beyond to complete his missions. He often helps Lady when she needs assistance. Throughout the series, Dante is shown as an overpowered character that decimates pretty much every demon in his path with very little resistance.

Dante is a demon/human hybrid who works as a paranormal mercenary, private investigator, and vigilante demon hunter. He’s dedicated to exterminating evil demons or any malevolent supernatural forces. He runs the Devil May Cry business and takes on many clients but always complains about being in debt. His appearance strikes most people as being one who carries himself seriously and that is exactly how he handles his missions. He wears a lot of black and red, most notable a long red coat with black gloves, boots and a black shirt. He carries with him two pistols named Ebony and Ivory. In addition to that, he also wields a powerful sword handed down from his father Sparda. It’s easy to see why he is number one on our list.

Final Thoughts

That now brings us to the conclusion of another scintillating list from Honey’s Anime. This anime series is known for showcasing only a few characters that end up being in more than one episode. With that being said, we feel that this list is more than adequate in layering out the characters in the Devil May Cry anime.

Fans of the Devil May Cry video game series are divided within the community for their passionate like or dislike of this anime. We would like to know what side of the fence you folks are on. Please be sure to give us your take on this series regardless if you despised it or not. Opinions are welcome in our comments section below!

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