6 Anime like Devil May Cry [Recommendations]

If you were a fan of the Devil May Cry video game then that should be enough reason for you to watch this series. Be ready for tons of intense violence, limitless use of profanity and of course, a huge dose of Dante's awesomeness. When demons go roaming in your neighborhood, who are you gonna call? Yes. It's Dante! Think of this anime as Ghostbusters except the monsters do not look in any way friendly and the one disposing them is a gun-slinging, sword-wielding bad ass. If Devil May Cry had an alternative title it might have been called “Dante’s journey to awesomeness”. This series might also help you think twice before you run a devil-hunting business. It doesn’t pay much but if you love looking awesome while shooting and slicing monsters, then feel free to join Dante on his quest to rid the city of these foul beasts.

Each episode is stand alone and is basically about Dante showing off on how cool he is. No plot was needed for him to stand out and give this show a blast. If examined carefully it felt like every episode was a challenge on how much you can drool during his exhibition of perfect moves. The adventures of Dante killing demons in the most fashionable way possible will also make you puke rainbows and make you jump to the next episode without even thinking twice. We sure had fun watching it and if you felt the same way, here are some similar titles worth watching if you are into some eye candy violence that will make you clap your hands after every fight scene.

6 Similar Anime to Devil May Cry

1. Black Lagoon

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr 2006 to Jun 2006

Jumping from demon slaying to pirate mercenaries, Black lagoon is set on a fictional island in Thailand flooded by all the biggest crime groups of the world. This is where all the crime syndicates fight for bragging rights on who has the most number of illegal activities.

Meet the main character, Rokurou Okajima, best known as Rock, who is an average Joe abandoned by his boss when he was captured by pirates during a business trip, then later decided to leave everything behind and learn the mercenary thug life in order to live. Accompanied by Revy and two other members of the Black Lagoon company, this anime significantly represents Dante's group of demon hunters. Packed with over-the-top gun fights and great character development all throughout the entire series, this anime will surely keep you entertained in every episode.

Similarly to Dante, Revy will clearly quench your blood thirst with her customized dual Berettas. Instantly becoming an icon in the anime “bad-ass-girl” category, Revy’s awesomeness made the whole show shine just like how Dante made a big impact on DMC. Also the build up on how Rock evolves to become a ruthlessly member of the Black Lagoon company is another highlight worth mentioning.

Both DMC and Black Lagoon contain a huge dose of profanity, extreme action, blood, violence and some very fancy gunslinging. This anime is also dark and intense which will surely keep you glued to your seat. Both Revy and Dante personify the true meaning of what being awesome is so prepared to be amazed once again.

2. Claymore

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Apr 2007 to Sep 2007

Setup in Medieval Europe, demons called Yoma prey on helpless humans and to make matters worse, these creatures can blend into human society after devouring their prey. Super similar to the plot of Devil May Cry, the humans then ask for the help of a mysterious organization which can then solve their demon problems. Meet Clare, a half-Yoma-half-human warrior princess who takes the task of cleansing the city of these evil beings. Wow! It even starts the same way as DMC only this time the protagonist Clare is a girl saving a little boy named Raki, after being attacked by a monster. Raki then joins Clare on her adventures making sure he gets into all sorts of troubles just to bother Clare.

There are so many similarities of Claymore to Devil May Cry to a point where you will think that they only recycled the idea of half demons fighting for humanity along with superb demon killing animation because they thought these were the ingredients for a good show. The best thing they did in Claymore was to focus on the growth of the characters and to give it a really good plot. The fight scenes felt naturally part of the story and they gave a sense of being unpredictable. We were also impressed that there was zero fan-service on this anime despite the fact that ninety percent of the cast are girls in tight medieval armor.

Rather than forcing an ending like Devil May Cry, Claymore is still very entertaining and the story itself is above average than your normal demon killing series. We still highly recommend it.

Claymore - Complete Series Box Set on DVD 10/27 - Trailer

3. Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

  • Episodes: 1 (Movie)
  • Aired: November 2013

Following the footsteps of a video game turned anime similar to Devil May Cry, Bayonetta: Bloody Fate is a good anime adaptation that remained faithful to the game's story. If you have played the Bayonetta game, it will come to no surprise to you that this action-packed movie is truly a work of art. The story revolves around Bayonetta who is in quest to remember her past but has to battle heaven's angels in order to gain strength and lost memories. She is accompanied by Luke Redgrave, a journalist who follows her adventures to prove her existence as an Umbra witch because he believes that she killed his father. Rodin, a mysterious bartender/gunsmith also helps out Bayonetta in her fights. Bayonetta's journey takes a huge twist during an encounter with Jeanne, a rival Umbra witch that has similar powers like her but is somehow on the side of her enemies.

The similarity of this being originally from a video game does not stop there. If you were impressed by Dante's skills with dual guns, how about we make those guns four? Yes. FOUR guns! Not to exaggerate anything but the gun battles in this movie are so unique that we have never seen anything like it before. This movie is a feast for the eyes and is one of the most visually stunning anime films out there.

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate is awesomeness in a nutshell. Put some guns in a sexy protagonist witch with some ridiculous magical hair powers, throw in a good plot faithful to its roots, add some breathtaking detail on every fight scene, and be ready to get your mind blown away.

“Bayonetta: Bloody Fate” Trailer

Any Anime Like Devil May Cry?

4. Ga-Rei: Zero [Ga-Rei-Zero]

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct 2008 to Dec 2008

We all hate dragging story lines so what they did in Ga-Rei-Zero is basically dump everything on the first two episodes. It is like injecting yourself with an anime drug that will keep you awake after the ending credits roll out. We find it humanly impossible to stop watching it after the first episode.That is how good this anime is.

Similar to Devil May Cry’s demon hunting business, Ga-Rei-Zero follows the plot about an anti-paranormal group formed to battle supernatural monsters. The two main characters of the show, Kagura Tsuchimiya and Yomi Isayama, are both swordswomen exorcists who share a sister-like relationship and are faced with a difficult tragedy that will forever change their fate. The story builds up quickly and takes a huge twist right from the start which will surely keep you speechless. It is hard to give some kind of summarization without spoiling anything for this anime because of how impacting the first two episodes are.

Nonetheless, If you are into dual wielding pistols, amazing sword fights, demon hunting, flying body parts and blood everywhere, just like the Devil May Cry series, then you will undoubtedly love this series as well. If you passed by this anime because of our recommendation. You are welcome. Now go tell all your friends on how awesome demon hunting is.

" Ga-Rei - Zero - " DVD Volume 1 announcement CM

5. Hellsing

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Oct 2001 to Jan 2002

Hellsing is an organization formed after the defeat of Count Dracula. The main duty of this group was to eliminate all supernatural threats to humanity. Led by Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, she borrows the strength of Alucard, a powerful vampire entity that hunts and kills monsters like him as commanded. Accompanied by Seras Victoria, a policewoman who was on the verge of being killed but was technically saved, when Alucard shot her along with the culprit, and after which was turned into a vampire. The main story follows their exploits finding a much bigger threat that the Hellsing organization has never encountered before.

This anime probably has the most similarities to Devil May Cry, and since this came out first, it would really make you wonder if they based the whole perspective of DMC to Hellsing. The red coat with dual pistols and the badass aura are signatures of main protagonists on both shows which gives you a little hint that they are too overpowered for anything thrown at them. The story of Hellsing is driven by character progression throughout the entire series, and to see how these characters evolve while exterminating creatures just makes the whole anime pleasing to watch.

This is another remarkable anime because Alucard is like Dante’s vampire father. They both wear the same awesome red coat that ooze with their devilish auras and they never back down to any fight. Expect the familiar Devil May Cry violence that we all love with a little twist of an old animation which instantly gives you that classic feel. If you have read the Hellsing Manga or just love vampire related anime then by all means give this series a shot to satisfy your craving for blood. I highly recommend watching Hellsing Ultimate after this to give you more satisfaction.

Hellsing - The Complete Original Series Collection Trailer

6. Gungrave

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Oct 2003 to Mar 2004

Based on a shooting video game, Gungrave is a story about Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowel - two friends with a brotherly relationship who commit petty crimes but later are mixed up with the mafia. How they start from nothing to becoming something in the Millennion organization, the powerful mafia syndicate, is a huge portion of the story. This is ultimately the first arc of the show which builds up as an explanation to episode one. The science fiction components give the anime some sort of originality and the twists and turns were cleverly thought of so that you will not think about skipping anything. Behind all the exciting shoot outs and the familiar gunfights you have seen on other similar titles, this anime shines because of its deep story and great delivery on character development.

Similar to Devil May Cry and all the other recommendations, this action packed anime is complete with the protagonist having dual pistols gun fights, insane crime syndicates, a touch of zombie like creatures and a spice of love and betrayal all wrapped up into a thrilling package. What also attracted us to Gungrave was the persona of Brandon that is very similar to Dante. His costume and aura speak like they are out for vengeance and nothing will come his way. We can't stress enough how epic the story of Gungrave is and how fulfilling it was when they gave you the ending, all we can say is this anime is worth watching.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever played a video game so awesome that you had to check if there was an anime adaptation to it? Or have you seen an anime series and instantly thought of a video game? We had these same feelings that you did so we came up with this list. If you had fun watching Devil May Cry and want to satisfy your urge for more similar anime, you will surely not regret giving this list a chance.

If some of you are familiar with the titles listed above please feel free to comment if you also thought of the similarities we found. Have you tried watching anything from our list and felt somewhat satisfied or disappointed? Let us know in the comments below and we will surely get back to you! >_<

by Mark Makalinao