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From the moment that Injustice: Gods Among Us first released, it has been incredibly popular. Some people love the dark superhero storyline of the main single-player campaign, while others enjoy the competitive aspect and learning different combo techniques. Then there are many who simply like being able to play against their friends as their favorite superhero or villain! Battles are based on skill, familiarity with the characters, and some amount of luck. Of course, whoever manages to get their super move charged first is sure to have an advantage!

We here at Honey’s Anime thought it was time to address the age-old question that players of Injustice ponder – which characters are best? Because let’s be honest – we all love playing as Harley Quinn, knocking people around with a giant hammer, but is she really viable in competitive combat? Looking at both Injustice and Injustice 2, we have come up with a list of the most entertaining and most powerful characters. These characters are some of the best in Injustice, and sure to help any new player have fun playing the game!

10. Black Adam

Black Adam is a villain with power given to him by ancient Egyptian gods from long ago, much like Shazam’s powers from Greek and Roman deities. He is known for being the ruler of Kahndaq. Black Adam first appears in Injustice’s opening cutscene, battling with Shazam and Hawkgirl. Though he is defeated by the heroes in the beginning, Black Adam continually supports the antagonists’ schemes throughout the series.

Adam is shown as a truly powerful character, with many different ways to attack and hinder his opponents. However, he has been defeated alone by Superman before, and other heroes are able to hold him back, so he is not unbeatable. Black Adam usually uses lightning to strike at his foes, which can be quite useful for those who like to fight from further away. He combines these abilities with typical fighting moves, much like many of the other characters’ basic moves. While Black Adam’s moveset can get a bit repetitive, he is still a fairly powerful character to master.

9. Cyborg

A hero with plenty of power to boast, Cyborg is certainly one of the most fun characters to play as in Injustice! He is classically portrayed as one of the good guys, although the first game’s alternate universe showed us briefly what he could be like as a villain. Cyborg is not only a physical weapon – he is also a genius with the ability to hack through technology, especially given that he is part tech himself. This hero is easily one of the most underrated in Injustice.

Cyborg combines his raw strength with the intelligence and coordination of his technological attacks for a deadly combination. His body also includes an arm cannon, multiple missiles and a special piece of tech that allows him to teleport from one area to another. Cyborg can even regenerate health with his Repair Circuit trait, which can be quite useful if there is a lull in the battle. And that’s not even counting his devastating Super, where he punches his opponents with a giant fist and then quickly blasts them with a giant laser cannon made from his upper body! If you are able to play Cyborg as smart and efficiently as the character deserves, you will see your win streak climb.

8. Wonder Woman

Injustice is stacked with many of the best characters from the DC universe, and one of the most prominent of these is Wonder Woman. An Amazonian woman with incredible gifts, Wonder Woman is not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right, even if others do not agree. Diana has been seen as an antagonist at times in the Injustice series, due to her differing opinion, but no matter what side she is on, she is a valuable ally. Whatever her reasons for her stance, Wonder Woman will remain one of best leaders among the masses of heroes.

Diana boasts not only the strength to defeat her enemies, but also an intelligence and virtue in fighting that not many heroes can claim. She uses every possible weapon given to her, including her tiara, bracelets, lasso, shield and ancient sword. Wonder Woman usually follows along with Batman’s style of fighting – that is, fighting to defeat the enemy rather than kill them unnecessarily. Since she is a leader among the Amazons, she can call upon them during her Super in the first Injustice game. Diana is a loveable hero, whose different techniques and skills make for a fun character to fight with!

7. The Joker

If there’s one thing we know for sure about the Joker, it’s that he is completely unpredictable! He is a villain who will use everything at his disposal, as long as he can turn it into a joke in some way. Joker is crazy to the point that he doesn’t really care what happens to him, as long as he causes chaos and disrupts Batman’s life in some way. The Joker will always be drawn to his nemesis Batman, believing he is the only one worthy of facing Batman. Just as Harley Quinn will always be drawn to the crazed Clown Prince!

The Joker has used some dastardly and devilish weapons in the past to fight Batman, and many strange comedic props have been incorporated into Injustice as well. He carries his infamous crowbar with him, as well as chattering teeth, an acid-spraying flower, a revolver and a variety of knives. Joker also sometimes uses a pie in his Super, splattering it in his opponent’s face before beginning his flurry of crazed attacks. You would think that with Joker’s reputation, he would be incredibly fun to play as in Injustice! However, he seems to be a bit toned down for the game. He is still entertaining to take down enemies with, but his abilities can end up becoming a bit dull after a while.

6. Deathstroke

Next on our list is a character that brings a much more practical set of ranged and melee weapons to the fight! Deathstroke is often a villain who acts as a gun-for-hire among other villains. Though he is good at what he does, Slade Wilson doesn’t really like to work in a group too much, preferring to fight on his own. Deathstroke is a war veteran, and his style of fighting reflects this, as well as his weapons choices. He is an often overlooked character, but he is certainly an interesting part of the villains’ group in Injustice.

Slade Wilson was given an enhanced drug long ago which heightened all of his abilities, giving him improvements in both strength and cunning. He is excellent at using a variety of weapons, including guns of all calibers, swords and even hand-to-hand combat. Deathstroke seems to hide these weapons on his person somehow, as he is able to call them forth at any time during battle in Injustice. He makes for a fun character to master, with all of the different weapons he can use and skills he has obtained over time.

5. Nightwing

Though Nightwing is often outshined by Batman in many ways, he is a valuable part of the team in the Injustice series. He has been taught how to be a hero by Batman himself, and can hold his own in any fight. Nightwing’s personality doesn’t really get too much screen time in Injustice, but his personal battles are still exciting. It is in his abilities that he really becomes an interesting character to play as!

Although Batman has trained Nightwing, this younger hero is able to use the Dark Knight’s techniques in a much speedier fashion. Nightwing favors using dual weapons, equipping either blades or his famous escrima sticks. He can also use a longer staff when the need arises. Nightwing has a few tricks up his sleeve, just as his mentor does – however, he will usually use more straightforward combat tools than the gadgets Batman hoards. This hero is quick and athletic, making him a fun character for those who like to stack combos together with speed. Nightwing still has strength, but his slender form allows for him to use a different style of gameplay than other, more bulky heroes might.

4. Aquaman

Aquaman is a surprise character to this list, simply because his reputation for being one of the most useless superheroes precedes him! However, though this Atlantean ruler is usually most powerful near the ocean, he proved himself to be a worthy fighter in Injustice. Aquaman defeats many of his foes, going out of his way to help the other heroes. He still values the protection of his homeland above everything else. Yet his willingness to help the other characters allows for players to learn something surprising – Aquaman’s powers are pretty great!

Since Aquaman spends much of his time beneath the surface of the ocean, he has the ability to breathe underwater and a strength that comes from fighting off the waves. His favored weapon is a trident that wields with efficiency and speed in striking down foes. This trident also allows him to control the weather (particularly lightning) and the ocean’s waves. Perhaps the best part of Aquaman’s powers is his ability to command all oceanic life. This may not sound too exciting, but after you’ve summoned a shark to bite straight through your opponents, you’ll want to use Aquaman all the time!

3. Green Arrow

Oliver Queen, known as the Green Arrow, is a billionaire whose experiences and hardships changed him, causing him to become a vigilante fighting crime. He is a hero who will stand up for what he believes in and fight to the end, no matter how powerful or god-like his foe might be. Realistically, the Green Arrow has far fewer superpowers than many other heroes and villains. But it is his heart and drive to do what is right that make him able to stand tall among the other heroes.

As his name suggests, the Green Arrow favors the classic ranged weaponry of a bow and arrow, though he has given himself a few upgrades to keep up with the times. He can shoot arrows of fire, ice or electricity, and uses them in rapid succession to keep his opponent off guard. Oliver Queen is also fairly tough, and knows enough hand-to-hand combat to allow for close fighting when necessary. He is a surprisingly good character to use – his quick flurry of arrow shots will make it difficult for any opponent to get off their attacks. And the Green Arrow’s versatility will allow anyone to find their own comfortable style of play!

2. The Flash

Over the course of Injustice, few characters have remained as fun to play as the Flash. Though he relies entirely on his speed to fight opponents, the way that he uses such speed is new and different enough to keep us interested! Throughout the Injustice series, the Flash found himself on the wrong side of the fight, working his way through his own decisions to find redemption in the end. His heart is always in the right place, but the people that he sides with do not often share the same virtue. Barry Allen consistently finds his way to truth in the end, showing that he is able to leave room for growth.

Although Barry Allen’s ability seems somewhat basic, his speed is actually the best among all the heroes, even allowing him to beat out characters like Superman. This speed makes him hard for opponents to hit, giving him an advantage in battles. The Flash has even been known to use his speed to travel around the world in seconds or turn back time. He does know how to fight someone close-up, using precise punches and kicks. And with the added benefit of speed, these basic attacks can be quite damaging and disorienting. Faster than the speed of sound, the Flash is one of the best characters to master, as your opponents will never see you coming!

1. Batman

For those who know anything about superheroes, you know that Batman was bound to be at the top of this list. The protagonist behind the Injustice series, the Dark Knight is a hero out for true justice, even if it means taking down a friend in the process. He refuses to kill his foes, believing that true justice doesn’t mean having to kill someone. Though he occasionally stumbles, Batman is a true-hearted and great leader.

Not only is Batman the character you spend the most time playing as in the campaign, but he is also the most versatile. Bruce Wayne has trained in nearly every kind of martial art, honing his strength to perfection, and his sharp detective mind is able to outplay the likes of crazed masterminds like the Joker. He also has a variety of crafted weapons at his disposal, using Batarangs, grappling hooks, smoke bombs, mechanical bats and even the Batmobile to take down his enemies. Batman uses all of these tools in combination with his fierce close combat style of fighting to annihilate the other character. He does not give up, even in the worst possible moments. Instead, this living embodiment of a bat will strike at his opponents again and again until he has defeated them. Though Batman may be the main character in Injustice, we believe that he can be fun to use and versatile in a variety of fights, which is why the Dark Knight has claimed our top spot!

Final Thoughts

Though there are many characters to choose from in Injustice, we believe that these characters on our list are among the best! They all offer a fun and unique experience for the player. And if you master one of these characters, you’re sure to climb the ranks of the leaderboard!

What did you think of our list? Which character is your favorite to use in Injustice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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