Top 10 Little Sister Anime Characters You Wish You Had♥

As you might have noticed, it is pretty common to find the stereotype of the cute little sister always helpful and caring in Japanese animes. Many of them make us wish our own little sister would be like that instead of the little “princess-acting like” annoying devil we have to bear or simply because we don’t have any.

Sometimes just too cute, sometimes because they are so cool, here is the top 10 of little sister characters you wish you had:

10. Nunnally Lamperouge from Code Geass

Code Geass- Lelouch of the Rebellion DVD

on the 10th position is the Lelouch’s little sister, the blind and crippled princess for whom Lelouch would do anything.

Her kind heart and the strength she displays being always smiling despite her handicaps are great qualities that make her enter this top.

9. Android 18/Lazuli from Dragon Ball Z

Android 18
dragonball wallpaper dvd

Ok, technically she is the twin sister of Android 17 and she is not really the archetype of the cute sister however (totally subjectively) she is the kind of sister that's just awesome: Cool, strong, confident, caring only about her family and having a strong sarcastic personality which I personally love.

8. Kumi Mashiba from Hajime no Ippo

kumi mashiba
hajime no ippo dvd

In this anime apart from being Ippo's crush, Kumi also show us that she is a great little sister, even though she does not have the easiest and friendliest brother, she always protects him and does all her best to support him in whatever he does, pushing him to go further while she has trouble seeing him fight.

She started working while being a high school student so she and her brother could live without too many financial problems as they lost their parents.

7. Yakumo Tsukamoto from School Rumble

Yakumo Tsukamoto
school rumble DVD

Excellent in everything: Sports, cooking, schoolwork, drawing…

She has also the psychic ability to read the mind of people interested in her. Apart from that Yakumo is always caring for her big though shorter and younger look-alike sister and shows a calm and well-mannered personality never getting angry or frustrated.

All those traits makes her the perfect caring little sister.

6. Yuzu Kurosaki from Bleach

yuzu kurosaki
Bleach Movie2 dvd

Come on, Ichigo's sister totally deserve to be in this top.

Despite being only 11 years old, since their mother passed away and as their father does not look so reliable, she took the lead in the Kurosaki's family and appears to be the most serious and caring member.

She deals with all the housework and looks so nice and cute. Who wouldn't want her as little sister?

5. Mikan Yuuki from To-Love-Ru


Here is another perfect young little sister taking care of everything while her parents are away.

She is already very mature and reliable for a 12 years old girl and actually treats Rito (her older brother and main character) and Lala (the princess of Deviluke that appeared in her and Rito’s life) as little brother and sister.

Even though she likes to tease Rito for fun, in reality she really cares about him but can't show it because of shyness. We see her pretty often trying to protect him from perverted temptations and especially from Momo, blocking the access to Rito's room for instance.

4. Gou Matsuoka from Free!

free DVD

Although her name is “Gou” she prefers to be called “Kou” as it is more used for boys and get really angry at people using her real name, which is kind of cute.

Except from this point her personality is easy-going and refreshing. She always cares a lot for her brother, Rin Matsuoka and even became the manager of the Iwatobi Swim Team in order to help them changing back Rin to his old self before leaving to Australia.

While Gou actually doesn’t know how to swim, she becomes a pretty good manager, being supportive but strict if needed and very efficient.

3. Suguha Kirigaya from Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Suguha is Kazuto's adoptive sister (actually something more but I won’t spoil anything).

Ok, first she is an excellent kendo wielder which gives her a good start as it’s not so common to have little sister character skilled in martial arts especially with weapons. Then she gets to like video games, which must totally please the inner gamer in most of us!

And last, unlike others in this top she is very sociable, joyful and from times to times a bit aggressive which is also refreshing in my opinion.

2. Ui Hirasawa from K-On!


Similarly to other little sisters here, Ui is more mature, smarter, takes care of the household tasks and is the more dependable than her older sister Yui.

She is the one handling everything at home as their parents are not often there.The anime even start with Ui waking her sister up!

But what pushed me to put her in my top 3 is that she is a guitarist virtuoso and as a musician this is THE big plus compared to others that just caught me.

And the number one is…

1. Kirino Kousaka from Oreimo

ore no imouto ga konnnani kawaii wake nai dvd

While being the perfect student excelling also in sports and being a model, she hides a compulsive Otaku side-life being a huge fan of Stardust Witch Meruru, a mahou shoujo (magical girl) anime and a fervent eroge (erotic games) player.

Apart from the weird erotic game (especially brother-sister love) and the sometimes ambiguous feelings she might have towards her brother Kyousuke, I really like the relation she has with him, the way they talk together, share things and are close makes me wish I had a little sister like that, not you?

oreimo wallpaper

Note: I admit that ranking those 10 was pretty hard as they most of the time present similar personality traits and skills so whether you agree or not, let us know your opinion and your favourite little sister character you wish you had in the comments!



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