Top 10 Longest Running Horror Game Series [Best Recommendations]

Horror video games have been around for quite some time in the video game scene. Even on the days of the Atari there was a games like Haunted House which despite looking ridiculous by today’s standards was still considered a horror game. Today we here at Honey’s Anime have decided to scare ourselves silly by crafting a fun and all too creepy horror list for you folks. We have went to the internet and used our memories to remember the best titles which also last for quite some time too. Welcome to our Top 10 Longest Running Horror Series list.

Now if you’ve played horror games, you’ll probably know most of these longest running horror series. These are most well known longest running horror series and have been regarded as some of the best series ever by not only us gamers here at Honey’s Anime but the gamers of the world. Besides being well liked and popular, these games have stood the test of time and the changes of multiple gaming systems. Alright now if you’re ready to enter our longest running horror series list, scroll on down and begin the trek through some of the scariest and longest running titles ever. You may want to turn your lights on…

10. BioShock

  • System/Platform: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, iOS
  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Developer: 2K Boston, 2K Australia
  • Release Date: Aug 21, 2007

In the depths of the ocean Andrew Ryan began his dream. Creating a utopia that would be dubbed Rapture, Andrew Ryan hoped to become a leader of his own domain. Andrew Ryan’s Rapture was supposed to be free from the lifestyles above. However, Andrew Ryan’s utopia would eventually shatter and become a hellish landscape. Soon a plane crash survivor named Jack will stumble upon Andrew Ryan’s world and it will become a battle for survival.

Releasing in 2007, BioShock has seen several games—the most recent being BioShock Infinite—and each title has continued to scare us in equal measure. Having the tight claustrophobic hallways underwater and seeing the splicers sent us a horror not matched by a lot of gaming titles out there. Then we can’t forget the first time we’ve seen a big daddy, our eyes went wide with fear and wonder. BioShock hasn’t released any newer titles for a few years but we have our fingers crossed for more titles soon to come. Till then, BioShock is definitely one of the best longest running horror series ever crafted.

9. Alone in the Dark

  • System/Platform: PC, Mac OS
  • Developer: Infogrames
  • Publisher: Infogrames, I Motion
  • Release Date: 1992

Jeremy Hartwood, a well noted artist, ends up hanging himself. The police rule it out as just another suicide and close the case. However, Jeremy’s mansion named Derceto has been known to house an evil force within. This leads to Edward Carnby—a private eye— and Emily Hartwood—niece to Jeremy—to investigate the mansion in search of clues. Though both Edward and Emily will soon learn that the evil powers aren’t just a rumor but are true…

The original Alone in the Dark may look goofy in today’s gaming era, but trust us folks, it scared plenty of gamers when it was released on the PC in 1992. This third person title allowed players to freely roam around a creepy house and solve puzzles all while fighting various zombies. This same theme would be seen in numerous future titles—a few of which are on this longest running horror series list—and really was innovative for its time. Alone in the Dark has released several games over the years and even a movie but we still love the original and Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare as the best the series has offered in terms of survival horror. We can only hope that we see a rebirth of this longest running horror series one day but we have the classic titles to keep us happy till then.

8. F.E.A.R

  • System/Platform: PC, Xbox 360
  • Developer: Monolith Productions
  • Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
  • Release Date: Oct 17, 2005

Paxton Fettel, a t elepath, takes control of a bunch of soldiers and kills all those within the Armacham Technology Corporation. Thus the First Encounter Assault Recon—F.E.A.R—is sent in to take down Fettel before he causes anymore damage. Though the team isn’t ready for what it’s about to face as they try to locate Fettel. All while dealing with Fettel’s forces the team soon finds an odd entity in the form of a little girl named Alma. Can the F.E.A.R unit survive a threat they can’t see and can barely fight back?

F.E.A.R released in 2005 and brought with it a freighting FPS horror game experience. Players would battle against not only soldiers but odd hallucinations and plenty of those great jump scares we all know and love. F.E.A.R would release three other games—the last being an online title in 2014—each being just as much fun and scare filled as the previous. If you have never played F.E.A.R, then you’re missing out, folks. Seriously, let us also add that Alma will forever be one of the creepiest little girls in any horror story ever made.

7. Dead Rising

  • System/Platform: PC, Xbox 360
  • Developer: Capcom Production Studio 1
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Aug 8, 2006

Willamette, Colorado is undergoing a massive event. An odd seemingly viral outbreak has occurred and has caused the citizens to become zombies. Wanting to capture the truth himself—as the government is trying it’s best to hide the incident—Frank West gets a helicopter pilot to drop him into the city, namely at a nearby mall that is being swarmed. Now Frank only has 72 hours to capture as many pictures as he can off the event and hopefully become famous for his findings. Though a question remains, can Frank survive in this zombie filled mall for that long?

When Capcom unveiled Dead Rising, it was already destined to become one of the coolest zombie gaming titles to ever be released. Yes you may find Dead Rising not as scare-filled other zombie games thanks in part to the way you’re able to kill thousands of zombies without batting an eye. However, that doesn’t stop this longest running horror series from still being fear filled especially when you find yourself cornered and low on health. Dead Rising has just recently released Dead Rising 4 so we’re confident this longest running horror series will still be releasing more titles soon to come. We love the Dead Rising franchise and it clearly deserves to be on our list for how long it’s now been around for.

6. Fatal Frame

  • System/Platform: PS2, Xbox
  • Developer: Tecmo
  • Publisher: Tecmo, Wanadoo (EU), Microsoft Game Studios (Xbox)
  • Release Date: Dec 13, 2001

When Mafuyu Hinasaki disappears in search of his tutor, Mafuyu’s sister Miku goes looking for him. Luckily, Miku has an idea of where her brother last was. Searching in the supposedly haunted Himuro mansion, it doesn’t take Miku long to discover something evil lurks within the home and surrounding area. Miku finds an old ancient camera called the Camera Obscura, Miku can fight back against the various ghosts that wander in the mansion. However, will this be enough to keep Miku alive or will she join the other residences in the Himuro Mansion?

In most horror games you’re given weapons to fight back against ghosts or zombies. These are weapons that give the player a bit of courage in what seems like an impossible to survive scenario. In the Fatal Frame series though, you are given a camera and while that can kill ghosts and such, it still requires you getting very close to the ghostly enemies in Fatal Frame. Honestly, we here at Honey’s Anime love horror games like Fatal Frame because they change the ways most horror games play out. Seeing as how Fatal Frame has been releasing several titles since its 2001 release, we know we’re not the only ones who love this long running horror series.

5. Doom

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Developer: id Software
  • Publisher: GT Interactive
  • Release Date: Dec 10, 1993

In Doom, you take control of a space marine who has been posted to Mars. After secret experiments on Mars go haywire, a portal to hell opens letting in demon and otherworldly creatures. Now the space marine must arm up and fight back against the demons in order to survive. The ultimate fight for survival begins here on Doom and the unnamed space marine will have to fight back if he wants to survive and somehow close the portal. Get ready for blood to be spilt and plenty of bullets to be spent in Doom.

When Doom released in 1993, the gaming landscape changed forever. This FPS title gave players a mature themed game with plenty of weapons to use and loads of violence. In equal measure, the fact that you—the player—was forced to face demons and other nightmare inducing enemies made Doom scary in its own right. Doom 3 would probably be the best of the Doom titles in terms of legit scares—seriously we here at Honey’s Anime jumped more times than we wish to admit—but all of the Doom titles have bought a certain fear factor to the gaming world. Doom has been released on numerous consoles as HD remakes and even updated ports, but we will forever have a spot in our hearts for the good old classic Doom.

4. Dead Space

  • System/Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: EA Redwood Shores
  • Release Date: Oct 13, 2008

When planet cracker USG Ishimura sends out distress signals, a team is sent to investigate. Engineer Isaac Clarke and several others are sent to see what happened to the ship and why it has gone silent. However, it doesn’t take long for Isaacs’s crew to realize there something very wrong aboard the Ishimura. Large pools of blood, limbs floating around and words sprawled on the walls leads to the team wondering where the crew is and what happened? Unfortunately for Isaac and his party they will soon run into the threat aboard the Ishimura and their rescue mission will turn into a survival one.

Dead Space changed the third person survival horror genre once it entered our lives in 2008. Gamers experiences the Necromorphs and were forced to delimb these zombie-like creatures to kill them. They jumped out of vents, ran at you from ceilings and even walked on walls. Dead Space kept you gripping your controller tightly and praying you could survive what was around the corner. Dead Space 3 released in 2013 and since then, the series has been cold but for 5 years, we’ve enjoyed a title all too worthy of being on our Top 10 Longest Running Horror Series list.

3. Corpse Party

  • System/Platform: PSP, IOS
  • Publisher: 5pb,XSEED (NA)
  • Developer: Team GrisGris
  • Release Date: Aug 12th, 2010

In Kisaragi Academy, Satoshi and his classmates are about to lose one of their close friends as she is soon to move. When Ayumi—one of Satoshi’s friends and classmates— decides to use a charm called The Sachiko Ever After charm to keep all of the friends close it seems harmless enough. However, after the charm is enchanted, the friends find themselves in a massive earthquake that throws them into a parallel world. Here they are trapped in Heavenly Host Elementary School separated by otherworldly forces. Now they must survive in this hellish school and avoid losing their minds and lives to find a way out.

Released originally in 1996 as a simple horror game, Corpse Party terrified its audience using more traditional Japanese horror themes. Kids trapped in a haunted school was terrifying enough but add on things like the darkening, which was an ailment that caused the students to lose their minds slowly and you had a game that was pure horror. Corpse Party would be re-released in 2010 as a PSP title and would see continued success as new titles were released, as well as an anime OVA series, manga and even a live action movie. While the states wouldn’t see some of the titles released—namely a few spin offs and a sequel called Corpse Party 2—we would still see a majority of this great series. If you want a great third person survival horror adventure game then you need to play Corpse Party.

2. Silent Hill

  • System/Platform: PS1
  • Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Release Date: Jan 31, 1999

It was supposed to be a simple father daughter vacation. However, the town of Silent Hill had other plans for Harry Mason and his daughter Cheryl. As the two traveled through Silent Hill, Harry loses control of the car and finds himself knocked out by the impact. When Harry awakens he notices his daughter has disappeared in the foggy town and goes to find her. Though Harry will soon learn that the town of Silent Hill is filled with odd creatures and other nightmarish beings that only want to kill Harry.

Silent Hill released in 1999 and has shown the world the horrors of what a little town could hold. Players would take control of the various souls who would enter either Silent Hill or areas around it and would have to solve puzzles as well as fight against odd demon like creatures and other scary beings. Silent Hill is easily one of our favorite horror gaming franchises and we know that we’re not alone in that thinking. Even as the series has released different forms of games and mediums, Silent Hill will continue to be a shining example of how to scare gamers to their cores. Here’s hoping Silent Hills comes back from its cancellation…

1. BioHazard (Resident Evil)

  • System/Platform: PlayStation, PC, Sega Saturn
  • Publisher: Capcom, Virgin Interactive
  • Developer: Capcom, Nextech (Sega Saturn Port) Westwood Studios (PC Port)
  • Release Date: March 22th, 1996

In the Arklay Mountains there have been a number of reports of odd occurrences. An elite group of police officers known as S.T.A.R.S is sent out to explore the forest are in search of another team that went missing. It doesn’t take the elite members like Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine to realize something is amiss. When the team is attacked by odd deformed dogs, their helicopter pilot flies away leaving the team to have to escape by running to a nearby mansion. Chris and Jill may have escaped one nightmare, but within the mansion an even deadlier threat lurks…

Our Top 10 Longest Running Horror Series list ends with BioHazard, or better known as Resident Evil in the states. To simply say this series is an accomplishment in gaming world wouldn’t do it justice. Resident Evil has released countless sequels, side games, manga and the list goes on. Recently Resident Evil 7 has released and has changed the series in terms of gameplay but the horrors are still there and are even better than ever before. Resident Evil clearly won’t be leaving the gaming world anytime soon and we’re extremely happy about that.

Final Thoughts

With newer technology, horror games are going to continue to rise in the gaming world. They will keep scaring us and making us jump out of our seats but with stronger visuals and even sometimes VR technology. Well we here at Honey’s Anime say bring it on we’re ready for the scares! What about you folks out there? Are you ready for some more horror titles? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to tell us what you thought of our longest running horror series list. If we here at Honey’s Anime did a good job, keep coming back to our site for more articles and lists like this to come!

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