Top 10 Indie Horror Games [Best Recommendations]


Horror games come in all shapes and sizes. While many can easily enough reference plenty of triple A titles such as Resident Evil or Outlast, many don’t realize that there are plenty of horror games thanks to the indie horror scene. While these indie horror video games may not have the budgets big companies may have, indie companies still produce some of the best indie horror video games recognized to the world of gaming. However, while there are some great indie horror video games, there are plenty that aren’t that great. That’s why we here at Honey’s Anime have done some homework to bring you the top 10 indie horror video games.

For an indie horror video game to be considered great they have to prove a few things first. They need to instill fear into the player, this can be done by simply making you paranoid that something may happen and or tell a story that makes chills run down your spine. Thus we here at Honey’s Anime went into horror filled animatronic children restaurants and ventured into nightmares that seemed endless to make this list a reality. Our list is ranked to give you what we believe is the best of the best, but just because a title may be lower than another doesn’t mean it’s by any means weaker. All of these 10 indie horror video games will scare you in some way just like us when we played them. That being said, let us dive into this horror filled list shall we?

10. Notes of Obsession

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Publisher: N/A
  • Developer: CreakyStairs
  • Release Date: Jun 14, 2016

The house should be calm; everything should be fine in this Swedish home. When a mother awakens from a brief sleep, she can tell things seem off. Hearing a noise emanating from upstairs the mother heads up. What she discovers is a small music box and when she touches it, the music plays and strange symbols burst forth. Suddenly the mother feels she must examine the strange notes that now are scattered in her home. However, it seems as if the mother isn’t alone anymore…something lurks and it seems deadly.

Notes of Obsession is a terrifying game from the developers CreakyStairs. Thanks to some amazing graphics that give the game’s home setting a strong feeling of being a real place and jump scares thanks to the monster basically being a terrifying entity, make Notes of Obsession one of the scariest games you can play. While it may be a short adventure, players will find their hearts torn once they discover the story and plot as it unfolds. It goes to show you that a game doesn’t need a large budget or a huge studio when Notes of Obsession was done by only 17 development students. Right now you can get Notes of Obsession for free so why not give it a try you have nothing to lose…well except maybe a good night’s sleep.

9. Neverending Nightmares

  • System/Platform: PC, PS4, PS Vita
  • Developer: Infinitap Games
  • Publisher: Infinitap Games
  • Release Date: Sept 26, 2014

Nightmares can be terrifying experiences. Sometimes a truly horrible nightmare can seem endless and it can really make waking up seem like a blessing. For Thomas Smith, he will find his nightmares worse than ever before as he ends up stuck in a series of them. His only solace seems to be his sister Gabby who keeps appearing in his nightmares. Why is Thomas having these nightmares?

Neverending Nightmares is a 2D adventure horror game that truly is an amazing experience. Players guide Thomas throughout several locations to reach his sister Gabby all while trying to understand what is truly going on. The art style is Neverending Nightmares is truly an impressive feat as well boasting a hand drawn look that gives a creepy picture book style to the game. Featuring several endings that revolve around choices made in the game allows players plenty of reasons for multiple playthroughs. Neverending Nightmares does have an ending, but for Thomas maybe that ending will be an experience that never ends indeed.

8. The Train

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Developer: Sergey Noskov
  • Publisher: Sergey Noskov
  • Release Date: Aug 2, 2013

You have one hour; that is how long you have until your death. Set on a train our main character will find himself reliving his past while aboard a seemingly haunted and surreal train. His past, his present and the future are all visible, but what does it all mean? All you can do is press on. Solve the puzzles of The Train any maybe you’ll understand what is actually occurring in this nightmarish train.

Games don’t always need to make sense. That’s the beauty of The Train. In one hour, players will take the main character through a haunted train and relive sections of the main character’s life that seems to show a broader picture. Players will interact with characters and solve puzzles in what we can honestly say is one of the creepiest settings. While the game may only take an hour to beat, it’s free, and that warrants a try at the very least. Though trust us here at Honey’s Anime, The Train is an amazing short ride, and when it ends, you may feel sad it’s over.

7. Nox Timore

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Developer: Vidas Salavejus
  • Publisher: Vidas Salavejus
  • Release Date: Oct 12, 2014

Nox Timore has the main character in an odd abandoned building. As the player searches for an exit he begins to note two things; The first is that there are several notes scattered in various areas of the building. The second, is that each time one of these notes is picked up, strange mannequins seem to show up. What are these strange beings that seem to move ever so slightly? What is going on?

Nox Timore by Vidas Salavejus seems like a very simple horror game. Players only need to collect notes to advance the story. While the mechanics may be simple, the horror is not. These odd Mannequins and the various environments will be what gets the player riled up and always on the edge of their seats in fear. Nox Timore hides a lot behind a simple premise and game. The question is: can you survive this short and simple experience unfazed?

6. SCP- Containment Breach

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Developer: Joonas Rikkonen
  • Publisher: Joonas Rikkonen
  • Release Date: Apr 15, 2012

The SCP Foundation exists to prevent the beings of the world from destroying normalcy. These creatures range from odd shaped artifacts to beings that seem to exist within other dimensions all while able to interact with ours. D-9341 is a criminal who faces death row, however if D-9341 helps the SCP Foundation, he will be granted leniency. Yet as D-9341 is about to learn, maybe death row would be better than what horrors await. It all began with SCP-173, but that is just one of the many horrors you’re about to face…

SCP- Containment Breach may be a commonly known game with how many popular YouTubers have played it, but we understand that maybe you haven’t heard of it despite the growing popularity. Joonas Rikkonen created a complex game of monsters that are so unique and deadly you have to wonder how he possibly pulled off such a feat. Players will have to face off against the various enemies of SCP- Containment Breach and while some look ridiculous, all are deadly in some way. SCP- Containment Breach doesn’t just scare players in one way, but in many different ways. Seriously, we won’t get some of those creatures out of our heads anytime soon.

5. Lone Survivor

  • System/Platform: PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, PS Vita, PS4
  • Publisher: Superflat Games
  • Developer: Jasper Byrne
  • Release Date: Apr 23rd, 2012

The apartment was safe for a while; it was his sanctuary against the threat looming outside. However, supplies are running low and his mind is beginning to wander into odd delusions. He knows he must venture outside, he must take the risk. However, the world is so broken—full of those creatures. Regardless, food is needed and that means the fight for survival begins now.

Lone Survivor is a 2D indie horror video game. Players assume a surgical mask wearing protagonist as he ventures into his desolate apartment complex and tries to survive by finding food and medicine. However, the player faces several threats in the game such as zombie-like creatures and the player character’s diminishing mental health. Players will need to make risks but every action and choice can lead to a different ending leaving players with multiple reasons to replay the story over and over again. Lone Survivor by Jasper Byrne and Superflat Games is definitely a game worthy of being on this great list of indie horror games because we guarantee you will be scared as you play.

4. Five Nights At Freddy’s

  • System/Platform: PC, Android, iOS
  • Developer: Scott Cawthon
  • Publisher: Scott Cawthon
  • Release Date: Aug 8, 2014

It should have been an easy night guard job. All you had to do was stay in one room and watch a bunch of monitors. The place is a place for kids; there shouldn’t be anything dangerous here. However, you notice movement, one of the animatronics moved slightly. Was it just your imagination playing tricks on you? No, the animatronics are moving and they seem to be after you…

Five Nights At Freddy’s has been the perfect example of a game coming from small beginnings and blowing up. Scott Cawthon’s simple point and click horror experience has led to several sequels, a book series and even a future movie. In Five Nights At Freddy’s, all the player has to do is keep the animatronics from entering the night guards room. However, with animatronics such as Freddy and Foxy, giving up seems to be far from their programing and they will try their best to get into the room. Manage that battery meter well, otherwise the doors will be wide open leaving you defenseless. If you have yet to experience this amazing game we here at Honey’s Anime have given you plenty of reasons to go and remedy that situation.

3. I Remember This Dream

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Developer: InvisiblePanda
  • Publisher: InvisiblePanda
  • Release Date: Jul, 2015

Ever have the same dream twice? What if you kept having that same dream but it wasn’t a dream but a horrible nightmare?. You know how the dream starts; you’re alone in a large snow filled forest. You proceed forward, that’s all you can do. However, you know that while the forest may be quiet, you’re not the only one here.

I Remember This Dream is a simple indie horror video game; the player barely has to do anything but move forward the whole short game. However, InvisiblePanda did something truly wonderful with I Remember This Dream. Players will feel fear usually most games can’t capture—the fear of the unknown. As you explore this apparently re-occurring dream, you’ll learn more as you progress further within the forest. With a very cool ending that will leave you feeling satisfied, we here at Honey’s Anime can’t recommend I remember This Dream enough. The price of admission is nothing so you have so much to gain and so little to lose.


  • System/Platform: PC
  • Developer: kouri
  • Publisher: kouri
  • Release Date: Feb 27, 2012

Ib should be having a fun museum trip with her family. The pieces of priceless art adorn the walls of the museum and they all seem to have a story to tell. Ib stumbles upon one piece of art that seems to captivate her, but as she stares at it, the museum goes dark and when Ib tries to find her parents, she notices for some reason she is alone in the museum now. When she examines another painting, Ib is transported into a different world where odd puzzles and enemies await her. Luckily Ib won’t be alone, as in this odd painted world, she will meet two allies but can they all survive the horrors within the painted world?

Ib is made by the artist Kouri using RPG Maker 2000. Players assume the role of Ib and must solve puzzles and survive against the various threats that aim to kill her. While the game is simple, Ib boasts an incredibly vibrant art style thanks to Kouri and is a fun game with multiple endings. Ib may be done with a software that has a vast amount of limitations but it sure as heck doesn’t feel like a limited experience. Download Ib today to enjoy a truly impressive story of a young girl’s dangerous and surreal adventure.

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  • System/Platform: PS4, PC
  • Publisher: Frictional Games
  • Developer: Frictional Games
  • Release Date: Sept 8th, 2010

Amnesia is defined simply as a person losing their memories or a set amount of memories. This event befalls Daniel as he awakens in an unfamiliar location with no memories aside from his name. As he begins to navigate around this odd place that seems reminiscent of a castle, Daniel begins to realize something is amiss in this place. Something deadly seems to be lurking, watching Daniel. Is Daniel just afraid because of his predicament or is the reality something indeed very sinister?

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is obviously the prime example of a successful indie horror video game. Players assume the role of Daniel as they explore a seemingly abandoned Prussian castle looking for a means to escape. Along the way, Daniel and the player will find clues that aim to explain the story and what exactly is happening within the walls of the castle. Amnesia: The Dark Descent has three endings the players can reach depending on actions taken during the game giving the game some lasting longevity. Honestly, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a terrifying game because it hurls at you things that aren’t easily explainable. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is the perfect game to wrap up our Top 10 Indie Horror Video Games list and we’re sure you’ll understand once you try it out, because we know you will if you haven’t already.

Final Thoughts

Horror is a powerful genre that can leave any player almost too afraid to move or too fearful to continue. Indie developers have a hard job because they must make do with small groups and sometimes barely any funds to truly scare those who enter their games. All of these titles have accomplished that in some shape or form and honestly sometimes even better than some of the triple A titles can. Now while we ventured into dark territories to make this list, we here at Honey’s Anime will admit we were a bit scared to play every single indie horror video game. If you could please leave a comment in the comment section below to tell us what you think could have been on this list or if you wish to praise our bravery in our endeavors. Now then we’re going to sleep now, maybe with the lights on…

Amnesia-The-Dark-Descent-game Top 10 Indie Horror Games [Best Recommendations]


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