Top 10 Loot Items in PUBG for Beginners

Loot-items-pubg-560x315 Top 10 Loot Items in PUBG for Beginners


PUBG is a massive game and when you’re running around the island, it can be very difficult at times to devise a strategy around collecting the right loot. Looting is arguably the most pivotal aspect when playing PUBG because in order to survive the long haul, you’ll need to be carrying items that will help protect you against the enemy. While knowing and understanding the popular map locations is key to grabbing big ticket items, you need to also consider other factors when you dive into the action. The plane will not always fly over these popular areas and so, it’s important for you to get a feel for just what staple items are needed to withstand any aggressive approach from any direction. So we’ve decided to make a top 10 list of loot items you’ll need to carry around with you at all times to ensure that your survival rate will continue to increase over time. Shoutouts to for being the go-to site for PUBG stats and more!

10. Gas Can

While many of us tend to overlook the Gas Can when running through houses, this item can play a very big role when it comes to surviving into the late game especially if you have a vehicle around. Most vehicles that spawn in the game generally have enough fuel to carry you from one point of the map to the other, but because of that long distance you’re using up a great deal just to do all of that. So when running through houses in search for loot be sure not to ignore the Gas Can because in the end, it could determine whether you survive or not. Sadly it does take up a great deal of space in your backpack but if you manage to grab a much larger one (we’ll cover backpacks soon), then there’s more reason to pick up a Gas Can or two for the adventure.

9. Pan

The Pan deserves a lot of praise in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds because it’s a versatile tool that can save your arse (quite literally) in many situations. It’s a common item that you can find just about anywhere on the island should you look hard enough, and if equipped it can be a great weapon to knock people out with in the early game. Mid-late game is when you’ll want to use this as your arse protector but when you’re racing through the School or any other prominent locations, having a strong melee tool will help to protect you from any enemy that tries to threaten you. It’s the strongest melee weapon in the game dealing a massive 80 damage to anyone who stands in front of it, or if you’re clever enough just swipe this pan to the back of someone’s head and it’s lights out.

8. Adrenaline Syringe

The reason why the Adrenaline Syringe is higher on the top 10 isn’t because it’s bad but because it’s a crate only item that requires a bit of luck, and of course that you don’t die trying to grab it. The Syringe is a boost item that pretty much overshadows the Energy Drink since it increases your boost by 100, giving you some insane speed and healing as you race towards the safe zone. It takes roughly 8 seconds to cast on your character so be sure to find a hiding spot so that you can properly use it, because being out in the open with this can waste a lot of time especially if you’re looking to avoid incoming fire. You don’t want to sleep on this item so if you ever come across a body on the floor nearby a crate, be sure to check it because you may just find a lucky Syringe to use in late game.

7. Energy Drink

When rummaging through a pile of items lying around it can be difficult to find everything you need, especially when there’s a lot of pressure on you. Sometimes you tend to miss a lot of items because there’s just so much around you that your main goal is just to grab a weapon and leave. However when you find yourself in a house with plenty of time to search then be sure to keep an eye out for the Energy Drink, because this will be a lifesaver when it comes time to run to the next safe zone. Energy Drinks are common items that can be found just about anywhere in PUBG and so grabbing a handful is something we recommend. While they don’t necessarily give you that instant boost like that of the Adrenaline Syringe it still gives you a quicker boost, allowing you to get in and out of trouble much faster. Plus it’s a non-crate item meaning you don’t need to risk your life trying to obtain it. The Energy Drink boosts your bar up by 40 instantly and only takes 4 seconds to cast versus the 8 seconds its more powerful Syringe brother can do.

6. Painkillers

Don’t sleep on these bad boys either because without Painkillers in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you’d be in a heap of trouble. Painkillers are a true life saver if you use them correctly and can help to restore your life slowly over time, especially if you took a few bullets to the chest early on. The Painkiller gives you a boost of 60 which allows for health regen over time as stated earlier. The more important thing to note is that, acquiring boost items such as the Painkiller will allow your character to heal over 75, which is the maximum threshold for Bandages so be sure to have this in hand so you can go right back to full health. Another tip to remember is that a full boost bar will grant you an 86% healing boost over time so if you’re really hurting on the battlefield, take a few of these bad boys and you’ll be back in shape in no time.

5. Helmets/Armor

We’ve seen players who made their way to the end game without using any sort of powerful armor but as a beginner you don’t want to be taking too many risks. Helmets and Armor play such an integral role in the survival of each player in PUBG so don’t ignore these items when you seem them lying on the ground. Of course weapons are the go to items to grab to protect yourself, but without the proper protection other enemies can simply kill you in one or two shots even with something like a pistol. Helmets and Armor come in 3 levels, one being the weakest while three is the strongest and most valuable to have. Level 1 and 2 items tend to be more consistent while Level 3 items require a bit more searching time, and are typically found in the more populated areas such as the Military Base. That doesn’t mean you can’t obtain Level 3 armor in other areas like say the Farm or even the Ferry Port, it’s just that you’ll need to pray to the RNG gods that you find one because they’re not as spawn friendly there. Just to give you a little insight as to what each level means:

Level 1 Helmet (Motorcycle) - 80 durability, 30% dmg reduction
Level 2 Helmet (Military) - 150 durability, 40% dmg reduction
Level 3 Helmet (Spetsnaz) - 230 durability, 55% dmg reduction

Level 1 Armor (Police Vest) - +50 capacity extension (what you can carry in your Backpack), 30% dmg reduction, 200 durability
Level 2 Armor (Police Vest 2) - +50 capacity, 40% dmg reduction, 220 durability
Level 3 Armor (Military Vest) - +50 capacity, 55% dmg reduction, 250 durability

4. Bandages

Bandages play a major role in PUBG because without them in your inventory, your chances of survival are slim. Of course if you’re a total god at this game and your tactical prowess permits you to survive without them, then our hats go off to you. However if you’re just starting out in the world of PUBG you’ll need to make sure you have a nice stack of these handy since they’re very easy to find, and they take very little time to heal you. It’s by no means a MedKit or First Aid Kit but if you can’t seem to get your hands on either, then grabbing a nice handful of Bandages will surely keep you alive a little longer. It can heal your character by 10 overtime and takes only 4 seconds of casting time in order to see results. It doesn’t fully heal your character by any means but it will keep your health out of the red for a while until you can find something better down the road. This is something to take note of and is quite important to know: Bandages can only heal up to 75% of your overall health, and so in order to return back to full health you’ll need Boosters (Energy Drinks and Painkillers) to do so.

3. MedKit

If you’re one of the fortunate souls that happens to run into one of these things in a house, then consider yourself very lucky. The RNG gods saw that you were in need and they supplied you with arguably the best healing item in the game. Sadly this MedKit is very rare even inside of a crate (though you’re more likely to find it in there than in a house) so depending on this too much can be troublesome. So why put it on the top 3 list if it’s rare? Well because it’s not just a crate only item so you’re still likely to find one lying around, but just not at a high rate like that of the First Aid Kit. The MedKit is one of the only 4 items in all of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that can heal your character to 100% (the others being the boosters we mentioned in the list), so having one on hand in your inventory is enough to save your life in dire straights. On top of that, it’s the only item in the entire game that heals you instantly to 100% so that’s another pro to consider. The only downside to this Mother Teresa of healing is that it takes 8 seconds to use which means that you’ll need to find a safe spot to hide, otherwise you’ll be under suppressed fire for a while. Don’t waste this item on early game squabbles, you really want to save this item for late game interaction where damage can be explosive.

2. First Aid Kit

So if you don’t happen to come across the rare MedKit while running around then the First Aid Kit is perhaps the best healing item to have in your inventory. It’s a lot more common to find within PUBG than the MedKit and so you don’t need to risk your neck in order to obtain it. Whether you’re in a small rural town or the more popular spots, the First Aid Kit is always there waiting for you should you search high and low. Compared to the MedKit which takes about 8 seconds to give you the full heal, the First Aid Kit takes about 6 seconds but gets the job done. This should only be used when you need an emergency fix and not be used as a substitute for Bandages because First Aid Kits are extremely valuable, and wasting them on measly damage during early to mid game will not amount to anything. So if you need a quick fix then grab some Bandages but if you’re truly bleeding during a high pressure situation, that’s when you can rely on the First Aid Kit to patch things up.

1. Backpack

So out of all the items that you can loot in PUBG, the Backpack is hands down the most important. Without the Backpack equipped you will not have enough space to carry around weapon ammo, consumables and other necessary things while traversing around the island. While weapons are surely just as important you have to give the higher demand to the Backpack because it allows you to carry a large amount of items which will definitely be needed down the road. Basically all of the items we mentioned on this list can fit in your Backpack so ensuring you find this first will make things a lot less stressing as you run and grab items around you. Much like Armor and Helmets, Backpacks come in levels as well and we’ll cover them now:

Level 1 Backpack - 150+ capacity (with Utility Belt attached it totals to 220 hold capacity)
Level 2 Backpack - 200+ capacity (with Utility Belt attached it totals to 270 hold capacity)
Level 3 Backpack - 250+ capacity (with Utility Belt attached it totals to 320 hold capacity

Honey's Final Thoughts

These are your quintessential go to items when looting in PUBG, so with that in mind go out there and loot effectively. Don’t be blind to certain items in the game just because the popular vote says not to, PUBG is all about developing clever tactics to get the upper hand over the enemy so do whatever is necessary to stay ahead of the game. We hope you found this list to be helpful in your journey to becoming a PUBG threat and should you have any other suggestions, feel free to drop them down below. To see us playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds live be sure to hit us up at Until next time, keep practicing and never give up!

As always, if you want to know about all the latest buzz straight from the bee’s nest in Japan, be sure to keep it locked here at Honey’s Anime.

By. Robert ”NualphaJPN” B.

Loot-items-pubg-560x315 Top 10 Loot Items in PUBG for Beginners
The backpack is definitely the must have item when playing PUBG, otherwise you'll be in a heap of trouble.
Loot-items-pubg-560x315 Top 10 Loot Items in PUBG for Beginners
Bandages have saved my life so many times that I'm forever grateful to them.