Top 10 Lovable K-On! Characters

K-On! Is the charming and lighthearted story of a light music club and it's members. Mio Akiyama, Yui Hirasawa, Tsumugi Kotobuki, Ritsu Tainaka and Azusa Nakano make up the club and form a band called 'Hokago Tea-Time.' The series is a hysterical SoL detailing the experiences and growth of the club. They start of as 5 very different people who, likely, would end up going along very different paths in life. However, as they grow together, more and more do they want to stay together. K-On! Is a beautiful series with great characters and we're going to show the 10 best.

10. Tomi Ichimonji

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You might not know her by name, but Tomi Ichimonji is Yui's elderly neighbor. She's always on good terms with Yui and the rest of her family, and the Hirasawa's always make time to try to chit-chat with her. You can tell they really respect Tomi Ichimonji. Yui, Ui and Nodoka all have a long-standing relationship with her as their long-time neighbor, and Tomi did a lot for them when they were younger. She exemplifies the graceful, caring presence of an elderly person who looks out for everyone including her neighbors, and she's someone who should be treated with great love and respect in all communities.

9. Jun Suzuki

K-On-wallpaper-680x500 Top 10 Lovable K-On! Characters

Jun is close friends with Azusa Nakano and Ui Hirasawa and despite not having as much screen-time as them, she's still lovable in her own right. Jun is a pretty care-free personality but can be a bit of a ditz in terms of accidentally becoming a little demanding every now and again. Still, she's very kind and sweet hearted and gets along very well with everyone. Jun is still trying hard to improve herself as a bass-player, partially because of her admiration of Mio. She may not be as much as a focus as the rest of the cast but Jun has a very playful and easygoing personality which makes her easy to life.

8. Azuza Nakano

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Azuza (Or Azu-Nyan) for short, is the first of the 5 main characters to make it on the list. There's really no bad K-On! Characters, and she's up against some stiff competition which puts her relatively low in the standings. However, Azu-Nyan is still a wonderful and charming character. She has one of the more interesting character arcs in the series for starters. At first, she's taken aback by Yui's slacker attitude and Is upset that the club doesn't take a more serious approach. However, overtime she comes to appreciate the slow-place of the club, as well as its members. While growing accustomed to this, she still maintains her seriousness and passion, quite-like Mio, which is a very admirable quality.

7. Nodoka Manabe

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Nodoka is a loveable little bookworm. Her mature and responsible demeanor forms a yin to Yui's air-headed antics. Nodoka is practically an archetype of the intelligent, industrious and dutiful student who always excels in her academics and is involved with the Student Council. It's pretty much only through her reminders that the Light Music club remains in good-standing within the school, something which Ritsu Is surely thankful for! Nodoka strikes a perfect balance between pushing airheads like Yui and Ritsu to be responsible, while also understanding that there's a lot of good that comes from their care-free nature.

6. Ui Hirasawa

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When your parents named your big sister Yui while naming you, simply, 'ui', it might feel like you got the short end of the stick. However, Ui totally shines as a little sister and often is more mature and responsible than her beloved onee-chan, Yui. Ui Hirasawa is simply always there for her big sister, in a way that's totally endearing and make her one of the most lovable characters in the show. Probably one o the best moments in all of K-On! Is when Yui and the rest of Hokago Tea Time unveil the song that Yui had written about her little sister. Ui isn't just an extension of Yui, but the two have such a beautiful relationship and they both gain so much from each other as sisters.

5. Tsumugi Kotobuki

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Tsumugi Kotobuki, affectionately called 'mugi', is everyone's favorite rich girl. She often acts like a typical Ojou-chan, carrying herself in a very proper and well behaved manor. However, Tsumugi is much more than just her pampered upbringing. She has an curiosity that borders on awkward because her upbringing has come with a whole host of different social cues that the rest of the cast don't share. However, these moments come off more adorable than anything. Mugi has a lot of weird quirks like very above average physical strength, as well as a propensity to assume slightly intimate or lewd implications from everyday interactions.

4. Ritsu Tainaka

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Ritsu can be as air-headed as Yui but she's a hugely important piece of the light music club. Her comical and fun personality drive a lot of the good times between the club and her gags seem to always hit home. Often times Mio is the only one not laughing but she probably appreciates Ritsu the most since the pair are childhood friends. In fact, her relationship with Mio is one of her cutest points.

Ritsu can look very independent and almost tomboyish at time but she gets fiercely jealous whenever she feels Mio is ignoring her in favor of someone else. Ritsu holds her friends close and none more so than Mio. She may be a little crazy at times but in the end Ritsu is reliable and good-natured and is one the best characters in the show.

3. Sawako Yamanaka

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I strongly feel that Sawako is like an older Yui who's managed to get it together somewhat. However, this veil of maturity can come crashing down at any moment. Sawako holds the air of a responsible teacher, but can still understand where here students are coming from emotionally partially because she still a little kid at heart. Her high schol life was just as rambunctious as Yui's, only she grew up perhaps in a more extreme era, leading her to start a heavy metal band in place of the more whimsical and moe rock of the light music club.

She has strong memories of those days and still can get as wild as she was back then, in addition to her new found love of costume making for the band. Sawako is still very earnest despite all the different hats she wears, and is loved universally for it. This is why she has the highest spot of all the non-main characters on this list.

2. Yui Hirasawa

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Ah, Yui. Yui is an phenomenal character and I question anyone to look at her character arc and tell me that K-on! Is a show where 'nothing happens.' Yui is completely off the charts in terms of absent-mindedness, her high school life would probably be in a ditch if not for her friends being so observant and helpful. But as to why they are friends with her in the first place, I think the answer is that Yui is just incredibly unique in how genuine and good-willed she is as a person. There's no harm that Yui could wish on anyone, I think. She has such a good and pure heart and in the end she worries probably more about other people than herself. Yui is the emotional core of the show, and one of the most lovable characters by far.

1. Mio Akiyama

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Mio is completely adorable for a number of ways, but fundamentally so in how her quiet and composed demeanor are actually only one part of her personality. Opposite to those traits, Mio is a scaredy-cat, shy and also more rambunctious than she lets on, at least with certain people. When it comes to Ritsu's antics Mio is always quick to playfully whack her. Despite this, Mio is really beautiful inside and out. She looks like a stereotypical Yamato Nadeshiko and has attracted a school-wide fan club. Mio Is probably the most driven and intelligent of the group, and she's often the brains of the operation. She's great on bass and also writes a majority of the band's lyrics. Despite being more reserved, she still shares the sweetness and genuine good-heart of all light music members.

Final Thoughts

K-On! Always warmed my heart and if you haven't seen it, you definitely need to give it a shot. I hope all of the fans can appreciate the list and let us know what your version of the rankings would look like. Be sure to comment in the sections below and discuss who your favorites are and why!

K-On-wallpaper-680x500 Top 10 Lovable K-On! Characters


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