Top 10 Manga Characters Girls Fall in Love with [Japan Poll]

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ao haru ride

What You Need to Know:

  • If you're reading this article, you've probably fallen in love with a 2D character once. Okay, twice. Okay, maybe a few hundred times. Don't worry, we won't judge you.
  • But which manga characters have Japanese women fallen in love with most often? To find out, a survey was held on dating application Tappuru Tanjou, to which 567 women responded.
  • So who won the most hearts? Did you fall victim to them too? Read on and find out the top ten!

Top 10 - Top 6

10. Kurama (Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho) / 7 votes

9. Takumi Ichinose (NANA) / 8 votes

8. Kaede Rukawa (Slam Dunk) / 10 votes

7. Ren Honjou (NANA) / 15 votes

6. Zoro (One Piece) / 18 votes

Top 5 - Top 1

5. Hisashi Mitsui (Slam Dunk)

Hisashi Mitsui

20 votes

4. Yuu Matsuura (Marmalade Boy)

yuu matsura

22 votes

3. Kou Mabuchi (Ao Haru Ride)

Kou Mabuchi Ao Haru Ride

37 votes

2. Rui Hanazawa (Hana Yori Dango)

rui hanazawa

42 votes

1. Shouta Kazehaya (Kimi ni Todoke)

Shouta Kazehaya Kimi ni Todoke

60 votes

Source: Da Vinci News

honey's anime character
I am proud to say that I love each and every one of these boys.

honey's anime character
Me to- I mean, ahem. I can see why so many people would be attracted to them!