Top 10 Mobile Party Games [Best Recommendations]

Party games are an essential to most parties big or small. These types of games allow friends and loved ones to get closer together and even in some cases break the ice to allow you to meet new people. However, in this day and age, party games need to fit a certain molding. While board games are still loved by many, it’s usually a hassle to have to bring a board game to a party. That’s why with our list today, we’re going to help you beautiful party goers be the life of the party.

Today here at Honey’s Anime we bring you a list unlike any other we’ve done. Okay maybe that might be a bit overly dramatic, but this isn’t just an ordinary game list. Today we’re looking at the Top 10 Mobile Party Games you can play via your cell phone or tablets. These games are wide ranging so you have a selection of games we—and the internet—think are the best of the best for a good party. Now get your cellphones ready, folks. We’re about to share with you games that you need to download if you want a party to be fun and exciting.

10. Bounden

  • System: iOS, Android
  • Publisher: Game Oven
  • Developer: Game Oven
  • Release Dates: May 21, 2014

Dancing alone can stink sometimes. Then at a party, dancing can feel odd if your friends aren’t doing it, too. Well, with Bounden you can fix that! Grab a friend and dance using your phone as a medium. With different game modes, Bounden allows you to do the tango with friends or even more traditional ballet dances!

Parties need music to be good. Then when the music starts up you need to be dancing to enjoy it fully. That’s why here at Honey’s Anime we recommend trying out Bounden. This fun dancing game allows you and a friend to dance with your phone as the controller and uses the sensors within your phone to judge how you are handling it. Bounden is a lot of fun and very easy to recommend if you need a good dancing mobile party game.

9. Evil Apples: 17+ A Filthy Card Game

  • System: iOS, Android
  • Publisher: Evil Studios Limited
  • Developer: Evil Studios Limited
  • Release Dates: Jun 11, 2013

Not all parties are for the younger crowd. Sometimes the games need to get a bit more mature. Welcome to Evil Apples: 17+ A Filthy Card Game. Players will take cards via their phones and insert lines into blank spaces to complete a sentence. Judges of the round will determine which card is the funniest or the downright raunchiest. If you love games like Cards Against Humanity but need an alternative for your iOS or Android, then look no further as Evil Apples: 17+ A Filthy Card Game is available in the Apple Store or Google Play.

Here at Honey’s Anime, it would be an understatement to say we just love games like Cards Against Humanity. While it certainly isn’t for younger crowds, it’s a game that is just fun to play, especially at a party. Though lugging around cards isn’t the easiest thing to do all the time. That’s why if you have a cellphone then you need to download Evil Apples: 17+ A Filthy Card Game. Not only does it play like Cards Against Humanity but it’s playable via your cell phone making it the perfect Mobile Party game for our list.

8. Mad Libs

  • System: Android, iOS
  • Publisher: Vindigo
  • Developer: Vindigo
  • Release Dates: Aug, 2005

Some party games are legendary. However, one in particular is even beyond that. Welcome to Mad Libs the game of using words to create silly and quirky stories with friends. Mad Libs can now be downloaded via iOS or Google Play allowing you to bring the fun of Mad Libs wherever you go. Show your friends you can be sillier than them in Mad Libs!

Party games like Mad Libs don’t need much introduction. For the most part, almost everyone has played Mad Libs in the past and or own the board game. Well now, you can stow that dusty old box of Mad Libs away and use your phone at a party to enjoy Made Libs to your heart’s content. Next time your party is dying, bust out Mad Libs. Trust us, it works most of the time.

7. Spaceteam

  • System: iOS, Android
  • Publisher: Sleeping Beast Games
  • Developer: Sleeping Beast Games
  • Release Dates: Dec 1, 2012

You and some friends are about to become space explorers without leaving your couch. Spaceteam has you and several others flying in a giant space craft all via your cellphone. Each player will be responsible for a different part of your cellphone space craft. At times, things will go astray and you’ll need to communicate with your other friends so you can fix the damages to ship and save the day. If you fail then kiss your space adventure goodbye.

Spaceteam is a game that while it seems simple at first it’s far from it once the game gets going. You’re going to need to communicate with your friends so you can fix the ship via your cellphone or tablet. Spaceteam may be tough and frantic but it’s a game you and a party will love to have readily available. Haven’t you wanted to feel the thrill and suspense of being a space explorer? Well, Spaceteam is how you will get that feeling alongside a good group of party friends.

6. Psych! Outwit Your Friends

  • System: iOS, Android
  • Publisher: Warner Bros
  • Developer: Warner Bros
  • Release Dates: Oct 8, 2015

Does your friend or someone at the party think they are so smart they know everything? Why not try to fool them with Psych! Outwit Your Friends? This party game has one to several players playing a trivia game but with a catch. You and your friends can insert bogus and fake answers to a question and try to convince others that answer is the true one. Want to liven a party and have fun seeing who is the smartest of the room? Then why not download Psych! Outwit Your Friends for either Android or IPhones.

Trivia games are always a blast with friends. There’s something exciting in proving your knowledge within a group of close companions or utter strangers. Yet most trivia games can feel a bit stale after a while. That’s why we here at Honey’s Anime love Psych! Outwit Your Friends so much. Prove you’re cleverer than you friends by making convincing wrong answers! What sounds more fun than that seriously?

5. Charades!

  • System: iOS, Android
  • Publisher: FatChicken Studios
  • Developer: FatChicken Studios
  • Release Dates: Jun 11, 2013

A classic game is coming straight at you known as Charades! Now available on the go! Act out your words silently so your teammates can guess the word you’re acting out. The team with the higher score wins! Charades may be an old game but now you don’t need to worry about cleaning anything up as it’s all available from the convenience of your smartphone.

Charades might be an old game—heck most of our parents played it—but even today, it’s still a fun party game. Thankfully, developer FatChicken Studios has released a mobile version of Charades for fun wherever you go! Charades is what we consider one of the must play party games when you’re bored and you need to get people up and moving. That’s why it was a no brainer we would have Charades on our Top 10 Mobile Party Games list. Now that we’re talking about it, we kind of feeling like playing it to be honest…might have to in a little while.

4. Who Can’t Draw

  • System: iOS, Android
  • Publisher: ONE THIRD
  • Developer: ONE THIRD
  • Release Dates: Jan 29, 2014

Have 2-8 friends? Need a fun party game? Then why not try out Who Can’t Draw!? Similar to games like Charades or Taboo you’re given a prompt and need to convince your friends of what it is. However, instead of physically acting it out, you draw an image or images to get your point across. Prove you’re the better artist out of your friends in Who Can’t Draw!

Charades is a fun game but sometimes after a long day of partying you can’t move. That’s why we love Who Can’t Draw as it lets you sit on your butt and play game all too similar to Charades. What’s even better about Who Can’t Draw is it’s free to play—though with Ads—so anyone can download it now. Get ready to laugh and giggle as you see your friends and your own attempts at making art in Who Can’t Draw.

3. Heads Up!

  • System: iOS, Android
  • Publisher: Bros International Enterprises
  • Developer: Bros International Enterprises
  • Release Dates: May 2, 2013

Heads Up asks the player just one thing, can you guess what your friend is trying to say! Players put their phones to their forehead and show their friends the word. However, they themselves can’t see what the word or phrase is and must listen to their friends to see if they can guess what it is. Simple to set up but with thousands of words and phrases, Heads Up is sure to be the talk of a party. Now then can you guess what he or she is trying to say?

Heads Up is a very interesting party game. Developed by Ellen DeGeneres, this fun party game allows for an infinite amount of party patrons to play at one time. Hold your phone up and let others try to convince you what is being shown on your screen. Heads Up is literally playable by any age group meaning even younger crowds can get some enjoyment out of this silly and simple party game. With tons of themes to choose from and hours upon hours of fun, Heads Up should be the next game you bring with you to relight the fire in a dying party.

2. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

  • System: Android, PC, OS X, PS4
  • Publisher: Steel Crate Games
  • Developer: Steel Crate Games
  • Release Dates: Jul 16, 2015

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes has you and a group of friends being bomb diffusers. Before you is a bomb with several parts and you will need to communicate with your partners to disarm it within the time limit. However, you can’t see how to disarm it and only your partners have the information to tell you what to do for the bomb. Teamwork is key in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes! Thus be prepared to prove you and your friends have what it takes to be bomb diffusers!

Have you ever been to a party and heard people bragging about their communication skills? Well, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes will put that statement to the ultimate test. With many different difficulties and scenarios, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes can range from simple to extremely difficult. Though even at its hardest, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a fun to play party game. We also recommend getting a VR Headset for even more immersion while playing!

1. Spyfall: Guess Who’s The Spy

  • System: iOS, Android
  • Publisher: Yeet, LLC.
  • Developer: Yeet, LLC.
  • Release Dates: Mar 24, 2016

Spyfall: Guess Who’s The Spy is a game for three or more players. Each player is given a role and a place of location. However, one of the players is give the Spy role and must hear what players are saying to see if they can figure out where the others are in terms of location. Players win if they can figure out who the Spy is, while the Spy wins if he figures our where the location is. Can you manipulate your friends to convince them you’re on their side as the Spy? Find out in Spyfall; Guess Who’s The Spy!

Our final mobile game on our list is Spyfall, and we definitely saved the best for last. Spyfall is a game that the more players leads to the more fun to be had. There are dozens of locations and roles thus Spyfall never gets old. If you love games like Mafia or Werewolf, then you’re going to really want to download Spyfall today. Every question can help or hurt your group, so be smart to help your team win or to the perfect Spy.

Final Thoughts

The world of partying can be a daunting one indeed. With so many mobile party games out there we could still recommend even more titles but then this list would go on for a bit too long. However, we here at Honey’s Anime are confident the mobile party games above will make your next soiree to be something worth talking about. As always we do hope you loved our Top 10 Mobile Party Games list. Let us know in the comments below and be sure to return to our awesome website for more articles and recommendations like this one.

078 Top 10 Mobile Party Games [Best Recommendations]


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