Top 10 Most Intriguing Characters in Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi

There are so many characters weaving in and out of the episodes of Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. However, there are a few characters that stay ever present in our minds. This isn’t necessarily because they have a lot of screen time (though some of them do), but because they are interesting and memorable characters in their own right and of their own volition. Character development and backstories are important parts of analyzing every character. Their motives make their actions have meaning. With each action making a turning point in the story and in the world of spirits, it is vital to see these characters for who they are and what drives them forward. With no small role, the characters in Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi are pivotal to making the anime a success.

While some of these characters are kind and caring, others are nefarious and filled with hatred. The mix of characters that are present allows for the creation of this amazing and eclectic anime. Since these characters deserve some sort of acclaim we have decided to put together a list of the top 10 most intriguing characters from Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi.

10. Hatori

Hatori is a foolish character, however he is also younger than many of the others in this show. Since Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi takes place in the spirit world, many of the characters are kami or spirits that are hundreds if not thousands of years old. As a disgraced Tengu and part of the Tengu royal family, he was thrown out of Mt. Shumon for selling the sacred Tengu liquor to get back at his uncle. However, he landed on his feet after receiving a job at Orio-ya. He became the front desk manager and unlike the majority of his coworkers, did not harbor the resentment towards Tenjin-ya that was expected of him making him an unlikely ally for Aoi upon her arrival. Quick to anger, he is an unpredictable force with customers making him constantly in jeopardy of irritating the inn manager, Ranmaru.

9. Byakuya

Logic is paramount for the serious Byakuya. As an accountant for Tenjin-ya, it is his job to make sure all of the finances run smoothly. He has a no nonsense attitude that makes him irritable towards anyone who is not as serious as himself. However, Byakuya’s character is expanded on when he exhibits certain quirks which to his dismay are discovered by Aoi. By adding dimension to his character, we are able to look upon Byakuya with a fondness that is unique to him.

8. Odonna

As the innkeeper of Tenjin-ya and ogre god, Odonna has authority over many and influence that extends far beyond the inn. Although he appears to be in his early 20s, he is much older. Seen as a villain in the beginning of the anime, the tables quickly turn as his kindness and empathy show through. While Aoi is always aware that she must marry this ogre god in order to repay a debt for her grandfather, she quickly warms to the idea because of his many positive traits. His hard exterior and ever present warmth make him an interesting character that you can quickly grow to love.

7. Tsubaki Shiro

Tsubaki Shiro makes this list because he is the wheel that set in motion the turn of Aoi’s normal human life to her spirit world adventure. A drunk and trickster in his own time, he racked up quite a debt in the spirit world. However, while raising Aoi, he taught her the invaluable skill of cooking for spirits, a skill that she soon surpassed him at. While he was referenced often in the anime, we never see him interact outside of a few passing scenes of memories. However, without Tsubaki Shiro, this anime’s plot could never have been realized.

6. Ranmaru

In sharp contrast to his brother Ginji, Ranmaru is severe and no-nonsense in his approach to everything including his work and his family. With the ability to hold grudges for years, his family situation is tense to say the least. As the manager of Orio-ya, he has many responsibilities, none of which he takes lightly. He is manipulative and seemingly angry a lot of the time. Ranmaru easily gets stressed out when things don’t go his way, but he is dedicated to his job and wants everything to be perfect for the sake of his employees and guests making him an oddly selfless character.

5. Ginji

Fox demons are none too rare in anime. However, this one may surprise you from his kind heart to his admirable work ethic. Loyal to both family and coworkers alike, Ginji is one of the nicest and warmest characters that you could find out of any anime. As evidenced by his kindness shown to Aoi when she was a prisoner, he does not put himself above anyone below his station. His attitude allows him to occupy a place on our list.

4. Raiju

Not all intriguing characters are pleasant. After being alive for several thousand years, Raiju has grown bored of pretty much everything and being the kami of thunder and lightning leads him to be impulsive and mean. Creating chaos is what he does best and he travels to Orio-ya to simply see the ceremony fail. Creating problems where they need not be any is his favorite pastime and he takes pleasure in seeing Aoi and everyone around her run around trying to solve problems that he causes.

3. Ougon-douji

The mysterious Ougon-douji is the vital link that connects the rival inns of Tenjin-ya and Orio-ya. As the founder of both, this young girl is not what she seems and is arguably one of the strongest characters in all of Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi. She has the powers of paralysis and mind-control that make her deadly. However, we see this character in conflicting lights. She kidnaps Tsubaki Aoi but also helps her restaurant. With her unclear motives, she drives the plot forward and is ever present in our minds despite her limited screen time.

2. Tsubaki Aoi

While a human character may not seem that unusual in other anime, Tsubaki Aoi is towards the top of this list because of her uniqueness in the world of spirits alongside her incredible cooking ability. In the spirit world, humans are meant as a delectable treat, Aoi overcomes this stereotype by making herself invaluable to quite literally the whole world of spirits by creating food that is simply sinful. By allowing herself to not only be the fiancé of the ogre god but also create delicious food for all spirits that come to the inn and make it known around the world, she becomes an important character to us not only in the anime but also to the spirit world as a whole.

1. Umi-bouzu

Once thought to be a creature of mystery and anger whose wrath would bring destruction to the southern land, the Umi-bouzu is revealed to be a lonely and gentle soul. After Chibi looks upon his face, everyone in the ceremony looks on in fear, however, it is soon realized that the Umi-bouzu only leaves his confinement once every 100 years and seeks out both material pleasure and company. Tasked with keeping impurities out, his job is exhausting and lonely. He craves the company and beauty that he is able to witness but has been sad in the past because he has never had guests at his ceremonies. This small, child-like creature wishes only to have friends and company as a break from his constant solitude. This poor creature carries an important position that is vital for the whole spirit world and should not be taken lightly. As viewers, this creature makes you almost want to cry because of the constant loneliness that surrounds it while he undertakes such a difficult and important task. The Umi-bouzu is the ultimate intriguing creature in Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi because of its ambiguity. This kami is not dangerous and fearsome as initially thought but a gentle soul simply intent on helping.

Final Thoughts

There are so many characters in Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi that are strange and unique that it is hard to narrow it down into a list of ten. However, there are those that stand above the others in memorability. The characters in this list are those ones, the ones that aren’t necessarily the heroes or villains but have traits that allow them to not be one-dimensional. These characters have back stories and traits that are unique to each character which in turn adds depth to the anime.
We appreciate you reading our list of the top 10 most intriguing characters in Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi. If you have any feedback, questions or comments we encourage you to leave them in the comments section below. Thank you!

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