Top 10 Most Unique Kekkai Sensen & Beyond Characters

With the completion of Kekkai Sensen & Beyond, many happy memories were made. The story ultimately ended with some form of closure. To tell the truth, what made Kekkai Sensen so enjoyable is thanks to its cast of characters. However you may perceive it, there’s no denying that the cast of characters with their respective personality made you grin or even laugh out loud depending on the scenario.

The series also did a great job not only highlighting the goofy and funny side of the characters but also showed an amount of seriousness when they are forced into certain situations. The transition between being serious as in ready to save the world kill some monsters, to cussing out your fellow teammate and just playing the role of the jester in front of everybody, just feels so natural. It didn’t make the entire anime feel like it’s all fun and games. It packs suspense and excitement throughout the series, yet able to maintain its fun and whimsical side of things.

So in this Top 10 Most Unique Kekkai Sensen & Beyond Characters, we’ll talk more about those characters that made us fall head over heels for Kekkai Sensen, all over again!

10. Luciana Estevez

Starting off the list with number 10, we have Luciana Estevez! This character gives a new perspective to the saying “Is there a doctor in the house?” because of her cloning powers she is able to clone herself into many younger, mini versions of herself. This allows her to tend to the sick patients that come through the hospital.

In episode 2 of the series, we see Klaus having flashbacks of an incident involving
Luciana. When they met again on a mission, you can see they both respect each other. What’s made this character so unique is how passionate she is in handling patients, selfless to the point where she would gladly hand over her life to protect her patients. The mini-versions of Luciana is also cute though, speaking in a much younger voice. Her blood technique is Phardem Triga, where she utilises her cloning abilities to do multiple cuts using scalpels.

9. Klaus von Reinherz

Next, we have Klaus von Reinherz on the number 9 spot on the list. In hindsight, Klaus may come off as this serious and quiet dude which really goes to show how he takes his job as the leader of LIBRA seriously. To sum up Klaus’ character, he is the young sir that was born from a prestigious family and it reflects when you see him speak, as he always seems to be able to maintain his composure.

Because of his natural protective nature, he tends to worry about the well-being of others, like Leonardo Watch for one. If you noticed in the series, Klaus often gets in touch with the members of LIBRA to check on them if something were to come up. Although it has never been shown the true extent of Klaus’ powers, you can speculate how strong he is by observing how he uses his Blood Technique: The Brain Grid Blood Battle Style.

P.S. The animation of his blood technique is on fleek.

8. Gilbert F. Altstein

Moving on, we have Gilbert F. Altstein on the number 8 spot. Think of this character as the hidden member of LIBRA. If you have watched Hellsing before, then this character should resemble Walter C. Dornez. In the series, Gilbert is shown to be a man of few words. But you can always notice him shadowing Klaus, as he serves as a butler to Klaus often serving him tea.

In an episode where Gilbert was shown to be sick and temporarily substituted by Phillip Lenore, it highlights how powerful and formidable Gilbert can be. Despite having sustained injuries he was able to catch on into Phillip’s kidnapped brain. The entire episode becomes a testament to why Klaus had so much trust in Gilbert as his butler. It was even revealed in the series that Klaus won’t drink tea brewed by anybody else other than Gilbert.

As for his abilities, Gilbert possesses superhuman regeneration, rendering him almost invulnerable to deadly attacks. Another plus point for this character is his ‘batmobile’ that has been armed with enough weapons to take out an army of monsters.

7. Zed O'Brien

Next, we have Zed O'Brien on the number 7 spot on the list! If you watched the series from Season 1, then you would know that Zed O'Brien had the same blood technique as Zapp Renfro, that’s because they both trained from the same master. Despite that, Zed and Zapp had very different personalities. Contrary to Zapp, Zed is more quiet and serious, perhaps it’s due to his past of being raised in a test tube by an unknown Count.

Zed also bears insecurities, being half fish and half human, he struggles to fit in since he is neither both. In an episode of the series, it’s suggested that Zed finally found a place where he can truly fit in. LIBRA. Mermans have feelings too you know?

6. Chain Sumeragi

Meet the woman taking the number 6 spot on the list! As a fellow member of LIBRA, Chain Sumeragi can be seen mostly in her suit. You won't be able to find Chain wearing any other clothes. Think of her as the phantom member of LIBRA, she doesn't really show much interest in anything. But deep down, she is still a caring person.

You can notice this trait in an episode where Chain witnessed Leonardo getting mugged while passing by, yet she didn't do anything about it, leaving Leonardo to deal with things on his own... It was shown later that Chain stalked the thugs and got Leo his money back, plus a bit of revenge. Chain is also one of the few members of LIBRA that doesn't use a Blood Technique. Her ability renders her to 'erase her presence' making her able to pass through walls and even defy gravity, which is the reason why you would often see Chain sort of 'flying' through the city.

As someone who looks cold in the outside, it is hinted in the series that Chain Sumeragi has feelings for Steven A. Starphase, which is revealed in the series that Steven became the 'link' for Chain to counteract the side effects of her abilities.

5. Steven A. Starphase

Next, we have a man with class and style, Steven A. Starphase. Although Steven has a visible scar on his face, he has this gentleman-vibe that makes him more approachable. There isn't much to know about this man's past, but it is revealed that he has a lot of connections outside of his work. In an episode where Steven’s house party turned out to be a planned ambush attack by his guests, he remained calm and collected, revealing that he already knew what was happening when he first entered his house which was also the reason why he sent his maid, Vededd home early.

After the ambusher was frozen, large mysterious figures appear, when one of the guests thought it was Steven’s fellow comrades from LIBRA, Steven proceeded to say that his current Boss, (Klaus) will never allow the cruel fate that is going to befall upon them. When using his Blood Technique, Esmeralda Blood Freeze, Steven pronounces them in Spanish.

4. K.K.

Meet the marksman of LIBRA codenamed, K.K. K.K. is a loving mother, despite having a patched-up eye, she is the most respected sniper in LIBRA. She might seem cool and badass, but her personality is that of a gossip mom. Think of her as the Desperate Housewives character in Kekkai Sensen.

In the series, you will notice that she cares so much about her son, so much so that she became depressed over the fact that she had to potentially break her promise to her son again to attend her son’s bring your parents’ day. Her blood technique, 954 Blood Bullet Art is unique, since she uses her gun as a medium.

3. Sonic “Speed Monkey”

Taking the number 3 spot on the list by surprise is none other than Leonardo Watch’s trusted monkey partner, Sonic. The two met on the first episode of the first season of Kekkai Sensen and became attached since then. In terms of personality, Sonic is the timid type which goes very well with Leonardo. You will notice in the series that since Leonardo is such a weakling, he often gets mugged, and over 99% when that happens, Sonic would just straight up bounce.

With all that being said, Sonic may be a coward, but he ain’t dumb. In the series, Sonic is shown to poke Leonardo in the face alerting of his surroundings, concerned of his well being. It’s also implied that Sonic is able to understand human language, being able to obey the things Leonardo instructed him to conduct on missions.

2. Leonardo Watch

What could be more fitting to take the number 3 spot on the list other than Leonardo Watch! Having been gifted the All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods at the cost of his sister’s eyesight, Leonardo Watch set out to Hellsalem’s Lot in hopes of finding a way to cure his sister’s sight. Despite having possessed such a powerful ability, Leonardo doesn’t stray away from his true nature; a pacifist and gentle person.

You can see this often in the series, how Leonardo always gets mugged by stronger monsters, but Leonardo didn’t abuse his powers to harm them. As for his involvement in LIBRA, the other members grew attached to him, treating him like a young brother, except for Zapp, which may seem rough on the outside, but still cares about Leonardo.

1. Zapp Renfro

And the winner of the top 10 Most Unique Kekkai Sensen & Beyond characters is none other than Zapp Renfro! Zapp’s personality has always been fun to watch, ever since the first season of the series, the character showed potential to be likeable. I’m glad the writers gave more spotlight to this character. If you haven’t already seen Zapp, he is this perverted, zero-noodles-given kind of guy. To his teammates, he may seem loud and obnoxious, but he is a great guy nonetheless.

You will often see him throwing slurs and being harsh towards Leonardo, which is funny most of the times. Never worry Kekkai Sensen fans, Zapp gets a fair amount of abuse as well from Chain Sumeragi. As you can see in an earlier episode of the series, Chain Sumeragi often lands on Zapp’s face. She pretty much uses his face as a landing board. To sum it up, Zapp Renfro is amongst the top 3 most abused person in LIBRA, next to Leonardo Watch.

Upon being taught by the Blood Battle God Raju Jugei Shizuyoshi, Zapp Renfro uses the Big Dipper Blood Technique (Kagutsuchi Branch), the same blood technique that is also being used by Zed O’Brien since they both trained from the same master.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for the Top 10 Most Unique Kekkai Sensen & Beyond Characters! I really hope the editors announce the confirmation of a Season 3 to this great series. There’s more to be explored, the characters are so interesting and hold so much potential for more backstories! So the final question remains, which of the characters do you like the most? Be sure to comment below!

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