Top 10 Obsessive Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun (Clean Freak! Aoyama kun) Characters

Revolving around a freshman named Aoyama, Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun provides a comedic look at how an extreme germaphobe can still play a contact sport like soccer. Aoyama’s position as a midfielder on Fujimi High School’s soccer team gives this freshman a spotlight to showcase his extraordinary skill, which has even earned him a fan club! Afraid of contracting other people’s germs, he uses his unbelievable soccer abilities to avoid all physical contact with other players! His one of a kind form has caught the eye of many talent scouts across Japan, but he is insistent on playing for Fujimi, an underdog team.

A reoccurring theme in Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun are the obsessive tendencies of its characters. One does not necessarily have to be prone to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder like the main character; obsession can also be temporary, like a short-lived crush. Additionally, it can include anything from tangible objects to abstract conceptions.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the Top 10 Obsessive Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun Characters. The #1 spot will be awarded to the most obsessed person, while the #10 spot will describe someone with a weaker obsession.

10. Kazuma Sakai

Kazuma, a.k.a. the third stooge, fits right in with Jin and Taichi as part of the team’s troublemakers. He plays the position of defender on the team.

After changing his haircut to mimic Aoyama, Kazuma becomes increasingly narcissistic. Soon, he is writing and reciting absurd poetry, checking himself out in the mirror (more than usual), and generally trying to act cooler than an ice cube in a snow storm. His narcissistic obsession is strong enough to distance himself from his friends and his old habits of clowning around. Luckily, his egocentricity is short lived and he returns to being the same old Kazuma.

9. Miwa Takei

Miwa Takei is the no-nonsense coach of the boys’ soccer team at Fujimi High School. She and Moka Gotou often work together to ensure that the team is in proper condition to make it to the finals.

Some obsessions aren’t quite as noticeably neurotic as cleaning or kissing your own reflection; some can be practiced in private, behind closed doors. This is the case with Coach Miwa, who surprisingly, seems to be fixated with an anime called Soccer Boyfriend. For just a handful of minutes during Episode 9, we can see a totally different side of Miwa; the rare female otaku! Evident from the abundance of Soccer Boyfriend paraphernalia, she is a hopeless romantic for one of the characters, Makio. She even has a body pillow of him!

8. Akira Takechi

Akira plays as a forward for Oshigami-Minami High School’s soccer team, a rival team to Fujimi. He persistently badgers Aoyama to join his team instead, having been fellow player a few years previous.
Akira has a certain *ahem* shall we say, passion, for showing off his ripped abdominal muscles. He does it so often that some people must think that it’s some sort of bizarre greeting!

7. Taichi Yoshioka

When this gentle giant isn’t playing soccer, Taichi is probably hanging out with his good friends, Jin and Kazuma. Due to his size and skills, Taichi is positioned as a defender.

Okay, let’s be honest: Akira accepting a challenge from the fat guy to an eating contest? Not a very smart move! Despite losing, Akira did a rather commendable job; so give him a pat on the back- but not too hard or he’ll throw up all that food he just ate! Taichi, on the other hand, completed the match with relative ease, even downing an extra-large strawberry parfait for dessert. His obsession is pretty easy to guess; the guy loves to eat!

6. Yuri Tamura

She is the girlfriend to the Captain of the Fujimi High School soccer team. Although given relatively little screen time, she is usually seen around Ishikawa or she can be found at soccer matches and practice games.
Constantly cheering from the sideline, Yuri is a devoted member of the Aoyama fan club. Unfortunately for Ishikawa, she has caught a bad case of Aoyama Mania (a bug that seems to be going around the whole school) because she only has eyes for the handsome midfielder instead of the Captain himself. Her obsession of rooting for her boyfriend’s teammate is worrying enough, but then Ishikawa gives in and begins to participate too!

5. Shion Narita

Shion Narita is a fellow classmate of Aoyama, and secretly, a fellow germaphobe. Preferring to interact with others via a proxy, he spends his free time playing the online game, Beast Hunter.

While online, Shion doesn’t have to have direct physical contact with anyone; the perfect solution for a germaphobe who wants to socialize! School is a different story, however, and he politely hides his anti-germ fixation behind a mask of indifference. Resisting the urge to obsessively clean everything around him is difficult, but he understands that it can be viewed as a social faux pas, especially in the conform-or-die environment of high school and thusly keeps it to himself as much as he can stand it.

4. Atsumu Ozaki

At school, Ozaki is a quiet student, and remains fairly unnoticed. Secretly, Ozaki is a popular mangaka (meaning manga artist) and creator of the hit manga, Save The World. Some of the students at his school even read it, unknowingly in sitting in the very same classroom as the author!

As writers tend to do, Ozaki draws from his own experiences when creating a new villain for his manga. The character, named The Blue Wizard, is based on Aoyama and appears to be born from Ozaki’s jealousy of Aoyama. The hope is that by introducing the unpleasant evildoer, fans will strongly side with the protagonist. If viewed from a psychological perspective, Ozaki is represented by the protagonist and Aoyama by the antagonist. Surprisingly, his plan to make an unlikable opponent backfires and The Blue Wizard skyrockets in popularity with the readers, even more so than the main character! Ozaki becomes obsessed with destroying the fanbase behind the villain, trying everything he can think of to undo what he did.

3. The Judo Teacher

He regularly praises Tsubasa as his Judo prodigy, and he believes that the student will make it big one day in competition. Little does he know that Tsubasa has fallen in love with the soccer team manager, Moka Gotou.

When Tsubasa quits the sport that he has been practicing all of his life in order to join the soccer team, his teacher freaks out and begins to secretly stalk his former student. Have you ever impersonated a shrub or hid in a public trashcan in order to be near someone without their knowledge? The Judo teacher has; and he takes stalking Tsubasa to a whole new level by showing us that with the right training, equipment, and lack of a restraining order, you too can obsessively follow someone around in secret! What the hell did this guy do before becoming a high school judo teacher, Special Ops work?! Or perhaps he was an amateur ninja? Gotou could learn a thing or two from the judo teacher because she isn’t fooling anyone awkwardly hiding by crouching behind benches and bushes.

2. Moka Gotou

Moka is a freshman at Fujimi High School. At first glance, timid and unassuming Moka Gotou appears to be a relatively normal high school student, but mess with Aoyama and you will get a different picture of her psyche.

Harboring a serious crush for Aoyama, Moka’s obsessive behavior practically screams “NOTICE ME, SENPAI!” Equal parts sweet, awkward, and scary, her obsession seems to take up most of her spare time after school. Her hobbies include lock picking, Aoyama-kun, sewing, Aoyama-kun, managing the boys soccer team, Aoyama-kun, cleaning, and Aoyama-kun. Basically, she is living that “Aoyama Life” 24/7/365.

1. Aoyama-kun

The main character of Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun, Aoyama can leave a first impression of being boring and aloof. His monotone and emotionless temperament contrast the archetypical normative found in most popular anime. Don’t be fooled, though; Aoyama has a deeper, more expressive side of himself that occasionally surfaces in certain conditions. Despite his shortcomings, Aoyama is well-liked by his male classmates and even regarded as a heartthrob among the female ones.

Germs. Bacteria. Microorganisms. Dust. Dirt. No-see-ums. Subatomic particles. All shall perish under Aoyama-kun’s mighty scrub brush and a generous spray of extra-strength bleach. Hopefully, you have surmised that Aoyama’s obsession is neurotic cleaning! An ever-present issue, his germaphobia is so strong that he even refuses to let anyone prepare his food out of fear of contamination. The obsession consumes his lifestyle, both on and off the field, making it difficult to do even the simplest, mundane tasks. Despite this hindrance, Aoyama still manages to find a way to make it all work.

Final Thoughts

There you have it; those were the Top 10 Obsessive Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun Characters. Some obsessions were only temporary and rather insignificant, whereas others are seemingly permanent. Whether it’s just an idea, a behavior, or something more solid, these characters cling to fixations that sometimes become borderline creepy but still funny overall!

Which character’s obsession did you find to be the most entertaining? Whose obsession would you have liked to see more of? As always, thank you for reading!

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