[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Aoyama Highlights - Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun

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Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Comedy, Sports, Seinen
  • Airing Date: Jul 3, 2017 to Sep 18, 2017
  • Producers: Sotsu, TMS Entertainment,Pony Canyon, KlockWorx, Tokyo MX,East Japan Marketing & Communications

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun Preview (No Spoilers)

For all sport lovers, the anime of the previous season was Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun. Created by Taku Sakamoto in 2017, the anime was released shortly after, produced by Pony Canyon, among other studios. Part of a long tradition of soccer animated in Japan, this story brought us a different angle of being a super star player. Yes, we will always need discipline. Yes, we will also need all the effort. And of course, we need teamwork and to never give up. However, Aoyama-kun is a protagonist who brings us cleanliness to the soccer field (and in what a way!). But which other characteristics make Aoyama-kun a memorable character? Keep reading to find out!

Aoyama Bio

Voice: Ryotaro Okiayu and Sara Matsumoto

The complete name of Aoyama-kun is a mystery, as we only know a few things about him. What can be sure is that he must be between 15 and 16 years old, as he attends High School. Aoyama-kun is also a member of the Soccer Club, where Aoyama is one of the most popular players. Since the very first episode, it is clear that this guy is different from his classmates. But let’s get more in depth about the reasons! Just be careful, as there will be minor spoilers along the way. You have been warned!

Aoyama Highlights

1. His Good Looks

We all know that sports people tend to have well toned muscles, and the Fujimi High School Soccer Club team is not an exception. Several of the members are very good looking and a couple of them are considered popular among the ladies. However, since Aoyama-kun entered the club, he has caught the attention of everyone. One of the reasons is that he is reasonably handsome.

Just look at Aoyama-kun! Those grey-green eyes are so intense, especially when he is cleaning something or playing soccer! Aoyama-kun also knows how to carry himself with dignity. That serious face is just the type that awakens the curiosity of his admirers and sends both hearts and minds straight into romantic fantasies!

2. His Cleaning Freakiness

OK, we had to talk about this one because it is the most salient characteristic of Aoyama-kun. Just by looking at the team line up, we notice how he wears gloves. If anyone ever thought Aoyama-kun was a bit distant or cold because of some sort of smugness or arrogance, well, they are wrong. Aoyama-kun simply has a grave case of germaphobia - that is, fear of germs.

So, what does it implicate for Aoyama-kun? For starters, he cannot touch other people (except Mio, of course, but that is another story). He also states that he chose Fujimi High School because of the uniqueness of its bathrooms (they have bidets). Aoyama-kun is such a fan of cleanliness that he even gladly stays after class to clean everything up.

3. His Soccer Hobby

Extra scholar activities are important venues for students in Japan. Here, they can unwind up from classes, get to meet people their age and make friends while they do something they like. Sometimes the activity itself is not as important as the good moments you share with your fellow club members. With that said, it is a surprise that the usually distant Aoyama-kun joined the soccer club.

Not that the other members complain much, though. After some doubts about Aoyama’s abilities n the field (quickly dispelled once it was obvious the guy does have talent. We mean, who is capable of playing for Japan’s U16??), our protagonist has proved again and again that he is a valuable team mate. His uniform has the number 10 and he plays the midfield. We know his movements are limited due to his extreme cleanliness, but just imagine if he was not afraid of germs! Aoyama-kun probably would be a better player, although not half as entertaining! And well, he nearly becomes normal a little bit of time before finishing a game, because he knows the shower will be waiting for him. Aoyama-kun also hates to lose, so his interest in soccer is authentic.

4. His Popularity

Another characteristic of the student body in Japan is that they tend to organize clubs for people they admire. Yes, idols and very famous people have dedicated clubs, but also people that is a bit talented and well known among a small community count. We can see that Aoyama-kun has everything to attract his own fandom: he’s got the looks, the personality and great ability as a sportsman. And well, soccer has always attracted admiration anyway :p

However, another reason why Aoyama-kun might be popular is that he basically is a freak who does not care about what people might think about his freakiness. As we stated before, several people on the soccer team were not amused to have him around. Did Aoyama feel uncomfortable and quit the team? Nope! He just did his thing and, although not everyone respects him, they still work as a team, right? Also, it is endearing to which extend his fans can understand his quirks and care about him. Just watch how Moka Goto guards him from all the germs with a bat!

5. His Hilarious Adventures

One could think at first that Aoyama-kun is not funny, but when he says that every decision he makes is to maximize cleanliness, it can be simply hilarious. For example, Aoyama-kun confesses he started playing soccer because he does not have to soil his hands. He names his favorite toilet and even arrives late to practice because he was cleaning it. We can see his quirkiness is funny combined with the straight face in which he explains everything.

Perhaps the most hilarious scenes we have in this anime are with Saizen. We could say he is the opposite to Aoyama-kun, as his head is only in the game and could be considered more like the classical soccer player. Saizen gets soooo irritated with Aoyama-kun that he loses his cool easily, screaming orders to him. However, it does not matter how much Saizen gets angry with Aoyama, our protagonist simply keeps being who he is: an eccentric soccer super star.

Final Thoughts

Japanese humor is not for everyone, especially if it has some introverted cultural characteristics. See, when Aoyama-kun puts all his focus in his passion (soccer), he does not voice it out aloud or boasts about it. Nope, he concentrates and simply does what he has to do to win. He also takes care of the club room although nobody gives him this task in particular, and brushes the soccer balls thoroughly. For the hard working Japanese, these are all signs of taking something seriously. Acts, otakus, not words.

Aoyama-kun and his companions show us also that being quirky is perfectly fine. Just be yourself and one day, with hard work and practice, you can also shine just like Aoyama-kun does. So, do tell us, what do you like best about our protagonist? Don’t forget that we are open to all your comments and suggestions. See you soon¬!

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