Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

Prison School excels in two things: ecchi fanservice and comedy. Well, technically for Prison School, those are one in the same, really. However, Prison School does it all so well! Of course, we wouldn’t get any of all those oh so great comedic moments without the perverted characters of Prison School. Yes, that’s right! We said perverted characters!

You can have as much ecchi as you want, but the perverts in Prison School really make this anime one hot commodity. However, which characters really take it over the top? Well, read on and find out because this is our list of top 10 perverted Prison School characters. Don’t miss out!

Beware of possible spoilers.

10. Takenomiya Kate

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

Kate may seem like a minor character, but she’s not one to be forgotten! Kate is the president of the official Student Council, which acts differently from the Underground Student Council (USC). The first real thing we learn about Kate is how she used to bully Meiko when they were young over the size of her breasts, giving Meiko low self-confidence.

For all intents and purposes, Kate is showed very few times in Prison School. We see the USC more than we see the official student council, but how can you deny how perverted she is? Despite being the supposedly fair class president, Kate forces her hand on the Chairman to imprison the USC in the prison school. While it sounds fair for all their crimes, but what type of class president imprisons students? Now that’s a perverted sense of justice. Let us not forget her middle school fixation on Meiko and her breasts, leading to bullying in the process! That’s just too much perversion in more ways than one!

9. Kurihara Mari

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

If you didn’t guess it, Kurihara Mari is the older sister of Chiyo, as well as the president of the Underground Student Council (USC). Mari is adamantly opposed to the idea of boys attending Hachimitsu Private Academy and will do everything in her power to ensure that the boys get expelled. Mari loves her younger sister, Chiyo, but greatly dislikes her father. Rather than befriending people, Mari has an affinity towards crows, usually utilizing crows to be her spies and do her bidding.

For those of you who are wondering, Mari made it to our list of perverted Prison School characters because she really knows how to pervert justice! Yes, enjoy that word play. Mari takes justice to a whole new level by imprisoning our main characters in the Prison School for the perverse act of peeping! Mari doesn’t even bat an eyelash when Meiko physically punishes the boys because peeping deserves a good beating, right? Beatings, terrible food, and uncomfortable prison cells; Mari really knows how to give justice so it hurts.

8. Fujino Kiyoshi

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

Kiyoshi is the main protagonist of Prison School and quite evidently, the least perverted out of the five boys in Hachimitsu Private Academy. Kiyoshi has a crush on Chiyo. Kiyoshi is also quite loyal to his friends, as shown when he protects Gakuto from being blamed for his escape.

While Kiyoshi may not be the most perverted out of all the boys, it is quite evident that he is a pervert nonetheless! Kiyoshi is a little slow on the uptake, but once he realizes the perverted fantasies of his friends, he also engages in those same fantasies! Kiyoshi may be a bit girl obsessed too because he’s willing to risk it all to go on a date with Chiyo. We definitely can’t blame Kiyoshi for cross-dressing to go on that date! Despite being ecchi, Kiyoshi is clearly a gentleman to Chiyo. He’s not one to have quick fingers and Kiyoshi even forces himself to eat plain onigiri to make her happy. Perverts can make good boyfriends, girls!

7. Wakamoto Shingo

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

Shingo is a friend of Kiyoshi’s from middle school who is highly pessimistic and narcissistic. Shingo is more than willing to make decisions that benefit himself by stating it’s for the greater good of the group, when in fact it isn’t. Although he gives Kiyoshi a lot of grief for making selfish decisions that extend their sentence, Shingo does the same. Most of the time, Shingo is quite negative, often complaining about their prison sentence and griping about every little thing.

Shingo might appear at first as the good-looking, suave boy who has it all, but he’s on this list of hentai characters for a reason so don’t you dare write him off! Shingo is quick to jump on ideas like peeping on girls and has no qualms about putting his friends in jeopardy to meet up with Anzu. Shingo is also one of the boys who enjoys the first wave of physical punishment enacted by Meiko. Of course, who doesn’t, right? When you can’t talk to a girl, why not get punished by one?

6. Shiraki Meiko

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

Meiko is the dedicated friend and subordinate of Mari. Often scantily clad and equipped with a horse whip, Meiko watches over the five male prisoners of Prison School. Meiko is known to be a sadist and a misandrist. When she has spare time, Meiko spends it building her strength by doing various bodyweight exercises like pushups and squats, which she does in heels! Once, Meiko was a shy young girl who was bullied, but upon meeting Mari, Meiko has grown confident and strong.

As a perverted character, Meiko seems like an obvious choice, but of course, she doesn’t have any ecchi tendencies. Meiko just shows off a little more than necessary all over! Of course, Meiko deserves her position on this list of perverted Prison School characters because she has no qualms about giving out all the punishments as an S, but Meiko also has no qualms about getting punished, especially by Mari, as an M. Maybe she’s both? It must be so conflicting; maybe that’s why she sweats!

5. Morokuzu Takehito “Gakuto”

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

Morokuzu Takehito is commonly referred to by Gakuto. While Gakuto was imprisoned for the crime of peeping on the girls in the bath, Gakuto’s true love is the Three Kingdoms. You can often hear him shout out his love for 2D figures. Of the five prisoners, Gakuto is clearly the smartest and most clever as he may appear to be losing his mind when in fact, he has something up his sleeve. Never underestimate a megane character!

Sometimes it’s just hard to tell whether Gakuto cares more about girls or Three Kingdoms. Gakuto does not even hesitate to peep on the girls’ bath in the beginning, nor does he dislike some of the physical punishments he gets at the hand of Meiko. Gakuto surely isn’t averse to seeing all the parts that Meiko reveals to him during their punishments. Yet sometimes, his obsession with 2D takes over so he’s willing to do ridiculous things like pulling down Mari’s skirt or shitting his pants in public to get his way. Isn’t that clever? Now, just which part of Gakuto is more ecchi: his obsession with the 2D or the side of him that loves girls?

4. Nezu Jouji “Jo”

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

Nezu Jouji, usually referred to as Jo, is a rather sickly and gaunt individual whose face is hidden by the hood he wears. You can often see Jo coughing violently and most times, he coughs up blood! When he’s not terrifying you by coughing, Jo will terrify you with his obsession over his ants, which he can tell differentiate and call by name. Just don’t step on his ants; Jo will not forgive you for such treachery! Jo shall give his all to protect his dear friends the ants!

Jo may be sickly, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the same amount of hormones coursing through his veins like any other teenage boy. Jo may be quiet but that doesn’t mean he’s not perverted. Jo has the tendency to mutter perverted comments under his breath as well as make crude jokes. Jo also seems to quite enjoy a little physical punishment, as seen when Meiko brutally beats the boys in the beginning of the anime. Even if you don’t think Jo’s ant obsession is perverse, there is a lot about him that makes him one hell of a pervert!

3. Chairman Kurihara

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

Another Kurihara? Yes, that’s right: Chiyo and Mari’s father is the Chairman of Hachimitsu Private Academy! The Chairman, who is never directly called by any name except Chairman, is quite protective of his two daughters, going so far as to increase the boys’ expulsion when he discovers that Kiyoshi broke out to go on a date with Chiyo. Chairman has a strong sense of justice and fairness, which he has used to help the boys in the end.

There is no denying just how ecchi the Chairman can be. It’s one of the reasons why his own daughter, Mari, hates him. We usually catch the Chairman watching porn or gazing at his photo collection of South American women. He even gets caught attempting to bury his photo collection, only to dig it back up later! The Chairman is a true pervert, which you can see just from the mouse pad he uses for his “wrist pain”. Now, which do you prefer: breasts or ass?

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

2. Midorikawa Hana

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

Hana is a third-year student who excels in karate amongst inter-high school league. Hana has shown that she has quite the temper as she is quick to get made at Kiyoshi for embarrassing her so often. On the other hand, Hana is quite reserved. She wears leggings underneath her skirt and an undershirt, unlike Meiko. While Hana can come off as a psycho, she is very loyal to Mari showing that she has a somewhat gentle side of her.

Hana is all sorts of crazy from her temperament to her strange sense of justice. Hana is constantly getting caught in compromising positions and losing her virtue by way of Kiyoshi. She even gets peed on by Kiyoshi! So what does she do then? Hana deviates a plot to pee on Kiyoshi herself! Now that’s just perverted! These types of incidents keep escalating and while Hana didn’t intentionally become one, she is no doubt a pervert!

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

1. Andou Reiji “Andre”

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

If you can’t remember who Andre is, he is the rather large individual with a small face who has you falling over with laughter at every turn! Andre, as his physical appearance does indicate, can be a big marshmallow when it comes to his friends. He cares for their well-being, especially Jo’s. Andre is one of the most emotionally involved in the friendship between the five boys. Although Andre may appear to be all fat, he has proven himself to be one of the strongest amongst the five boys.

Out of the five boys, Andre is clearly the most ecchi! Right from the beginning, Andre is a very hard M (masochist) who wants nothing more than to be punished by Meiko in every way possible. Andre even keeps a diary about it! Andre even enjoys the idea of being subjugated to do things like lick Meiko’s boot. How can he not be #1 on our list? Andre finds pleasure in all the ways Meiko treats him, but he’ll practically waste away without physical punishment. Andre is a man whose one devotion is to sadists. Now that is a pervert!

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters

Final Thoughts

Prison school has so much going on for it, but clearly, it’s the perverted characters that really make Prison School one of the best comedies of 2015. Yes, there’s a lot of fan service, but it’s not for ogling as it is for making fun of. That’s why this funny ecchi anime is an anime for all types! It’s hard to hate Prison School for all the fan service!

Now, for all you Prison School fans out there, do you have any suggestions to add to our list? Who is your favorite perverted character in Prison School?

Prison-School-Capture-700x394 Top 10 Perverted Prison School Characters


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