Top 10 Pokemon that Should Have Been in Island Scan for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Today, we are here to talk about a brand new feature that has been introduced in generation seven of the Pokémon franchise. That’s right, as we are sure you ascertained it from the title, today, we are talking about the feature that was supposed to force you to continue to play the game for a month at the very least after its release, assuming you did everything correctly, Island Scan. What is Island Scan? Well, in case you missed this feature, let’s catch you up to speed.

With the advent of the original Sun and Moon games—not the shoulda-been-9.99-DLC later installments—Nintendo, or whomever decided it was a good idea–released a boatload of QR codes online that are for each of the Pokémon, including those debuting in seventh gen, along with all of their shiny forms as separate codes. This allowed players to scan codes and record Pokémon, especially those not immediately available in the games, into their Pokedexes. One island scan activation recharges every two hours, so one can do just over 10 in a day…. Till someone got smart and the internet happened and we learned that there are 10 codes worth 20 points that you can scan daily to get the island scan pokes twice as fast.

Some of the island scan Pokémon from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon rock. Others, however, leave a bit to be desired. (Scatterbug? Really?) Sure, you can put them into teams and run special sets for them, but some of them are still as close as Gen 6, with normal catch rates, and some even repeat in both games! So, for this list today, we are going to look at 10 great Pokémon in one way or another that would have made cool additions to your team or our team via Island Scan. Since the advent of Pokémon bank has made it easier to transfer pokes, we did try to shy away from those who are easily transferable, but hey, not everyone wants to pay more than the games. One big factor we did look at was all of those poor pokes who were shafted massively in Gen 6 with the “friend safari” and then later, the “mirage” locations. The other factor that was considered was if there was only 1 of these Pokémon meaning you really gotta go and work for it if you want it *cough* salamence on route 3 *cough* Give them a fighting chance!

10. Munna

First up, we have that staple psychic type from gen 5 that everyone really didn’t know about but was accessible early making it easy to use, Munna. More specifically, Musharna. First, Munna would have been a fun addition to the team and an alternative for those who did not want to waste 10 balls at a point in the game, when they cost a lot, on Abra. Plus, regardless if you get Alakazam fast in-game, he still goes down like a hot air balloon with a good hit. Munna, and then eventually Musharna, has fantastic stats for both defenses and HP and a very good special attack. You don’t need speed when you can take hits. Plus, with access to Calm Mind and Moonlight, your poke will not be going anywhere fast. Also, let’s not even kid, the shiny for Musharna is kick-ass.

9. Wobuffet

Wobuffet is quite possibly one of the most iconic Pokémon after Pikachu and a few others. With it’s very odd movepool and stats, Wobuffet would have been a fun addition to anyone’s team. Even if you don’t know how to use it, you still can figure it out with mirror Coat and Counter. Much like with Munna above, Wobuffet is pure Psychic type but still leaves plenty of room to have fun. The Shadow Tag ability is sure to wreak havoc on teams whether they were trainers or people you played online. Plus, could you imagine trying to take this bad boy down enough in health to catch it without being wiped out in the process? Good luck!

8. Tangela

I’m not gonna say that the newer grass pokes aren’t the greatest, I am just saying that Tangela would have fit right in with them with its abysmal speed. Tangela gets you Tangrowth which gets you an OU pivot on your team. Not to mention too, you can get access to Wake-Up Slap in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon via breeding. You can also play with Shock Wave for those pesky flying types. Sure, Tangrowth is slow, but consider how slow pre-Elite Four everything is in Sun and Moon. Tangrowth would fit right in and wreak havoc upon Alola.

7. Vespiquen

Note that we went with Vespiquen over Combee. You know why, don’t ask. Vespiquen is another one of those pokes that came from gen four, not the last one on this list *hint hint* and with its unique moves and diverse moveset, plus the abundance of bug Pokémon, Vespiquen would fit right in. Now that it can get access to Tailwind, it could get in there and stall out those other heavy hitters and then take them out with either its own flying move, or use something like Defend Order to boost its already good defense even higher making it all the more dangerous. This, along with Wobuffet, is another Pokémon that players could have fun with both in-game and post-game.

6. Nidoran♂

Come on. You know how famous this line is due to how broken he was in Gen one. While he has been nerfed considerably since then, and for good reason, with the abundance of Fairy types and the overall lack of strong psychic types, the male Nidoran line could have a lot of fun if you were given access to him early on in Island Scan. The other fun factor is the fact that Nidoking would basically out speed most of the game with his base 85 speed stat. Finally, have you seen the tutor moves that he can learn on Serebii? If not, you should. There are just so many good moves that you have a lot that you would be mistaken to skip over him. Nirdoran♂ gets access to a lot of good moves that the possibilities are great.

5. Bronzong

The selection for Bronzong is a lot like it was for Nidoran♂. He would rip through fairy types and there are not a whole lot of fire types meaning that he can sit pretty high and mighty for a lot of the game. Plus, the benefit of being able to act like a wall against just about almost anything, Bronzong really is not going to be hard up for anything. Levitate will keep Ground-types away, so all he really needs is someone to come in to take out those Ghost and Dark-types. Or, you could teach him Shadow Ball and then Bronzong really just has to worry about Dark-types and a random Fire move. Plus, with Bronzong not really getting a whole lot of love since Gen four, now would be a great time for it to make a comeback!

4. Gliscor

You and I both know that the reason why Gliscor was cut out of Sun and Moon was because it would be so fast that it would devastate anything it went up against. With a stellar 125 in defense and a 95 in speed, you are going to get nowhere fast against this monstrosity. Unless you happen to have an ice move to which it is 4x weak. With Poison Heal and a Toxic Orb, you would be well on your way to having some fun. Gliscor can learn so many moves especially in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, it has nothing to be worried about. STAB Earthquake would get those pesky Ice-types and you could have Tangela come in for those Water-types! Easy!

3. Excadrill

Excadrill was a terror in fifth gen and that is probably why they did not really make it accessible in the sixth generation. It was there, but just given the terrible friend safari and mirage island treatment. So chances are, you did not find it since it was up to chance. Excadrill was probably banned because essentially it has Gliscor-esque speed with Tangrowth’s Attack. With a bounty of HP at its disposal as well, unless you managed to really land a critical, chances are that Excadrill is going to come back and hit hard. That 135 attack is no joke, and since it was so fast—its base speed is 88—it is able to tear through things mercilessly. That is why this amazing Pokémon was essentially banned. Sun and Moon was all about the slow generation, so sadly, you were going to have to trade to get it.

2. Donphan

Donphan was technically available in the safari zone in OR & AS, but let’s be honest, no one likes the safari zone in any game since it is so much more difficult than the rest of the game. Donphan would have made an excellent debut in sun and moon. Considering the poor thing has unbalanced stats with its top heavy HP, Attack, and Defense, but terrible speed, it would have done well within the game. Heck, we would have been happy with an Alolan form over the new Geodude line… But back to Ultra Sun and Moon, Ice-types would run from an Earthquake, it can now learn Bounce for Grass-types. It can even learn Seed Bomb to help with water types. In reality, Donphan would be hard pressed to be outpowered. Sure, legendaries could do something, but they would not be able to OKHO it without either an entry hazard or somehow breaking its sturdy. Donphan would terrorize the game nonstop and that is a fact.

1. Spiritomb

Was there ever any doubt that Spiritomb would be here? Yes, you can technically find it OR & AS, but it is so late in the game, that by that point, you really can’t enjoy using it because everything is powerful or has to be powerful. They have given us all of the starters in these games via island scan, so why not let us have some fun with Spiritomb? This awesome Pokémon only sports one weakness. It can be taught Foul Play in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon meaning that you don’t need to rely on Sucker Punch to try and do damage. Get the jump on your enemy with a good set of Physical EV training, and you don’t need to worry about much. Plus, with its Defenses, Spiritomb is not going anywhere fast. Just make sure it has something to whittle down or you have another poke *cough* excadrill *cough* to take out those pesky Fairy-types. Yet another reason that Nidoran♂ would have made an excellent appearance here! Plus, I mean, look at its base Speed. It would out-speed like half of the game.

Final Thoughts

With that our list of Island Scan pokes, we would have loved to have seen in the newest installments in the Pokémon franchise comes to a close. Obviously, this is a list that Honey’s Anime has come up with and it is pokes that WE would like to see, so it is going to be subjective to a certain extent. What are your thoughts on what we want to see? What are some pokes you would have loved to have seen in the island scan that are difficult to get? Be sure to let us know down below. Till next time!

Nidoran-pokemon-Wallpaper Top 10 Pokemon that Should Have Been in Island Scan for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon


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