Top 10 Powerful Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Characters

The world of Magi is perhaps one of the most well-built, well-thought fantasy set out of the currently running shounen manga. Its prequel, Magi: Sinbad no Bouken, is currently serialized along with the actual Magi manga, even if published in a different magazine, is a testament on how much readers are interested in not only the adventures of Aladdin and Alibaba, but also the characters that wrote the history of the world of Magi, and mainly, the adventure of Sinbad himself.

Considering the existence of dungeons in Magi only began when after Sinbad was born, it is also interesting to note that this prequel has a lot less intriguing politics and extreme magic battles. We get to see how Sinbad and his friends cultivate their power and grow to be very powerful, and later dangerous, individuals. Here’s ten characters we handpicked to showcase how powerful and dangerous the characters in Magi: Sinbad no Bouken are!

10. Serendine Parthevia

Magi-Sinbad-no-Bouken-Wallpaper-20160719230705-659x500 Top 10 Powerful Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Characters

The infamously tomboy Princess of Parthevia, Serendine is a very proud Princess who was nicknamed The Venomous Spider Princess of Parthevia. Rather than being treated as a Princess, Serendine would rather be treated as a warrior. In her first appearances, it seemed that Serendine is nothing more than a privileged Princess who took her position for granted and would abuse her power, attacking innocent civilians and threatening them with torture if they so much as speak ill of her father, but as the story goes on, we were shown how Serendine fought her way out of Parthevia after a coup, how she later came to terms with her own self and grew stronger, proving herself to be more than just an obnoxious Princess she might have seemed at first.

Serendine’s power lies not only in her pride and swordsmanship. Her specialty is using poison—it was stated that she had learned to make a hundred different kinds of poison from all over the world, which came in handy in Heliohapt when she discovered that the mysterious ‘curse’ befalling the country was actually murders by poison. As a pure-blood royalty, Serendine is also very capable in handling diplomatic relations, and even won against Sinbad in Zepar’s trial of battle of words, earning herself Zepar as her Djinn, and making her one of the Dungeon Conquerors.

9. Mistoras Leoxses

Magi-Sinbad-no-Bouken-Wallpaper-20160719230705-659x500 Top 10 Powerful Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Characters

The son of Darius Leoxses, the current Knight King of Sasan, and the older brother of Spartos, whom everyone is more familiar with in the original Magi series. Despite the fact that Sasan is a closed-off, conservative country, Mistoras dreamt to see the outside world. Listening to Sinbad recounting his adventures made his conviction stronger, to the point that Mistoras decided to defy his father by withdrawing from the Knights—a decision he could only come out of alive if he could win against the senior Knights, including his own father. He was later defeated by his father, but only because Darius had used the power of Djinn to do so.

Mistoras’ skill as a Knight might not be highlighted very often in the series, but he is actually a very skillful and precise spearman. Mistras was noted to be very courageous and has a very strong conviction. In the recent chapters showing the trials in Zepar’s dungeon, Mistoras had to fight against Hinahoho, and proved that he’s capable to stand against an Imuchakk, whose size and power vastly surpass normal humans such as himself. With his bravery, conviction and precision, Mistoras would definitely grow into a powerful ally for Sinbad.

8. Rametoto

Magi-Sinbad-no-Bouken-Wallpaper-20160719230705-659x500 Top 10 Powerful Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Characters

One of the most physically threatening characters in the series, Rametoto is the National Chief of the Imuchakk Tribe, the first ally Sinbad made in the Seven Seas Alliance. Being one of the Imuchakk, of course, Rametoto is physically humongous, with an ‘X’-shaped scar across his face. Scary enough to make even Sinbad be on his toes, when they requested an audience with Rametoto!

His threatening looks aside, Rametoto is a wise ruler who believed that anyone could be strong if they tried hard enough. He wields, like any other Imuchakk, a harpoon made of Rampaging Unicorn’s horn, and was the one to scare away Sham Lash once Sinbad and the others surfaced from Valefor dungeon. Rametoto would later be one of the Dungeon Conquerors as well, with his own metal vessel and Djinn. Deeply respected by his people, with considerably frightening power in his hands over the whole tribe along with his own strength, Rametoto was definitely not someone you should mess around with.

7. Rurumu

Magi-Sinbad-no-Bouken-Wallpaper-20160719230705-659x500 Top 10 Powerful Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Characters

If her father is physically threatening, Rurumu is exactly the opposite: her power doesn’t lie in simply strength, but also womanly charm. If there was a woman that neither Ja’far nor Sinbad dares to defy, that would be Rurumu. As an Imuchakk, she’s physically huge, like her father, and she’s even almost as tall as her husband Hinahoho, but she’s considered to be the most beautiful girl in the village. Rurumu is the mother-figure of the group—she gave birth to five children for Hinahoho, she’s very kind and nurturing. Most importantly, Rurumu’s also very, very strict.

While most of the characters listed here was chosen because of their skill as warriors or battle prowess, Rurumu is here because the sheer respect she commanded among Sinbad and his people. She’s very intelligent—she’s the one who taught both Sinbad and Ja’far not only to read and write, but also how to conduct themselves in the world of merchants. Her time to shine came when Sinbad was held hostage by Madaura. In Sinbad’s absence, Rurumu took over the Sindria Trading Company as a temporary Head of Company, and devised a plan to both free Sinbad and take down Madaura’s company in one fell swoop. Certainly not someone you should just side-glance at!

6. Masrur

Magi-Sinbad-no-Bouken-Wallpaper-20160719230705-659x500 Top 10 Powerful Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Characters

While in Magi, we get to see a grown-up Masrur who is tall and muscular, in Magi: Sinbad no Bouken, we get to see the tiny thing that was Masrur when he was seven years old. Tiny that he was, though, being a Fanalis, Masrur has already developed muscles and was already a gladiator in Reim’s Colosseum as Madaura’s champion. He defeated Sinbad in the Colosseum, which led Madaura to earn the right of having Sinbad as her slave. However, his steadfastness and his warrior gaze was also what brought Sinbad back to his senses, and in the end, Masrur came back along with Sinbad and the others as a treasured member of Sindria Trading Company.

Like other Fanalis, Masrur has enhanced strength, senses, and speed, making him a very deadly fighter, even in his very young age. In their duel-to-death against Ja’far in Zepar’s dungeon, Zepar, who controlled his body, marveled at Masrur’s physical ability, showcasing what Masrur was capable of through his extremely fast attacks on Ja’far—which, even though those attacks were dodged, still wounded Ja’far considerably. Even as a seven-year-old, Masrur is definitely a deadly force, proven true when we see how he’s all grown up as a dangerous martial artist in Magi.

5. Mira Dianus Artemina

Magi-Sinbad-no-Bouken-Wallpaper-20160719230705-659x500 Top 10 Powerful Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Characters

Here comes your majestic Queen! In the matrilineal country of Artemyra, where daily life relies on controlling birds to obey your commands and all men has relegated to take the role of house-husbands, Mira Dianus Artemina is the queen who is also the mother of the adorable Pisti in Magi. Mischievous if a bit devious, arrogant and haughty, Mira looked down on men and did not take it lightly when Sinbad used his usual flirting technique on her—instead of falling for it, she seized Sinbad and threw him and his entourage into the yawning chasm of Valley of the Dead.

Mira’s no-nonsense attitude and arrogance isn’t the only thing that makes her terrifying, though. And no, it’s not her hobby of collecting husbands, or the fact that she has seven children of her own either (though that definitely counts). Mira is one of the few characters in the series who already has the title of King Vessel and Dungeon Conqueror by the time she appeared in Magi: Sinbad no Bouken. Her Djinn Cerberus, when equipped, enables her to govern over three different elements: fire, ice, and lightning; forcing Sinbad to use both Baal and Valefor in their duel. Though Mira later lost the duel, she became a steadfast and powerful ally in the Seven Seas Alliance.

4. Hinahoho

Magi-Sinbad-no-Bouken-Wallpaper-20160719230705-659x500 Top 10 Powerful Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Characters

Another one of the Eight Generals as well as one of the Imuchakk Tribe. As everyone else in Imuchakk, Hinahoho is gigantic, easily dwarfing everyone else in Sindria, but don’t worry, he’s very gentle. Hinahoho loves kids (has five of his own), and the first time he appeared in the series, he was actually a very timid person, oftentimes scolded by his sister Pipirika as being a crybaby. However, over the course of trying to pass the coming of age ceremony of Imuchakk and later to prove himself strong, Hinahoho had become one of the most courageous, loyal, and most importantly, powerful friend that Sinbad had.

Wielding a Rampaging Unicorn’s horn as a harpoon, Hinahoho’s power lies in his brute strength and resilience. He’s also really good at swimming and being underwater for a long time! Being one of the earliest people in Sinbad’s entourage, Hinahoho had fought many battles with Sinbad, in which many times he could be seen using the greatest attack of Imuchakk Tribe, Number One Harpoon, in which he manipulated his Magoi into his harpoon and the shot it to the enemy. Pretty badass, isn’t it?

3. Ja’far

Magi-Sinbad-no-Bouken-Wallpaper-20160719230705-659x500 Top 10 Powerful Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Characters

A former assassin that came from the Sham Lash group, which was hired by Parthevia nobles to aid them in getting rid of Sinbad (and Drakon in the process). At age 10, when he first came to kill Sinbad, he was already in charge of two older assassins—Vittel and Mahaad, both of whom called Ja’far ‘Chief’—and was portrayed as a very temperamental and arrogant kid. Despite his strong demeanor, Ja’far had a sad past filled with regret of being born into the assassin group and having to kill his parents with his own hands. Sinbad saved him from falling into depravity and gave him a reason to keep living, which in turn led Ja’far to place his loyalty to Sinbad and became his most trusted advisor ever since.

Being an assassin at his young age also means that Ja’far is skilled in a lot of ways. Not only is he dangerous with his weapon of choice: a pair of rope darts that winds around his limbs most of the time, which also became his Household Vessel later on, Ja’far has very good survival and various assassination skills. Thanks to Rurumu’s teaching, Ja’far is unfailingly polite and very capable in handling diplomatic skills, but do not ever try to push his berserk button by insulting Sinbad or his friends, or his rope darts will sever your neck faster than you can blink.

Magi-Sinbad-no-Bouken-Wallpaper-20160719230705-659x500 Top 10 Powerful Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Characters

2. Drakon

Magi-Sinbad-no-Bouken-Wallpaper-20160719230705-659x500 Top 10 Powerful Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Characters

Dragul Nol Henrius Govius Menudias Parthenuvonomias Dumid Os Kartanon is Drakon’s real, full name. Despite his young age of 14, he was already one of Parthevia’s Generals, and was also the Sinbad’s first Household member. Drakon was first portrayed as Sinbad’s rival in conquering Baal’s dungeon, putting him in some sort of antagonistic light, especially with his temper, his narrowed worldview and his almost-blind loyalty to Parthevia. Even though he lost in the duel with Sinbad, Drakon grew to slowly acknowledge Sinbad’s power, and later even accepts him after the events in Valefor dungeon.

As he was, even without the power of the Household Vessel, Drakon is a very skilled swordsman. This was highlighted when he fought his way back into Parthevia (after walking back, apparently, from Imuchakk) to find and get Serendine out of danger. Drakon is also a very determined warrior, which was what triggered his assimilation with his Household Vessel, turning him into a dragon physically. In his dragon form, Drakon gets even more powerful—not only his strength is doubled in proportion to his size, he can even breathe fire!

Magi-Sinbad-no-Bouken-Wallpaper-20160719230705-659x500 Top 10 Powerful Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Characters

1. Sinbad

Magi-Sinbad-no-Bouken-Wallpaper-20160719230705-659x500 Top 10 Powerful Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Characters

The High King of Seven Seas. The First Class Singularity. The man loved by destiny. The only one who could read the flow of fate. Sinbad was born special—an existence destined to be great, whose birth alerted the Magi, including Yunan. Currently, Sinbad is the only King Vessel with power over seven different Djinns, and Baal, his first one, was conquered when he was only 14 years old. He loves having fun and playing around with women, but when the needs arises, Sinbad could be serious, displaying all the qualities of a King Vessel (and later, a great King) who is intelligent and charismatic, earning him respects and admiration from his allies, friends, and enemies alike.

Magi: Sinbad no Bouken showed us what Sinbad’s past was like, before he became the King of Sindria who is half-fallen into depravity already. We are shown the optimistic Sinbad who believes, even if somewhat naively, in his dreams of making a world without war—a perfect world where everyone is equal—and who never gives up no matter what he’s facing. At the same time, though, we are also shown how Sinbad progressively changes; not only does he become stronger, more powerful, and more influential through the painstaking efforts he’s taken, he also becomes slowly more jaded, facing the reality that the world is not black and white, and taking morally questionable choices. It is as exciting as it is sad and frightening, which ties very neatly with the overall tone of Magi series in general itself.


One of the fun points in Magi: Sinbad no Bouken is finding the original Magi series characters and see how they were like, years before Aladdin met Alibaba Saluja. It leads you to compare them to their future selves in Magi, and wonder how they change and how they grow as a character.

With less characters than the original Magi series, Magi: Sinbad no Bouken has only just kickstarted its story and it’s getting even more exciting and complicated! Sinbad’s adventure to be the King of Sindria—his starting point in the Magi series—is definitely a long road, one that would not be easy for him, but would definitely be exciting and interesting for us to read, especially with such powerful allies and dangerous foes they’re facing.

Magi-Sinbad-no-Bouken-Wallpaper-20160719230705-659x500 Top 10 Powerful Magi: Adventures of Sinbad Characters


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