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Bursting with action and beautiful girls, The Asterisk War was one of the biggest action harem series in recent years. Being one of the relativity few shows to get more than a 12 episode run, we saw the plot develop into something you can really get your teeth into, as well as some truly epic fights during the Phoenix Festa. Although the kind of show that some just love to hate, The Asterisk War definitely justified its place on the anime chart once it got the ball rolling.

One of the neat things about action anime is seeing the unique and interesting powers and abilities writers choose to give their heroes and villains. Along with that, the clever ways in which characters outthink even the most powerful foes, or overpower their most cunning adversaries. So whether it be by brains or brawn, we've put together a list of the top 10 most powerful Asterisk Wars characters for you to enjoy.

10. Saya Sasamiya

Gakusen-Toshi-Asterisk-wallpaper-1-642x500 Top 10 Powerful The Asterisk War Characters

With her sleepy face and soft blue hair, Saya starts off as a mere add-on to Ayato's harem, but develops into her own character, with her and Kirin Toudou fighting their own battles. Despite her short stature and quiet voice, Saya's blunt and dry lines cut through any situation like a hot knife through butter, whether it's for the sake of a joke or honesty. Despite her unwavering voice and expressionless visage, Saya remains a very passionate friend and a member of Ayato's group. As well as that, she's probably one of the toughest girls, with very little capable of keeping her spirits down for long.

With an arsenal made up entirely of impressive looking guns, Saya is an offensive fighter, to say the least, being at a huge advantage when she has a partner to back her up and keep her foes at range. When it comes down to it, Saya's tactic is basically "if one gun doesn't work, use a bigger gun", which has thus far proven to be pretty effective. Although she's proven herself seriously powerful through her weapons alone, Saya's reliance on others to help her fight is the one thing holding her back from being a powerful character in her own right.

9. Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld

Gakusen-Toshi-Asterisk-wallpaper-1-642x500 Top 10 Powerful The Asterisk War Characters

Not only the beautiful and strong princess of Lieseltania, Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld is also Seidoukan Academy's flame wielding rank 5. Fiery and independent, Julis' lone wolf temperament starts to fade once she realises she has friends that she can rely on. In particular, her calm and calculating side reveals itself during the Phoenix Festa, where she and Ayato rely mostly on strategic thinking to overcome their opponents. Julis is also one of the girls with the clearest goal: to make enough money to help the people of her country.

Although Julis is essentially the main heroine of the series and is technically very powerful with the Asterisk War universe, she comes off as one of the weaker members of the cast due to the sheer power of everyone else. Having no access to an Ogre Lux, nor sword skills as sharp as Kirin or Ayato, she relies on her fired based abilities as her main form of offense and defense. Julis's main strong point is her ability to create traps that can be activated strategically during a fight, which she uses to both confuse opponents and to catch them off guard for massive damage. Much like Saya, although very powerful by herself, Julis definitely works best as part of a team.

8. Kirin Toudou

Gakusen-Toshi-Asterisk-wallpaper-1-642x500 Top 10 Powerful The Asterisk War Characters

Top heavy cutie Kirin Toudou is the sword wielding, former number one at Seidoukan Academy, and most recently Phoenix Festa partners with Saya. Kirin is basically the most adorable member of Ayato's harem, with her original composed exterior hiding an easily flustered and nervous young girl. After having her number one rank stripped from her by Ayato, Kirin actually became freer than she'd ever been, and surprisingly enough stronger as well.

Most of Kirin's strength comes simply from her incredible sword fighting prowess, making her insanely powerful in one on one scenarios. As you can imagine, it's this kind of talent that gets you to the number one position on the academy leaderboard, given that position is decided by duels. Kirin's one downfall is that since she's always fought alone, team fights are not her specialty. This is one of the things that makes her and Saya an interesting combo, with her focused on dual-type scenarios, and Saya relying on a strong partner to back her up.

7. Claudia Enfield

Gakusen-Toshi-Asterisk-wallpaper-1-642x500 Top 10 Powerful The Asterisk War Characters

The very well connected student council president of Seidoukan Academy, Claudia Enfield is one of the few characters in the series so far who has been present throughout, but who we still know very little about. Additionally, although we know she's in possession of a powerful, and frankly badass, twin blade Ogre Lux "Pan-Dora", we have yet to see Claudia spend much time using it. Despite what looks to be a grim life behind closed doors, Claudia always comes off as being cheery, and supportive during the rest of the group's difficult times.

Being the only one of Ayato's gang apart from him to own an Ogre Lux, we can already assume Claudia is seriously strong, with her being ranked number two at the academy as well. From the times we've seen her use it, Pan-Dora appears to send Claudia into an almost altered state, with her eyes changing colour, and in the case where she attacked Ayato, losing control of herself. Without knowing more, it's hard to say just how strong Claudia is, but she must have something up her sleeve for her to be keeping her sword sheathed all this time.

6. The Li Twins (Shenhua Li and Shenyun Li)

Gakusen-Toshi-Asterisk-wallpaper-1-642x500 Top 10 Powerful The Asterisk War Characters
Gakusen-Toshi-Asterisk-wallpaper-1-642x500 Top 10 Powerful The Asterisk War Characters

One of the top duos at the Jie Long Seventh Institute, the Li twins are a pair that can leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth. Arrogant and sadistic beyond words, they enjoy torturing their weaker opponents, playing with them like a cat plays with its food. It's this arrogance that perhaps lead to their eventual defeat at the hands of Julis and Ayato during the Phoenix Festa. Though with such bad attitudes, we somehow doubt they've learned their lesson.

The Li twins take a smoke and mirrors approach to their battles, relying on trickery and misdirection to confuse their opponents as well as lure them into traps. The real strong point of the twins is their ability to work together, which gives them a huge amount of power over other duos, who have a lot less experience fighting as a unit. To be fair to them, the two are very strong as individuals too, with Shenhua being skilled with illusions and capable of turning herself invisible, and Shenyun being able to create realistic clones of himself and using powerful elemental spells. Even so, the two definitely come as a pair and are significantly weaker when separated.

5. Irene Urzaiz

Gakusen-Toshi-Asterisk-wallpaper-1-642x500 Top 10 Powerful The Asterisk War Characters

Irene is the Rewolf Black Institute's fiery and fanged entrant to the Phoenix Festival. Irene's introduction pins her as being quite literally a vampire, although it turns out this isn't quite the case. Yes, her taste for iron actually comes from her dangerous looking Ogre Lux "Gravisheath". In spite of her brash, rude attitude, though, Irene's heart is certainly in the right place, with her desire to look after her little sister Priscilla being her driving force.

Obviously confident in her abilities, with Priscilla as her partner, Irene takes on their Phoenix Festa battles pretty much solo, strong enough to deal with two opponents at once with ease. Gravisheath's ability to control gravity is overwhelmingly strong against anything but Irene's most powerful opponents, putting weaker foes out of action with little difficulty. Besides that, her skill with the cruel looking scythe by itself isn't something to be taken lightly, with her harsh life clearly forcing her to learn how to fight her way out of any situation.

4. Sylvia Lyyneheym

Gakusen-Toshi-Asterisk-wallpaper-1-642x500 Top 10 Powerful The Asterisk War Characters

The most well-known idol in the world, Sylvia Lyyneheym is beautiful and graceful beyond belief, so it's hard to believe she's also a top level Genestella. Sweet and playful, Sylvia almost always keeps up her professional persona, apart from the brief time she spends with Ayato. Although being an idol is a big part of her life now, Sylvia remains as the number one strongest student at Queenvail Girls' Academy.

Sylvia is there one character on this list who we have yet to see really fight, although as the top student at her academy, we can assume she's at least on a level similar to Kirin and Claudia. We do however get to see her incredible tracking ability, a feat which is much more impressive than it perhaps sounds, and demonstrates the huge strength and range of her singing based abilities. Offering what was really only a teaser of her character, Sylvia is a pretty and powerful girl we'd love to see more of.

3. AR-D

Gakusen-Toshi-Asterisk-wallpaper-1-642x500 Top 10 Powerful The Asterisk War Characters

An example of how quite frankly scary the puppets of Arlequint Academy can be, AR-D is their mechanical entry to the Phoenix Festa. Although teamed with his female counterpart RM-C, AR-D is the real beast of the battlefield, combining with parts of her to become unbelievably strong. Although quite arrogant due to how weak he finds most of his opponents, AR-D becomes humbler and more honorable as he realises that there are many who are still stronger than him, or who can at the very least put up a fight.

AR-D starts off seeming almost overpowered, as he demonstrates that to weaker opponents he is virtually untouchable. His defensive barriers are stronger than any others we see in the series, seemingly able to stop any attack, with the only option being to out maneuver him. Even then, being made of metal it's pretty hard to so much as dent AR-D's body. Along with that, after combining with RM-C his hammer is able to decimate anything in its path. Really it seems like a miracle he didn't accidentally kill anyone.

2. Ayato Amagiri

Gakusen-Toshi-Asterisk-wallpaper-1-642x500 Top 10 Powerful The Asterisk War Characters

Unreasonably lucky with the ladies, Ayato Amagiri is the harem lead of The Asterisk War, and currently the rank one student at Seidoukan Academy. His main objective was originally to find his missing sister Haruka, however, since then his friends have given him more reasons to fight and become stronger. Due to his unusually large prana reserves, numerous seals were placed on him by his sister to stop him hurting others, or himself. But now that he's older and needs to become stronger, Ayato has been gradually breaking the seals himself so that he can protect everyone.

Although Ayato by no means has an easy time against most opponents, he is not only able to out think the majority of them but also overpower them by releasing his seals. Along with his unusually high default power level, he wields the Ogre Lux "Ser-Veresta" which perfectly complements his sword fighting style after a little tweaking. As the main protagonist with imaginable strong plot armor, Ayato will likely remain pretty much at the top of the power chart throughout the series, though that inevitability certainly makes him no less fun to watch.

Gakusen-Toshi-Asterisk-wallpaper-1-642x500 Top 10 Powerful The Asterisk War Characters

1. Orphelia Landlufen

Gakusen-Toshi-Asterisk-wallpaper-1-642x500 Top 10 Powerful The Asterisk War Characters

Very recently introduced, Ophelia Landlufen is Julis' childhood friend, although she's changed a lot since those times. Orphelia became a Strega after being subject to human experimentation, leaving her the shell of a person that she appears as now, with powers she should never have had. Although very pretty, with a cool albino appearance, Orphelia usually holds a sad expression, or none at all, likely due to her unfortunate circumstances.

The experimentation performed on Orphelia left her with an incredible amount of prana, even compared to Ayato, meaning her raw power alone is insane. She fights by manipulating miasma, allowing her to create hands that essentially win her battles for her. On top of that, anything she touches, herself or with her miasma, corrodes, making her unable to touch anything living lest she accidentally kills it. Orphelia is a ridiculously powerful and dangerous enemy for Ayato's group to take on, though given her tragic backstory hopefully there's a light at the end of the tunnel for the poor girl.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to its two-cour run, The Asterisk War has set up a great range of awesome characters, as well as getting far enough into the story to show us some truly strong heroes and villains. We're all fingers crossed that another season will be along soon to give us more of the same awesome action and cute girls that we've come to expect from the series.

So who were your favorites from the academy city on the water? Did you prefer the stronger, darker types like Irene and Orphelia, or the softer, cutesy types like Kirin and Sylvia. Or robots, robots are cool! Either way, let us know in the comments below.

Gakusen-Toshi-Asterisk-wallpaper-1-642x500 Top 10 Powerful The Asterisk War Characters


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