Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters

Lucky Star is just one of those anime you don’t forget despite how old the anime series is. It’s an anime with absolutely nothing going on yet it’s got more entertainment value than most! What makes Lucky Star so amazing, though, has to be all the characters.

These Lucky Star characters are just so damn quirky, how could you not love them? Each one of them is different and yet, there are so many of us who can relate to these Lucky Star girls. Let’s just check out the Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters whom you know you love!

10. Takara Miyuki

Lucky-Star-wallpaper Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters

Miyuki is the meganekko of the Lucky Star group. She is quite refined as she comes from a wealthy family. The difference between Miyuki’s world and the other girls’ is a running gag throughout the series. Miyuki also demonstrates that she has extensive knowledge about many things, often giving encyclopedia-like explanations regarding whatever questions the girls may have.

Miyuki is the mild mannered young miss of Lucky Star, but what makes her so fun is how much Miyuki parodies the “moe” character that is so popular. Miyuki is clumsy, but she’s also really cute and can be bashful. Even Konata will point out how moe Miyuki is! To top it off, Miyuki wears the glasses in the group. Miyuki is your stereotypical moe character and it’s no wonder her mom gushes over her so much!

9. Hiiragi Tsukasa

Lucky-Star-wallpaper Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters

Tsukasa is the younger twin sister of Hagami, and although they do look alike, they are in fact, fraternal twins. Tsukasa is a bit simple minded and will usually ask Kagami to copy her homework, like Konata. Tsukasa is very good at cooking and likes Sgt. Frog.

Tsukasa is one of the quirkiest Lucky Star characters because she’s just basically the most clueless and airheaded. Not to be mean, of course, but Tsukasa tends to just seem to forget everything or lose track of time doing nothing. Out of the whole group, she doesn’t seem to have any hobbies either. At the same time, her cluelessness just makes her adorable! Tsukasa may not always know what’s going on, but she’s so damn cute so who cares?

8. Patricia Martin

Lucky-Star-wallpaper Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters

Working at the same cosplay cafe as Konata, is Patricia Martin! Patricia is a transfer student from the United States and a first year in the same class as Yutaka and Minami. Through her love of manga and anime, Patricia has learned Japanese, although this often leads her to speak rather strangely.

Patricia Martin is one of those funny characters who parodies people from the U.S., but she’s a complete weeaboo! Patricia learned her Japanese from anime and often makes assumptions about Japan based on what she’s seen in anime. Is that not a weeaboo? Still, she’s the only weeaboo we can’t hate because it’s what makes her a quirky Lucky Star character! Now, does this mean most people from the States that visit Japan are weeaboos?!

7. Kusakabe Misao

Lucky-Star-wallpaper Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters

Misao is Ayano’s childhood friend and Kagami’s classmate. She enjoys being outdoors and even joined the track and field club. Misao does not like to study and prefers to spend her time playing video games, although she isn’t very good at playing.

Misao is just one of your basic jock types who doesn’t seem to have a clue. Misao may not be book smart, but she loves sports and being outside. As a classmate, Misao is the perfect compliment for Kagami’s rigid / tsundere personality. Misao takes life in stride! She just shows you that so long as you’re having fun, what else do you need? Sometimes you should just act young while you’re young.

6. Kuroi Nanako

Lucky-Star-wallpaper Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters

Nanako is one of the teachers at Ryoo High School and Konata’s homeroom teacher. Although she has been seen to tell Konata to do her homework or study, Nanako is also prone to spending whole nights and national holidays playing video games. Konata and Nanako even play an MMORPG together.

Nanako has got to be the funniest teacher! As hard as Nanako tries to be a good teacher, when you catch her playing video games when she tells you to stop, it’s hard to take her seriously. Let’s not forget how she’ll often go drinking! Nanako definitely isn’t the best role model for her students, however, you just can’t hate on a teacher you can hit the RPG world with. It’s not easy finding a good party and Nanako spends all her time gaming so she’s someone you want to party up with for any quest.

5. Tamura Hiyori

Lucky-Star-wallpaper Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters

Hiyori is a first year who is in the same class as Yutaka. Her hobby is writing doujin and she constantly looks for inspiration for her works. Hiyori has a rather broad spectrum of talent from shounen ai (BL) to yuri. Hiyori is highly aware of how strange she is. Hiyori also has a difficult time dealing with animals.

Hiyori is a quirky one! Yes, it’s not bad to be a fujoshi, but Hiyori often finds herself fantasizing about her own friends, Yutaka and Minami, in a shoujo ai relationship which drives her imagination wild. While her imagination gets out of control, Hiyori is well aware of the fact of how crazy she is and has to rein herself in. Once Hiyori is introduced, we get to see the woes of a doujin writer as she is often waking up or rushing to jot her thoughts down for a story only to have forgotten some of the details. Oh the tragedy!

4. Narumi Yui

Lucky-Star-wallpaper Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters

Yui is first introduced as Konata’s cousin, but later we also see that she is the older sister of Yutaka. Yui is a police officer who really doesn’t seem to enforce the rules as she has seen Konata playing 18+ eroge and promotes drinking, even when Konata isn’t 20 years old. Although Nanako often relents about being single to Yui, Yui is actually married. Her husband is usually out of town for work, though.

Yui is a great police officer---if officers allowed all illegal activity and were irresponsible. Seriously, how is Yui a cop? She lets her underaged cousin play eroge and encourages everyone around her to join her in drinking. Combined with her scary driving, Yui clearly does not follow the rules. Although this is not a western country, is this reckless endangerment on all accounts? Still, Yui is one quirky as hell Lucky Star character! Now, what does this say about cops?

3. Kogami Akira

Lucky-Star-wallpaper Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters

Akira is the host for Lucky Channel, which is a segment that plays at the end of each episode of Lucky Star. Akira has the appearance of a loli (although, how can you tell in Lucky Star?) and can barely fit her arms into the sleeves of her winter uniform. Akira is an idol who has been in the entertainment industry since the ripe age of three.

Out of all the Lucky Star characters, Akira has to be one of the oddest! She comes off as a cute, loli type who plays off of moe, but the moment you mention that someone else is cute, she’s lost it! Akira turns full scale into a cigarette smoking, disillusioned girl who thinks that her career is pretty much going down the drain. It’s like the two different sides of a coin! Akira is even known to throw things including an ash tray. Better not get on her bad side; she is more unpredictable than Two Face!

2. Izumi Soujirou

Lucky-Star-wallpaper Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters

Izumi Soujirou is the name of Konata’s father who is a writer that works at home. He can often be seen in traditional Japanese clothing. Soujirou enjoys playing video games and watching anime, which has influenced Konata into having the same hobbies. Soujirou can be a lolicon at times and even married Kanata, Konata’s mom, who is his childhood friend, although, she looks much younger than he is. Soujirou also has terrible allergies so he has to leave the house wearing a surgical mask and goggles.

Soujirou is essentially a parody of a perverted ojisan. He is often seen doing creepy things like taking pictures of girls at any festival, saying his daughter is taking part. Sometimes it’s true, but often times, Konata is the one watching the news as he gets taken away. As a father, Soujirou can be a bit of a hit or miss, too. He even shares his collection of moe anime and eroge with his daughter! How’s that for good parenting? Of course, you can’t hate him because it’s just one of his quirks that gave us our #1 quirkiest Lucky Star character!

Lucky-Star-wallpaper Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters

1. Izumi Konata

Lucky-Star-wallpaper Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters

Konata is one of the main protagonists of Lucky Star and the resident otaku. Konata has a love of video games, anime, and manga. Konata spends a great amount of time online, playing MMORPGs or at the arcade. Konata can be seen having ahoge (stupid hair), but she is far from stupid. Her grades vary because Konata just cannot be bothered to study.

Oh yes, our quirkiest Lucky Star character has to be Konata, who so many of us can relate to because she is the biggest otaku! How do you beat her? Konata has Comiket down to a science. She knows how to get the best deals at stores like animate. Konata also owns her otaku persona. Just check her out at the cosplay cafe! She is the biggest otaku, but that’s what her most lovable quirk is. You just have to love Konata, even if she does ask for Kogami’s homework because she was too busy playing video games. Sometimes, you just can’t be bothered!

Final Thoughts

Truly “quirky” is the only word to describe our favorite Lucky Star characters. It’s their quirkiness that really keeps us entertained! How could you not love these quirky Lucky Star characters?

From temperamental Akira to the weeaboo Patricia, there’s a huge spectrum of quirks all over. Do you have a favorite quirky Lucky Star character? Please share so we can all fangirl or fanboy over our favorite Lucky Star characters!

Lucky-Star-wallpaper Top 10 Quirkiest Lucky Star Characters


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