Top 10 Quirky Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Characters

Before we get into the juicy stuff, please be advised. There will be some bits that are spoilers ahead. If you haven’t seen this anime, put down everything you are doing at the moment and go watch it. Don’t scroll down, stop reading for a moment, and watch the anime first, and then, come back to this list when you are ready and mentally prepared.

So if you had watched the first few episodes of this series, you would know that this anime is basically about how Natsuki Subaru suddenly got sucked into a fantasy world where magic, monsters, beasts, and witches exist and his journey to start life there from Zero, (hence the title, Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu which meant -Starting Life in Another World-).

There is a most vital piece of information about Subaru, he is able to somehow turn back time by dying; a trait similar to a checkpoint system in a video game where your character dies and re-spawn back to a previous checkpoint. Sounds great right? You’d think that it’s a great chance to right your wrongs but is it a really good thing?

Of course, in his journey, Subaru will meet a lot of other characters, some weird, some attractive, and some are straight up creepy. So this time, the list will be about the Top 10 Quirky Re:Zero Characters!

10. Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti

Okay, remember the opening paragraphs that Subaru will meet characters that are straight up creepy? This one’s a doozy. Aside from the obvious signs of a straight up creep, with the bowl-cut green hair, dark hooded outfit, Petelgeuse can be a bit of a quirky goofball in its own way; always babbling about ‘sloth’ this and ‘sloth’ that, repeating multiple times to express something, and making things a bit more complicated to be understand since it sounds like gibberish when he speaks.

Petelgeuse is a Sin Archbishop in the Witch’s Cult that represents sloth, which explains his tendency to use the word sloth in sentences which makes no sense at times (until you watch the more recent episodes, then it kind of makes sense). The anime took a really dark turn as Subaru had to witness some graphic scenes where Petelgeuse killed Rem in a bizarre and twisted way. To sum it up, Petelgeuse is the very definition of crazy, maniacal, twisted individual. This guy got some serious issues.

9. Emilia

Moving away from the creepy guy, here’s a sight for sore eyes. Emilia, one of the series’ most popular female character. Emilia is, in fact, a half-elf with silver hair and white dress which just make this character so beautiful. Looks aren’t the only thing that this girl got going, she has an amazing attitude and a kind heart. This can be seen in the 1st episode of the series, as she intentionally stopped to help Subaru even though she was in a hurry to find a thief. Her quirkiness came to light when she had to make up lame excuses to Subaru for saving him so that he would not feel indebted to her.

Another case of her quirky behavior is how Emilia acted so strangely when Subaru complimented on her beauty even when she revealed that she was a half-elf. She awkwardly crouches down and cover her head with her hands, presumably to hide the blushing.

8. Rem

You might already know this character for being a demon with an angelic personality. Literally. Rem is a twin sister of Ram, both who served as housemaids under Lord Roswaal L. Mathers in Margrave Mathers Mansion. One noticeable trait from Rem is that despite being the better twin at doing general housework, she often feels inferior to Ram who happened to possess extraordinary abilities as a demon despite only having a single horn. It’s also cute to see how both twins, Ram and Rem to take turns insulting and throwing slurs at Subaru during the early episodes of the series.

Her appearance already reeks quirkiness, with her bright blue hair with bangs that covers her right eye, and her somewhat monotone way of speaking is the cherry on top for the Top 10 quirky characters list.

7. Priscilla Barielle

Moving on the list, we have Priscilla Barielle taking the number 7 spot. Judging from her appearance, one might say that everything is normal. But if you have seen episode 12 of the series, you would find her quite the quirky one. Although Priscilla can be fearless and at times quite full of herself, she isn’t just all talk. She, in fact, is the head of Barielle House and one of the opposing rivals to Emilia.

She truly believes that the world is designed to somehow work in ways that are best for her, so that she is never at a disadvantage, hence her annoying attitude. She seems to have little knowledge over outside world, as she never seen an unpeeled “appa” or apple in real life perhaps due to her extremely lavish lifestyle.

6. Felix Argail

Felix Argail, or Ferris, is a knight for the Crusch Karsten, one of the candidates to the royal selection as well as an opposing rival to Emilia. The very first impression you get from this character is that it has a cute voice, cat-like ears, cute dress, and even a tail, basically, everything from Ferris reeks femininity, and you’d think that this character is indeed a woman? Ha! SIKE!

The fact is, Ferris is a male and is one of the most gender misleading characters in the series so far. The fact that he is a male was first presented in episode 12, the same episode where Ferris first appeared. From all his character traits, the quirkiest thing that stood out is the way that Ferris speaks. He adds the prefix ‘–ny’ to words, having a distinctive resemblance to a cute cat-like voice when he speaks.

“Ah, nyow I see… Of course. You must be the boy Emilia-sama mentioned.”

5. Beatrice

Next, we have Beatrice, a mage who works in Roswaal L. Mathers’ manor. Despite her petite appearance, Beatrice is actually quite a powerful mage, since she was hired as a librarian by Roswaal to oversee and protect his forbidden library filled with secrets and mystery. As a mage user herself, Beatrice uses her Door Crossing Magic, a spell that can connect any door in the mansion to her own room, making it impossible to find Beatrice unless you try every single door in the mansion. This is also an act of preventive measure for intruders if they ever want to steal or break into Roswaal’s secrets.

In hindsight, Beatrice may look cute and quirky but she is actually really snarky towards Subaru, this can be seen in episode 4, where Subaru was able to correctly guess which room Beatrice is in at the moment which kind of annoys Beatrice, but at the same time admired by Pack. Sneers and slurs aside, Beatrice still agrees to help Subaru if he ever needs help, which goes to show that Beatrice isn’t that bad after all.

4. Mimi Pearlbaton

The next characters to take a spot on the list is also another cat-like character with fluffy ears and a small stature. Meet Mimi Pearlbaton, a cat-like female child who serves under Anastasia Hoshin. Her stature, voice, and even personality, is of a kid’s, being so carefree, goofy and not taking things seriously around her makes this character, in its own way, a quirky one to be around with.

Even with her childish traits, Mimi is second-in-command in Anastasia Hoshin’s private army, the mercenary group, Fang of Steel. Although the extent of her powers hasn't been revealed in the series yet, but from her position in a mercenary group is a testament as to how powerful Mimi can be. Definitely not to be underestimated upon. She seems to show a lot of amusement for a hamburger, this was seen in episode 16 of the series.

3. Roswaal L. Mathers

After the altercation in the looted house, Subaru passed out and was brought to the mansion by Emilia as a token of gratitude. It was there then that Subaru meets the man that owns the Margrave Mathers Mansion, Roswaal L. Mathers. The quirkiest thing that stood out about this character is his bizarre sense of fashion as well as his voice and way of speaking. With his bluish hair and purple tacky robe, Subaru even mistook Lord Roswaal for a clown during their first encounter, though Roswaal seemed to not mind it as well.

Roswaal is the official sponsor and benefactor for Emilia’s candidacy for the royal election. Not only that, Roswaal is known to be the greatest magic-user in the kingdom capable of powerful spells, and knowledge of secrets in books that are protected by his librarian, Beatrice. Roswaal is also known to be able to fly as seen in episode 9, an ability that was attained thanks to his superiority over magic.

2. Felt

Felt is a girl that lives in the slums and relies on her ‘sticky fingers’ to live by. Despite the poor conditions, Felt has a lot of life in her, refusing to be compared to the other losers that live in the slums and tries very hard to get out of her current lifestyle even if it comes to the need of thieving. In fact, she is also the one responsible for stealing Emilia’s insignia in the first place.

In the later episodes of the series, Felt was taken by Reinhard to the capital city of Lugnica, only to reveal that Felt was a legitimate candidate for the royal election. Even when she has dressed accordingly, her quirky behavior from her slum life doesn’t seem to fade away. Nonetheless, Felt is surely one of the most likable characters in the series!

1. Pack

Taking the number 1 spot of the Top 10 Quirky Characters list is Pack. Who doesn’t love a furry little sidekick? Pack is Emilia’s guardian spirit that takes the appearance form of a cat. He is also the one that grants Emilia the capabilities of using ice magic spells. He may be furry and cute, but being a spirit, he has the ability to alter his own size of appearance as seen in episode 1.

The quirkiest thing about Pack is his appearance. His soft ears and fur, cute cat-like fluffy body, just makes you want to pet him. Subaru is known to love petting him, as well as Beatrice who seem to be obsessed with Pack, even having her own nickname for Pack as she refers him as Bubby. The furry little friends can have quite the behavior, as he was seen in the very first episode when he intentionally talks in a high pitch voice when talking to Subaru when he first woke up making this character so lovable.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Re:Zero is a well-written anime, with dark twists and turns to the story arc, which is what made this anime so popular amongst the anime fans. How Subaru got his mental breakdown from time to time, and how he returns back by death and tries very hard to change the course of history, is an admirable thing indeed. The writers have also made a great job in character design, making unique characters with interesting personalities.

So to sum it up, that’s all for the Top 10 Quirky Re:Zero Characters! Who are your favorite quirky characters so far? What scenes do you think most accentuates their quirkiness? Be sure to leave them in the comments below! Also an honorable mention to Subaru Natsuki for shining personality as well.

“My name is Natsuki Subaru. Not only am I clueless, I’m also broke beyond compare! Nice to meet ya!” –Natsuki Subaru

025 Top 10 Quirky Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Characters


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