Top 10 Romance Games [Best Recommendations]

Finding love in the real world isn’t exactly an easy thing to do. Unlike video games, real life doesn’t have a pause button and there aren’t many chances to reset a choice in dialogue. That’s why video games are a good alternative if you’re leading the solo life for the time being. Make a mistake and you can always reload a previous save to redo your actions from the beginning. Here’s a question though, what are some good romance games to play?

Well, lucky for you, some of us here at Honey’s Anime HQ are quite the fans of romance-based games. That doesn’t mean we are all single but we still love to dabble in dating sims and other romance-based titles. However, with so many romance games in existence many of them aren’t exactly what we’d call good games. With our Top 10 Romance Games list, we want players to enjoy some of the best of the best in terms of romance games regardless of your gender and orientation. That’s why we hope you enjoy our picks and will try them out if you have nothing better to do this Valentine’s Day.

10. Record of Agarest War 2

  • System: PS3, PC
  • Publisher: Idea Factory, Red Entertainment, Laughing Jackal (PC)
  • Developer: Compile Heart, Aksys Games, Ghostlight
  • Release Dates: Nov 18, 2010

Long ago, an event occurred called the Day of Light. When the Day of Light happened, the world was engulfed in a strange blinding light that caused destruction on an unparalleled level. Shortly after this catastrophic event a young man named Weiss awoke with no memories. Approached by a woman calling herself Eva, Weiss is told he has to pay for crimes he has committed. Though these crimes won’t be paid by just Weiss but will also apply to his offspring in the following generations.

Record of Agarest War 2 is what we here at Honey’s Anime consider a dual romance game. On paper, the main theme of Record of Agarest War 2 is to be a TRPG where players kill baddies in a strategic manner. However, during the moments of story, Record of Agarest War 2 is a dating sim where players must romance one of several girls per generation. Make the right choices and the girl of your choosing will fall for you. If you make the wrong choices though, you will find your offspring being made in a more violent way. Record of Agarest War 2 gives players a nice number of girls to choose from and plenty of ways to win their heart. Plus, if you’re looking for fan service there’s plenty to be had with some of the questionable mini games.

9. Sweet Fuse: At Your Side

  • System: PSP
  • Publisher: Idea Factory, Aksys Games
  • Developer: Idea Factory, Aksys Games
  • Release Dates: Jun 14, 2012

Saki Inafune was thinking her time at the new theme park opening in Japan was going to be nothing but fun and exciting. Unfortunately, Saki’s fun filled day is about to become a nightmare fueled week. A mysterious figure arrives in the park and proclaims several people must play his game otherwise the park will explode killing everyone in it. Now Saki must join several guys and find a way to stop this mystery man and save the park goers. Maybe Saki might even get a boyfriend in the process.

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side is an otome based game that has some rather unique gameplay mechanics. Players control Saki’s emotions which in turn affect the story. For example, Saki might see something happen and get extremely angry and it’s then up to the player to decide to let Saki act on her rage or try to repress it. Sweet Fuse: At Your Side is a fun PSP exclusive that really wasn’t well known in the otome game world and that saddens us here at Honey’s Anime. If you’re still rocking a PSP then you should buy Sweet Fuse: At Your Side. Now let’s all hope for a sequel in the near future.

8. Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love

  • System: PS2, Nintendo Wii
  • Publisher: Sega, Red Entertainment, Idea Factory
  • Developer: Sega, NIS America
  • Release Dates: Jul 7, 2005

Shinjiro Taiga has just arrived in New York City after leaving his homeland of Tokyo, Japan. Quickly though, Shinjiro is thrown into chaos when he witnesses a bank robbery and is accused of being an accomplice. After being bailed by Ratchet Altair—Shinjiro’s new captain—he joins his new team at Little Lip Theater. Disguised as a theater team the various members fight those who wish to do harm to New York and its residents. Now Shinjiro must jump into his mech alongside his new team as well as get ready for some serious theater antics in Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love.

Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love fuses mecha TRPG combat as well as dating sim elements. Players take control of Shinjiro and by day guide his actions helping the theater and making moves on his lovely teammates. However, at night players jump into mechs and do battle turn based style. Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love was a ton of fun either on the PS2 or Nintendo Wii and offered a slew of unique girls to romance. We definitely recommend finding this gem if you can as it’s a solid TRPG and dating sim in one package.

7. Amnesia: Memories

  • System: PSP
  • Publisher: Idea Factory
  • Developer: Idea Factory
  • Release Dates: Aug 11, 2011

Amnesia: Memories tells the story of a young girl who has lost her memories one day. Shortly after her memories disappeared a strange being named Orion appears before her. Orion claims he wishes to assist her and attempts at giving her some comfort. However, several men begin to appear before this woman claiming to know her. Are they friends, lovers or strangers though?

Otome games can typically be very cliché. Most just have handsome looking dudes with specific character themes and archetypes. Amnesia: Memories though changes the formula by having men who are very…unique to say the least. These individuals all present a level of danger but equally if the player is smart they can make these various men into lovers and avoid endings that are pretty disturbing to say the least. Amnesia will appeal to gamers who like different types of dudes in their otome games.

6. Hatoful Boyfriend

  • System: Android, PC, iOS, OS X, PS4, PS Vita
  • Publisher: PigeoNation Inc., Mediatonic
  • Developer:

PRESS, Devolver Digital" item4="Release Dates" content4="Jul 31, 2011" ]

In a strange world, something very odd has transpired through the world. People have become nearly extinct and birds have become sentient. Various bird creatures have taken over the roles of humans and have begun building up the world in their own way. Eventually, a school has been made and the birds wish to have some of the survivors join their teachings to create a bond between both races. You’re about to enter a school filled with birds and you might even find romance waiting during this interesting school life.

Romance games don’t always have to be normal. Just look at one of our favorite ones in the form of Hatoful Boyfriend. This avian focused dating sim is very strange but that’s why it’s so much fun equally. Plus, despite the romances within Hatoful Boyfriend being unusual, they feel genuine as each of the birds you try to woo have legitimate feelings and personalities. They feel like real people minus the fact that they lack arms and real human appendages. Hatoful Boyfriend is a ridiculous game but it’s a fun romance game nonetheless.

5. Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

  • System: PS Vita
  • Publisher: Otomate
  • Developer: Idea Factory, Aksys Games
  • Release Dates: Nov 27, 2014

In a mansion there are rumors a monster exists that will curse anyone who approaches it. However, in this abandoned mansion lies a young woman named Cardia who might be a monster indeed. Cursed with poisonous skin, anything that touches Cardia’s skin will corrode and die. One day the Royal Guard decides to step in and finally kill Cardia for her curse but she is saved by a mysterious man. The man identifies himself as Lupin and claims he wishes to steal Cardia away.

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ is another otome game but with a steampunk aesthetic. As Cardia you’ll meet several potential single dudes all based on various forms of fiction such as Lupin, Van Helsing and Victor Frankenstein. Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ usually is more focused on visual novel themes but players can make choices that affect which guy they end up with in the end. Recently Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ released an anime adaption so this is the perfect time to play the original source material. Now your hardest decision will be choosing who should win Cardia’s heart.

4. HuniePop

  • System: PC, OS X
  • Publisher: HuniePot
  • Developer: HuniePot
  • Release Dates: Jan 19, 2015

In HuniePop, players assume the role of a young man who has yet to find a girl for that special night in his life. Luckily, a fairy-like being appears before the man with a mission. Her mission is to get the man’s cherry popped! Leading him with various actions and moves, the man will date one of several girls. Will he succeed of will he forever be alone in the world?!

Mature dating sims have been missing from our Top 10 Romance Games list and we wish to change that with this entry. HuniePop incorporates two main themes in it, one being a dating sim and the other being a game similar to Candy Crush. Players will need to learn all about the girl they wish to win over. Meanwhile they will need to move blocks around to conquer their girl of choice and hopefully get that amazing special moment with them. Don’t ask what breaking blocks has to do with winning a girl because we can’t answer that. All I know is HuniePop is a solid title with mature themes, that is if you get the uncensored version.

3. The Fruit of Grisaia

  • System: PC, PSP, PS Vita
  • Publisher: Front Wing
  • Developer: Front Wing, Prototype, Sekai Project
  • Release Dates: Feb 25, 2011

Yuji Kazami has just transferred to a new school called Mihama Academy. From the outside this school looks like any other. However, those within Mihama aren’t exactly normal by any definition. Yuji also isn’t a normal student and is actually an assassin who is longing for a normal life. Though will that be possible with women who seem to be just as dangerous as Yuji?

The beauty of visual novels is that they can come in all sorts of forms. That should be pretty obvious from our Top 10 Romance Games list. The Fruit of Grisaia is similar in that regard offering players several girls with some rather interesting quirks. The Fruit of Grisaia is also very mature offering various CGs that can be at times quite mature in nature. Though if you want a dating sim that is mature with some truly powerful psychological themes then you’ll thoroughly enjoy The Fruit of Grisaia.

2. If My Heart Had Wings

  • System: PC, Android, iOS
  • Publisher: MoeNovel
  • Developer: MoeNovel
  • Release Dates: Jun 28, 2013

Aoi Minase had dreams as large as the sky. At one time, Aoi wanted to become a racer, but when a horrible bicycle accident occurs, Aoi’s dreams slam into the Earth. Returning to his hometown, Aoi ends up depressed but then meets Kotori Habane. Bound to a wheelchair, Kotori has Aoi fix her flat tire and they two begin to embark on a friendship that will forever change their lives.

Beautiful CG, a truly thought-provoking story and some cute girls that is what we love about developer MoeNovel’s If My Heart Had Wings. Players assume the role of Aoi and must choose between several cute girls all with different personalities that feel quite real. Whether you play If My Heart Had Wings on the PC or on a phone, we think you’ll enjoy this visual novel if you’re looking for a great romance title to play. Now let’s all hope If My Heart Had Wings eventually becomes an anime, we think it would be an awesome anime to say the least.

1. Clannad

  • System: PC, PS2, Android, PSP, iOS, Xbox 360, PS3
  • Publisher: Key
  • Developer: Sekai Project, FOMA, Prototype, Interchannel, VisualArt’s
  • Release Dates: Apr 28, 2015

Tomoya Okazaki is a young student at Hikarizaka Private High School—well, the word “student” might be pushing it a bit. Tomoya tends to often get into trouble and is known throughout the school as a delinquent. For Tomoya, school is just a place he needs to go and wishes it would end already. However, one morning Tomoya runs into a young girl he’s never seen at the school. Without realizing it, Tomoya’s whole life is changed by this one encounter and thus he begins to chase after this girl…

We wrap up our Top 10 Romance Games list with Clannad which many know in the form of the popular anime series. Though many don’t remember that Clannad was originally a visual novel by developer Key. Assuming the role of Tomoya, you could choose the cannon route of Nagisa or change Tomoya’s story by choosing one of the other girls within Clannad. While the original versions were originally Japanese only, Clannad now has a more updated version with full English dialogue. That’s why now you have no excuse to play easily one of the best romance games ever in the form of Clannad.

Final Thoughts

Romance games aren’t meant to be realistic in the world of teaching players how to woo their crushes. However, many of them aren’t trying to be. Most romance games just want to be enjoyable and to tell stories that will keep you entertained from the beginning to the end. There are hundreds of romance games out there and these are just our opinions on our personal favorites. Comment down below what you think is a good romance game and or which from the list above you’ve played. If you’re looking for more romance themed articles from us here at Honey’s Anime then don’t leave our hive for too long. We’re always working hard to deliver quality articles to all of you readers out there on the web.

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