Top 10 Sexiest Date A Live Characters

When thinking of big harem anime from recent years, Date A Live is undeniably one of the names that comes to mind. Although the game-like mechanics in real life trope has been done countless times now, Date A Live does an excellent job of fitting the always amusing cheesy date idea into an otherwise fairly standard harem show. In fact one of the best things about Date A Live is simply getting to see how each girl reacts on her date. Are they in control, shy, where do they want to go, what are they wearing?

Of course as with any other anime from the genre, there’s also a cast of beautiful girls in need of someone to instruct them in the ways of love. And with that said, today we’re going to be looking at the most fundamental aspect of the girls in an ecchi show: who is the sexiest? So without further ado, here’s a list of our Top 10 Sexiest Date A Live Characters.

10. Yoshino

date-a-live-wallpaper-700x474 Top 10 Sexiest Date A Live Characters

Yoshino straddles the border between love interest and little sister for Shido, making their relationship one of the more interesting ones to watch. Particularly when it throws off the other girls. Although one of the younger girls of the group, and least powerful, Yoshino is also one of the smartest, with most of her more intricate thoughts voiced through her puppet Yoshinon.

Although not one of the most obviously sexy characters, Yoshino’s appeal resounds with the sizable lolicon audience out there. More adorable than anything, despite not being much younger than the other girls Yoshino’s short stature means she goes full cute loli when it comes to clothes and hairstyles. Along with that, her easy to embarrass, delicate personality is what makes her so charming, particularly when put into ecchi situations.

9. Mana Takamiya

date-a-live-wallpaper-700x474 Top 10 Sexiest Date A Live Characters

An odd balance between mature, battle hardened weapon and a young girl, Mana’s personality can at times be difficult to get on with, for both friends and enemies. Although always trying to be in control she often doesn’t know which way is up herself, with so many things being hidden from her all the time. At these times it’s reassuring to know that her sensible attitude and drive to protect her family will more often than not shine through.

Mana looks best in her CR-Unit, which kindly follows the skin tight bodysuit cliché that we so often see with powered suits in anime. Not only does it do an excellent job of enhancing her modest chest, but it dips and curves in all the right places to give us the best possible view. Her accidental utterances of Nii-sama are always nice to hear as well, oh how she misses her big brother!

8. Reine Murasame

date-a-live-wallpaper-700x474 Top 10 Sexiest Date A Live Characters

How a human can live with being this tired all the time we will never understand, but somehow Reine manages to get by. Even as tired as she is, Reine is one of the most grounded characters in the show, often providing advice to everyone, whether it be battle tactics or dating related. This normalness often causes her to be the one to push the plot forward when the Spirits and Shido are either screwing about, or have no idea what they’re doing.

One of the older girls in Date A Live, Reine’s more mature, womanly appearance gives her a beauty that none of the other girls can achieve quite yet. On top of that her dishevelled hair and tired eyes give an oddly casual and wild look to someone who is otherwise sensible and organized. With her appearing in numerous outfits throughout the show, from swimsuits to nightwear, even if she’s not a Spirit or a Wizard, Reine can easily hold her own against any of them.

7. Kotori Itsuka

date-a-live-wallpaper-700x474 Top 10 Sexiest Date A Live Characters

Part commander of the Ratatosk organization, part fire Spirit, and part middle schooler little sister, Kotori has a lot going on. With that in mind, it’s easier to forgive her snappy tsundere nature, given that she literally has no time to put up with your, or any else’s, crap. The most interesting thing about Kotori’s tsundere nature is how she can choose to switch it around at will: black hair ribbons for her cool, snappy tsun, white for cute and sweet dere.

Kotori’s sexiness comes from her choice of outfits more than anything. First is her pink and white shimapan, which she is kind enough to show us whilst waking up her brother of all things. Second is her choice of swimsuits: both the cute, frilly, and pink one, and the tight and white one are simple with innocent colors and work so well with her slight frame. And lastly her Astral Dress, an almost kimono like robe falling off her shoulders, which flares out at the bottom to show off her legs.

6. Miku Izayoi

date-a-live-wallpaper-700x474 Top 10 Sexiest Date A Live Characters

Date A Live’s idol princess, Miku Izayoi starts off as a brainwashing queen of pop, but it’s not long before she’s made to see the error of her ways. Even after being sealed though her voice remains as beautiful as ever, and her flirtatious, lady like personality sticks around as well. One of the perkiest girls of the group, Miku is always seen with a smile, which along with her light purple eyes makes her face incredibly pretty.

Along with her impressive idol wardrobe, Miku has one of the biggest busts in the series, which can never be a bad thing, particularly when all her outfits do such a good job of showing it off. Despite fitting the high class lady type with her pretty clothes, hime cut hair, and her ability to spend incredible amounts of money, Miku’s personality says pervert, with her blatant yuri tendencies being one of the sexiest things about her.

5. Kaguya Yamai

date-a-live-wallpaper-700x474 Top 10 Sexiest Date A Live Characters

One Angel, two girls, Kaguya is the flatter half of the Yamai twins. Tsundere and kind of childish, Kaguya is the more excitable and immature one, often sayings things without really thinking. She also appears to have an interest in cute, black, gothic Lolita type clothing, such as her outfit from her date during Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgment and of course her black polka dot swimsuit.

In anime twins are normally sexy by default, we’re pretty sure it’s the main reason for including them. Considering them as individual characters though, Kaguya and Yuzuru both have gorgeous designs. Kaguya being the tsundere of the two has the whole cute-angry thing going on, which works brilliantly in the swimsuit scenes, as well as when she’s fawning over our protagonist. Along with that, her slim figure is always great to see in between the otherwise flat loli or big busted girls of the show.

4. Origami Tobiichi

date-a-live-wallpaper-700x474 Top 10 Sexiest Date A Live Characters

Diligent classmate and anti-Spirit Team fighter, Origami has her own ideas when it comes to logic, bending reason whenever needed to get what she wants. It’s not an attribute that’s appreciated by the rest of the cast, but remains hilarious none the less. Regardless of that quirk, Origami is an intelligent girl who is shown to lack common sense and experience more than anything.

To be blunt, Origami is really, really weird. Her obsession with Shido knows no bounds, whether it means dressing up as a swimsuit wearing dog, or a pretty maid girl. Origami’s all or nothing attitude gets her into some pretty perverse situations, a dream scenario for some! Much like with Mana, Origami’s CR-Unit is sexy as anything as well, with a touch more transparency to boot. If ecchi anime has taught us anything, it’s that transparent clothing means more fighting power.

3. Yuzuru Yamai

date-a-live-wallpaper-700x474 Top 10 Sexiest Date A Live Characters

The other half of the Spirit sisters, Yuzuru is the more logical thinking one of the two, with her robotic way of speaking adding yet more emphasis to the trait. Although she has no trouble outwitting her loudmouth sister, Yuzuru is not the brightest spark herself, with her mechanical thought process often causing problems that are normally solved by simple common sense. Regardless of her quirky mannerisms though, she’s still very much a girl at heart and yearns for time with her sweetheart.

Although almost identical to her sister in many ways, there is one notable difference between the two: cushioning. But that by itself isn’t the reason why we’d rate Yuzuru higher than her slender sister. Yuzuru’s cool-headed way of thinking things through means she knows exactly what to do to win you over, with everything planned out to the tee. Though admittedly when her information isn’t quite accurate, things can get a bit odd.

2. Tohka Yatogami

date-a-live-wallpaper-700x474 Top 10 Sexiest Date A Live Characters

It’s slightly concerning when a girl as airheaded as Tohka Yatogami has the power to destroy cities. Not that she would do it by accident but you know, we worry. Unhealthily obsessed with bread, Tohka is Date A Live’s main heroine, and as pretty as anything with her regal, purple and gold Astral Dress. The main charm point of Tohka is her childish personality, as she is not very good at human-ing yet and so often doesn’t cope very well with embarrassment or jealousy.

Along with her cute clothes and crazy long hair, Tohka has totally got the whole beautiful princess look going on. Despite her immature personality, she’s also one of the most physically mature out of the cast, with the contrast being both amusing and sexy. The beach episode in particular does a great job of showing off Tohka’s incredible figure, as well as pretty much any time she leans over come to think of it.

1. Kurumi Tokisaki

date-a-live-wallpaper-700x474 Top 10 Sexiest Date A Live Characters

With time itself under her control, Kurumi is one dangerous girl, especially considering no one really knows what’s going on inside that head of hers. Always with her own agenda, she’s not bothered whether someone needs help, or who’s standing in her way, although she does seem to have a soft spot for our main man. Kurumi’s cruel yandere personality is what makes her stand out the most, with her spending more time screwing about with the rest of the cast than anything else.

If there was a character whose appeal needn’t be explained, it would be Kurumi. Her gothic Lolita style dress is a thing of beauty not often enough seen, though she also looks pretty great in a school uniform. Not one to shy away from showing off her lavish lingerie, Kurumi’s black thigh highs and garter belt are one of Date A Live’s iconic images. And not just that, she really ticks all the boxes from the yandere gaze as she licks her lips, to her feigned cute schoolgirl personality, she’s not so much a pervert as she is a cruel tease.

Final Thoughts

As you’d expect from any harem show, Date A Live has a fantastic cast of girls, from cute to sexy and everything between. It would be no surprise for us to see another season either, with hopefully the addition of yet more sultry Spirits. Also more Kurumi would be great if someone could just get on that, thanks.

So what do you think of the girls from Date A Live? Whether it’s your sexiest, cutest or flat out best girl, we’d love to hear our thoughts in the comments below!

date-a-live-wallpaper-700x474 Top 10 Sexiest Date A Live Characters


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