The Art of Love and War – Date A Live Vol.1

“A Dating Sim on a Silver Platter.”
  • Mangaka : Tachibana, Koushi (Story) and Tsunako (Art)
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Mecha, Romance, School, Sci-Fi, Harem
  • Published : March 2021 - Ongoing

On the first day of school, Shido Itsuka is living in a world where a natural disaster such as a spacequake exists. His life later turns upside down as he encounters the source of such occurrence-a girl his age labelled as a Spirit. There are two ways to resolve this issue, kill her and let the world meets its demise, or take her out on a date and make her fall in love with him.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Have you ever thought of what it feels like to be assigned to a task to save the world by making beautiful girls fall in love with you? Well, that is what this series is about. As you have to shoulder this responsibility, you have to learn the basics of interacting with Spirits with the help of your cute little sister, who looks down on you most of the time, and a crew she had prepared. We forgot to mention that a slight mistake in this mission will cost your life, so choose wisely.

Why You Should Read Date A Live

1. Dating Sim

This is one of the few series that implements Dating Sim as the central theme. Shido has never once been into a romantic relationship. With the help of his sister’s crew, he had to play and learn choices and consequences from dating simulation as if his life depends on it due to the nature of the job. The knowledge he acquired from this training helped him somehow, but he learned that there are situations where he has to adapt and make morally correct choices. That aspect carries heavy character and relationship development within himself and Tohka, who is the leading Spirit for this volume.

2. Mutual

The beautiful element when it comes to romance is a mutual feeling. You may think Shido is just an average schoolboy, but that is just on the surface. He has been through a situation that left a scar on himself during his childhood, and that experience led him to understand and connect with Tohka. Tohka was seen as a tool of destruction and an enemy destroyed by humanity, putting her in a situation where she is not welcomed in their world. Still, Shido doesn’t see that and wishes to save humanity, including her as well.

3. Multiple Angles

The story isn’t focused on Shido’s perspective. We get to have a chance to read and learn the thought process of other characters that makes the events and development more sensible. The number of contents is relatively decent and concise.

4. Characters

When we see the harem genre, get ready for a lot of unique characters. The character designs have a mix of seriousness and casualness at the same time. Their personalities made the story exciting, and their interactions felt so real. They may be goofy at some times, but they add a lot of flavour to character development.

Why You Should Skip Date A Live

1. Anime

The main difference between the anime and the light novel version is the thought process and contents. The anime did cover most of the source material, but a little thought process can piece everything together at ease and feel right. But you can choose to buy the light novel version to support Koushi Tachibana and Yen Press.

Final Thoughts

Date A Live isn’t your typical dating sim story. The story puts Shido in a high-stress situation as if he is dating a ticking time bomb, and every move he makes has to be correct to avoid getting killed. Simultaneously, it can serve as a lesson to every reader on how to be a decent lover, minus the harem. Just go for one lover, or else you trigger the harem war flag. Have you not seen School Days? Other than that, let us enjoy a nice wholesome date between Shido and Tohka. With Tohka’s innocence and Shido’s self-consciousness, what could go wrong? Let the date begins.

Date-A-Live-Wallpaper-667x500 The Art of Love and War – Date A Live Vol.1


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Date-A-Live-Wallpaper-667x500 The Art of Love and War – Date A Live Vol.1

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