Top 10 Sexiest Heaven's Lost Property Characters

Heaven’s Lost Property has brought many of us fans numerous laughs and a unique cast of characters. Above all, they’re characters that will most definitely be remembered for their looks. It’s in large part due to the presence of the angeloids in this series. They present a distinctive aspect and terminology to the harem genre.

We’ve looked at all the possible characters for this list and we’ve ranked them not just solely on appearance, but also personality since that can be equally as sexy. On that note, let’s get cracking on the Top 10 Sexiest Heaven’s Lost Property Characters, shall we?

10. Chaos

Sora-no-Otoshimono wallpaper-20160715165916-700x494 Top 10 Sexiest Heaven's Lost Property Characters

Right off the bat, we’re going to talk about a second generation angeloid type epsilon, who served as one of the vital antagonists in season two. Chaos is the first, second generation angeloid of her kind. She comes complete with new features and abilities that were considered to be unmatched by the first generation models. Chaos takes the appearance of a lovely blonde-haired girl, with purple eyes and is dressed in religious garb, giving her the appearance of a nun.

Chaos could be considered a Yandere at times. She can go from looking innocent to a maniacal killer within one beat of a heart. Chaos is a conflicted angeloid on all levels and she is often asking her enemies “what is love?” As the story evolves you come to see that she is very much a sympathetic character. Once she is shown what true love really means, that’s when her personality shines. She’s less dramatic and far more caring. Her previous disposition is the reason why she is not any higher on this list. Nevertheless in her older form, she has the qualities of a sexy female.

9. Harpy 1 & Harpy 2

Sora-no-Otoshimono wallpaper-20160715165916-700x494 Top 10 Sexiest Heaven's Lost Property Characters
Sora-no-Otoshimono wallpaper-20160715165916-700x494 Top 10 Sexiest Heaven's Lost Property Characters

Our next selection is a devilishly delicious pair of Harpies, who are simply known as Harpy 1 and 2. There really isn’t much difference between the two angeloids outside of their hair color. One has short green hair and the other has short sandy blonde colored hair. The girls have thick black and white wings with a similar color schemed body suit that emphasize their ample bust. They’re a type gamma angeloid and their class is an interceptor. Minos, the sadistic master of synapse is their lord and they will do anything for him, including hurting Nymph and trying to kill Eishirou Sugata.

What makes these girls stand out is their snarky traits and overly obedient nature towards Minos. Despite their naturally negative perception towards humans, they really are a sexy duo. If you can look past their enhanced claws and focus on their nasty demeanor you might actually find these harpies attractive. The snickering faces and the dominating personalities should be enough to put these ladies over the top. Their rugged nature, combined with their sex appeal is an excellent concoction for some of us to enjoy.

8. Eishirou Sugata

Sora-no-Otoshimono wallpaper-20160715165916-700x494 Top 10 Sexiest Heaven's Lost Property Characters

The countdown continues on with our first male selection to be on this list. That’s right; this list isn’t going to be exclusively female, even though it certainly has enough talent for it. Eishirou Sugata is the president of “The New World Discovery” club and one of the two main male protagonists in the series. Unlike Tomoki, Sugata is less of a pervert and more of a constructive dreamer. His club's goals are to investigate the black hole in the sky. Throughout the series, he is often seen trying to fly up in the sky with various attempts through his creative contraptions.

Sugata is usually shown with a neutral look on his face, unless there is something that piques his interest, such as the angeloids or the “New World” high in the sky. He’s got wispy white hair and delightful aqua green eyes that is sure to make some fans melt. He’s very much a brilliant visionary. Throughout the series, he is seen sporting the school uniform and rectangular glasses. Sugata is a highly eccentric individual but is very intelligent, two traits that seem to go hand in hand. His looks mixed with his knowledge and determination is his biggest assets and it’s not something that can go unnoticed.

7. Hiyori Kazane

Sora-no-Otoshimono wallpaper-20160715165916-700x494 Top 10 Sexiest Heaven's Lost Property Characters

After a brief mention of a human character, we’re going back to the angeloids. This should come as no surprise given that the angeloid plot is central to the story. Speaking of story, this next addition contributes a large role in the Heaven’s Lost Property movies. Interestingly enough in the first movie, her hair was black and then in the second movie her hair color was changed to match that of the manga, which is a navy blue. Hiyori Kazane is an angeloid type zeta. Her class is weather and time, and her wings are weather resistant.

Hiyori is a gentle and timid angeloid who is fond of growing crops. Her deep blue eyes and kindly shaped facial features make her super adorable. She is one character that we would have loved to see really expanded on in the anime. In the second season, during the fifth episode, it did foreshadow that she would have some sort of significant role. Hiyori joins The New World Discovery club to get closer to her love interest Tomoki. Like the majority of angeloids she is gifted with a near-perfect body. On top of that, she is blessed with a thin frame with nicely shaped hips and a large bust; it’s no wonder Tomoki has to fight all these urges.

6. Tomoki "Tomoko" Sakurai

Sora-no-Otoshimono wallpaper-20160715165916-700x494 Top 10 Sexiest Heaven's Lost Property Characters

Our next pick is somewhat of a unique pick because of the gender-bending rules of Tomoki Sakurai. Tomoki is able to transform into a female version of himself, called Tomoko. This is all done with the assistance of Ikaros and Nymph most notably, and a device. For this list, we will do something special and talk about ‘both characters.’ They both have similar personalities; in fact, the only real difference is their appearance.

Starting off will be the male counterpart, Tomoki. He has a very perverted nature, going as far as installing periscope pipes all around his house so he could peep on the girls that came over. Despite his perversion, he is a gentle and sincere human being. He has black hair and soft brown eyes. Tomoki is noted for being rather short for his age, as even Sohara is taller than he is. Regardless of everything else, he is a good looking guy and if you can get past his perversion, he is a quality male. Tomoko is no slouch herself and uses her good looks to get deeper into the girls locker room. He portrays her as a ditsy girl and takes advantage of the females in her presence. However you like him/her, they’re a real treat for the eyes!

5. Astraea

Sora-no-Otoshimono wallpaper-20160715165916-700x494 Top 10 Sexiest Heaven's Lost Property Characters

At the midway point of the list and we have had some great selections. Up next is an angeloid who made her debut in season two of Heaven’s Lost Property. Her type is delta and she is a close combat angeloid. Astraea plays on several tropes, the dumb blonde with the large breasts in the prevalent one. The reason given as to why she is such an airhead is that she was given low processing power. What she was awarded in return was to be a powerhouse of a fighter.

Astraea was sent down from Minos who resides high above the sky. Her mission was to finish what the harpies could not. Once Tomoki realized what Astraea’s intentions were Tomoki was concerned. However, Nymph calmed the situation by simply noting that Astraea is a “blithering idiot” and has nothing to worry about. Astraea has a similar outfit to Ikaros except that her attire is blue and white. She has long blonde hair that drops down to her ankles. Her purple-red eyes contrast so magnificently with her hair that it stands out as being one of her best qualities. Apart from that, a quality that could rival that is her loyalty and protective nature towards Ikaros and especially Chaos. If you can put aside her vacuous tendencies then she is really one sexy angeloid.

4. Nymph

Sora-no-Otoshimono wallpaper-20160715165916-700x494 Top 10 Sexiest Heaven's Lost Property Characters

Progressing on our list, we have come to a type beta angeloid who specializes in electronic warfare. Nymph made her debut in season one, episode six of the anime. She is summoned by her then master, Minos to go retrieve Ikaros from her fall to the earth. Initially, Nymph is condescending and harsh to the human race, referring to them as “bugs” and often treating them like dirt. However due to certain instances in the anime, she grows fond of Tomoki and Ikaros. Nymph is brilliant but isn’t as well-equipped as Ikaros when it comes to head on battles. She often uses her stealth and hacking abilities to her advantage.

The adorable pint-sized angeloid stands at 139 cm and weighs in at a minuscule 29 kg, making her the smallest angeloid in the series. She has long blue hair tied in twin-tails, pale skin, and large deep-blue eyes, reminiscent of some oceans. What’s even better is that she has irregular sized hips and thighs to further stimulate the viewing audience for such a petite individual. Nymph makes strides in terms of personality starting out as a rather cold angeloid and eventually turning into the sweet and sometimes shy character as we know her. She makes waves with her utterly cute appearance, superior intelligence and bashful nature towards Tomoki following a disaster.

3. Ikaros

Sora-no-Otoshimono wallpaper-20160715165916-700x494 Top 10 Sexiest Heaven's Lost Property Characters

How can we top our last selection? It’s not going to be easy but here we are with a type alpha angeloid by the name of Ikaros. She is a battle class female who meets up with Tomoki in the first episode of the series. Tomoki makes a type of ‘bond’ that is called imprinting, which is symbolized by the invisible chain that is tied to her collar and Tomoki’s hand. Ikaros has a lousy understanding of the human emotion due to her high battle processing capability. Oddly enough, that’s one of the reasons why we find her lovable. It’s her trials and tribulations as she tries to fully grasp emotions, while all but falling in love with Tomoki in the process, is what makes for a captivating story.

Ikaros is undoubtedly one sexy angeloid. She has long pink hair and a beautiful set of emerald eyes. She, like nearly every female member of the anime, has an exceptionally curvy body that makes her simply desirable. Another strong trait that she possesses is her sheer devotion to Tomoki and her more than welcoming ability to please her master. She was there to willingly help Tomoki transform into Tomoko, to further spread his perverse acts on several females. Needless to say, it makes many males and females envious of Tomoki’s situation.

2. Mikako Satsukitane

Sora-no-Otoshimono wallpaper-20160715165916-700x494 Top 10 Sexiest Heaven's Lost Property Characters

Rounding it out to our number two choice is a student council president who is a member of The New World Discovery club. Mikako Satsukitane is a tall and well developed purple hair goddess, who is considered to be rather sadistic at times. She is a childhood friend of Eishirou Sugata and has a considerable crush on him. Mikako is an heiress to the Yakuza and she brings a manipulative side and violent behavior, most notably towards Tomoki. She thrives off of putting that poor guy in many distressful situations, all for her pleasure.

Mikako is very wealthy and is seen in a variety of upper-class clothing. That makes her stand out from the rest of the main cast of characters. Does anyone remember her wrestling attire in the second season? My goodness, she is evil but what an attraction she is. Even though her intentions of malice are there for satisfaction, she does have a certain aura of maturity and intelligence that is hard to match for many of the humans in this anime. She may be a little dangerous but she is unquestionably sexy in every facet of that word. If she was partnered with a masochist, they would get along until the end of time.

1. Sohara Mitsuki

Sora-no-Otoshimono wallpaper-20160715165916-700x494 Top 10 Sexiest Heaven's Lost Property Characters

Our number one choice brings us the dreamy girl next door type by the name of Sohara Mitsuki. What makes this even more interesting is that she does indeed live next door to Tomoki. Isn’t that what every youthful male dreams of, is to have a beautiful girl living next door. What makes her so enchanting is her lush brown hair tied into a ponytail and those striking brown eyes she possesses. Sohara is represented awfully well in the breast category. She has the largest bust not only in Tomoki’s harem but the entire series. Now how’s that for a childhood friend who can visit you at any given moment? Not a bad deal in many cases.

Sohara may be gullible and more often than not falls for Tomoki’s debauched pleasures, but doesn’t that add an extra layer to her? After all, she does get him back with several ‘karate-chops of doom’ for comic relief. Regardless of her physicality, Sohara does have several steamy dreams involving Tomoki and herself that almost feel like they're actually from Tomoki. On that note, Sohara could very well be the most perverse of the main cast. Above all, she has a kind heart and is capable of showing her support for her friends and loved ones. With all the fan service that comes with her, we feel it’s only right to put her at number one.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks, another list down and another discussion to be had. What did everyone think of it? Do you feel Sohara was worthy of being the number one choice? Her exquisite nature was too much for us to ignore. It’s no wonder Tomoki was always trying to devise a perverted plan to get with her.

There isn’t a large supplement of characters in this anime but there’s certainly enough to warrant a top 10 list. We would love for you to share with us your sexiest character from this anime in the comments section below. You honestly can’t go wrong!

Sora-no-Otoshimono wallpaper-20160715165916-700x494 Top 10 Sexiest Heaven's Lost Property Characters


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