[Thirsty Thursday] Top 10 Sexiest Kantai Collection: KanColle Characters

The world is in peril as the Abyssal Fleet, a demonic navy of otherworldly creation, terrorizes the seven seas with a combination of magic and conventional weapons. The nations of the world respond with a magi-mechanical fleet of their own. Kanmusu, girls who possess the spirits of warships (in this case Japanese Warships since we are in Japan), wear harnesses equipped with artillery, flight decks, and torpedoes and are our best hope for defeating the Abyssal Fleet. The girls also wear rigs on their feet, allowing them to glide across the surface of the water like an ice skater making them agile and fast.

The story of Kantai Collection or KanColle for short is about Fubuki, a destroyer Kanmusu, who joins the navy as a new recruit. Fubuki has difficulty at first but trains hard to become one of the best as they take on the Abyssal Fleet. Fubuki is cute (for a destroyer), a little short, a little clumsy, and young. We learn quickly that the larger the class of ship, the more mature and shapely the girl. Fubuki is a lucky girl joining a fleet of strong ships with amazing lines and perfectly conditioned decks that are downright beautiful to watch in action. We now give you the Top 10 Sexiest Kantai Collection Characters.

10. Akagi Seiki Kuubo

Akagi Seiki Kuubo is an Akagi Class aircraft carrier and the pride of the first carrier fleet. She is calm, cool and filled with self-confidence. Akagi is also a kind senior to her juniors, giving them advice and a gentle nudge when they need it. The tall, mature-looking lady, most likely in her late teens, has long, straight black hair. She is often seen wearing a modified shrine maiden outfit: a white top, short red skirt and stockings, covered by a chest protector. Her battle gear is a bow and arrow she pulls and releases with elegance. She also makes the cutest little noises as she sits in the healing waters of the dock undergoing repairs, leaving all of us wanting to conduct our own close inspection to make sure she is seaworthy.

9. Kaga Seiki Kuubo

Kaga Seiki Kubbo is Kaga Class aircraft carrier and is one of a stalwart pair with her sister ship Akagi. Like her sister, Kaga has a mature attitude and is one of the most dependable members of the fleet. Unlike her sister’s soft touch, she has a more stern and serious approach with her juniors. Kaga does seem to be a little stuck up and not willing to work with other aircraft carriers not in carrier group one. Kaga wears a uniform similar to her sister’s, except in blue. The side ponytail does soften her features and make her seem less regal than her sister. She does seem a little shapelier than Akagi, giving the rise in her breast plate. She also has an excellent zettai ryouiki with the black thigh-high stockings stopping just above her knees.

8. Yuudachi Kuchikukan

Yuudachi may be classified as a Shiratsuyu class destroyer but we’re sure she’s definitely a heartbreaker. The cute and always slightly confused girl quickly finds her way to your heart. She has a good work ethic and had the determination to get better at her job in Torpedo Squadron 3. Yuudachi may be lacking for curves in the beginning of the series but gets a remodel later that adds some larger cannons to her flat deck. Her long blonde hair and her habit of putting “Poi?” (supposedly) at the end of her sentences as if constantly questioning reality, makes her an adorable girl. You can ask her “will you go out with me?” and the yes or no the answer will always have “Poi” or supposedly/possibly at the end, giving you plenty of hope to try again.

7. Kirishima Senkan

Kirishima is a Kongou class battleship. We love all the Kongou sisters, but Kirishima the brains of the fleet, stands out. She has long black hair like her sisters and some fine lines for a fast battleship. She is also the only ship-girl that has glasses. Her confidence in her calculations astounds us considering the amount of times she is shown to be wrong, leaving us to question if she is indeed the brains of the fleet. She is often the one that is seen closest to Kongou playing back to Kongou’s zanier moments. We don’t mind that she lets her sister take center stage, she is truly the only ship-girl that we can call a bespectacled babe.

6. Hiei Choudokyuu Senkan

We shouldn’t call Hiei Kongou, a class fast battleship, ditzy -- but she kind of is. She is a sweet well-meaning girl, at least for a girl that has the potential to level a city block. She wears the same modified shrine maiden uniform as her sisters with the sleeves not connecting at the top letting us see her bare shoulders. She has very cute violet eyes and black shoulder-length hair. She seems eager to please others, especially her older sister Kongou. Despite all of her wonderful attributes she can’t cook, as demonstrated in the curry cook-off concocting a brew that sends her and Kongou to the docks for repair due to its potency. But who cares if she can cook as long as she keeps looking adorable in an apron.

5. Nagato Senkan

Nagato is obviously a Nagato class battleship and when we talk about Nagato as one of the big guns it’s not just about the size of her chest or the cannon she packs on her deck. She is the flagship of the combined fleet and other than the admiral she’s the one in charge. Nagato is calm and careful, taking responsibility for all the members of her command. She is also a knockout from stem to stern. Her long jet-black hair and piercing gaze let you know she’s in charge and her beauty is enough for you to submit to even her most demanding of commands.

4. Yamato Senkan

The sweet Yamato is a Yamato class battleship. Yamato is refined, patient, and almost docile to those who meet her. Her hospitality often has people confusing her with a hotel patroness. She will be the first to remind you she is not a hotel, but a battleship. In fact she’s the largest and most powerful battleship in the fleet. She doesn’t see much action as her existence is mainly considered a secret, but when she does set sail her ability to level her guns at her enemies is the only reason to watch her. Her uniform while at sail, matches the shrine maiden look that the other battleships have with the exception of its form-fitting nature. We can easily see every curve of her hull and wonder what it be like to explore a great ship like her.

3. Zuikaku Shoukaku

Zuikaku Shoukaku is an aircraft carrier. "Flight-Deck Chest," as the nickname might suggest, doesn’t have a lot of curves, even for being one of the more mature girls. She wears her hair in twin tails, and (as that often suggests) has a tsundere attitude. She is opinionated and proud and very confident in her abilities. Like her carrier cohorts, she wears a modified shrine maiden uniform. She also wears a piece of light armor over her chest, maybe compensating for something she thinks she lacks. We do love the thigh-high boots creating a wonderful gap between her skirt and the top of those boots. She may not have the curves of the battleships, but we wouldn’t mind running our hands across her smooth deck.

2. Shimakaze

Shimakaze is a destroyer in a class all of her own. She is also probably one of the strangest girls on this list. Shimakaze is one of the younger girls on this list of sexy ships, too. She has long blonde hair held out of her face by a ribbon tied at the top letting the loose ends form bunny ears. Shimakaze also has some sleek lines that make her fast, and yes that is code for flat-chested, but it doesn’t affect her sex appeal. Her uniform is a double breasted white top with a sailor collar and a short miniskirt with striped thigh-highs. She is also the only girl with what can only be described as witch’s familiars. Her three gun turrets seem to be able to operated independently and can be seen playing at her feet even on land, much like several kittens. She possesses a lot of mystery and mystery is good for a relationship, right?

1. Kongou Senkan

The bubbly Kongou is a Kongou class fast battleship and one that brings serious firepower to any engagement. Her personality is one of the kindest and most playful of the larger ships. She seems to have a soft spot for Fubuki, giving her the pet name Buckey. Kongou also has an adorable crush on the fleet commander simply known as the Admiral. Her love of firing broadsides is contagious, especially when she shouts out her nicknames for the firing solutions like “Burning Love.” Kongou is a girl with long brown hair tied into buns on either side of her head. Her uniform is a modified shrine maiden outfit with a white top and red mini skirt and knee-high boots. She has some large guns on her, too, that make her a pleasure to look at. She is full of energy for a battleship and is very affectionate. She was born in England and it’s adorable when her broken English gets mixed into her conversations. Kongou is considered a fast battleship leaving us to wonder: on a date, just how fast does she move?

Final Thoughts

The Kantai Collection at its heart is telling us what anyone who has spent time at sea already knows: a ship isn’t just a collection of wood or steel; a ship has a soul. A ship is beautiful to those who sail her and admire her. We look at the curves of their hulls and feel the warmth of the wood on their decks as the sun shines and know this vessel is just that, a vessel for a soul. We watch KanColle and smile and laugh with the girls as they all give it their best to protect everyone and realize that is what a warship does. They defend us without complaint and tll the bitter end. KanColle is simply giving a voice and a sexy new look to what we who love the sea already know, the sea may be a mistress, but a ship is your beautiful waifu.

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