Top 10 Sexy/Bikini Armor Girls [Best List]

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It can be said that a girl's armor in anime is sometimes not even armor at all, just carefully positioned pieces of cloth for, er.. ease of movement. Colourful bands of ribbon and tassels made for women who would almost rather battle in the nude, or so it would seem, but who are we to judge? On the other hand, some of the armor worn by the ladies on this list possess such power that it could scare, bewilder, and enchant the most fearsome opponents.

This attire, be it fully covered or barely there, demonstrates that, in the world of anime, sexy armor is not only needed, it is downright necessary. Aside from the politics of who wore what when, this list is about armor and bikinis, need we say more? Disclaimer: some of the succeeding characters will leave your jaws agape and your eyes permanently glued to the computer screen (you can wipe the excess drool off the monitor later).

10. Athena (Saint Seiya)

  • Episodes: 114
  • Aired: October 1986 – April 1989

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then sexiness must be too. Athena, from Saint Seiya is a character that needs no introduction. For anyone who's seen the series, the goddess Athena is the ultimate sexy female (be it in an unattainably divine kind of way). She mixes that alchemical rarity of sexy yet classy that still seems to elude some of the more endowed characters on our list. And her armor is top notch too; if you’re a tad conservative yet still get a tingling for a high-powered goddess decked out in awesome weaponry and armor, Athena's cloth should definitely peak your interest, so to speak.

Perhaps the most powerful armor worn by any character anywhere, Athena's Cloth is a gilded defensive piece composed of heavy upper armor covering her chest, arms, shoulders and back. The armored suit is complete with a helmet similar to that of a gilded knight’s medieval regalia, staff, and shoulder blades resembling metallic wings that rest at her side. The Golden Staff which she wields, contains the power of the goddess Nike, the winged goddess of victory and Athena's loyal and trusted companion.

Athena also brandishes the mythological shield of Aegis, a powerful healing apparatus able to purify/cleanse and heal fatal wounds (such as the arrow that pierced Athena's breast). Her lower body is covered by a long golden shielded skirt that completes the mythical cloth's full power. Immeasurable power aside, Athena is a goddess that’s not to be trifled with; if you’re craving a woman with brawns, brains, and untold divine powers, look no further. Goddess Athena is an honorable mention that deserves all the honor and edged her way to a spot on our list; if power is sexy, then this is the sexiest armor out there.

聖闘士星矢 BD-BOX PV

9. Takeda Shingen (Battle Girls: Time Paradox)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: April 2011 – June 2011

Like many series, Battle Girls begins with an unsuspecting, ditsy schoolgirl whose life is turned upside down. The series follows Hideyoshi as she is transported to feudal japan in a version of the country that’s solely made up of women. Battle Girls boasts an impressive roster of scantily clad girls (some more than others) who harness powerful magic and brute physical stamina to match.

We find one of the fierier characters in Takeda Shingen, who is a feudal lord and a samurai able to control the elements of wind and fire. Takeda’s blazing attire is perfectly suited for agility, quick movement, and easy maneuvering. Her armor is simplistic with ridged crimson plates that shield her arms, shoulders and legs. Underneath her light armor, Takeda leaves little to the imagination as she sports a sexy red bikini top and bottom that shows off some of her feudal assets. The most interesting thing about her appearance, besides her obvious womanly charm, is the intimidating, demon-like samurai warrior mask that sits on the top of her head (most likely to instill fear/trepidation to any who stand in her way).

BATTLE GIRLS: TIME PARADOX Official Trailer. Out now on DVD

8. Clare (Claymore)

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: April 2007 – August 2007

Claymore follows the story of Clare, a Claymore or half human, half Yoma (beings who feast on human flesh and blood). While most Claymores are human and Yoma hybrids, Clare is unique for being only 1/4 Yoma. Fearsome as she may be, Clare is seen by the organization (the order responsible for much of what's going wrong behind the scenes in this strange universe) as weak/undesirable, labeled No. 47 and the last of her generation. Her frail, slim frame disguises overwhelming superhuman strength and extraordinary abilities unbeknownst to many. This fearsome blonde with piercing silver eyes and sterling moonlit armor to match is a warrior whose pure passion and unstoppable spirit will unleash upon anything that stands in her way.

Clare’s attire is simple yet still elegant and sensual. The skin tight body suit that elongates her slim alien-like frame looks like a cross between a sexy cat-suit and the most badass sword-proof fencing gear out there. The suit leaves her collarbones exposed while a black high-collar with the emblem of a dagger, covers hers throat and neck. Two large metallic shoulder pads adjoined by a thick metallic necklace, secures the armor around her chest. A white cape flows from behind her shoulder armor, while her bottom skirt consists of leaf-petal shaped platinum sheets that wrap around her waist.

Clare might be adorned in sensual, clean, elegant attire along with other Claymores like her beautiful mentor Teresa, (who sports similar armor and waves of long golden hair/hypnotic silvery eyes), but don’t let her looks fool you; her awakened state is extremely dangerous (and that’s putting it lightly). A beauty to beast with blades and claws for hands and feet, deadly enough to go from super sexy to really scary, very fast.

Claymore Opening and Ending HD

7. Claire Harvey (Hundred)

  • Episodes: 5
  • Aired: April 2016 – May 2016

Hundred follows Kisaragi as he learns to harness the great power of Hundred, a crystal energy that can take the form of defensive armor, advanced projectiles and physical weaponry. After mastering the Hundred in just a short amount of time, Kisaragi and his schoolmate Emil are recruited by the student body Queen, Claire Harvey, to become full-fledged slayers and combat a ruthless alien species.

One of the most powerful characters in the series with equally impressive looks and womanly assets is that of the Queen (who sports golden pigtail ringlets that look more like pasta). Depending on the situation, Claire’s armor will either be simple and subdued (out of battle) or she’ll be adorned in highly-advanced, anti-gravitational burgundy armor that can withstand massive amounts of damage. Aside from some of her more offensive abilities like transforming pieces of her armor into arm-sized missiles or twin long-edged blades, one of her crystal’s main functions is to divide into 6 crown-like petals which float mid-air and possess either defensive (becoming a shield) or offensive capabilities. You just might get a flurry of projectile energy blasts headed your way if you’re not careful!

[Anime Trailer] 2016 PV: Full Version HQ

6. Darkness (Konosuba- God’s Blessing to this Wonderful World)

  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: January 2016 – March 2016

Konosuba is nothing short of being spellbindingly entertaining as it is full of arcane magic, snow sprites, summoning spells and chicks with loads of power. The story follows a Japanese Hikikomori (or shut-in) with an excessive habit of video game binging, until his life is abruptly cut short following a traffic accident. He meets a goddess named Aqua who accompanies him to a parallel world where the duo embark on an epic quest; meeting new friends and facing the Devil King and his dubious minions along the way.

Among those friends is a character nicknamed Darkness. At first glance, you’d think Darkness is just your typical, airy, blonde paladin, but looks are not always as they seem. Her masochistic tendencies and awkward pleasure-seeking behaviours bewilder Kazuma and even some of her enemies. But for what she lacks in social grace and combat skills she makes up for in cuteness.

Darkness is adorned with metallic shoulder plates and an upper body breastplate that can dish out (and take) some serious melee damage. The long, orange flowing robe lined with ivory trimming allows her the flexibility and range of motion to dodge (or not) oncoming attacks. Far be it from us to judge, she’s not your typical paladin but this sadomasochistic, socially inept, backwards warrior happens to be our favourite little dark angel. And with sizeable assets and a sweet disposition like that, could you disagree?

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Trailer

5. Satellizer L. Bridget (Freezing)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2011 – April 2011

This series is set in a futuristic world inhabited by genetically modified humans and an invading alien species, called the Nova. To combat this extraterrestrial menace, an academy of boys (limiters) and their respective female counterparts (pandoras) are infused with genetic material to alter their DNA in order to manifest superhuman strength, agility, and weaponry.

The story follows Satellizer L. Bridget, or the untouchable queen, whose genetic attire consists of a simple flowing red dress highlighted with golden accents, laced stockings and an open brassiere showcasing her noticeably ample bust (bigger than all of her classmates). What her outfit lacks in intricacy, it makes up for in innovation. Through the infusion of volt energy implanted by her stigmata, Satellizer is able to manifest weaponry and transmorphic armor through her simple clothing; enough to leave her adversaries smouldering. Boasting a wide array of lethal combat moves through volt (magic), her most effective weapon is her ability to manifest an intimidating, albeit impressive, single-edged sword that can easily slice through anything (or anyone).


4. Erza Scarlet (Heaven's Wheel Armor: Fairy Tail)

  • Episodes: 175
  • Aired: October 2009 – March 2013

No list of sexy armor can be complete without Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. Set in the fictional world of Earth-Land, where wizard guilds fulfill magical jobs (much like sorcerer contractors for hire), Erza Scarlet is the noble heart of the series. Her long scarlet hair and hazel eyes match her quick temper and strong attitude. While she fronts a strong exterior, she is at heart playful and sometimes just downright clumsy. Although soft-hearted, Erza is a formidable opponent whose power is only matched by the armor she wears. Her closet is full of tight fitting armor ready for every occasion, battle and adventure (which could encompass a full list of its own). So for this list we've chosen the sexiest and most powerful.

Erza’s most powerful armor is her Heaven's Wheel; a winged silver armored suit akin to that of a warrior angel. The armor's main feature are metallic wings in the shape of elongated feathers that give Erza the ability to take flight. Her breasts are covered by a mid-drift-bearing metallic bustier with decorative metal feathers, while her upper arms are covered with metallic ribbons that create diamond shaped skin exposures. The lower section of Heaven Wheel is composed of a skirt of metal plates, complete with a flowy underskirt. Erza plays it down with silver sabatons (or plated knight's boots) sequined with metallic feathers pointing upwards.

Besides wielding two immense swords that harbour special abilities, the armor also has the ability to summon different specialty swords/weaponry to fend off and vanquish any and all who stand in her way. Overall Erza's Heaven Wheel is the ultimate female armor that makes it both sexy and immeasurably powerful.

Fairy Tail - Collection 16 - Official Trailer

3. Ryuko (Kill La Kill)

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 2013 – March 2014

This series follows a school uniform and an assuming girl in search for her father's killer. Ryuko and the suit she inherited from her father, are left with only one half of the Red Scissor Blade as a clue to the mystery of her father's killer. Sounds simple enough, but this is far from any ordinary uniform. This life-fibre suit is also the ultimate anthropomorphic ogle monster ready to devour the wearer of all their blood, the only real power source that satisfies its life-fibres.
With the vital energy from the wearer's blood, Senketsu transforms into a suit of revealing, dare we say, sensuous proportions.

The life-fibres (a super nanotechnology of sorts) transform into a fully mechanized destruction machine granting the wearer explosive super human abilities, precision and skill. Very little is left to the imagination as the belly armor is held down by two very thin red suspenders (resembling lingerie garters) that attach from Ryuko’s breasts down to her thigh high boots. Like the good schoolgirl she is deep down, Ryuko ironically feels ashamed of the skimpiness of her armor, something her unabashed counterparts from other anime series seem to ignore. But, once Ryuko understands the power of this sexy ensemble, she isn't afraid to show everyone she's also a butt-kicking bad-girl inside, although sometimes her enemies can’t help but just stare.

Kill La Kill - Official Trailer

2.Dark Elf (Bikini Warriors)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2015 – September 2015

What more can you ask for when you have a bundle of babes adorned in scantily clad outfits fighting the forces of darkness? Bikini Warriors is set in a world brimming with monsters, mages and every mythical character under the sun. Expect no shortage of long pans and close-ups of the warriors’ pleasantly rounded assets and plump derrieres. The series begins when the king enlists the help of four sexy femme fatales (a dark elf, paladin, mage and a fighter) who are hand-picked for their renown intellect, prowess, and strength.

Arguably the most formidable of these select few is the Dark Elf. Her exotic armor (if we can call it that), is minimal; dressed in high heels, thigh-highs, tan ribbon-like draping, as well as decorative amethyst coloured arm and knee plates with sword in hand. The Dark Elf’s allure is completed by her nipple tassels and a corresponding bottom piece (with tassels) to match. Although Bikini Warriors can at times lack a strong, engrossing plot, there’s plenty of eye candy to satisfy your sweet tooth. This series is brimming with long (and we mean long) pans of big-breasted female warriors saving the world and looking quite good doing it.

Bikini Warriors | Anime Trailer [TVアニメ 「 ビキニ・ウォリアーズ」 PV]

1.Werbellia (Queen’s Blade: Rebellion)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2012 – June 2012

Queen’s blade offers the viewer titillating adventure with bikini clad outfits that make some of the other characters on our list seem conservative (at least in comparison). This story follows a group of up and coming female warriors whose soul mission is to combat the misuse of power that has pervaded the Queendom. Their succubus-like prowess and beauty allows the warriors a real chance to overthrow the tyrannical Queen and restore peace to the land. One of the main antagonists is a high-ranking demon whose body is possessed to do the Swamp Witch’s bidding. Although you never get to see the witch (as she has no physical form), she’s chosen the amply chested daughter of a demon god to be her vessel (for the time being).

And who could blame her? Werbellia has some serious bad girl style; she spawns an undeniably wicked attire with horns protruding from her long jet black hair. This femme fatale is draped in a velvety indigo and crimson cloak made up of panels with scarlet trim, a matching choker (that leaves her breasts nearly exposed), thigh-highs, and vampire bat lingerie (that appears to be crawling out of her nether regions). All this along with a brimming skimpy brassiere, decorated with an emerald green gem set in a gold cast that is barely able to hold her twin assets in place. This seductive she-devil is also decked out in infernal high heels that resemble flames rising from her feet to boot. Her staff, which is hard to miss, is the main source of her demonic power. With it she can summon legions of undead to do her bidding, dish out some diabolical curses, and project energy blasts from the green gem that lies in the staff’s heart; it’s safe to say that you don’t want to get on the bad side of this big-breasted seductress (good guys be warned). Werbellia is the ultimate armored femme fatale who retains all the sexiness that comes with being a sinister sorceress hell bent on all consuming power.



For some, sexy armor can be at times controversial; but to these brethren we say, remember the Picts, or the Celts or some Greek city states who went into battle completely naked, aside from some war paint. And if you think your junk would get in the way in a battle, you’d probably be right, but history shows that people did it anyway.

The truth is that sometimes, it’s not the nature of the armor but the fearsomeness of the warrior, even if that warrior is a buxom babe with back-breaking boobs. And as we watch beautiful babes ornamented in some serious battle armor all the while fighting the forces of evil (or good in some cases), at the end of the day, we at Honey Anime feel like it’s a win-win. Do you agree with our list? Feel free to make any suggestions and let us know in the comments if we missed your favourite armored heroine or seductress.

by Animeniac

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