Top 10 Stand Powers in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is unbreakable is the 4th part to the series and with a new cast of characters comes a new set of unique Stands to accompany them. Stands are supernatural protectors that ‘stand’ beside a user that is manifested by personal attributes; they are literal ‘life energy’ that have a visual form seen only by other Stand users.

Sometimes you may think to yourself that some abilities seem way too overpowered or have certain conveniences that you wish were real. There are many new and different Stand users within the town of Morioh in this series. On this list we’ll be counting down what we think are the top 10 Stand powers found in Diamond is Unbreakable. Let’s start the countdown!

10. Shigekiyo Yangu (Harvest )

Starting off this list is the Stand Harvest that belongs to Shigekiyo Yangu, otherwise known as ‘Shigechi’. His Stand takes the form of multiple little bug-like creatures, which alone are not a threat but as a swarm, are deadly. In total, Harvest is comprised of around 500 individual entities that can each be controlled at will. Shigechi is a middle school student who appears rather naïve and is a bit socially inept, but later his personality changes and his arrogance is revealed when he becomes consumed by greed.

Harvest has many different abilities, the first being able to find and collect various small items around a large area. This is the first ability that we see Shigechi use to gather change from around the city. They are also able to travel distances with ease, they can easily carry anyone and move them faster than normal running speed. In terms of power, each individual Harvest is able to break through human flesh. Collectively they are able to tear off flesh like locusts and can potentially pierce through lethal body parts. Harvest is one deadly Stand to encounter because of its high potential and low risk, as damage to each Harvest is only a minor injury to the user.

9. Keicho Nijimura (Bad Company)

Coming up next is the Stand belonging to Keicho Nijimura, Bad Company. This Stand is quite similar to Harvest, however its form is manifested as a group of 60 little soldiers. Bad Company is far less than Harvest in terms of numbers but they have more unrivalled power individually. Keicho is a calm and rational high school student who appears merciless and uncaring for even his own brother, Okuyasu Nijimura. He was the first to obtain the bow and arrow from Dio and was the reason that there are so many Stand users in Morioh,

His Stand Bad Company is like a small military army, consisting of infantry and vehicles. They resemble little G.I. Joe figurines but their weaponry is definitely not just a toy, as it packs a punch capable of doing some serious damage. Though they may appear small, their weapons do the same damage as regular sized firearms. They each are heavily equipped with many different types of artillery, ranging from ropes to mines. They are able to defend the user by targeting and destroying any projectiles that are fired towards him. However, unlike most Stands, Bad Company is one that does not appear to transfer pain to the user when a few of them are crushed.

8. Akira Otoishi (Red Hot Chili Pepper)

At number 8 we have Red Hot Chili Pepper, a Stand that belongs to Akira Otoishi. This Stand resembles Frieza from Dragon Ball Z with its Alien-Lizard like form. Red Hot Chili Pepper can be controlled by the user to express emotions and talk as if it had a personality of its own. Akira is a self-centred musician that stole the bow and arrow from Keicho shortly after surviving being shot by the weapon and developing Stand powers.

Red Hot Chili Pepper is a powerful Stand that is able to transform into pure electricity to pass through anything electrical at light speed, as long as it can touch something that contains electricity it cannot be hurt. This Stand is also able to absorb the electricity to enhance its own ability, such as increasing its power or healing itself. It is also capable of levitation and moving at extremely high speeds. If the Stand is depleted of its energy source it loses its golden shine and begins to rot away, and like all electrical components, it is weak against large bodies of water.

7. Yukako Yamagishi (Love Deluxe)

The next Stand is Love Deluxe, belonging to Yukako Yamagishi. It is a Stand different to most as it is bound to the user’s hair and does not have a form of its own. It is another Stand that does not cause the user any damage when cut or destroyed in anyway. Yakako is a 16-year-old student who is madly in love with Koichi. Her personality is one where she appears calm and sweet but when her secret desires get the best of her, the cold and angered side begins to surface. Initially she uses her Stand powers to get what she wants but later realising her mistakes, she uses it to help the others.

Yukako has the ability to control every strand of her own hair, she can grow it to varying lengths and it has the strength to lift various heavy objects. The limits of its strength are unknown, but it can grow up to a few dozen meters. Love Deluxe has great speed and precision, and is therefore able to easily pierce through many things. It can also defend the user from any projectiles as it can create a wall of hair to shield from the enemy. Though it may seem like an invincible power to have, it has a limit and when the power is overused or is damaged considerably; her hair will turn white and become unusable for a certain amount of time.

6. Koichi Hirose (Echoes)

Koichi Hirose is the owner of the next Stand on this list. Echoes is an alien insect looking Stand that has many abilities between its three different forms. At first the Stand appeared as an egg and hatched into the ACT 1 form when Koichi was strong enough to activate it. Koichi is a 15-year old high school student who is friends with Josuke. He has a friendly and cheerful type of personality mainly, but his character develops as the story progresses. At first, Koichi appears weak, even with his Stand activated, and appears cowardly. However, as he becomes more experienced with each encounter, he gains more confidence and his Stand evolves to reflect his change.

Echoes ACT 1 has a sound effect ability that is able to produce loud and repetitive sounds from any surface that it shoots words onto. It has the longest range of all the Acts. When it evolves into ACT 2 it gains the power to generate the literal effect of the sound, such as blowing harsh winds from the words. It also gains enhanced speed, making it able to disappear from one’s eye. Its final form, ACT 3, loses some of its prior abilities but gains even more speed and is able to ‘Freeze’ an opponent by increasing its weight through rapid punches.

5. Okuyasu Nijimura (The Hand)

Next up we have Okuyasu Nijimura’s Stand, known as The Hand, it is a humanoid Stand that has the ability to erase space. It is a battle-orientated Stand that has a destructive ability used specifically to get in range of an opponent. Okuyasu initially comes across as an enemy but soon becomes Josuke’s best friend. He has an impulsive and childish kind of personality, sometimes making the wrong decisions compromising the situation. Okuyasu is a lively character that has revealed many of his emotions throughout the series.

His Stand, The Hand, is capable of literally ‘cutting’ space, either completely removing it or replacing it with another nearby space. Though it can also remove physical substance by swiping down upon anything with its right hand. The object or space it slices through is forever destroyed from existence, and everything around it is automatically stitched up together to fill the void. It is a powerful ability that allows the short-ranged Stand to get close enough to fight when faced with a longer ranged opponent.

4. Rohan Kishibe (Heaven’s Door)

Coming up at number 4 is Rohan Kishibe and his Stand, Heaven’s Door. It is a Stand that has the ability to physically turn anyone into a book where the user can read the memories and write commands controlling the actions of the opponent. Rohan is a manga artist who has a curious sort of personality and wants to learn more about others as inspiration for his works, but at the same time, he is arrogant and believes that there is no one greater than him.

Heaven’s door is not only able to read memories but can also remove them, though this has the side-effect of making the victim lose a portion of their body weight in proportion to the weight of the memory. However, they can return to the owner if Rohan sustains significant physical damage. The Stand can also create memories and give commands that are otherwise impossible. It may seem like an overpowered ability, but it only works if its physical appearance of the artwork is acknowledged in the mind of the victim.

3. Jotaro Kujo (Star Platinum)

At third place is the one and only Star Platinum that belongs to Jotaro Kujo. A returning character and Stand from the previous series that deserves one of the top places on this list. Star Platinum is a Stand that has many strong and versatile abilities. Jotaro returns to the series after defeating Dio and seeks out Josuke after discovering his existence.

Star Platinum has super strength and speed, and to some extent self-awareness in the sense that it is able to act on its own to protect its user. This Stand also has extreme precision and has incredible eyesight that can follow anything at high speeds. Star Platinum is also able to extend his finger into a dagger by a meter or two and also has one of the most powerful abilities in the series, time stop. Time stop is an ability where Jotaro can stop time for a short moment, however not as long as Dio could.

2. Yoshikage Kira (Killer Queen)

Coming in at number two is Yoshikage Kira, the main antagonist of this season with a Stand known as Killer Queen. A humanoid Stand which is able to obliterate anything by touching an object and turning it into an exploding device, which can be controlled by the user. Kira is a serial killer who has a psychopathic hand fetish and appears to have some kind of obsessive-compulsive tendencies. He wants to live a peaceful and uninterrupted life by trying not to gather any unwanted attention to himself.

Killer Queen has three different bomb abilities. The one that we are first introduced to is that anything it touches can be charged into a bomb. The second is that Killer queen can detach its left hand to fire and track like a missile, and the third being able to set a booby trap that can reset time for up to a day. His bombs are able to completely remove any traces of evidence of the victim, making his crime completely undetectable.

1. Josuke Higashikata (Crazy Diamond)

At the top of the list we have none other than Crazy Diamond, who belongs to Josuke Higashikata. It is the strongest Stand power that is able to repair damage and heal any injury to a previous state in its history. Josuke is the main protagonist of the story; he is a savvy and confident high-school student who is compassionate and loyal to his friends. He is Jotaro’s nephew and has a kind heart; Josuke is also humble and calm even during confrontation.

Crazy Diamond is able to restore anything it touches, even when it touches a small remaining body part. It can restore any object that is broken to its former state. Sometimes Jotaro utilises this ability to trap enemies within the recreated object. It can even revert an item to its original components before it was formed into an object. However, his ability cannot restore life itself and cannot be used to heal himself. Crazy Diamond also has super strength; speed and precision just like Star Platinum.

That is the end of this list. With so many Stand power and abilities in the series, which one did you think was the strongest? Is there an entry that we missed on this list? Tell us down below!

What do you think about the Stands in this series? Were they better or worse than the ones shown in the previous series? Make sure to let us know!

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