Top 10 Strongest Characters in Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou (Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls)

Times of civil turmoil are always hard for those fighting for their people; but sometimes, the reconstruction of a country can be even harder for those who survived. After the Kouga and Iga clan fought for the Shogun succession in the Keichou Era, a new peaceful era, the Kan’ei era, began. But in times of peace, ninja have no place to thrive. And thus, a new challenge appears for the children of the previous heads of the clans.

Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou, or Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls as it’s known in English, is the sequel to Basilisk, the story of the star-crossed romance between Kouga Gennosuke and Iga-no-Oboro. And while now the clans seem to have reached a truce, it doesn’t mean that Hachirou Kouga and Hibiki Iga have an easy time. They have to face a new enemy, the evil Joujin.

Fortunately, they have some strong allies too. And that makes us wonder, who are the strongest characters in Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou?


10. Utsutsu

Utsutsu is one of the new Flowers of Iga who helps protect Hibiki. She looks quite gentle, and one could be easily fooled into believing that she couldn’t be a ninja, much less a deadly one. However, Utsutsu is not the defenseless lady she pretends to be. As a ninja, she can use her scarf to create incredibly complex and realistic illusions that can drown her opponents and leave them defenseless.

Utsutsu’s strength comes from her willpower, as she’s physically one of the frailest flowers. She also shows that you can’t judge a book by its cover because there are many forms of strength. She manages to survive and kill many of the enemies of both the Iga and the Kouga clans, and it’s only when they face a Demon God when her powers prove to be too weak.

9. Saizou Ishi

Saizou is the Kouga Treasure that is usually teamed up with Utsutsu on different missions, even when both tend to bicker a lot about it. This is because while Utsutsu’s powers cloud the eyes, Saizou’s power is within his own eyes: He can dislocate the orbs in order to send them away to spy on their enemies, and let others see what he sees. This also makes him immune to most illusions, even when Utsutsu’s powers terrify him.

While his powers are incredibly useful for the clan, as he can literally see anything that his eyes can reach, they come with a big price. When his eyes are away from his body, he is completely defenseless. This means he really trusts his teammates to keep him safe, and that’s a kind of strength that not many people have; the belief that your friends will fight to protect you as much as they fight to protect themselves.

8. Shuugetsu Suiren

At first glance, one can’t believe that Shuugetsu Suiren is not the strongest Flower of Iga. He looks the way we believe assassins should look: Tall, serious, and with many scars. But he knows he’s not the strongest and bows to the authority of Hibiki, to the point of wanting to marry her. This, of course, makes him the butt of many jokes among his peers, but he doesn’t care. He knows his leader is more powerful than him, and there’s strength to be found in the fact that he can accept that.

Now, Shuugetsu is strong in his own way too. He was considered a child prodigy by the Iga clan and he has been training to protect Hibiki since he could walk. Not only is he a very skilled ninja, but he also has a deadly power: Waterlilies. Yes, it sounds a bit silly, but he can use them to both figure out the position of his enemies, and then, throwing them as shurikens, use them to suck the blood of those struck by them. With that power, and the strength of his loyalty, he has no doubt that he can help Hibiki to rebuild the Iga clan’s greatness.

7. Hachisu

Hachisu is the youngest of the Flowers of Iga. This doesn’t mean that she’s not as capable of defending Hibiki as all the others, just that she can be overlooked as a danger. This is also because she's one of the very few ninja in the clan who don't have any special abilities so she must rely completely on her skills and abilities. This makes her a bit more mature than all her peers because she has to stop to think about her actions and how to defeat those with powers.

Now, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have tricks up her sleeve. While she has no powers, she is an amazingly accurate gunslinger. She uses a special gun made for her by Gorone called the Lotus Root and with it, she is as deadly as her peers. Even more so because since the gun is not a special power, she is immune to any ability that negates ninja powers. While some could claim her lack of magic abilities is a weakness, she shows that determination is all you need to be stronger

6. Gorone Negoro

Gorone Negoro is one of the survivors of the Clans war, but he didn’t survive untouched: His already frail body has been giving up on him, and now he is unable to move his legs. Still, he can’t be underestimated, as he’s the teacher of the Treasures of Koga and the Flowers of Iga, while also providing them with equipment. Not only that, he provides them with something that no other teacher tried to: He is their father figure and protector even against the interests of the Clan Elders.

Gorone shows us a very important side of strength that is usually ignored: It’s not just his willpower or his love for the kids. It’s also the strength to stand for what he believed was best for them as children, not as soldiers. The strength of his principles that may not have completely managed to protect his kids but helped to show them how to stand on their own.

5. Kazuma Kusanagi

Another one of the Treasures of Kouga, Kazumi is dedicated to improving his skills as a ninja for the service of his clan. Unfortunately for him, he lets his temper rule his actions on occasion, and that makes him miss some easy targets or ignore a good strategy. That doesn’t make him a bad ninja, just one who still needs some training. And what he lacks in temper control, he makes up for with his incredible technique: He can use wires attached to his knuckles that are sharp enough to cut bone to fight and kill his enemies.

Kazuma’s strength is more traditional than some of the previous entries on this list. This makes it easier to see why he is so high here, because every time he fights, we can easily see how his opponents fail to beat him. More importantly, the only way he could be defeated was when his enemies used Kazuma’s own steel and technique against him. In a sense, the only enemy Kazuma couldn’t beat was none other than himself.

4. Shichigen Hagura

Another hot-headed treasure of Kouga, Shichigen Hagura has what probably is the most horrifying power of them all: He can control insects, such as centipedes and spiders, and make them fight for him. And that’s not really his ninja ability, he inherited that from his father. His real ninja power is the ability to seduce any woman he wants. This makes him quite a force to be reckoned with when a spy is needed. Unfortunately, he is also very stubborn and tends to ignore orders quite often.

Besides his powers, what makes him stand out from the rest of the treasures is his absolute devotion to his mother. Unfortunately, this led to her death when he tried to protect her from a client that was manhandling her. This shocked him so much that he blocked all memories of her activities to keep him safe, but not his love for her. And that powerful love is the only thing that could break him down and leave him in the hands of the enemy.

3. Hibiki Iga

Oboro and Gennosuke’s daughter and Hachiro Koge’s twin sister, Hibiki inherited her mother’s power and, thus, is the successor of the Iga line. She’s also more powerful than Oboro, as her Mystic eye only inhibits the techniques of other ninja when she desires to do so. This means that she can fight with her fellow Flowers of Iga without accidentally nulling their skills. She also can summon a golden wave of energy with her brother that can destroy anything around them.

Hibiki usually behaves like a proper lady, which makes people underestimate her powers. But she has an iron will, which is required of her as she's the current head of her clan and even when the Elders keep secrets from her, that doesn't mean she has no authority. And unlike other leaders, she's willing to fight at her people's side. Unfortunately, she has a big weak spot: her love and admiration for her brother and her parents, which can make Hibiki make the wrong choice at time.

2. Hachiro Kouga

As Hibiki’s older twin brother, Hachiro is the inheritor of the Kouga line and his father’s power. This is another quite terrifying power as when he sees anyone who has ill-intent towards him or wishes to harm him, he can turn that aggressiveness around and make his enemies attack each other. This, added to the Ouka technique, which can destroy everything on its path, makes him and his sister quite formidable when fighting together. Besides those mystical techniques, he is also very skilled with a katana.

Hachiro also has a huge weight on his shoulders as he and the other Treasures and Flowers have to fight the demonic Joujin, besides the idea that he and his sister must marry in order to keep the clan lines together. He wants to protect his sister from all harm and be a great leader. But what really makes him strong is that he doesn't shy away from asking for help. Sometimes, that takes more strength of character that continuing alone.

1. Shikibu Koura

Shikibu got the short straw of the bunch when it came to powers: his muscles are constantly growing to the point that his skin can't grow as fast and thus, at some point, he knows the growth will cause him to explode. Sure, this means that he's the strongest of all the Treasures of Kouga, but that’s a small consolation when your life is constantly in danger because of it. In order to help him survive into adulthood, the monks who raised him enveloped him in special bandages that would keep a constant pressure against his muscles and protect his skin. Later on, he received a full suit of armor created by Gorone, which could also be used as an offensive weapon.

Despite his size and strength, Shikibu is the most gentle of the Treasures and Flowers. He is not very good at expressing himself or his feelings, but he’s extremely loyal to the twins and his friends, to the point that he is quite ready to die for all of them. But more importantly, he doesn’t let his size and strength make him become a bully. He always tries to talk things through before using violence and that is where his real strength lies.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to measure the strength of a character, as you can see from our list. It can be moral, physical or mental, and each of them has different degrees and reasons. This is why a character can be frail-looking, unable to fight, and yet be the strongest one around because they never quit.

So what is your measure of strength? Do you agree with our list regarding these characters, or do you think we should’ve added the villains or made a different call in ranking? Let your voice be heard in the comments below.

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