Top 10 Strongest Rave Master Characters

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Rave Master is a classic example of a series that starts with the main protagonist leading a regular life until a messenger comes and charges them with undertaking a journey to attempt to become strong enough to defeat a very power enemy. Along the way, the protagonist will meet friends that join him and attempt to become stronger themselves, weaker enemies that will attempt to defeat them (and may be converted to join as well), and random characters with unique abilities that appear throughout the world the protagonist and his friends explore.

At the end, one final showdown will occur between the protagonist and the last remaining enemy (and by no surprise the strongest one) to determine the fate of everyone and everything.

Keeping all that in mind, here are the top 10 strongest characters we encounter in Rave Master.

10. Reina

Reina Rave

Reina’s abilities are identical to one of Haru’s companions, Hamrio Musica; she too can manipulate silver to create various weapons. Reina actually faces off against Musica and is able to defeat him in combat, and even though that it can be argued that Musica was not at 100%, it certainly speaks to Reina’s abilities that she can hold her own against one of Haru’s top companions. It can even be said that because of Reina’s unique Dark Bring, the edge can be given to her.

Like most others, Reina is not strong enough to be able to defeat someone like Haru or Lucia, but her use of her abilities as well as her sacrifice (which ultimately makes Musica that much stronger) speaks to how much power Reina truly possesses.

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9. Gale Glory

Gale Glory Rave

Gale is Haru’s father, and a skilled swordsman in his own right. With above average speed and technique as well as intelligence and stamina, Gale shows more than once why he was the former leader of the Shadow Guard. As powerful as Gale’s abilities are, however, they’re not nearly as strong as the characters involved in the final fight of the series.

That being said, Gale’s sacrifice for Haru certainly speaks for the rare strength he has, and certainly shows that he’s more than just the average warrior.

Gale Glory Rave

8. Gale Regroove

Gale Raregroove Rave

It’s only fitting that Lucia’s father make this list as well as Haru’s. Gale Raregroove, or King, becomes the sole leader of the Shadow Guard after Haru’s father leaves due to their differences in the direction of the organization. This would eventually end up resulting in King being influenced by the Dark Bring, and terrorizing the world for over 10 years with the help of his subordinates.

King is certainly no pushover in a fight, as being able to wield 5 Dark Bring at once in his final fight with Haru and Gale undoubtedly shows his capability to hold his own among the best.

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7. Shiba Roses

Shiba Roses  Rave

Although Shiba is not present for very long due to the effects of determining the next Rave Master, Shiba’s impact cannot be denied. Like Plue, Shiba was able to survive the catastrophic effects of the Overdrive, not to mention the very fight that caused it.

In addition, Shiba also mastered and used all 10 forms of the DecaForce, whereas Haru was unable to master the 9th and was forced to have a new sword created to be able to even use the 10th. Although Shiba’s prime was 50 years before Haru and Lucia, he certainly can’t be left out among the strongest characters Rave Master has to offer.

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6. Plue


Just what exactly Plue is remains a source of debate among everyone that encounters him as he, Haru, and the gang travel on their journey. With everything being posed from “bug” and “dog” to “tiny snowman” and “dinosaur”, we may never get an answer to this question. But despite Plue’s size and odd appearance, he is surprisingly very powerful. First of all, Plue survives the Overdrive explosion that takes place 50 years before our story begins.

In addition, Plue is able to sense the Rave Stones in order to help Haru, as well as use his nose to destroy Dark Bring. Without Plue, Haru would be stuck travelling for as long as Silva was trying to find the Rave Stones. Definitely not a character to overlook.

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5. Hamrio Musica

Hamrio Musica Rave

The first to join Haru’s quest after Ellie, Musica is quite skilled with his ability to manipulate silver into any shape or form he wants to. On par with Haru throughout most of the series, Musica comes into his own as he learns to manipulate other metals and creates Haru a new sword in order for Haru to unlock the last form needed.

Musica also receives the Silver Ray from Reina, a weapon capable of mass destruction if needed and is claimed to be unbreakable. Musica is definitely worthy of being in Haru’s company.

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4. Belnika

Belnika RAVE

Belnika is one of the many people Haru meets further on in his journey that ends up joining his crew, and ends up being a crucial asset to his team. Like Elie, Belnika was experimented upon to be given Etherion, and even though it was a failure, Belnika’s artificial Etherion and magical powers rank her among the best of the best.

Belnika’s abilities of healing other as well as negating and even redirecting enemy magic give her an incredible amount of defense. Throw in a fair amount of strength in her elemental magic, and Belnika can certainly hold her own amongst most of Haru’s enemies.

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3. Lucia Raregroove

Lucia Raregroove RAVE

If Haru is the protagonist of the series, then Lucia is the antagonist. At his strongest, Lucia can make a solid claim as to being the strongest character due to not only having the same abilities in his sword that Haru does, but also possessing the necessary Dark Bring to recreate the Overdrive.

Considering that Lucia is completely capable of annihilating everything (and almost does), very few characters can make the claim that they could defeat him one on one.

Lucia Raregroove RAVE captcha

2. Elie


Upon first meeting Elie, she may not seem that powerful. She may use tonfa-blasters as her weapon of choice and isn’t afraid of a fight, but compared to most of the other characters’ weapons and abilities, Elie certainly seems to not have an advantage. However, it’s due to Elie’s use of Etherion that arguably makes her more powerful that Haru, and ultimately more dangerous.

Considering that Etherion can be used to create something out of nothing and was used by Elie to help bring Haru back to life, Elie certainly comes into her own as one of if not the strongest as the series comes to a close.

Elie wallpaper RAVE

1. Haru Glory

Haru Glory RAVE

It’s no surprise that at the end of the series, Haru Glory stands as arguably the most powerful character. Even though he starts out as just a regular guy living on Garage Island with his older sister, Haru’s strength grows enormously as he learns how to wield the DecaForce Sword and the 9 other forms the sword can change into.

The amount of abilities Haru possesses as well as the amount of destruction he can because once he finally masters the weapon makes him very difficult to defeat in combat. But the best example of Haru being at his strongest is not just his defeating of Lucia in their final confrontation; it’s also the courage he possesses to sacrifice his own life so that the rest of the world won’t suffer another Overdrive (an event that can destroy part of if not the entire planet).

With the series ending with Haru as being the most powerful warrior both physically and spiritually, it’s hard not to give the Rave Master the #1 spot.

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These are your Top 10 Strongest Rave Master Characters. If you believe someone else should have made the list or if someone just doesn’t belong here, let us know in the comments!

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