Top 10 Strongest RWBY Characters

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RWBY is the pseudo anime that premiered on YouTube years ago under the channel of Rooster Teeth. It recently finished its third volume and it’s bigger and better than ever. From its humble roots, the show has become more polished and fleshed out as time went on due to the higher budget that the producers received over the years. To commemorate the end of the third volume, as well as to anticipate the fourth, here is our list of the Top 10 Strongest RWBY Characters.

These are the characters that can kick ass and chew bubble gum.

10. Yang Xiao Long

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Yang is one of the main characters on team RWBY alongside her sister, Ruby. She wields the gauntlets Ember Celica. They are classified as Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets (DRSG). The gauntlets cover her hands all the way to her forearms, giving her the protection and impact to punch her enemies to death. Paired with her CQC expertise, her gauntlets allow her to make an impact on her opponents, literally.

To compliment the fact that she’s almost always going to be in harm’s way with the way she fights, Yang has a semblance that allows her to dish out more damage the more hits she takes. It stores the energy from the hits she receives and allows her to unleash them on her opponents. As a side effect, she gets angrier the more powerful her semblance gets, and her eyes turn red. Jinchuuriki mode anyone?

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9. Neopolitan

Neopolitan RWBY

Neo is one of the few working under Roman Torchwick and Cinder Fall. It is unknown to anyone where her true allegiance lies. She wields an unnamed umbrella that has various abilities. It can be opened to deflect projectiles and even full on blows from armed opponents. A blade is hidden in it that can be pulled out, though she rarely pulls it out. The sheathed form of the umbrella seems to suit her well enough.

Her skill with the umbrella weapon isn’t the truly devastating part of her arsenal. Neo possesses the semblance of illusion. The extent of her ability with the semblance is unknown, but she has been seen to use it to create fake clones of herself, change her appearance and give the impression that she can teleport using said illusions. Combined with her combat prowess, Neopolitan makes an opponent you don’t want to have.

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8. Nora Valkyrie

Nora Valkyrie RWBY

Nora is the pancake loving airhead of team JNPR. She wields the massive hammer known as Magnhild. It’s size and weight allows her to deliver heavy hits to anyone who gets in her way. The hammer doubles up as a grenade launcher for anyone to afraid to get close to her. As a bonus, when in hammer form, Magnhild is able to use the recoil from its grenades to propel the hammer at extreme speeds towards the opponent.

Her semblance allows her to absorb electricity like she’s an electric type pokemon, that is to say, with no damage whatsoever. It even powers her up and increases her ridiculous strength even further. Nora becomes a walking nuclear bomb with her hammer and powered up strength. It’s almost as if she were Thor sent down to smite any who threaten her friends.

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7. Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose RWBY

Ruby is another main character of the series. She wields the High-Caliber Sniper-Scythe known as Crescent Rose. Aside from its obvious slicing and dicing ability as a scythe, the Crescent Rose is able to fire high calibre rounds at its opponents that have an extremely high impact per round. Ruby uses this to propel herself towards her opponent, using the recoil in tandem with her semblance to achieve supersonic speed.

That was an excellent segue into her semblance. The semblance of Ruby Rose is aptly named Speed. To put it simply, she is able to move really fast from point A to point B. However, she moves so fast that she doesn’t yet have the ability to control her direction mid-flight very well. Now picture this; a high moving Ruby Rose propelling herself towards you with her scythe outstretched, aimed at your neck. Do you want to fight her at all?

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6. Penny Polendina

Penny Polendina RWBY

“I’m combat ready!”
Oh lordy lordy, she definitely is. Penny is a robot engineered by the Atlas military to look like a girl, but have the fighting ability of twenty hunters crammed into one body. Her robotic nature grants her increased strength, agility and any parameter that would allow her to fight at an elevated level in comparison to others her “age”. As a robot, she possesses no semblance, but her weapon more than makes up for it.

Penny is able to control an innumerable number of swords that she can move all over the place in the air like a Jedi. She has been seen using them as projectiles or to protect her from close range attacks. As if having a thousand swords flying towards you isn’t enough, Penny has the ability to fire a concentrated green laser beam with her swords that have the ability to cause mass destruction. She is definitely combat ready!

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5. Pyrrha Nikos

Pyrrha Nikos RWBY

The four time champion of the Mistral Tournament as well as second in command of team JNPR, Pyrrha Nikos is a force of nature. Her weapons Miló and Akoúo̱ are nothing special in comparison with most of the other cast members. The shield does what it says on the box and her sword can double up as a rifle. It is her skill in wielding these weapons that make her extremely strong.

She has the semblance of magnetism. Using it, she is able to strengthen her strikes, subtly move her opponents off target and many others. She prefers to use it on a small scale level, but is able to command large amounts of metal to move at once. In a world where everyone has a metal weapon of some sort, combined with the high amounts of robots, the semblance of magnetism is really overpowered.

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4. Glynda Goodwitch

Glynda Goodwitch RWBY

Glynda Goodwitch is one of the professors at Beacon Academy. Her weapon of choice is a Riding Crop that doesn’t have any special features with combat, other than being able to conduct dust for her semblance.

She utilises the semblance of telekinesis. This gives her the appearance of being almost witch-like in battle. Using her semblance, she is able to throw huge objects at others, generate shields, stop projectiles, fix broken buildings and even manipulate the weather. In a world where everyone has to get up front and dirty, Glynda destroys her opponents with ease with a flick of her riding crop.

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3. James Ironwood

James Ironwood RWBY

James is a general of the Atlesian Army, as well as the headmaster of Atlas Academy. As the head of a military and a training school for hunters, you would expect him to be extremely strong right? Well, that assumption would be correct. He possesses a cybernetic arm that has increased strength and is able to use it to stop a fully armored Beowolf in its tracks.

He wields a deceptively powerful Revolver to great effect; able to take down hordes of Atlesian Knights and Grimms with ease. He is also capable of using the Revolver to pistol whip anyone who gets too close. It’s weird that he has an army, because he seems to be one all by himself. Don’t mess with his man, seriously.

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2. Qrow Branwen

Qrow Branwen RWBY

Qrow is the alcoholic uncle of Ruby and Yang, but he is also secretly a badass. He has perhaps the most ironic semblance in the show, shapeshifting. It’s ironic because the only thing that he has seen to shapeshift into is a crow. His crow form allows him to cover large distances easily over air, allowing him to arrive at the scene of action quite easily.

While his semblance is not combat related, he is no slouch either. As the teacher of Ruby Rose, he is also a scythe user. While it starts out as a great sword, his weapon is able to fully morph into a scythe and his a combat ability multiplies when that happens. With a single slice, Qrow is able to cut a Grimm cleanly in half. There’s a reason he is the main character’s teacher, you know?

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1. Cinder Fall

Cinder Fall RWBY

Cinder is the main antagonist of the RWBY series, using manipulation and subtlety to cause mass chaos among the heroes. Whilst skilled politically, her combat abilities are exponentially higher. Usually, she wields two blades that have the ability to come together in order to form a bow. However, the truth is, she doesn’t need weapons.

Cinder Fall had at one point stolen the powers of the Fall Maiden (real subtle with her name there guys), granting her enormous powers right out of legends. While wielding her power, she is able to form gigantic fire blasts, take hits like they’re nothing and even fly. All the powerhouses in the show will have difficulty standing against her even if they band together. That’s what makes her so terrifying as the main antagonist of the show, she’s too hard to take down.

Cinder Fall RWBY captcha

With that, another list has come to an end. It’s hard to name exactly who is the strongest in the series as so many of them are extremely powerful in their own way. Some don’t even specialise in combat but have powerful abilities to support their teammates, allowing everyone to fight at a higher degree. But that’s what makes this show so entertaining to watch; massively overpowered beings giving each other the beat down.

Didn’t see your pick? Tell us who you think should be on the list in the comments below!



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