Top 10 Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime) Characters

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 2018 – March 2019

The Fall season of 2018 saw the introduction of several interesting shows, but one show which garnered a lot of attention was the entertaining isekai fantasy title Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)! The series follows 37-year-old Mikami Satoru who unfortunately loses his life when he is stabbed on the streets while spending time with a friend. Echoing in his mind is an unfamiliar voice saying things he does not quite understand and when his life finally slips away, he soon after finds himself still very much “alive” – but in a fantasy world as a slime!

His new form is impervious to most forms of damage and capable of several skills like mimicking appearance and abilities through devouring them using his “Predator” skill. He stumbles upon the sealed away Catastrophe-Class monster – the Storm Dragon Veldora, who’d been sealed away for the past 300 years. Feeling sympathy for the dragon, Satoru befriends Veldora and promises to find a way to break the seal. In return, Veldora bestows the name “Rimuru” unto the lowly slime before him, granting him divine protection. Released from the mundanity of his previous human life, Rimuru sets out to make his mark on his new world, getting used to his new form in the process.

This show did isekai in ways that stayed true to basic elements of the genre like the fantasy setting and heavy RPG influences; however, there are curveballs that are universe-specific and really cool! Since we quite liked Slime, here are ten of the characters we thought were the most likeable – so off we go, Top 10 Endearing That Time We Were Reincarnated As A Slime characters!

10. Geld, The Orc Lord

One of the major events in the series was the presence of the Orc Disaster, which was a legendary monster which was extremely powerful and rallied masses of Orcs on a destructive rampage that would leave nothing left in its wake. Their only motivation was to kill and to eat and if one of their own was to collapse, the others would devour them without question. The Orcs had a very gut-wrenching reason for their actions which destroyed the Ogre village from which Benimaru and the others hail; as well as countless others. Named by the Demon Lord Gelmud, Geld was a starving High Orc seeking to find a way to feed his starving people and often did it by way of self-sacrifice; however, upon being used by Gelmud, his ferocity got the better of him. He meets his end after being eaten by Rimuru, who promises him that he will bear the sins of the Orcs on his shoulders. After his death, his most loyal aide is also named Geld, this time by Rimuru himself. This second Geld’s most positive trait is his unyielding loyalty to his leader.

9. Chloe O’Bell

Being one of four children the summoned Shizu had taken under her wing, Chloe is a reserved young girl who very quickly shows how much she adored Shizu and very much needed her guidance and care. She’s suspicious of Rimuru at first, but after Rimuru Tempest saves Chloe and her friends from danger, she very quickly warms up to him. Of all the children, Chloe’s attitude change towards Rimuru is perhaps the most satisfying of the four children.

8. Shion

Shion is one of the Ogres taken in by Rimuru after their village is destroyed by rampaging Orcs led by the Orc Disaster himself. After being pacified and named by Rimuru, Shion becomes one of his closest aides and loyal servants. Shion’s most endearing feature for Rimuru might just be her breasts, but for us, it’s the way in which she is a little bit dense and does every single thing with all her effort; that includes accidentally squeezing Rimuru a bit too tightly when she’s irked while carrying him.

7. Souei

The shinobi of the Ogre contingent, Souei is a calm, cool and collected character who works much like Rimuru’s faithful shadow. Souei is a very serious individual who is almost too dedicated to his job. Being given commands fills him with unrivalled pleasure and while we hardly see his facial expression change, we’re happy he’s happy working under Rimuru Tempest.

6. Gobta

The Hobgoblin Gobta is one of Rimuru’s earliest followers, having been named along with the other members of his Goblin village. He’s easily one of the funnier characters and his appearance and demeanour give off a very childlike attribute. Even after being named by Rimuru, he still retains his earlier build, which is described as looking like a Goblin child. This masks the fact that he is actually quite the badass in combat. Still, Gobta’s natural airheadedness makes him quite pleasing to have on screen for moments of comic relief.

5. Gabiru

Lizardman Prince Gabiru is a highly confident Lizardman who is adored by literally every other Lizardman who lives. This of course created an echo chamber where only Gabiru’s positive thoughts about himself run rampant, so he remains hilariously unaware of his own inadequacies until he meets Rimuru Tempest, of course. Gabiru’s haughtiness comes straight from the fact that he was named by a Demon Lord, Gelmud to be more specific. His overconfidence very easily makes him out to seem like he isn’t very smart, but Gabiru’s propensity to improvement is a noteworthy thing to consider.

4. Demon Lord Milim

This is one of the happier, quirkier characters and we absolutely love Milim for that! The obvious contrast to her almost deliriously peppy character is the fact that she is a Demon Lord; however, she is every bit as self-serving as the title implies. This bodes well for Rimuru and his contingent when she is easily roped into his crew, voluntarily being an ally to Rimuru and the entire Jura Tempest Federation. Her honesty is her most endearing trait but because of that, her short temper is also something to be avoided at all costs!

3. Veldora, The Storm Dragon

Seeking nothing but sheer destruction, Veldora is one of the most powerful entities in the Slimeverse; however, on a more personal level, we quickly learn of his more… adorable side. Having been sealed away for 300 years, Veldora had not so much as interacted with another sentient being in that time and had grown intensely lonely and really, really wanted a friend. Don’t we all, Veldora? Don’t we all?

2. Izawa Shizue/Shizu

Izawa Shizue is one of the first characters we see in the anime series, in the very first episode where we are thrown straight into a burning hellish warzone. Shizue and her mother are seen running for their lives; however, Shizue is quickly engulfed in flames and separated from her mother. The flames turn out to be the flames of the Fire Spirit Ifrit, who is offered the young Shizue’s body in return for granting her infinite power. This all happens as a result of her summoning at the hands of the Demon Lord Leon Cromwell. Her most amazing trait other than her exceptional battle prowess is her kindness, which leads her to protect four children who had been summoned like her but cast away. Rest in peace, Shizu-san.

1. Rimuru Tempest/Mikami Satoru

Our protagonist and favourite gooey creature is the formerly human Mikami Satoru. Now going by the name Rimuru Tempest after meeting Veldora, The Storm Dragon, Satoru is top of our list of the most endearing characters in the show because of his ridiculous level of selflessness. His death; the event which kicks off all the other events of the series, only happened because he saw the assailant targeting his friend, and so he dashed in front of the thug’s knife to protect his friend. As he slowly bled out, there wasn’t a single shred of anger or resentment towards anyone there – just a desire to do better with life if he ever finds himself blessed with it again.

As Rimuru Tempest, his easy-going nature quickly makes him a beloved leader and he makes a lot of really good friends. Kindness, empathy and a fiery but resolute desire to protect makes Mikami Satoru, no, Rimuru Tempest, our most endearing That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime character.

Final Thoughts

While we’ve only been given a brief taste of the Slimeverse through the anime, the series stands to show us more meatier sections of the show and perhaps delve into the mysteries surrounding Satoru’s new world. Until we get more That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime anime; however, we can only guess where the show’s going to go, unless we read it. Do you have a favourite That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime character that we haven’t mentioned? Drop a comment below and tell us all about them!

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