Top 5 Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime) Scenes

Once a salaryman by the name of Satoru Mikami, the kindhearted slime reincarnated as Rimuru Tempest has lived a fabled second life. His journey from simple cave dweller to tribal leader and eventually ruler of a small nation of monsters has been anything but boring. Those exploits have entertained us as viewers for 24 amazing episodes, but there are some scenes which stand out among the rest. Here are our picks for top 5 scenes from Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken.

5. Meeting Verudora - Episode 1

Soon after reincarnating, Mikami was bewildered by everything in his new environment, not to mention being in a new body. His first friend and encounter came in his meeting the imprisoned dragon Verudora. While the other creatures in the cave were far too intimidated, Mikami was able to forge a fast friendship with the ancient creature. The two became brothers, and Mikami absorbed Verudora’s power.

4. Subjugating The Wolves - Episode 3

Ranga wasn’t always the ever-obedient sidekick to the shrewd slime. He and his group were persecuting the goblins that were indebted to Rimuru. Ranga’s father challenged the goblins’ village after it had come under the protection of the heroic slime. Rimuru’s intimidation didn’t work on the elder wolf, and he was forced to kill him, thus resulting in Rimuru becoming the new leader of the pack.

3. A Battle with Oni - Episode 9

Although Benimaru, Shuna, and the busty Shion are inseparable from Rimuru now, they came for his life in the early episodes of the show. Forced out from their home by a majin-led orc army, they mistook Rimuru for the being that slaughtered their whole tribe. Hakurou even got in a good attack and removed Rimuru’s arm, but during the ensuing fight, the group got bested despite their impressive strength.

2. Tempest v. Orc Lord - Episode 14

The disaster himself, the Orc Lord led thousands of orc soldiers on a hunger-driven crusade, ultimately leading them to Rimuru’s village. The entire forest begged Rimuru to subjugate him and this led to a final showdown in episode 14. The one who devours all would be decided in this dramatic battle. It was all-out warfare that was one of the flashiest battles of the series.

1. Fighting a Calamity - Episode 19

Charybdis was a ferocious creature of legend that spawned from Verudora himself. A mindless creature of pure destruction, it led an army of flying megalodons each dangerous enough to level a town by themselves. Reluctant to request aid from Millim, Rimuru fought the creature head-on but was outmatched. This was truly the first foe that pushed him to his very limits.

Final Thoughts

We absolutely loved Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken and cannot wait to see what the future holds for this series. Do you have any other favorite scenes from this show? Perhaps we missed a classic! Let us know in the comments!

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