Top 10 Water Type Pokemon

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Pokemon will always be the franchise that resonate in the hearts of every individual due to its wide variety of characters to admire. Since there are so many Pokemon that exist now in the ever growing universe, we thought it would be best to narrow it down the particular type of Pokemon that many of us use. There's a lot of Pokemon to go around and whatever type you seem to be in favor of, there's always a Pokemon ready to be captured. Pack your bags and don't for forget your trusted Pokedex because we'll be going on an adventure for the top ten water-type Pokemon.

Water-type Pokemon generally come with very strong offensive and defensive tools, which allow them to distribute damage consistently throughout battle. Since water-type Pokemon can fuse with ice-type moves, they create great counters versus grass-type Pokemon. The benefit of water also is that they're a very strong counter to fire-types and if combined with a secondary type such as ground or dragon-type, they become immune to electricity. So with all that ingrained into our brains, let us embark on this great adventure to search for water-type Pokemon team!

10. Wailord

Wailord starts off at number ten on our water-type Pokemon list, and it is definitely a solid Pokemon. Wailord is a Pokemon that has a lot of HP and so should be used more as the defensive character on your squad to absorb any unwanted attacks from your opponent. Taking too many hits and receiving too many ailments may prove fatal for this adorable giant, so be careful and use him effectively. Wailord has made its appearance in various episodes of the anime such as episode 34 of the Advanced Generation series. Wailord is generally very friendly and tends to enjoy the company of other Pokemon along with its trainer. Wailord is the largest Pokemon in the entire franchise and can be found in various areas of the map where large bodies of water are located.

In spite of having some of the best stamina overall compared to other big characters, his speed and skill are severely lacking due to being unable to learn certain powerful attacks. Wailord is a wonderful Pokemon who would fit well on a team that can support his stamina and keep up by dealing more damage in return.

9. Lapras

Lapras is a very peaceful and very cheerful Pokemon, and can be seen in various episodes of the original Pokemon series that aired back in early 2000. Lapras has extremely good attacking power giving it an edge over most other water-types, but also because of its ice-type abilities too. Much like every other water Pokemon, the same weaknesses play a major role such as electric-types having the upper hand. One of Lapras' better attacks is the fully charged Ice Beam that can deal incredible amounts of damage, and leave your opponent frozen for long periods. Lapras can dish out a lot of damage on its own, but when paired with electric immune Pokemon such as our number eight Swampert, the pair can become a serious threat on the battlefield.

If electric-types aren't your thing then pairing Lapras up with a fighting-type such as Machoke can help out in the defensive category also. Lapras is a very adorable Pokemon that really shouldn't be slept on, because it really packs a punch if you learn to utilize all of its tools when necessary. Let us know what you think of Lapras down below, and provide any tips that you think would be useful for everyone!

8. Milotic

Milotic is a very graceful and beautiful Pokemon which is very funny considering what it evolved from. Feebas is the primary form of Milotic and at first glance you'll find yourself scratching your head at how such a strange looking Pokemon could evolve into something so powerful. Milotic is one of the defensive types in the water category and when paired with a more well rounded team, Milotic is up there in the higher tiers. In order to receive Milotic you'll need to level up Feebas with its beauty condition, or when traded holding the Prism Scale. Milotic first appeared in episode 35 of the Advance Generation series, as well as episode 75 in the Diamond & Pearl series.

Milotic is a beautiful looking character who should be used very carefully in battle. Despite having strong defensive capabilities, it can eat a good chunk of damage if poorly used. Milotic will work best on a team that is well versed in maintaining a wall while it switches in to absorb any unwanted damage from the opponent. Honey's Anime recommends you pair Milotic with Florges and Roserade since Florges can quickly remove any status ailments, while Roserade can deal with the more imposing water-type Pokemon that Milotic may find annoying to handle. If you're looking for a nice legendary to help you then we also suggest throwing in Entei as well.

7. Palkia

Palkia is our number seven pick on our water-type Pokemon list, and here are some great reasons why. For starters Palkia is a dragon-water type Pokemon which already gives it a great advantage because of its powerful burst attacks. Secondly, in battle its an excellent weapon against the more defensive teams, as it can destroy most potential switch-ins with its power and wide coverage. If you can manage to protect Palkia at all times, it becomes a very formidable Pokemon for your opponent. Palkia made its first anime appearance in the Pokemon movie “The Rise of Darkrai” where it fought an epic battle against the very powerful Darkrai. We don't want to spoil the movie so we suggest checking it out to see who comes out on top.

When looking for team chemistry with Palkia we suggest pairing it with Steel-type Pokemon such as Klefki, since it can easily destroy dragon and fairy-type Pokemon very convincingly. One of its best attacks is Blizzard which freezes your opponent dealing 110 damage if you manage to score a full hit. Palkia is a Pokemon to be careful of because of its incredible striking force when its back is against the wall.

6. Empoleon

Penguins are always a treat to watch when you go to the zoo because they're always so carefree in their movements. Empoleon is a king penguin that definitely makes sure it commands the battlefield, ensuring defeat at all costs. Despite Empoleon's imposing features, it is quite calm in behavior only acting out when threatened. It's combination with steel-type abilities make it a great Pokemon for quick counters and solid damage. Empoleon made its anime appearance in episode 101 of the Diamond & Pearl series where Ash had to go up against a very strong Empoleon in order to receive a badge. Empoleon is no slouch however since its defensive abilities allow it to stay in control even in midst of trouble, and when paired up with strong physical-type Pokemon such as Gligar it can counter a lot of its weaker points.

If you're looking to rack on more damage offensively we recommend choosing Whimsciott as your backup as it can deal with bulky opponents who try to sweep Empoleon off the field. Having the right backup is always the best method when it comes to choosing water-type Pokemon, so hopefully this will work out for you in the long run!

5. Kyogre

Kyogre makes its way to the number five position in our water-type list and for good reason. Kyogre is a pure water-type Pokemon, meaning that it does not take on other types such as ice or ground. Once it has reached its Primal state however, Kyogre becomes one of the better Pokemon in the game. Kyogre made its first appearance in episode 97 of the Advanced Generation Pokemon series, and made quite a number of other cameos in other seasons. You do not want to underestimate the power of this creature because you may end up losing very quickly before you blink. Kyogre's strength lies in its ability to slow the pace of the match down, breaking down more balanced teams that can't do much to stop his onslaught. When looking for a great team synergy with Kyogre, be sure to choose Pokemon which are immune to ground based moves so that way you can dish out more damage, while maintaining a strong defensive approach.

Kyogre's appearance is similar to Wailord as they're both Whales, but Kyogre just has much more futuristic feel to it which explains its popularity in many tournaments.

4. Swampert

Swimming its way into the number nine spot is Swampert. Swampert is the fully evolved form of Mudkip and it can be mega evolved into Mega Swampert using the Swampertite. We've seen Swampert quite a few times through the anime such as episode 34 of the Advanced Generation series, and in episode 126. Swampert is a water-ground type Pokemon which means that he is of the stronger, more well rounded Pokemon on our list. The reason is because having a ground-type in combination with water they become immune to electricity which is one of the greater threats of water-types. Swampert is still weak to grass based attacks, but is a very strong defensive wall when given the right tools in battle. Having two strong types means that Swampert is able to learn various moves that other normal water-types can't such as Earthquake that can deal severe damage to your opponent when used appropriately.

Swampert is very strong with the ability to easily drag a boulder weighing more than a ton, while swimming faster than a Jet Ski. When fully evolved to Mega Swampert, its power and versatility go through the roof making one of the better Pokemon to place in your deck if you're looking for massive damage.

3. Gyarados

Gyarados is a force to be reckoned with and we find it funny saying that because of what it actually originated from. Gyarados has made its appearance in countless episodes of the classic Pokemon series, and every time it destroys everything in its way. Gyarados is the evolved form of Magikarp, who we all know is arguably one of the weakest characters in the entire Pokemon franchise. To go from a small helpless fish to a massive dragon water-type Pokemon is mind blowing, but when in battle Gyarados is an extremely dangerous character. Having the ability of a flying-type Pokemon along with its water characteristics, Gyarados can fight anywhere it pleases and can overwhelm even the most tough of foes.

Its has an all around fighting style with great resistances to fire, ground, and fighting but still suffers greatly when up against very strong electric-types. One strategy to consider when using Gyarados is to use it as an assist to deal damage early to mid game, then take it out to allow the rest of your team to finish off the job. One reason is because while Gyarados has a great assortment of tools, its defense tends to suffer which can lead to it dying fairly quickly. So we recommend teaming it up with our number four Pokemon Swampert, since it can provide great defensive synergy with the incredible offense Gyarados brings to the table.

2. Greninja

Greninja has become a fan favorite ever since he has seen numerous appearances in the latest Pokemon series XY. XY&Z is the latest of the series where Ash and Greninja set out to defeat every gym leader, and become the ultimate Pokemon master. Greninja is a blend of dark and water which make him immune to psychic-types, but very weak to fighting, bug, electric, and fairy-types. That is because dark Pokemon tend to have a lot of uncertain matchups which make Greninja a risky character to choose consistently. One great thing about Greninja however, is its ability to switch its type depending on what move it uses, using the protean ability. This benefit allows Greninja to easily play around his opponents which can create some confusion. Compared to other water-types Greninja isn't very bulky which can lead to a lot of damage accumulating over time, and can be outpaced by other faster Pokemon.

Greninja would be best suited in a deck where there are a number of heavier and stronger characters to balance out his agility. Using Greninja early on to rack up small damage is effective since his speed can outpace slower characters, then once enough damage has been dealt you can then bring in a Pokemon such as Kyogre to finish things off.

1. Blastoise

Blastoise is no new comer to the franchise as he was actually the poster boy for the very popular Pokemon Blue which came out in 1996. Blastoise is a pure water-type Pokemon and is the full evolved form of Squirtle. Squirtle was one of the 1st generation starter Pokemon, and to this day is still considered a fan favorite. Blastoise relies more on his brute power more than his predecessor Wartortle who was more agile. His greatest form comes in Mega Blastoise which grants him the ability to use Mega Launcher, which boosts the power of his aura and pulse moves by 50%. Hydro Pump is a fantastic water-type attack that shoots out a large amount of water at the opponent shredding life of their with relative ease. Since Blastoise is more of a heavier character, his health points (HP) tend to last much longer so using him more as a defensive character to protect your team is where he becomes a threat.

With every strength comes severe weakness however, and with every water-type they come with a couple. Water-type need to be careful when fighting against electric and grass-type as they can fall pretty quickly in just a few hits. Blastoise may have a lot of power, but can fall very fast when confronted with a strong counter so be careful on the battlefield.

Closing Statement

Pokemon has become such a global phenomenon since it's initial release back in 1996, and it continues to reach higher levels of excitement as new Pokemon are introduced. Everything started off with only 150 and now we just never know what Nintendo will come up with next. We have a strong passion for Pokemon and perhaps you do too, so be sure to check out our other top ten Pokemon lists and leave your favorite water-type Pokemon in the comments section down below. We may just place your favorite on our next one! Until next time, for your sweet anime fill, always keep it locked here at Honey's Anime. See you again soon!

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