Top 10 Weapon Attachments in PUBG


PUBG can get real intimidating at times for just about any player, the game doesn’t care if you’re just starting out or at the top of your game. For that reason there’s a certain amount of focus that you need to have in order to really succeed on a consistent level in PUBG, because just about anything can happen. Weapons play an integral role in your survival but just because you have the best gun doesn’t always guarantee a Chicken Dinner. The weapon itself is merely just a tool but it’s how you incorporate your skills towards that tool that makes it an absolute threat. This is what brings us to weapon attachments because these little toys add more flavor to your weapons, and can make them even more deadly especially when you learn to master their functions. Mind you not every attachment in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is suitable for every situation, some are truly meant for specific scenarios while others can be used just about any time. With that being said we’re going to look at the top 10 weapon attachments in PUBG that both new and experienced players should look out for when looting. Once again we'd like to thank PUBG gamepedia for the stock images.

10. Shotgun Choke

The Shotgun Choke is an attachment that adds a lot more control and reduces the spread of your shotgun pellets, making it easier for your shots to hit the target in front of you. This attachment is so undervalued by a lot of players especially in the early game where getting those early kills really matter, and as you turn towards mid-late game having the choke is so imperative. We’ve seen players run right past the choke without much thought perhaps due to lack of information as to its use, or maybe they simply don’t care. Whatever the case may be we’re making the point very clear here and it’s that, you don’t want to forget to grab the Shotgun Choke if you’re going for the shotgun because if you want to secure an accurate kill then this is one attachment you should never overlook. As an important note the choke will only work for the S1897 and S686 so keep that in mind as well when scouring for them.

9. Bullet Loops [Shotgun and Kar98]

Another overlooked item in PUBG but once again another pivotal attachment that can really add more power to your game. The issue that seems to plague a lot of newer players coming into PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is the whole “Monkey see, Monkey do” philosophy in which, most players will just completely ignore the lesser known weapons like pistols and shotguns for the more powerful ones like the M16A4 and SCAR-L. While this method of approach may work well short term, over the course of playing PUBG if all you do is try to reach for the strongest weapons and fall short of them you’ll be falling behind very quickly. You have to consider that everyone else is chasing the same meal and so you need to think outside of the box to really see results. This brings us to the Bullet Loops which increases the reload speed time for both the shotgun class and the bolt-action Kar98, and these guns surely need it.

Without the help of the Bullet Loops along with the choke (Shotgun only) this adds not only accuracy but also speed meaning that the enemy will have very little time to run away. The Kar98 in particular is quite slow in the reload category since it’s a bolt-action so putting this bad boy on it will just make sniping much easier, and you’ll be able to pick off the enemy quicker leaving little breathing room.

8. Cheek Pad

While everyone else runs and desperately tries to obtain the more lucrative items like suppressors and the like, this is where you can take advantage and grab a Cheek Pad for your equipped sniper. Having this attached to your sniper will greatly reduce recoil kick and sway meaning, that you don’t really need to rely on holding your breath to nail a pinpoint shot on the enemy. Now of course we’re not saying to disregard holding your breath because doing so just makes sniping more rewarding, but when you have the Cheek Pad attached your accuracy rate will greatly increase and so too will your confidence while behind the scope. Don’t sleep on this attachment because it makes for all the better especially when you equip longer ranged scopes like the 8x or even the 15x (if you’re lucky to grab it in a crate).

7. Tactical Stock [M416 and Vector]

If you’d like to read our views on both the M416 and Vector be sure to check out our weapons articles for details. For let’s talk about the Tactical Stock and why it just adds more value to these guns over the course of playing. Similar to the Cheek Pad for sniper rifles the Tactical Stock essentially reduces recoil time and reduces the amount of sway your weapon has while shooting. Why is this good? Well when in CQC there are going to be times when your gun will just go wild which results in your missing your target, and you then probably complaining about how the weapon sucks (we understand your concern). Even in mid range combat the Tactical Stock is such a great attachment to have because you never want your shots to miss, especially in scenarios where your life is on the line. So the next time you come across this attachment and you have either a M146 or Vector in hand, don’t hesitate to pick it up.

6. Extended Quickdraw Mag

Instead of grabbing either the Extended Mag or Quickdraw Mag just grab both! The Extended Quickdraw Mag greatly increases your magazine storage while also making your reloads faster. You’re nailing two birds with one stone here and so it’s a justified reason to grab this off the floor if you ever see it lying around. The great thing about the Extended Quickdraw Mag is that it can be used for just about every weapon class with the exception of Shotguns which of course only use Bullet Loops and Chokes as we went over earlier. For that reason it’s very hard to overlook this terrific item because it helps in pretty much any given scenario you’re in whether it’s early game, or the last 5 in late game. While you could just opt for either or it really just makes your life easier to have both benefits included for your weapons so that way, you have less on your mind while hunting for enemies to pick off around you.

5. Angled Foregrip

Now this is a tricky one to discuss because both the Angled and Vertical Foregrip are incredibly strong attachments that reduce horizontal recoil, thus making your shots more in line with where you’re shooting. The only major difference here is that the Angled Foregrip takes care of both the horizontal and vertical recoil but ever so slightly meaning, if you want more horizontal recoil reduction then opting for the Vertical Foregrip will suit you. This is of course where the element of strategy and proper planning come into play because every attachment has its perks and setbacks, so being sure as to what your purpose is behind using the item is just as important as the item itself. For starters we recommend the Angled Foregrip since it covers both options pretty well and you’ll be able to determine just how it works when you start shooting at targets with less recoil hitting you from both directions.

4. Red Dot Sight

The Red Dot Sight is the creme de la creme when it comes to upper rail attachments in PUBG because, for one it can be used at pretty much any range. Second, it can really help new players to build tunnel vision, a term used to describe the fixation of your eyes on a target that’s located far away from you. While the other scopes make it easier to target enemies from afar, the Red Dot Sight will help you to really zone in and help develop stronger accuracy over the long term. Another perk of the Red Dot Sight in relation to the other scopes is that, your FOV (field of view) isn’t limited by the scope meaning that you’re able to pay close attention to your surroundings while still taking down a nearby target. This can also be attached to just about any gun in the game with the exception of the shotgun class and the lackluster Tommy Gun, so keep that in mind.

3. Flash Hider

Another overlooked item in PUBG that perhaps only the more experienced players will pay attention to, but we recommend you start paying attention to it as well. The Flash Hider in short is an attachment that eliminates muzzle flash while also reducing horizontal and vertical recoil (similar to the Foregrips but isn’t limited to specific weapons). This attachment is such a game changer because a lot of the times, enemies will shoot from pretty much every direction and most players have no idea that doing so gives away their position, especially when your muzzle flash goes off. While hearing gun shots will help you determine the specific location of an enemy, having no Flash Hider attached just makes that job much easier for other players looking to take you out. So whenever you have your weapons equipped be sure to search high and low for a Flash Hider because it will make spotting you much harder and your opponent will have to either know your exact location, or will guess. Don’t forget that it helps in reducing recoil so it’s another fantastic reason to have it attached.

2. 8x Scope

Now we’re getting very specific here and focusing only on the 8x scope, but we’ll explain why. While the other scopes in the upper rail category are glorious in their own way, the 8x scope is the one that seems the most refined and allows players to really pick enemies off from afar without much concern. The 2x scope is kind of similar to that of the Holograhic Sight and the 4x scope to be honest will require some practice to really master its function. The 15x scope is of course the prized gem of all the scopes in PUBG but it requires taking huge risks because it’s crate only, and in a game where risks don’t always work in your favor it’s best to take the safer route with scopes that are readily available. The 8x scope is a little harder to come across than the other scopes of course, but if you’re one of the lucky souls that finds it along with an AR or SR then you’re set. The only setback to the 8x scope is that it limits your FOV when in scope mode so unless you know exactly where your target is, it’s best to stay outside of scope mode to ensure you can check your blind spots more carefully.

1. Suppressor

This is in our opinion the best attachment to have in a game like PUBG because unlike in other shooters where the maps are restricted and the area in which to run around is small, PUBG is massive and so being able to have that advantage over your opponent is paramount. The Suppressor pretty much nullifies the shot of the gun making it very difficult for your enemy to track your whereabouts, thus giving you a huge advantage in pretty much any scenario be it early game or late game. Another great thing is that the Suppressor works for just about every weapon class besides the shotgun class and so, if you want to pull off some James Bond early game tactics with a pistol in hand the PUBG world is your playground. Attach this to a sniper and it’s pretty much lights out for anyone you catch running in your sights, because they’ll never be able to find you. If your goal is to play the tactical stealth game then grabbing a Suppressor early on will be a dream come true. We recommend punching out windows when in houses if you have a Suppressor since windows do make a sound when the glass breaks, and so if you’re looking to be the PUBG ninja then clearing out anything that may spark attention is important.

Honey's Final Verdict:

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By. Robert ”NualphaJPN” B.

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The Suppressor stands tall as the king, as I expected.

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I'm glad the 8x scope was mentioned because it truly does provide me with more consistency and I feel more confident landing long range shots.