Top 10 Weirdest Special Abilities/Skills in Anime

At some point in our lives, we all like to think that we’re special and somehow stand out from the rest of the crowd in some way. This theme is definitely prevalent in anime; however, often times the main character or cast of characters tend to have similar abilities. In order to understand who stands out among the characters that already stand out, one must look at some of the weirdest abilities in anime to truly appreciate that concept.

Having a weird ability of some sort usually means you are one of few if not the only person to have said ability. In addition, the abilities themselves are varied, causing people to think they are awesome, creepy, or confusing. At the very least, the abilities result in the viewer stopping for a second to comprehend what exactly they are seeing before making their final judgment on it. Here are the Top 10 Weirdest Special Abilities/Skills in Anime.

10. Justice BEAM! (Samurai Flamenco)

Utilized by Mr. Justice, this technique seems to randomly come from nowhere. Mr. Justice uses this beam of energy by shooting it out of his chest at his opponent. The fact that he does it in multiple successions against the police force seems to reinforce that quantity is more that quality. However, what it makes weird (and humorous) is the fact that Mr. Justice repeatedly shouts out Justice Beam as he uses this technique. The weirdness may come more from Mr. Justice’s use of the technique as opposed to the technique itself, but it certainly is strange to say the least.

9. Shikotsumyaku (Naruto)

A Kekkei genkai, or an ability that is passed down from generation to generation within a unique clan, the Shikotsumyaku technique allows the user to infuse their chakra within the calcium deposits of their bones in order to manipulate and speed up their bone growth. As a result, the user is literally using their own skeleton as a weapon, creating projectiles as well as armor. Definitely the type of weird ability that can creep out someone without a thick skin. The Kaguya clan is essentially extinct, with only a few descendants displaying the use of this Kekkei genkai. However, Kimimaro in particular was able to use this ability to the fullest, and thus showing just how weird (and disturbing) it is.

8. Koenma's Pacifier (YuYu Hakusho)

Koenma’s pacifier is the added bonus to the shocking reveal to Yusuke and the viewer that a baby is running Spirit World. However, throughout most of the series we never see Koenma remove it, even in his adult form, and for good reason. Koenma resorts to using the pacifier in a last ditch attempt to try and stop Sensui, and removing it from his mouth unleashes hell (so to speak). A kekai barrier capable of sealing even the most powerful S demons is formed around himself and Sensui. In addition, Koenma uses the energy from the pacifier to help bring Gamemaster back to life as well. It’s weird to grasp at first the fact that one of the most powerful displays of Spirit Energy in the series is thanks to a pacifier, but considering some of the other random acts committed in the series, perhaps it’s not that random. Still a weird ability to use, though.

7. Op-Op Fruit (One Piece)

There are so many Devil Fruits through the series of One Piece to choose from that are just plain weird. The Op-Op Fruit stands out because up until the abilities Trafalgar D. Law uses with it, the weirdness that came with eating the fruits involved the user physically transforming themselves in some way, whether it be into animals or taking on the characteristics of the fruit itself (Smoker, Ace, Luffy, etc.) Law’s Op-Op Fruit, however, expands upon this type of weirdness even further by inflicting the fruit’s effect on others. By switching people’s bodies in addition to completely amputating them and even levitating them within his sphere, Law has absolute complete control: the only ways to stop his abilities seem to be taking advantage of Law’s fatigue or lack of focus or possibly resisting using Haki. Regardless, Law’s switching of Sanji, Nami, Chopper, and Franky into each other’s bodies in of itself is just plain freaky.

6. Vector Manipulation (A Certain Magical Index)

The abilities possessed by Accelerator have to be among some of the most overpowered abilities in all of anime as they certainly put a weird spin on the concept of super speed. Accelerator can essentially control anything that has magnitude and direction; as a result, things as small as bullets or as large as gravity and even light are automatically pushed away from him. Combined with his intellect and other abilities, and you have yourself a very dangerous individual. Considering that Accelerator himself is almost borderline insane and takes drastic measures with his abilities (such as reversing someone’s own blood flow), weird doesn’t even begin to describe the unique situations this power puts Accelerator into. Accelerator’s ability is also weird for taking some time to grasp and truly understand how it works; most protagonists’ have a power that is simple enough to understand. However, once you do get past the weirdness that is Vector Manipulation, you soon gain an appreciation for how unique it truly is.

5. Candy Beam (Dragonball Z)

Majin Buu in and of itself is a weird magical being; how something that fat could possess the speed to exceed that of Super Saiyan 2 and go toe to toe with a Super Saiyan 3 is mind-boggling. But Majin Buu’s appearance isn’t the only thing that’s weird. In a series that relies on energy and physical attacks in combat, Buu’s magical abilities are definitely out there, none more so than Buu’s ability to shoot a magical beam that turns whatever it hits into whatever type of candy Buu wants. People are turned into chocolate and gumballs merely at Buu’s whim. Not a technique you see every day, and definitely a weird one that won’t be copied by anyone anytime soon.

4. Brain Asphyxiation (Darker Than Black)

A serial killer that later becomes a Russian contractor, Ilya Sokoloff may only briefly make an appearance, but it was certainly long enough to establish just how weird and disturbing his ability is. Brain asphyxiation is Ilya’s specialty; he can cut off someone’s oxygen supply to their brain, essentially “shutting it down” and thus killing his victim. Not everyone has this type of ability, but that would be a good thing in this case: definitely on the weirder side of things to have this and only this as your special ability.

3. Turn Trash into Trees (Law of Ueki)

Kosuke Ueki and the opponents he goes up against have some of the weirdest and most oddly specific abilities in all of anime. Kosuke himself possesses the power to turn trash into trees. Certainly a weird ability, and not exactly the type of ability you choose when other people have super strength or can control lighting. However, some of his opponent’ abilities are just as weird, including turning towels into steel and forcing people to fall in love with a pair of glasses. Not exactly the most traditional powers you see when it comes to combat, yet how Kosuke and his opponents use their powers to compete in addition to the other unique rules of the tournament is what makes The Law of Ueki one of a kind.

2. Knuckle's APR (Hunter x Hunter)

Knuckle’s skills alone rank him among the best of the Hunters, especially his speed. However, it is his abilities with Nen (a unique power system itself) that are truly off the wall. Knuckle possess a large amount of aura, and as a result his techniques revolve around wasting none of it or a little of it as possible. Ergo, you have Knuckle’s Amortizing Power Redirector, or “APR”. Although the basic premise of the ability is that any attack by Knuckle’s opponent actually gives him aura, there are some complications in the sense that the same also applies to Knuckle, which can lead to some confusion as to who’s dealing damage to who. Not to mention Knuckle’s Bankruptcy technique that comes into play if his opponent collects too much of Knuckle’s aura All in all, a weird ability using a strange system; however, once you grasp the idea of it, a very powerful technique indeed.

1. Fist of the Nose Hair (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)

Weird doesn’t even begin to describe the randomness that occurs in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. Like The Law of Ueki, almost any technique from this show can make this list, as they almost seem made up on the spot by each character, who in themselves are completely weird, erratic, and crazy. Bo-bobo serves as the main character in this series, and his signature technique is the Fist of the Nose Hair, which is essentially different almost every time he attacks his opponent, usually through the use of his nose hair. As a result, you have yourself without a doubt the #1 weirdest ability.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about weird abilities is that you learn pretty quickly whether you find them interesting or not. Some viewers are fascinated with the type of weird abilities that normally creep people out, whereas others are fascinated with the weird abilities that take some time to understand. Ultimately these 10 abilities have certainly been shown why they stand out from the norm. But what are your guys’ thoughts? Should one of the other abilities have been #1? Is there an ability missing from this list that you feel should have been included? Let us know in the comments!

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