[Thirsty Thursday] Top 10 Yuri Manhwa [Best Recommendations]

Are you a fan of yuri? Yuri is an illustrated or animated romance that takes place between two girls. Whether you are new to the genre or have already devoured everything out there you could find so far, the world of manhwa opens up a new door for yuri lovers. While there aren’t as many yuri manhwa as there are manga (yet!), there are still quite a few out there. And whether you like yuri, manhwa, or both, it’s a new world to explore!

So how do you get started knowing which yuri manhwa are the best? Well, we have conveniently compiled a list of what we feel are the Top 10 Yuri Manhwa for you to try! These manhwa will feature adult content, so readers be warned, but that is why it’s yuri and not shoujo-ai. If that’s what you’re looking for, though, you’ve come to the right place. From ongoing series you can start following to finished stories you can consume all at once if you want, we found the best yuri manhwa out there and did the hard searching for you.

As stated above, the following manhwa feature adult content. Reader discretion is advised.

10. My Girlfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend

  • Authors: Shinb
  • Genres: Yuri
  • Volumes: 45
  • Published: 2016 – 2017

My Girlfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend isn’t your typical yuri manhwa story. It has a boy in it, for one. When two girls start their new relationship together, one’s ex-boyfriend starts to crash their dates and time together. The new girlfriend has never been one to pry into the history of her partner’s relationships, but she can’t help but be curious this time. Who is this guy? What is up with her girlfriend’s ex? Why won’t he leave them alone...and why is he so friendly? She’s dying to find out the details!

My Girlfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend is a love triangle yuri manhwa. It does heavily feature a boy as well as the two girls, so readers wanting a story just about women should avoid this one. But if you don’t mind a boy getting in on the fun as long as the main relationship is between two girls, don’t miss My Girlfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend! It’s really funny and entertaining to read, has good sex scenes, and a story that you can really get into. You’ll also find yourself curious about the past relationship and how it’s affecting the present and may find yourself surprised along the way.

9. Everyday Lily

  • Authors: Gom Mali
  • Genres: Yuri
  • Volumes: 51
  • Published: 2016 – 2017

Everyday Lily is a romance between two college girls. Both are lesbians, but one is more of a realist and worldly than the other. The other is more closeted, and only has experience with 2D art and nothing in real life. When the first comes onto the second, they begin a relationship together full of all the ups, downs, and everything in between of a new relationship in their young adult lives.

Everyday Lily is a yuri manhwa just about anyone can enjoy reading. It’s light-hearted and romantic, a little funny, and full of first experiences. The relationship itself is sweet and can give anyone looking for a typical romance story butterflies. Seeing a first relationship pan out through the eyes of the characters is also very touching. Oh yeah, there’s also sex, and it’s done well, too. If you want a yuri manhwa about a first relationship, Everyday Lily is the one to try. It also has exceptionally cute artwork, and if you’re used to reading Japanese manga, it’s an easy transition into the world of manhwa. Everyday Lily does not have any actual nudity or sex in it, so keep that in mind if that changes your decision in either direction.

8. Lilith

  • Authors: SIRIUS
  • Genres: Yuri
  • Volumes: Ongoing
  • Published: 2018 – Ongoing

Lilith is a manhwa about the secret sex lives of a small group of women. To the rest of the world, the protagonist Jaehee is a well-to-do high school teacher. She works hard at her job and is a respected member of the community. Behind closed doors, though, Jaehee enjoys being on the receiving end of some serious BDSM, especially at the hands of her childhood friend Huilin. But their lives and relationship changes when a new woman named Sulhwa begins to student teach at Jaehee’s school. What will they do with these new feelings?

Lilith is unique in that it brings some fun BDSM into the yuri manhwa world, which can be hard to find. For fans of bondage, love triangles, and everything that goes with that, Lilith is a great yuri manhwa. It’s already an interesting concept as it explores these women’s secret sex lives, but add in their difficult and unexpected relationship with each other and you’ve got a story that people want to keep reading. Oh and Lilith also has great yuri sex scenes, especially if you like whips and bondage!

7. Just Right There!

  • Authors: Withyou, Pecanpie
  • Genres: Yuri
  • Volumes: Ongoing
  • Published: 2017 - Ongoing

Just Right There! actually begins with a heterosexual relationship between Min Do Yeon and her boyfriend. However, things aren’t going well, and he breaks up with Yeon through a devastating text message. Heartbroken, Yeon seeks out comfort from her best friend Bo Kyung. To keep Yeon’s mind off of everything that has happened, Kyung offers to take her out for drinks. What she doesn’t tell her is that the bar they go to is a girls only one! And then Yeon finds herself in the arms of her best friend, kissing someone so unexpected, and her life changes forever.

Just Right There! is an awakening story where the main protagonist doesn’t realise she is interested in girls until she kisses her best friend. From there, it’s a love story about how two friends take their relationship to a whole new level. Just Right There! is also a break-up and comfort story, with lots of first time sexual experiences for Yeon as she sleeps with another girl for the first time and tries to forget her painful break-up. Just Right There! is a good yuri manhwa for just about any yuri fan to enjoy, with a simple enough plot and good sex scenes to give readers what they want.

6. The Third Party

  • Authors: Enjelicious
  • Genres: Yuri
  • Volumes: 63
  • Published: 2017 – 2018

The Third Party has the unique setting of taking place at a broadcasting centre. All of the leading ladies are involved in the business in some way. One is the heiress to the company, and also happens to be rich and beautiful. The next is a news anchor, ambitious and hard-working as she pushes her career forward. The third is a backstage producer, but there’s more to her than may meet the eye. These three women become entangled in a love triangle full of secrets, ambitions, money, power, and more.

If you’re looking for a drama, you found one with The Third Party. The story is gripping and will keep you turning page after page as the secrets and story unfold before your eyes. The Third Party is a great yuri manhwa for love triangle fans and is full of drama, intrigue, and of course, great sex scenes! Plus, we can’t think of another yuri story that takes place at a broadcasting centre, so it’s a refreshing new setting that can give new life even to a plot line that we might have encountered before.

5. Elixir

  • Authors: P.P
  • Genres: Yuri
  • Volumes: 55
  • Published: 2017 – 2018

Elixir begins with what seems like a loving high school romance between Eunha and Siyeon. However, it’s too good to be true - it turns out that Siyeon used a love potion on Eunha the whole time. When Eunha finds out the truth, she is heartbroken to learn her feelings were not real. The two split ways, never expecting to run into one another again ten years later. But when they do, Siyeon asks Eunha for another chance. Eunha wants to consider the proposal and start over, rebuilding her trust in the other woman, but then even more magic starts to interfere with their lives...

Elixir is a yuri manhwa with a fantasy twist. It takes place in a modern setting, but with the added use of magic! It’s also a romance between two adults in their late 20s, which can be a refreshing thing to read for older audiences used to only having high school love stories. Elixir is a story about rebuilding trust in a relationship and creating a true love story rather than one that is forced - and you can expect some great sex scenes, too!

4. Moonlight Garden

  • Authors: Kang Unnie
  • Genres: Yuri
  • Volumes: Ongoing
  • Published: 2017 - Ongoing

Moonlight Garden is about flower maidens that live in a magical place. They are fated to work at a brothel, but their love is coveted by everyone because they are rumoured to do everything sexually imaginable. However, Dohwa has not yet begun her life at the brothel - and wants to escape that fate! She spends her time creating potions that she hopes can help her escape. But when she is caught stealing ingredients by the mistress Lady Hyewon, she begins to learn that even the mistress has her own secret agenda.

Moonlight Garden is the perfect yuri manhwa for fantasy fans. The leading ladies are all flower maidens that live in a magical place, and can really let your imagination take flight with what they are able to do. Moonlight Garden features a lot of group yuri sex between multiple girls at once, utilising the setting of a magical brothel to the fullest extent. It’s a manhwa full of beautiful art, sex, and an intriguing story that slowly unfolds for you to discover all of its secrets as you read and enjoy it!

3. What Does the Fox Say?

What Does the Fox Say? is a complicated story about three women and their relationship. The protagonist is Sumin, the team leader at a mobile video game company. The company is owned by her ex, Seju, who Sumin somehow always ends up back with no matter how many other partners she bounces between. And Seju is fine with this, determined to keep Sumin for herself in the end. But things get complicated when a new beautiful employee named Seongji joins the team and captivates Sumin entirely. That doesn’t please Seju, who isn’t willing to lose Sumin to this new girl, and their complex love triangle forms.

What Does the Fox Say? is a story about jealousy, and what three girls will do to try to be together with who they want. The story is a bit complicated but delivered well to keep readers interested and on the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next. What Does the Fox Say? is great for Yuri Manhwa fans looking for a romance that isn’t just another light-hearted and fluffy love story. It’s darker than that while remaining believable, and doesn’t mess around with needing any men to keep the story going.

2. Lily Love

  • Authors: Ratana Satis
  • Genres: Yuri
  • Volumes: 32
  • Published: 2016 – 2017

Lily Love is a romantic story about two young women named Donut and Mew. The two meet by chance, but perhaps fate is behind things after all. What begins as a coincidental meeting turns slowly into a real relationship, full of intimacy, romance, first times, and lifelong memories. Donut and Mew may be from two very different walks of life, but they make their relationship work regardless of anything that comes up to try to tear them down.

Lily Love is a beautiful story and truly a romantic yuri manhwa. For hopeless romantics, this should be your top choice. Lily Love shows how two girls overcome all obstacles to be together and don’t let stigma, distance, or positions in society to hold them back from each other. The sex scenes also feel very intimate and are beautifully illustrated, and it feels more like reading a work of art than a manhwa full of sex - because that’s exactly what it is. Lily Love shouldn’t be missed by any yuri manhwa fans.

1. Pulse

  • Authors: Ratana Satis
  • Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Harem
  • Volumes: 67
  • Published: 2016 – 2017

Pulse is about a young woman named Mel. She’s got her career really going for her as a renowned heart surgeon and is usually quite busy with her work. She does have sex sometimes of course, but never in a real relationship. Mel sees sex as something of a fun deviation from the stress of her job, and never as something that is actually about feelings and attraction. That all changes when Mel finally meets someone special and she begins to question the flippant way that she has always seen sex in the past.

Pulse is a yuri manhwa about how two people can change each other when they’re in a relationship. Neither of the women had any expectations when they started seeing one another, but that all changed for both of them when feelings actually became involved. It’s a good love story about what it means to be in a meaningful and fulfilling relationship and tells its story through two beautiful young women’s romance. It has plenty of sex, both hot and steamy and romantic and full of feeling, to satisfy all your yuri desires.

Final Thoughts

If you have never read a manhwa before but like yuri, now is a great time to try one. They’re quite similar to manga after all, but bring a new perspective and new stories into the yuri world. There are plenty out there to choose from, of course, but we recommend starting from our list of the Top 10 Yuri Manhwa. And if you’ve already read some and enjoyed them, we hope this list has helped you find a few more! Happy reading!

Did we miss your favourite yuri manhwa from our list? Have you already read and liked any of these? Are you curious to try the world of manhwa, or the world of yuri? Do you have any advice for newcomers to either? Drop us a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

048 [Thirsty Thursday] Top 10 Yuri Manhwa [Best Recommendations]


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