Top 3 Dangerous Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Characters

In an entirely different look at the world Kirito and Sinon, Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online focuses on Kohiruimaki Karen and her participation in battle royales known as Squad Jams. Though it involves brand new characters, this new series has an element of danger as well! Following along with Sword Art Online’s themes, we get to see the truly dangerous side of humanity exemplified in competition. We will focus on the most deadly characters of SAO Alternative, those with the strength to do what needs to be done to survive and win.

3. Asougi Goushi (M)

LLENN’s partner in the first Squad Jam is the calm-natured Asougi Goushi, who goes by M in GGO. Though we see him as the rational thought process behind the strategy of Team LM, he later breaks down under a death threat from Pitohui. M is a bit of a coward, but he is also entirely obsessed with Pitohui and willing to do whatever she asks of him.

He may seem like nothing more than a manservant, but M also has the tactical presence to outthink most of his opponents in battle. Even Pitohui defers to his leadership in the second Squad Jam – though when she wants to take control, M follows her without question. Willing to do anything for his insane partner, M is dangerous for his dedicated devotion. Even he recognizes that he is hopeless when it comes to Pitohui, as he brings in LLENN to stop her from killing herself.

2. Kohiruimaki Karen (LLENN)

Karen is the player behind the powerful pipsqueak known as LLENN. Embarrassed by how tall she is in real life, Karen searches for a game where she can play as an adorably short girl, and discovers the hardened world of Gun Gale Online. Over the course of the anime, we see LLENN grow from a hesitant, timid player to a confident winner! Though she still has doubts in herself at times, by the end of the second Squad Jam she is able to put those aside to help her friend Pitohui and try her best to win the competition.

LLENN’s savagery is evident in how she kills in the second Squad Jam. While she was apologizing for killing opponents in the first SJ, in the second round, she uses her speed and her new partner’s grenade launcher to her advantage. She doesn’t hesitate to hold an opponent at gunpoint to get more ammo, and she goes all out to take down Pitohui, even attacking her with only her teeth! She still has more to learn, but Karen has grown immensely from the beginning of the anime. And who knows how far her potential reaches for the future, especially with Pitohui fighting alongside her!

1. Pitohui

LLENN meets Pitohui early on, and the two become fast friends, with Pitohui acting as a mentor to the newcomer LLENN. Later on, we discover that Pitohui is actually a bit of a psychopath, wishing for a true life-or-death experience like players experienced in the Sword Art Online incident. She enters the second Squad Jam with the intention of fighting every battle all-out so that she can either win in the end or kill herself to make her death in the game real. Truly, Pitohui is the most dangerous character in SAO Alternative, wielding many different weapons and fighting close, one-on-one battles that make her kills personal. Pitohui’s savagery has no equal among the players of GGO!

Final Thoughts

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online was an interesting look into the dark world of GGO, and through these new character’s eyes, we were able to see how dangerous it could be. Though the series didn’t turn out quite as we’d hoped, we enjoy seeing how LLENN and her friends grew along the way!

What was your favorite part of SAO Alternative? As always, we love to hear your thoughts on the anime we discuss! We’ll be back at it again with another great article for you to read, so be sure to stay tuned for more anime and gaming discussions. Until next time!

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