Top 3 Things to Feed to Mai Vlad Transylvania (Vlad Love)

The sweet, considerate, helpful Mai Vlad Transylvania is already so endearing, there is little need to change anything about her so long as you are not her step-mother or threatening to keep blood from her. Only then would you see her subdued fiery, snarky nature come out. In light of her otherwise delightful countenance, it is but spice to a pleasant dish, a bit of a kick but extremely palatable.

Imagine, however, after a few centuries or so, you might fall into a bit of monotony. As with any couple, roommates, good friends, you become able to predict everything and the initial excitement can dull. But thanks to Mai’s ‘side effects’ from her food allergies, we’d never have to worry about growing bored! Even your average human blood can create some pretty fun and unpredictable results despite it being her main food source! But if you’re looking for effects that range from sexy to colossally destructive, here are the best things to feed our favorite vampire!

Food: Garlic
Effect: Swaggering, fire-breathing, table-flipping, thug-ish speech

Everyone loves garlic and that includes Mai and other vampires! However, not all vampires react the same way to garlic. When Mai, Mitsugu, and Maki enjoy a nice garlic-filled meal of gyoza, fried rice, and yakisoba, Mitsugu and Maki talk about vampire myths and how TV vampires differ from real vampires. One of these important differences being that vampires aren’t weak to garlic, it would simply have no effect on them.

Almost immediately after, Mai loses her normally high-pitched girly voice, and what comes out instead is a flurry of insults in the manner of a pissed-off yakuza with the temper to match. Even when not under the influence of food, Mai can develop a temper and speak harshly when it comes to her step-mothers or to being denied blood but she still sounds like an angry, vicious girl. After the garlic, she rolls her r’s and speaks in an aggressive, man-ish way that is in stark contrast to her delicate girly looks. Yet in the midst of her throwing dishes and knocking tables over, she’s still ready to give a cocky smile for a picture. As an added bonus, she breathes fire for an extra fun non-human touch!

Food: Jinko’s Blood
Effect: Dominatrix energy, perfectionism

Putting on a play can be nerve-wracking for anyone, and it seems that vampires are no exception. Poor Mai feels the pressure getting to her as one of the leads and ends up fainting right before the show starts! As the only one who hasn’t recently given Mai blood and not about to go on stage, Jinko gives Mai her blood and everyone hopes desperately that her serious type A blood won’t have any weird effects.

What’s interesting about this transformation is it reveals a little more about Jinko that’s not so obvious. Mai is indeed doing her best to be perfect, but it’s in her own way. She veers from the script to become a more sexy, otherworldly, powerful entity that the audience is hoping for. She also finds herself torn between her instincts and her morals as Mitsugu offers her blood to Mai onstage. Jinko also struggles with doing what she wants instead of always just enforcing rules. Jinko’s blood manages to change Mai in a way that makes her bolder and sexier but doesn't completely override her natural tendencies to care for other people, a bonus if you don’t want to be lit on fire!

Food: Blood of the Salamander
Effect: Dragon transformation, fire-breathing, invulnerability to missiles

After trying to escape Mitsugu’s persistent classmates to protect Mai’s secret, Mai and Mitsugu end up at Dr. Chihiro’s home. They end up surrounded anyway, pestered with questions about who Mai really is. Unfortunately for them, Mai can’t control her bloodlust around easily attainable sources and downs the nearest vial. After a pathetic, lengthy explanation from Dr. Chihiro, they realize the mysterious jar was filled with an Eastern Salamander’s blood.

This is no garden-variety salamander, this is a “terrifying fire drake, born of flame.” that Mai has downed as a tasty drink. She tears through the sky, blindly destroying anything in her path. But wow, what an entrance. Imagine showing up ANYWHERE on the back of your incredible fire-drake girlfriend who may or may not destroy your destination once you arrive. And should the government react with (understandable) panic, they wouldn’t be able to harm her even with fighter jets!

Final Thoughts

It may not be the kindest gesture to feed your vampire certain foods for your own amusement, but Mai has never seemed to mind. Whether it’s memory loss or an ever-positive attitude, she is unbothered by all collateral damage and casualties that result from her food allergies. But for her, trying to stop her fire-breath would be like trying to stop a sneeze for us, it simply can’t be helped! It’s all in good fun and hair grows back anyway. Would you enjoy invoking one of these transformations or something else? Let us know in the comments!

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Vlad-Love-Wallpaper-3-700x393 Top 3 Things to Feed to Mai Vlad Transylvania (Vlad Love)

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