Top 5 Anime by Sloan The Female Otaku (Honey’s Anime Writer)

Who knew that an accidental Google search would end up impacting my life forever? In fifth grade, I was surfing the internet when something popped up. It was an episode of an anime I had never heard of. At the time, I already knew what anime was but had only watched Pokémon and Hamtaro. The thumbnail intrigued me, so I clicked on the video and watched a random episode of an anime called Aoi Yori Aoshi. Entertained, I binged more episodes and found even more anime, such as Rosario + Vampire and Kare Kano. But every child gets bored eventually, and one day I stopped watching anime completely.

Fast forward to sophomore year of high school, I suddenly thought to myself, "Hey remember those anime you watched as a kid? I wonder if I can find them". With a quick search on Netflix, I found all the anime I watched and more. Ever since then, I became obsessed with anime and now I make some quick cash by uploading anime and manga reviews, live reactions, top 10s, and other otaku adventures to youtube. I keep up with all latest anime news, go to anime conventions, and host an otaku-related podcast. Anime has influenced my life to the point where there's no turning back. But then again, why would I?

5. Akame ga Kill!

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Jul 2014 to Sep 2014

Tatsumi ventured out of his village to work for the military in the capital and send his village some money in the process. On his first day in the capital, Tatsumi was rejected by the military, robbed, and picked up by a rich girl who was going to torture him to death. Tatsumi runs into Night Raid, a rebel group set out to overthrow the emperor and all of the city’s wrong-doers. At the same time, a new league of insane assassins team up to annihilate Night Raid. With a power boost from imperial arms, but losing close friends in the process, can Night Raid even hope to change the capital for the better?

There is a ton of controversy regarding Akame ga Kill. A lot of people say it’s edgy, or that the ending was rushed and things like that. I do recognize the problems this series has, however, that does not mean I love it any less. Akame ga Kill is a dark fantasy filled with corruption, evil, and of course, dragons. I fell in love with every single one of the main characters. I also found my number one waifu for laifu, Esdeath. (I have a thing for crazy characters). Akame ga Kill’s overall atmosphere captivated me with its soundtrack, animation, setting, lovable characters, and action. I’d say Akame ga Kill is a good start for beginners getting into the dark fantasy genre.

Akame ga Kill! Trailer

4. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan 2011 to Apr 2011

Madoka is your average cutie with a normal home and a normal school life. One day, Madoka notices that she’s being stalked by Homura, the mysterious transfer student. On top of that, a cat-like creature named Kyuubey appears, giving Madoka the chance to have any wish granted to her in exchange for becoming a magical girl. Sounds fun, right? But why does Homura try everything she can to stop Kyuubey? They do say that magic comes with a price.

I’m going to try to be as vague as possible, because I don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone. Madoka Magica is one of studio Shaft’s best works. The artstyle is unique with the animation being fluid. The characters are very interesting, and the story is something you can’t look away from. I finished Madoka Magica in a day, then watched the recap movies and finally the sequel film. The final movie does have an open end, but I was glad to see my favorite characters once more. There’s a reason why Madoka Magica figures are so hard to get, and that’s because everyone loves this anime!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Trailer

3. Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids On The Slope)

  • Episodes: 11
  • Aired: Apr 2012 to Jun 2012

Kaoru Nishimi is an intelligent and wealthy pianist who just moved to Kyushu. Kaoru is used to moving every year, so he doesn’t bother making any friends. Sentarou is a delinquent who gets into fights, but he isn’t exactly a bad guy. Somehow, the two cross each other’s paths and have the most unlikely friendship. In doing so, Sentarou introduces Kaoru to the world of jazz. They perform at school events or just for fun in the basement. Kaoru finally made a friend, but will he be able to keep it when they both like the same girl?

I adore coming of age stories. We see Kaoru’s life from a first year student in high school all the way to adulthood. I loved seeing Kaoru transform from a rude pompous rich kid to a happy, friendly guy. And Kaoru and Sentaro’s bromance is without a doubt my favorite bromance in anime ever. The animation for the jazz sequences is as a fluid as an actual person playing, and that’s because it is! Rotoscoping was used for the jazz scenes to make it seem as though you are right there at a jazz concert. The drama of series got to me too, as I cried multiple times throughout the anime. And you know you can’t skip out on an anime that’s directed by Shinichiro Watanabe himself.

Kids On The Slope PV

2. School Rumble

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Oct 2004 to Mar 2005

Get tangled up in the dizzy romantic comedy known as School Rumble. Tenma is hopelessly in love with Karasama, a rather odd student in her class. Harima loves Tenma, but he’s too much of a delinquent to be with her. And that’s not even the half of it. Watch Tenma and the rest of the cast fail miserably at getting the attention of the ones they love.

For a very long time, School Rumble was my favorite anime of all time. It has two seasons of hilarious hijinks and fun characters. The cast is very large, but the anime makes plenty of time to give each character enough screen time so we get to understand who they are and who they love. The situations these characters get into can either be relatable or cartoonishly wacky. But no matter what the anime did, I always came back to see how the next episode would unfold. Am I being greedy for wanting a third season?

School Rumble Trailer

1. Durarara!!

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Jan 2010 to Jun 2010

From the creator of Baccano, we have the crazy story of Durarara. Ikebukuro is a city filled with gangs, yakuza, otaku, and some insanely strong characters. Rumor has it that a headless rider roams around Ikebukuro at night. Mikado moves to Ikebukuro and reunites with an old friend. But Mikado quickly finds out how dangerous this city really is.

Whenever I tell people that Durarara is my favorite anime of all time, the usual response I get is “Have you seen Baccano?”. Yes, even though I’ve seen Baccano, I enjoyed Durarara so much more. I watched this anime at a certain point in my life when everything seemed to be crashing down. Funny enough, that’s what happens or has happened to all of the characters in the series. I was able to relate to them, and felt attached to the characters as if they were real. Each character has a story of their own, just like everyone else in real life. We all have our hardships, but at some point we find a way to get past it. Durarara will likely remain as my favorite anime of all time forever.

Durarara!! Trailer

Final Thoughts

Got a bit personal at the end there, but hopefully you got to understand me a little. And don’t be afraid to leave a comment on any one of my articles, as reading comments is my favorite part of any article or video. I hope we continue to chat and grow an even bigger community than ever before. What are some of your favorite anime of all time and why? Till next time!

by Sloan The Female Otaku